Sample Attendance Contract Consent Form by thm14980


                                  Attendance Contract Consent Form

                                          CONSENT FORM
                                   (Attendance Agreement Contract)
                                             School Name
                                            City, State, Zip
                                          Telephone Number

The terms and conditions of the Attendance Agreement Contract have been explained, and I understand
that the Contract serves as an alternative only to truancy filing. I understand that in the event I do no
comply with the terms and conditions of this Contract, that legal action can be taken against the
parent/legal guardian and against the student, as required by the school attendance law.

This Contract is not a legal binding contract, but is a “good faith” agreement between ----------- School,
the parent/guardian, and the student.

____________________________________                                 __________________
Parent/Legal Guardian                                                      Date

____________________________________                                 ___________________
Student                                                                    Date

____________________________________                                 ____________________
School Representative                                                      Date

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