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					                           IRESis Online Contracts Made for YOU!
                           By: Kendall Bress, Public Relations Ambassador

Just over 3 years ago, IRES proudly introduced our Contracts on with a handful of forms.
Since then, all commission approved contracts, and then some, have been integrated with our MLS
system. This integration means forms are populated with Agents/Offices, Client data and MLS listing
information, as appropriate.

We were delighted to recently discover 96% of our 50 largest customer offices are using our Contracts
module. That is an impressive statistic by any measure, but the credit is due to our subscribers. Like
every other aspect of IRESis, Contracts have been tailor made for users based on your suggestions.
The following list highlights some of the milestones and features of IRESis Contracts:

      Establish default settings for all of your contracts (e.g. enter N/A in blank fields, Bold or
       Colored text)
      Print up to eight seller and buyer signature lines
      Initial Lines print at the bottom of each Contract to Buy & Sell contract
      Email PDF Contracts to clients
      Full Text Tab for optional display of the full text of the contract
      Choose common options in Contracts to Buy & Sell from a drop down list
      Financing Tab offers tools to assist in calculating closing costs, monthly payment, etc.
      Dates Tab provides easy population of the Dates & Deadlines section
      Spell Check for inserted text
      Choose the color of inserted text to blue, green, red and/or bold
      Office Branding is included with optional Company Logo. Branding can be revised by the
       Managing Broker or staff
      Licensed staff or team members can access your Contracts (only) with your permission through
       the Mimic function
      Agents can create individual default templates.
      Office Templates can be created by the Managing Brokers and office staff, which are accessible
       to all agents within that office. (Note: Office templates override Agent templates.) Defaults can
       also be defined.
      Agent Transaction Reports are available to Managing Brokers (only) by date range, listing
       created contact/clients, transactions and contracts.
      Managing Brokers and Office Staff have the ability to add office clauses to be used by agents
       within their office
      Managing Brokers can allow agents to create personalized branding and add their own clauses.

If you are an IRES subscriber and have yet to try our Contracts system, we encourage you to take the
plunge. The integrated modules within IRESis were created to help make your day-to-day tasks more
convenient, efficient and affordable. (There is no additional fee to utilize IRESis Contracts.)

To access online Contracts, go to the “Contacts+” tab then click on the Write a Contract icon. For
more information regarding the Contracts system, check out the online tutorials located under the
“Resources” tab in the Training icon. You may also take a FREE Contracts training class offered at
various locations each month.

Start using the IRESis online Contracts today and join those already benefiting from and contributing
to this highly effective MLS tool!