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July 31, 2008

Purchasing Services is pleased to announce that UVic has entered into a strategic supply arrangement with
Grand and Toy effective August 15, 2008 which will give UVic the ability to realize savings in many different office
supplies categories through discounts as high as 60% on a majority of products and 80% on select items.

Grand & Toy has been selected through a formal Request for Proposal process as our “Primary” supplier
of choice for office supplies, paper, and toner supplies for the next five-year period. This supply
arrangement provides UVic with a tremendous opportunity to realize immediate point-of-purchase savings
on quality products, reliable service, and focusing on sustainability stewardship.

Key benefits of the program include the following:

• More “Best Value” items at lower prices: There are over 250 commonly purchased contract items at
discounts of up to 80% off list or catalogue price.

• Electronic Ordering: These items are highlighted on Grand & Toy’s Internet ordering system accessible
through Purchasing Services e-Merchant webpage after August 15, 2008. Industry accepted ‘green’
products are highlighted and are integral to this contract. Users will be provided with an opportunity to
attend a hands-on workshop illustrating the Grand & Toy on-line ordering system. These workshops are in
the process of being arranged for the first two weeks of August, and you will be notified in a separate notice
of the dates, time and locations.

• Flexibility and Reporting Ability: Grand & Toy will evaluate inherent processes of acquiring office
supplies, and find better, more responsible ways to buy and supply these products.

• Account Management – Grand & Toy will have personal local representation and support with next day
delivery when orders are placed prior to 4:00 pm the previous day.

• E-Commerce – UVic’s current on-line ordering system, ability to utilize a P-Card for payment, electronic
billing system, and reporting of transactions through to FAST remain intact.

• Social Responsibility and Sustainability– Grand & Toy encourages UVic users to place orders
efficiently (minimize deliveries) to reduce carbon emissions on campus. Grand & Toy will be contributing a
portion of the purchase values to various programs that UVic supports. In addition, Grand & Toy will pick-
up for recycling, used/spent print cartridges, disposable batteries, and cardboard packaging materials.

Purchasing Services will be arranging formal presentations by Grand & Toy of their on-line catalogue and e-
Commerce ordering system. Your Grand & Toy Account Representative will be in contact with you to
explain how the new program will function and to assist or answer any question you may have.

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Key features and provisions of the program include the following:

• Effective date: All stationery and office supplies required and ordered by authorized account holders is
  to be ordered from Grand & Toy effective August 15, 2008.

• MONK Office Products Ltd.: Monk will continue to supply non-blocked items when Grand & Toy are
  unable to fulfill the delivery due to stock outs, or when the nature of the request requires same-day or
  delivery on an immediate or urgent basis.

• Corporate Express: Links to the Corporate Express ordering system will be removed from our e-
  Merchant webpage at the close of business on August 15, 2008.

• Technology Products, Office Furniture, and 100% Virgin Bond Paper: These items will continue to be
  blocked as they are restricted from acquisition as they require technical review and approval, and are
  currently sourced from alternate suppliers under separate contracts. Grand & Toy have been instructed
  to re-direct these orders to Purchasing Services for appropriate sourcing and acquisition.

• Printer and Toner Cartridges - Computer Store: Users are required to order all printer cartridges from
  Grand & Toy on a priority basis. In the event that Grand & Toy are unable to deliver the required items
  due to stock outs, or when the nature of the request requires urgent same-day delivery, users can acquire
  printer cartridges from the Computer Store.

• Printer Cartridges - Kyocera: Please note that all Kyocera photocopier and printer cartridges must be
  acquired under contract with Kyocera-Mita Canada through Island Office Equipment.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Colleen McIlveen at 250-721-8329; Judy
MacKinley at 250-853-3131, or me at 250-721-8330 or via email at

Ken S. Babich
Director, Purchasing Services

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