PARENT /COACH CONTRACT

As a parent/guardian of _________________________________________, I promise to do the following:

1. Influence my child to abide by the contract they have signed.

2. Be an example of good sportsmanship at games by making only positive comments about
   the players, keeping criticism of players, coaches, and officials to a minimum, and treating
   fans of our opponents with respect.

3. Contact the coach either during the day at school or in the evening at home. However, do not
   approach coaches before or after games or practice. Using the 24-hour rule prevents
   emotionally charged meetings that prove to be unproductive. Do not wait to the end of the
   season to voice concerns.

4. Go to the Athletic Director with the coach if a complaint is not resolved to my satisfaction
   only after

   1) my son has talked with the coach and was not able to resolve the problem

   2) the parent and their son have meet with the coach and the problem was not resolved.

5. Help my child to see the value in being a part of a team and to take from this experience
   some very valuable life lessons: loyalty, commitment, unselfishness, sacrifice, adversity,
   and enjoyment.
We, the coaches, promise to do the following:

1. Treat each player like we would want our child to be treated.

2. Give each player who pays attention and tries hard approximately equal attention and time
   during practice and drills. Those who loaf or do not pay attention will be replaced in
   scrimmages or drills.

3. Be an example of good sportsmanship and character.

4. Teach your child the skills to become the best person and player they can be.

5. Listen to any complaint parents or players may have at the appropriate time and place and
   respond fairly.



Head Coach     Tony DeMelo

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