; Built to look good, built to last
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Built to look good, built to last


According to experts, institutional furniture incorporates thoughtful design with material, construction, and finish features that malee it easy for owners who appreciate its value to maintain its appearance, comfort, and safety over an extended lifespan at a minimum of cost. What are the behavioral or health concerns involved?' While questions like these help to narrow the field among various designs and styles of furniture, the key to understanding the long-term durability and value of a product is based on one final question: What's the worst thing that can happen? The answers always vary, but institutional furniture manufacturers have, over the years, used thousands of customer answers to build furniture that is designed to solve a wide range of tough customer problems, its impossible to custom-build for every situation, says Perko, but institutional quality furniture makers like Blockhouse have, over time, found what he calls the common threads for most people and situations.

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