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An Organization That's Become a Hostage to World Security


He called the United Nations an organization "empty of all content," and one that has "lost its legitimacy a long time ago." He labeled its committee to stop the spread of nuclear proliferation - the committee to which the Iranian president spoke - yet another UN. body "that has no teeth or significance."The United States keeps the Security Council at bay because it has a veto there. But in the veto-free General Assembly, America - which pays about 20 percent of the United Nations' regular budget and about a third of its peacekeeping budget - has only four options: to abstain on a resolution, to support one it doesn't like, to introduce one it does like or to water one down to utter ineffectiveness in order to get the two-thirds vote required to pass a resolution in a General Assembly that is unrecognizable from the one the U.N.'s founders envisaged in San Francisco in 1945.

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									An Organization That's Become a Hostage to World Security
Edward Bernard Glick
Jewish Exponent; May 20, 2010; 228, 8; Docstoc
pg. 23

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