Notice of Hearing and by xwu57443


									                                                  .l                                                           \

                                              Noticeof Hearingand
       IEI                                    Temporary Restraining
             Name of personasking for protection:
             Britney Jean Spears (temporary coruierv. Iames P. Spears)
             Addrcss (skip thk if you have a lawyer): (Ifyovwant your addres                                          FEB 1 2008
             to be private, give a mailing address instead):
                                                                                                              d€Hh      ehEH*

             Your telephone number           (-)
                                                                                                                    ol        County
                                                                                                               Couft Callfornla,
                                                                                                        Superior                   of
             Your fawyor(if you haveone):(Name,  address,       number,
                                                        telephone     and                               Los Angeles
             StateBar numbsrl;GeraldineA. Wyle (#89735)
                                                                                                        Sanley Mosk Courthouse
                                                                                                        lll N, rlill st.
                                                                                                        Losfuigeles, 90012
             LosAnceles. 90017
             Nameof person be resfained:
                          to                                                                                                                      frt&.
             Osama("Sam") Lutfi                                                                         Cate Number:

             Desoription of that pcrson:                                                                            t0 8 6 7 0
              Sex:EJM fl F Height:                                   pounds p""r. Mid4le.Eastefn
              HairColor: Black                         EyeColor:Brown                         Age: 33     DateofBirth: 9/16ll-974
              Home Address (if lorcwn).-
              City: [,os Angeles                                                                   CA
                                                                                              State: ..              Zip:90066
              Cify:                                                                           State:                 Zip:
                                                          Tothe porson @:
 @           Notlceof Hearing
           A court hearlngls echeduled tha requestfor ordersagainstyou to stop harassment:
                                                                                                       ofcourt ifdiffcrcut from aboyc:
                                                                                               S{-r..   arl     a,h1.a-

           If you do not wantthe courtto makeordersagainstyou, 6le Form CH-I | 0. Then go to thehearingandtell the
           courtwhy you disagree. maybringwioesses otherevidence. you do not go to this hearing, court
                                  You                     and                 If                          the
           may makere$rainingordersagainst   you that couldlastup to 3 years.
           Court Orders
           The court (check aor b):
           qQ    Uut scheduledthe hearing statedin @. tto ordersare issuedngainstyou at this time.
           Ur(   Uas sctreduledthe hearingstatedin @ and has issuedthetemporary orders againstyou specifiedon
           '     pa1e2. If you do not obey lhese orders,you can be arrestedand charged with a crimc. And you mey have
                 to go to jail, pay a fine of up to S1,000, both,

ffi:;ll*?1m##""'eo'                                                                                           Peseot1
                                               Notice of Hearing:#.I:11f ggry RestrainingOrder (CLETS| cll'120,  1
CodGof CVil ProclduE   St tfl.G fld   5:7.9                  lYrvrr    ncr    owltEllat

1' d                                                                                                                  wdLr.l     800e so qaj
                                             OrdersAgainstthe Restrained
              (Writethenameof thepersonin qp/: Osama("Sam") Lutfi
              The court has madethe temporary      ordersindicated   belowagainstyou. You must obeyall
              theseorders. Theseorderswill exptreon the dateof the hearinglistedln @ unlesstheyare
              extendedby the court.
              n Personal Conduct Orders
                 Youmust dothefollowing
                         not                things thepeople
                                                   to         listed @ and@ :
                 El a.Harass,attack,     tlueaten,
                                   strike,               (sorually otherwiss), follow,
                                                   assault       or          hit,        stallg      personal
                              keepunder               or
                                         surveillance, blockmovements.
                 E b. Conact (directly indirectty),
                                     or                                   mail,
                                                   telephong messages, or e-mail.
                 E c,Take actiono
                          any        directly                to       the
                                             orttroughothers, obtain add,resscs   or looations thepersons @ and
                                                                                              of         in
                         @. 6ite^   c is not checlced, court lncloud good causenot to mdkethisorder.)
              Peacefirl                                         serveror otherpersonfor serviceoflegal papers
                       written contactthrougha lawyerof a process                                           related
              to             is                          tlis
                 a courtcase allowedanddoesnotviolate Order.
              m Stay-Away
                 You must stayat least(specifi): 250 yards  awayfrom:
                  a, El Theperson  listedin@                e. fl VehioLe pcrson
                                                                           of       in@     Evehicles of persons @
                  U. I  ttre peopletistedin@                f. EJ ftre protectedchildren'sschoolor ohildcare
                  c. E 1.he                                 g,E .OttrEr           UCLA MedicalCenter.
                                                                         (specify):                       parents'
                             homeof thepersons  inOand@
                  d. E lobs orworkplaces   ofthe persons          hornes, siblinss'homes,  childrens'houles,
                        in @ and@                                 Britnev's homes
              This stay-away orderdoesnot prevent person @ from goingto or fromthatperson's
                                                  the    in                                     homeor place of
              No GunE OtherFirearms
                                    have,buy or try to buy, receiveor try to receive, or in qry other way gct a gun or
              You cqmot ownr possess,

 @            Turnln or SellGuns or Firearms
              You must:
               ' Sell to a licensedgun dealeror turn in to policc anygunsor filearmsthat you possess contol. This
                 must be donewithin 24 houn of beingserved      with this order.
               . File a receiptwith the coun \r'ithin 48 horusof receiving orderthat provesgunshavebeentumedin or sol4
                 (YoumayuseForm CH-I45lor thls.)

 @          E       Other Orders gpecify):

 R6vi8d   Jdy l, 2qt7
                              Noticeof Hearing o                Ree'ra ins o rder (cLErs)
                                              " " fif,iiif..:Hry"                                                        +

7' d                                                                                               l.tdLt: I aooz so qeJ
  Your name:Britney JeanSplars (temporaryconserv,JamesP. Spgars)
                                                                                  6? to Y81
  @    D other Protected
        List of thefull nernes all family or household
                             of                            protected fiese orders:
                                                     members       by

                                        Instructlonsfor the ProtectedPenson
       To the person ln @: (Writethename theperson
                                        of        in@): Britney JeanSpears(temp. cons,JamesSpears)

  @    Seruiceof Orderon LawEnforcement
       If the court issucstcmporaryrestrai:ring                                                      you
                                               orders, the closeof business the datethe ordersaremade, or
                                                     by                   on
       your lawyershoulddelivera copyof thisOrderandanyproofof service     forms                     agenry
                                                                                to eachlaw enforcement
       listed below.
       Narue oflaw     Enfo,rsement
                                  Agency:                       (City,State,
                                                          Addrcss          Zip)
                                                          150N.LosAngelcs L.A., CA-?0012
                                                          464N. RexfordDrive,FJverlyHills, CA 90210

       Seryiceof Documents
       You must have someonepersonallydeliverto the personin@ acopy of all the doqmrents checkedbelow:
          a. lZ CH-120, Notice of Hearing mtdTemporary Restraining Order (CLETS) (completed and fite-stamped)
           b. El CH-100, Requestfor Orders to Stop Harassment(completedand file.stamped)
           c. E CH- I I O,Answer to Request
                                          for Orders to Stop Harassment Slank form)
           a. E   CH- tA 5, Proof of Firearms Turned.&e Sold (blank form)
           e, E   gft-tSl, How Con I Answer a Reguestfor Mers to Stop Harassment?
           f. LJ Other(specify):

       You must file with the court before the hearing aproof of service of thesedocumentson the personin @.
       Tirne for Servlce ftheck b,or c)
           a- @  A copyof thedocuments in @ must served person theperson @
                                     listed    be     in     to        in
                 at least5 daysbeforethe hearing.
           b. I  e copy of the documents listcdin@ mustbc scrved person the person
                                                                in    to          in@
              _  at least2 daysbefore hearing
           c. lJ A copy of thedocrnnents tistedin @ mustbeserved penonto the person @
                                                                in                 in
                 at least_days     before hearing.

@r         No Fee for Filing
           Filing fees are waived.

                                                  I emporary
                                                 (Civil Haraeement

g' d                                                                                       l.ldtt:I    800e so qej
                                              I                                                1

      your uame:
               BritnevJean     (rglqporary
                          Spgq4s         gonsery.
                                               Jarnes Spears)
                                                    P.                                             {tott p
  @        E No Feefor Servlceof Orderby LawEnforcement
                    Thesheriffor rnarshal serve Order
                                        will    this                 because:
                    a- fl nre Orderis based stalking.
                    U. E fhe Orderis based a credible
                                             on             of
                                                      threat violence.
                       E Thep€rsonin is entittedtoafeewaiver.


                                           You Cannot   Gunsor Firearms
           You cannotown, have,possess, or try to buy,receiveor try to rcceivs,or otherwise a gur while this Order
                                          buy                                                 get
           is in effect,Ifyou do,you cartgo to jail andpaya $1,000                              gun
                                                                 fure.You nrustse]lto a licensed dealer turnla to
           policeanygunsor fireanns   thatyou haveor contol in accordance item@ above. courtwill require
                                                                        with                 The              you
           to provethatyou did so.If you do not obeythisOrder,youcanbecharged   v'ith a crime.

          This Order is effective when made. It is enforceable   anywherein all 50 states,the Distriot of Columbia, all tibal
          lands, ald all U.S. territories and shall be enforced as if it were an order of that jurisdiction by' any law enforcement
         agencythat has received the Order, is shown a copy of the Order, or has verified its existenceon the Califomia Law
         Enforcernent Telecommurications System (CLETS). If the law enforcement ag€ncy has not received proof of
         service on the restrained person, and the reshainedpenon $'as aot present at the court hearing, tho agencyshall
         advise the reshainedperson of tho terms of the Order and then shall enforce it. Violations of this Order are subioct
         to criminal penalties.

                                Requests for Accommodatlons
                                        listening     computa-assisted
                                                systems,                   capioning signlanguage
                                                                   real-time        or
                                interpreter services are available ifyou ask at least 5 days before the hcaring. Contact the
                                clerk's office or goto for Requestfor Accommodations by
                                Persons With Disabtltties and Order (Eorm MC-41Q. (Civn Code, g 54.8.)

                                                       (Clerkwilllill out thts ptt,)
                                                       -Clerk's Certificate-
         Clerh's Certlficate             I certify that this Notice of Heuing and Temporary Restdining Oder Lsa true

                                                                                                                         , Deputy

      Jdy 1, 2007
Rovissd                        Notico of Hearlngand lemporary RestrainlngOrder{GLETS)                           CH-!IO, Pare+of I
                                                        (Clvll Harassment)

l'd                                                                                                   Hdat: I Booz so qaj
                                                ' .t   i
                                             Request Ordersto
                                             Stop Harassment                                  Clan sta p#tllle
                                                                                                      n               tfro brh a

                 Your name (personatkins for protection):
                            Spears(teir-porary            P.
                                                    James Spears)
                            (skip r/youhave lawyer): youwantyour
                 Youraddress this            a
                 address to be private, give a mailing address instead):

                 City:                                     State:          Zip:   -
              Your telephonenumber(optional) ( _
                                               :     )
              Your lawyer (if you have one): (Name,address,telephone
              number, and StateBar number):                                                  Hlt ln couft namd and st/,8,c'Ed&es':

              c"*Fqg4,-wl9gg9zQ-/ Jeryll cohen
                                             (#1253??)                                       Superlor Court of Cellfornla, Gounty of
              Luce,Forward.Hamilton Scripps   LLP                                            Los Angeles
              601S. Figue'oa^ FlopE
                            39th                                                             StanleyMosk Courthouse
                                                                                             lll N. Hilt st.
             Namc of personyou want protection from.'
                                                                                             LosAngeles, 90012
              Osarna     Lutfi                                                         ..-
                                                                                             Coutt fiils in cas€numberwhenbm Efilcd.
             Describe person: Sex:E M D F weight:170pounds
                                                                                             Cesc Numbcr:
             Heighr 5'7"   . p2gglMedit. HairColor:Black    -
             EyeColor:Brown    Age:33    . Date Birth:811611974
             HomeAddre (if you 1*o4!2lCfrl*.&
             City: LosAngeles                                                                     state: CA            Zip: 90066
             Work Address
                        ft/you knou'):
                                                                                                       _-              Zip:
            Besidesyou, who needsprotection?(Family or householdmembers)
             Full Name                                        Sex          ASe        Lives with vou? How arethev-releted vou?
                                                                                      E Yo D t'lo
                                                                                      Uvcs DNo
                                                                                      EYes Duo
                                                                                      Eves E No
             J    Check here ifyou needmore space. Attach a sheetofpaper and write "CH-I00, item 3-Describe Protected
                  Persons" at the top ofthe page,
            Why are you filing in this court? (Check all that apply):
             E ftr" person in@ lives in this county.
                 Zl I wus hurt (physically or emotionally) by the personin @here.
                 D oth"r
 @         How do you knowthepersonin@?(Describe):
            Britney rnet Mr, Lutfi in or about October2007. Mr. Lutfi has essentiallyrnoved into Britney'shome and

 Jtdl€if Cffii  ol C||lodta, w.cNttilr,Loe
 ffali|'d July1.2007,Mrlartsy Fom
                                                Requeet for Orders to Stop Haraggrnent                                     CH-100,Pagc 1 of4
 CodoolCitd,Prcc.dun, $S627,6   6nd6t7.0
                                                            (ClvilHaraesmedtl                                                            +

g' d                                                                                                          l.ldtt:I        8002 so qal
                                              a                                             t

   @           Describe howthep€rson
               a. Date mostrecent
                      of         harassrns61129/2008   ...-
                                                     Adnilr Ghalib, Chad Hardcastlg unknown paparazzi
               b, Whowasthere?Mr. Lutfi, Lvnne Spears,

               c. Did theperson @ commitanyactsof violence threalen cornmit aolsof violence
                               in                        or       to      any                    you?
                 nvc E Ho
                 Ifyes, describe lhose acts or lhreats:

               d. Did theperson @ engage a couseofconductthatharassed andcaused
                               in            in                             you           substantlatemotional
                           EYes f,No
                  Ifyes,destibe; Mr. Lutfi druggedBritney. He has.,eut Britney'shomephongline and rcm_oved cell
                  phoneghargers. He yells at her. He claims.lg control ever*hing -- Britney's business_managcr,her
                  attomevs.andlhe securitv grrards the gate. FeeDeclarationq{Lvnne Spearsattachedhereto.
               e, Did theconduct tbe person @ described
                                of           in           above seriouslyalarm,annoy, harass
                                                                                      or       you? EJ Ycs E No
            D CheckhereiJ'youneedmorespace.             ofpaperandwrite "CH-L00,
                                             Anacha sheet                      item 6- Describe
              Hara,ssmentat thetop of thepage.

            Checkthe ordersyou want E
 @                   GonductOrders
            @ Personal
                  I askthe courtto ordertheperson @ to not do the followingthingsto me or anyonc
                                                    in                                             lisledin @ :
                  a. El Harass, attac.k,
                                       strike,threaten,assault(sexually otherwise), follow, stalk,destroy
                                                                      or          hit,                    personal
                        prop€fiy,keepundersurveillancg block movements.
                  b.E Contact   (eithu directlyor indirectly), telephone, send
                                                             or          or            or
                                                                              messager mail or e-rnail
                  The penson @ will alsobeordered to takeanyaclionto gettheaddresses locations
                             in                         not                                or           ofany pmiected
                  persons,their family members, theircaretaksrs
                                                 or               unless courtfindsgoodcause to rnake order.
                                                                        the                    not         lhe

 @         [      stay-Awayorders
                 I askthe court to orderthe person @ to stayat least(speciffl: 250
                                                  in                                    yardsawayfiom me
                 andthepeoplclistedin @ andtheplaces   listedbelow:(Check thatappty):
                 a, E My homc                              a.E Mv vehicle
                 b. E My job or workplace                  e.E] Ottrcr          UCLA MedicalCenter,
                                                                        (specif,y):                   parents'homes.
                 c. Z My children's          or
                                      school childcarc           si blings'homes,          homes,
                                                                                  childrens'      Britney's
                 If the court ordcrs the person in @ to stay away from all thc placeslisted above,will that p€rson
                 stilt be able to get to his or her home, school, or job? E Ves D No
                 If no, explain:

 Rrvi.d July l, 2Cr7
                                         RequestforQ(qr.s to Stop Harassment                                      Glf-log, Pagez oI4
                                           -       (GlvilHarasameit)                                                             -t

                                                                                                   l .,tdLt : I    8002     so   qaJ

      Youl name:

      O       D othersto Beprotected
                  shouldtheotherpeoplelistedin @ alsobecovered theordcrsdescribed
                                                             by                 above?
                  flY"s        DNo           E noesnotappty
                  Ifyes, explain:

              Order About Gunc or Other Firearms
              I askthe courtto ordertheperson
                                            in@ to beprohibited  from owning,possessing,  purchasing, rcceiving,
                                                                                                    or         or
              attempting purchase receive
                         to         or      firearins
                                                    and to sellor turn in anygunsor firearmsgratheor shecoofols.

      @    E otner
                 I askthe coun to orderthe pc6on irr@ to (specify):

  @a             Temporary Ordera
                 Do you wanttle courtto makeorde,rs on thematters
                                                  now             listedin@, tfuough@ ttratwill lastuntil the
                 hearing? EVrs E No
                 If yes,exploinwhyyouneedtheseordersright noy; Immediaterelief is necessary avoid the risk of
                p4lsical.hFT to Britngyby Mr. Lutfi andto pltoyher to undergo

          J     Chectchere ifyou need more tpace, Attach a sheet ofpaper and write "CH-100, item )2-Temporary
                Orders" at the top of thepage.

  @        Deliveryof Oldercto Law Enforcement
           My lawyer or I will give copies
                                          9f Qe glders to the following law enforcementagenciesl
           0, Name of Agency: Los Angeles Polioe Deparhnent
               Address: 150N.              lesStreet
               City:Los Angelos                                                       State:      CA            Zip:9O012
          b. Name of Agency:           Hills Police
               Address: 464 N. Rexford Drive
               cityrgevgrly Hills                                                    Srat€:       CA        Zip 9O210
 @        E ottrercourt cases
               Have you ever askedany court for other rcstrainingorders againstthe pcrson in@t     E yes         E No
               lfyes, specifi the counties otd case numbers ifyai btow them: Not known

                                                                                                 l .,td8t : I    800?   so   gaJ
                                        '-.\                                           I
                                          ../                                         .f

      your narne: Briiney.JggnSpears(temporaryconserv.Jameq Qp!:.arsl

      @            for
             E Time Service
                     You must have yourpapenpefsonallyserved (notifo)theperson @ at least days
                                                            on                  in          5    before heuing,
                     unless courtorders different
                           the           a                      (FormCII-I i5 explains"What ls Pmofof Servicnile'
                                                time for seruice.                                              Form
                     CH-I 30 maybe used showthecourthat thepapers
                                       to                          havebeen  sened.)If yourpapos cannot served
                                                                                                       be       at
                     least daysbefore hearing you oeed
                         5                    and          moretime, explainwhy:

      @      X no FeefiorFiling
                     I askthecourtto waivelhe filing feebecause person
                                                                thc                          to
                                                                        in@ hasused threatenod useviolence
                                                                                    or                   against
                     me,hasstalkcd or has.aoted spoken some
                                    me,             or       in                      me         fear       I
                                                                    otherway thatmakes rcasonably violence. am
                                           orderto stopthisconduct.
                     askingfor a restraining

   @        n NoFeeto serveorders
                  I asktheaourtto orderthesheriffor marshal sery€
                                                          to     (noti$) thepenonin @ abouttheorders frecbecause:
                  a' E My request orders based stslking;or
                                   for      is       on
                  U. E Vy r€quest orders based a crediblethreat
                                    ficr     is      on              ofviolcnoc;or
                  c. I t am entitlEdtoa feewaiver.
                 (If you arerequestingfreeservice theordersbased afee waiver,
                                                  of             on             you must tpleteandfilethe
                 Appficationfor Waiverof CourtPces Costs(Forn FW-0il))
  @!             Lavrryter'sFees and Gosts
                 I askthecouttto orderpayment my:
                 a. D Lawyer's fees
                 b, !   Out-of-pocket expens€s
                 The amounts reqrrcstedare:
                      [1em                             Amount        Item                               Amounl
                                                      $-.--                                         $-
                                                      $                                             $
                                                      T                                             t
                Z      Cluckhereifyouneedmorespace,Atrachasheetofpaperandwr\e"CH-|N),itemlE-Latyer'sFeecand
                       Costs"at the top of thepage,

 @         Additional Relief
           I ask the court for additional relief as may be pfoper.

 @         Number of pagcsattacbedto this fonm, if any:        6

           Date: 2lt/2008

                                                                     Lowyer's signature
          I deolareundor penalfy of perjury underthe laws of the Sate of Cdifornia that the iaformation aboveandon
          all attachm€nts lrue and cor?ect.
           qns. 2/I/2OO8

           JamesP. Spears,
          Type or printyour name

 Rnif,d Juy t,2007                                                                                         GH-100, Psge 4 of a
                                       Reguest for Ordgrs to Stop Harassment
                                          '        (ClvllHarassmedt)

g'd                                                                                          l .l d8t: I   80 0?     so    qal

            I                               DECLARATION OF LYNNE. SPEARS

            2      I, LYNNE SPEARS,

            3           t.                                   ("Brilney"), who is thesubject this action.
                               I am lhe motherof BritneySpears                            of
        4        lravepersonal
                             knowledgeof eachof the factsset forth in this Declaration, cantestify

        5        competentlythereto,exceptas to the matterustatedon informationandbelief, andas to such

        6        mdttersI believethernto be true.

        7               ?.     This pastMondaynight (January2S),
                                                               Britney's father,Jamie,and I (in separate

        I       cars) went to Britney's housein Beverly Hills because had heardnewsre,pofis
                                                                    we                    that Britney
        9       hadjust beenin a big fight with OsamaLufti aka Sam Lufti ("Sam"), the man who hasinserted

       l0       himselfinto my daughter's home,andfinanceso thatshewascrying. We werevery
                                        life,             and
       ll               abouther safety. We arrivedat the Summit Communitygatehouse BHPO at
                concerned                                                         in
       t2       approxirnately p.m. I waswith rny friend,Jackie.

       l3              3.      The guardsat the gatehouse
                                                        stoppedus therefor awhile. Jackie,Jamie,and I

       14       finally proceeded Britney's howe and entered We were ableto elrterthe housebeoause
                                to                          it.                                  it
       t5       was not Locked.Briurey doesnot lock her doorsand currently thereareno securityguards
       l6       aroundher residence.Britrey wasnot home. We found Sam,and Samsaidas we walkedin the

       l7       door that Britrreyonly wantedme to cometo the house,and that shewas afraid to seeher dad,

       l8              4.     Two or throo paparazzicameinto the houseand enteredthe kitchen. They

       r9       greetedSam. The pxpanzaithen reportedto Samwhere Britney currcntlywas. From the
       20       conversation
                           betweenSamand theprparaz.zi determined
                                                     I           that Sarnhad given Felipe(another

       21       paparazzi)one Britney's carsto get her out of the housewhen he heardthat Jamieaod I were
       22                                                 from the oonversation Samdisabledall of
                on our way to seeBritney. I also understood                   that

       23       Britney's cars(shehasseveralat her residence).

       24              5.     Samhad told Britncy that Jamieand I were comingto the houseto do an

       25       interention, and that Britnoy panickedandtook offwith Felipe. AnotherrnannamsdChad

       26       Hardcastlewas in the house.

       27              6,     I alsoheardduring the eveningthat during Britney's andSam'sfight that evening,

       28       Sarnhad told Britney that shewas 8n unfit mother,a pieceof trashand a whore,that shecares

                                               DECLARATION OF LYNNE SPEARS

6. d                                                                             l.td6t: I Booz qo qaj
                                        "c                                   ""4

              t     moreaboutAdnan,hcr currentboyfricnd,thanshecares
                                                                   abouther kicls,andthatshedoesnot
             2      deserve.her

             3              7,     The paparazzi
                                               repottedto Samand addressed with greatrespec't.
                                                                         him                 They
             4     treatedhim like a general, He instructedthem to get her back to tle house. They latertold Sam

             5     that Britneywas on her way back.

             6              8.     Britneythencarne
                                                  backto the housewith Adnan,who is alsoa paparazzi,
                   thentold Jackjeandme that we needed do whatever tells us. I objected.He thentold me,
                                                     to          he
             8     "['m tre one who spends2417wirh your daughter. I sleepin cars outsideher house shecan't
            9      leave." Sarnthen said,"You peoplethrow everyoneunderthe bus,if you don't listento me I'rn
        l0         going to makeyour namcshr* in thepapers."

        ll                 9,     As I looked aroundthe kitchen,I noticedthat in the middle of thekitchcntable
        t2         therewas a largecarbattery. At somepoint duringtheeveningI leamedthat thecarbatterywas
        t3         thereso Samcouldcharge cell phone, AlthoughBritneyhasseveral phones, told us
                                         his                                  cell    he
       l4         that he had disposedof all of tlre phonechargers had madethe housephonesuhworkable.
       r5                  10.    Samtold Jackieand me to tell Adnanto leaveBritney aloneand to getthe F***
       l6         out of the house. Jackierefused. Samthen saidto tell Britney that Adnan is gay. Adnanstayed
       T7         at the housea little while longer. Samquietly said somcthingto Adnan andAdnanpromptlyleft
       1E         the house.

       l9                  t |.   Britney cameinto the mom looking for Adnan. Sarntold herthat Adnanwas in
       20         the bathroom. Britney thenaskedme, "Is Adnan gafl" While Britney was out of eanhot,Sam

       2I         told Jackieand me that we shouldpretendlhat Adnan wasin the batluoomso Britneywoul&r't
       22         leave.

       23                  12,    BritneythenbecamevW agitated couldnot stopmoving. Shecleaned
                                                             and                             the
       24         house, Shechanged clothes
                                  her      manytimes. Shealsochanged threedogs' clothes
                                                                   her                many
       25         times, Britney spoketo me in a tono andwith the level of understanding a very younggirl.
       26         Brihey thenpicked up a bottle ofpills andreadpart of the label and asked "What does
       27         insomniamean?" Samtold her that the pills will helpher stayawake.

                                                DECLARATION OF LYNNE SPEARS

oI'd                                                                                 l.tdct: t Booe so q-l
                                   .-'".\                                 ,..t{


            I            13.   Samtold Jackieandme thathe gnndsup Britney'spills, which wereon the

            2    counterand includedRisperdoland Seroquel.He told us that he putsthemin her food and that

            3    that was the reason had beenquiet for the last tlnee days(shehad beensleeping). He told us

            4    that the doctorwho is treating now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced
                                               her                                          comaso thatthey
            5    could thengive her drugsto healherbrain.

            6           14.    Sarnthenencouraged to sit down on a sofaand to do "tequila shots." Jackie

            7    and I said we did not want to. Britney sesmed follow our lead, Samthengot somewine out

            8   and said "let's all do toastswith wine." Britney saidthat shedidn't want to, shewanteda pretty

            9   glass. Samfound a glasswith a stemandpouredwine for Britney whenwe were nol looking,

       t0       Britney refusedto drink her wine andaskedto drink mine.

       lr               15.    Shonly afterward,Samwentback into the kitchen arrdwas standingbehinda
       l2       raisedbar so that we could not seewhat his handswere doing on the counter. FromrvhatI could
       13       see,it looked like he was crushingsomething the counter. Sam thensaid to Britney,"Let's
       t4       go upstairs"and Brimey followed him. Britneyhad calmeddown by the lime shewentupstairs.

       r5               | 6.                                                        agitatedagainandtold
                               A little while tater,Brihreycamedownstairs, Sheseerned

       l6       us that shewantedto go to Ritc Aid for lipsticks. It was now pastmidnight. Jackieand I saidwe
       tl       would takeher. Samtold us that he wantedto follow us in We told him ttrathe

       l8       shouldn't because paparazziwerein liont of the neighbor'shouseand would harass As
                                the                                                          ug.

       l9       we were aboutto drive off, Samjurnpedinto the back seatof the car. Thc prpamza followed.

       20       Sam and I were sitting in the back seat,with Chadas well. He told me that he gaveBritney

       2l       something(when they wereupstairs)to makeher more light-hearted,
                                                                              happy,and fun. We

       22       enteredRite Aid and Britney chose lipstick. The managersaid it is dangerous there,
                                                 her                                      out

       23       which it was. When Britney gaveihe cashier ctedit card,the cashiertold her it was not

       2+                                                      told us we could leavethroughthe sidedoor so
                working. I paid for the lipstick and the manager

       25       no one could seeus. Sarninsistedwe leavethroughthe front door andhe put his armsaround
       26                                                                   as
                Britney andme for the ptpanzzi to take pictures. I disengaged quickly as I could.


                                             DECL.ARATION OF LYNNE SPEARS

                                                                                      l .td6t ! I   8002   so   qaJ

            I            17.    Samtold me,"You'd bctterlcarnthat I controleverything.I controlHoward
            )    Crossman,
                                         rnanager, controlher attorneys the securityguards the
                                                 I                    and                at
            3    gate, 'l'heydon't listento Britney,
                                                   they lislento me, 'Ihat's why Jamiewas gonetonight,"
            4            18.             point thatevening,
                                At another                Sambragged me thathe is theonewho receives
            5    Britney'schecks that oneof themwasfor me. I told SamthatI hadn't gottenanychecks

            6    frornBritney. Sarnthentold methattheyarein his car. He told me that if he weren'tin the

            7    house give Britncy her medicine, would kill herselflThenhe saidto me, "lf you try to get
                      to                        she

            8    rid of me, she'll be deadandI'll pisson her grave,"

        9               19,     He then proclaimed
                                                 that he has beenin the family for a year andthathe hasdone
        l0      nothing but good for Britney. At this point it was two or threain the morning. Britrey was

       lt                 aroundthe house. Shewould let me hug her, but shewas out of it.

       t2               20.    At one point duringthe night, Samwas screatning me andBritney saidlo me,
       t3       "Samtrealsme like that." Thenshepickedup the housephoneandsaid,"Look at thephong it
       l4       docsn'twork." Samthenblamed deadphoneon Britney. Jackiespokeup andsaidto Sarn,
       l5       "You saidyou cul thephonewire."

       I6              21.     Britney thensaidagainat somepoint during the night, "When do I getto seemy
       t7                            "Wednesday."Britrreythen said,"What do I haveto do to seethem?"
                babies?" Sarnanswered,
       l8                  "Take thepills I tell you to take." Britneysaid,"I don't like the pills andI don't

       l9       like the psychiatrist. Can't I seeanother
                                                        psychiatristso I canseemy babies?" Samresponded,

       20       "lf I told you to take l0 pills a day,you shoulddo what I tell you to seeyour babies," Jackie

       2I       thensaid, "Britney, yow parcnts help you find a psychiatrist.The psychiahistneeds get to
                                               can                                              to
       22       know you to give you theright medicine."Samthenraised voiceandsaid,."Why
                                                                     his               don't you
       23       getbackwith Kevin."

       24              22,     Britney thensaid,"I'll do anythingto get themback."

       2s              23.     At sornepoint duringthe evening,
                                                              Samsaidthat Britneydecided he should
                                                                                        that      be
       26       her manager.

       27              24.     Adnan has called me and told me he's wonied about Britney. He told me that

       28       Sam hides the phones and tells her he has lost them. He also hides her dog, London. She looks
                                              DECLARATION OF LYIIND SPEARS

                                                                                     r.ldos: I 8002 so qeJ
zr d
                                         I                                         I

            I         for hirn oll ovcr the housecrying and thenSambrings out the dog frorn the hiding place and acts

            2         like hersavior.

            3                25.    While we wereat Rite Aid, Britneywent in andout of herBritish accent.
            4                26'    At 4:00a.m,,I wasexhausted wantedto leave. Samblocked car so I
                                                             and                         my
            5         could not leave. I threatened call Jamieto the house.
           6                 27'    Britney said,"l want my Daddyup here. I want to talk to rny Daddy." I reached
           7          Jamieon the phoneandgavethe phoneto Britney. I heardher tell him that shewantedto see

           8      him. He said,"fught now baby?"andshesaid,"No." He said,"l0:00 in the rnorning?"furd
           9      shesaid,"No, noon."

       t0                   28'     I spenttherestof the nightat Britney'shouseandfor the first time in a very long
       ll         time, when I lay down to sleep,I felt very agitated. I could not fall asleepat all. I felt like I had
       l2         had coffee. Jackie,who had gonehomeearlier,later told rne that shealso couldnot steepat all

       l3         and felt like shehad hadcoffee.

      l4                    Zg.    Jamiecameto pick rneup thenext moming. Jamiegave Britney a big hug and
      l5         said to her,"Baby, you're ok?" Britneysaid,"l'm fine," thenburstinto tears,

      t6                    30.    To my knowledge,BritneyDeverwent to sleepthat night and wasvery agiated
      t7         most of the night.
      l8                    31.    Samand Chad"however,sleptin the "srnokingroom," a small mom downstairs
      l9         on the first floor of thehouse.
      20                   32.     Later the next day, on January29,Iackie showedme a text message had
      2l         receivedfrom Sam: "Thanksfor telling Jamieall your Bull Sh*t. He jr-rst rne. Now you guys
      22                                        Goodjob,"
                did your deed. Much accomplished,

      23                   33.     I did not seeBritney againuntil I arrivedat her houseon Wednesday
                                                                                                   night after
      24        Sam calledme and told me to cometo the house. When we arrived,Britney seerned
      25        The policeanivedand took her to theNeuroPsychiatric
                                                                  Institute UCLA ('NPI"), While at
      26        ///

      27        //l
      28        //l

                                                  DECLARATION OF LYNNE SPEARS

                                                                                         l .l dos : I   80 0e   90   qeJ

                       I    NPI' I learncdthat Britneyinformed docror,
                                                              her    Lee sadja,MD, that shehadalsotakenAderol.
                       /-         I declareunderpenaltyof perjuryunderthe   lawsof thestateof california thatthe
                   3        forcgoing true and correct.Executed January
                                     is                       on      3 r,     200g,at Los Angeles,










                                                   DECI"ARATION O[' LIT{NE SPEARS

t l' d
                                                                                        Hdos: I 8002 so qaJ

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