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captcha explanation


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									                      CAPTCHA ENTRIES

Hello Friends, This work is about Captcha Entries.


Captcha Entries are use to make Bulk Computerized Ids. As
computers create the bulk new ids but cannot read the verification
codes while creating a new id so we do that work.
So this is captcha.

Now straight to the point on saying:-

The Rate is 0.80 $ Per 1000 Entries Typing.

No Fees Required To Join This Work.

No Targets Per Day.

Minimum Payouts are after 3000 Entries Submission

Payments are send through www.paypal.com
Paypal registration is free. You have to create a Personal Account
on Paypal to send and receive money payments.

After you receive payments on paypal, you can transfer it to your
bank account number through the withdraw option on Paypal.

While Transfering money from paypal to your bank account
number, you have to fill up the details about your bank like your
bank name, bank ifsc number (written on the cheque book),
location etc.

Your Entries Countings are shown in the work page.

This is How the Captcha Entries look: You just have to type the
words in the box given below.
If you see 2 words in one entry than you have to type both words
with one space.

Here’s the important thing to tell you, If it shows any letter in
capital than you have to type the same. Means if it shows one letter
capital than type 1 letter capital. If it shows in mixture capital
letters like shown in this image than you have to type those capital
letters in mixture. If it shows 2 words and 1 word is capital and 2nd
one is smaller than type the same as 1 word capital and 2nd word
All I have to say is you have to type the perfect copy of the
image/picture shown to you.

If it shows only 1 capital letter in the image than you have to type
only 1 capital letter as shown in the above picture.
You should not type “(i)nternational signings”,
You have to type “(I)nternational signings”

If you do lots of mistake like not typing in capital letters when
shown, than you user id (your working id) will be banned by the
admin. And therefore, you will have to start the work with the new
id. And you will loose your existing entries.
So your id will go to the banned section, similar to deleted, but will
not be deleted if you think to get the same id back as the new one
than its not possible.

IF there is any other queries or questions in your mind please do
not hesitate to ask me at
I will be happy to help you .

Rush to my E-mail Address and I will get back to you immediately

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