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vent malaria in honour of World             Gun control: The Canadian Association        Center for Devices and Radiological
Malaria Day on Apr. 25. — Roger             of Emergency Physicians and 27 other         Health Director Dr. Jeffrey Shuren said
Collier, CMAJ                               health-related organizations have issued     in a press release that the changes, which
                                            an open letter calling on Members of         will include voting by ballot rather than
Infusion pump safety: The United            Parliament to quash Manitoba Conserv-        show of hands, will “allow panel mem-
States Food and Drug Administration         ative MP Candice Hoeppner’s private          bers to address issues related to their area
has unveiled a plan to improve the          member’s bill to shut down the nation’s      of expertise instead of regulatory issues
safety of external infusion pumps, which    gun registry. The bill is now in third       that may be unfamiliar to them”
the agency says caused more than 500        reading, having garnered support from        (
deaths, and resulted in more than 56 000    Conservative, Liberal and New Democ-         /PressAnnouncements/ucm209791.htm).
adverse events, over the past five years.   ratic party ranks. Scrapping the registry    — Wayne Kondro, CMAJ
The plan includes requiring manufactur-     would have serious public health conse-
ers to provide “additional design and       quences, the health professionals argue      Children’s medicine guide: A guide to
engineering information” during pre-        (        procuring 240 essential children’s medi-
market review of infusion pumps, con-       “Six different coroner’s inquests recom-     cines has been released by UNICEF and
ducting a public workshop on infusion       mended the licensing of gun owners and       the World Health Organization. Sources
pump design next month and establish-       registration of all firearms. Indeed, our    and Prices of Selected Medicines for
ing a web page devoted to infusion          daily practice informs us of the very real   Children tells doctors and organizations
pump safety (            risks associated with firearms and of the    where to buy life-saving medicines for-
Devices/ProductsandMedicalProcedures        value of a strong gun control law.” —        mulated for children and at what cost.
/GeneralHospitalDevicesandSupplies          Wayne Kondro, CMAJ                           The guide aims to improve access to
/InfusionPumps/ucm205424.htm). —                                                         medicines that can prevent or treat dis-
Wayne Kondro, CMAJ                          Electronic suspicion: A United States        eases responsible for the deaths of an
                                            survey indicates that the majority of        estimated nine million children each year
Right to play: The Canadian Interna-        patients are suspicious about the shar-      (
tional Development Agency will pro-         ing of electronic health records, partic-    /essentialmedicines/Sources_Prices2010.
vide $17 million over three years to        ularly if the information is being dis-      pdf) — Lauren Vogel, Ottawa, Ont.
help the humanitarian organization          seminated to health insurance plans,
Right to Play train teachers and            researchers and companies, even if           Chagas disease screening test: A new
coaches to run sport programs on the        there is a prom
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