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					When trials and tribulations Tried and troubled me And all who said they Loved me Turned me down I never had to wonder About your loyalty I knew that you would Always be around When I was sad and lonely You came to comfort me When I was cold and hungry You gave me food to eat When my family had no room You gave me shelter You even gave me your bed So I could sleep When Loves, Likes, Lusts, Wants Desires and Temptations Had taken up a stronghold in my soul You cautioned, counseled, challenged, Worried and Warned me; and wrestled with me To protect me from the errors of my options When loss of Loved Ones Brought Pain Suffering to my Life Your own tears flowed like a river as I cried; And when my heart was Overflowing with happiness The Sun burst through the radiance of your smile You’ve always stood beside, Through thick and thin Through the good times And the bad times, right to the end And this is why I care so much about you And this is why I know, “You are my friend.”

Virgil L. Killebrew
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