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					                                    Theatrical actor/entertainer's contract.

                                                 Employment Agreement

Agreement made [date], between            , of         (manager), and         , of       (actor), witness:

    1. The manager engages the actor to render services, and the actor accepts the engagement; hiring and engagement
to be subject to the terms and conditions set forth and to continue from           until terminated as here provided.

    2. The actor agrees to render services to the best of his [her] skill and ability for the number of performances each
week as is in accordance with the legal custom of all places of amusement in the various cities in which actor is
directed to appear, and at the theaters, opera houses, and other places of amusement in the United States and            ,
as may be required by the manager and to play the role assigned to him [her].

    3. The actor agrees to abide by all reasonable rules and regulations which the manager may make, and as long as
the manager fully performs his [her] part, to render services to him [her] exclusively.

   4. The manager agrees to pay the actor the sum of $           each week during the term of the engagement and on
Saturday of each week.

    5. A week's work will consist of not more than       performances. A sum equal to one-tenth of the weekly
salary will be paid for each performance over      in each week.

    6. If the actor is unable to render or is incapacitated from rendering services through sickness or otherwise, or if
the company as a whole cannot perform because of fire, accident, act of God or the public enemy, the actor, or
company as a whole (as the case may be), is not to receive any salary for the time during which the services will not,
for any of the above reasons be rendered. If failure to render services by the actor, individually, through sickness or
otherwise, continues for 10 consecutive working days or more, the manager may, by giving written notice, terminate
this agreement; in which case the manager will not be liable for the actor's return transportation, but must furnish the
transportation of the actor's successor, if any.

    7. The actor is to furnish and pay for morning, afternoon and evening clothes customarily worn by civilians of
this country at the present time, together with appropriate wigs and shoes as may be needed. All other clothes,
costumes, appurtenances (including those peculiar to any particular trade, occupation or sport) and all "props" will
be furnished by the manager.

    8. The services of the actor to be performed for the manager will be unique, special, and extraordinary, and for
that reason, and in consideration of the terms of this contract, and for the further reason that the actor possesses
extraordinary ability as an actor, the actor agrees that he [she] will not render any services to any other person or
persons, firm, or corporation, during the term of this contract, except on written consent of manager. If the actor
attempts to appear for any other management or in moving pictures, manager will have the right to apply to any court
having jurisdiction for an injunction restraining the appearance, and actor agrees, for the purpose of the lawsuit, that
his [her] services are extraordinary and unique, and cannot be replaced.

    9. All rules, regulations and notices will be in writing and will be delivered to the actor personally, except matters
that refer to the company in general, which may be posted on the call board. Notice to the manager may be given in
writing by handing the same to him [her] personally, or to the person who pays the salaries of the company.

    10. Either party may (except as here provided) by giving two weeks' notice in writing to the other, at any time after
performances have begun, terminate this contract. The termination to be effective at the end of two weeks after the
notice is given.

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   11. In the event any dispute arises between the parties as to (1) any matter covered by this contract, or (2) as to the
meaning of the contract or its application to any state of facts which may arise; the dispute or claim will be arbitrated.

In witness, the parties have executed this agreement at [designate place of execution] on [date].


                                                                                                           electronic form 2005
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