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                  By B.N. JOHN
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              Who is this e-book for?

               How many methods did you try to learn English?

             Get ready for the new method!

Chapter I: Forget about schools

             1.   Did you get bored at schools?
             2.   Which English should you learn?
             3.   How about grammar?
             4.   Memorizing word lists.

Chapter II: copying children

             1. The successful category.
             2. How to copy children.

Chapter III: the secret method to English

             1.   Remember.
             2.   Listening.
             3.   How to learn vocabulary.
             4.   I don’t want to make grammar mistakes!
             5.   Having fun and the emotion secrets.
             6.   Don’t hurry up! Don’t quit! Relax!
             7.   Real English material.

Chapter IV: spelling and more vocabulary

             1. The power of reading novels.


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Who is this e-book for?
Right now, you are reading the fastest-English e-book.

This e-book is for people who want to speak English easily, without thinking and without
translating, for people who want to think directly in English, people who want to speak
English like native speakers, like Americans.

If you studied English at schools, and of course you didn’t succeed, this e-book is for you.

If you are an English teacher, and your students are not succeeding enough, you can use this
e-book to learn the powerful way to teach your students and I guarantee your students are
going to succeed.

If you already speak English, and you want to improve, this e-book will help you.

If you are just curious, this e-book is also for you.

Imagine yourself talking to Americans and they understand you, you understand them, you
speak fast without thinking, you’re not focusing on English but rather on your ideas; this is
what this e-book is going to teach you!

If you read this e-book up to the end, you will succeed, you will finally speak English, and
your dream is going to be truth!!

All what you have to do is to read this e-book up to the end AND follow every thing written,
and your success is not far away! Focus on every idea written here NOT every word, so be

Just take all your time, relax! You’re not doing a race, sit down comfortably and all is going
to be fine. You will enjoy it, you will speak English.

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How many methods did you try to learn English?
Now, I want you to stay calm and think about your past, how much did you try to learn
English? How far did you go to speak English?

How many different methods did you try to learn English?

How many English schools have you joined?

So, why don’t speak English?? What’s wrong with you?? Are you stupid? Does your brain
work normally?

In fact, nothing is wrong with you, but rather everything is wrong with the methods you
used before!!!

To illustrate this point I will ask you this question: are you the only person who feels this?
Are you the only one who tried all those methods but still doesn’t speak?

Of course not! So nothing is wrong with you all, all is about the methods you used!!

To help you, I’m making this book very short and very easy; I focus only on the good ideas
that help you to reach your goal. I’m not trying to make long paragraphs. I’m sure you will
find it very easy and of course I’m sure you will enjoy it and you will email me to tell me to
write another book.

So what’s the secret of English??

That’s what you will find reading this e-book.

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Get ready for the new method!
If you are reading these words, you already know that this e-book is for you and you believe
that you will succeed by reading this e-book.

So, I’m going to make you get ready to read this e-book, I’m going to explain to you how to
read this e-book. Remember, you should follow every idea in this e-book.

First, you should think and believe that this is the last time you try a new method, this is the
last method you are going to try. In fact you’re not going to TRY it but rather to succeed by
applying it.

Don’t think that you are learning English right now; just focus on the ideas not on words.

I made this e-book especially for you to forget that you are learning English, you will feel that
you are learning new techniques to speak English but in fact you are leaning English (of
course the techniques are true and they are very useful).

You must have fun reading this e-book, don’t read it when you are angry or upset, you
should be happy as you read. Don’t make reaching the end of the e-book your only goal.

Read each part of this e-book many times, don’t read each part just one time and quickly go
to the second part just because you’re interested by the idea, in fact when you read a part
many times you will be more and more interested by what you will read next.

Don’t try to remember new words, just continue reading, because you will find them more
than one time, and by repeating the same words, you will get them deeper into your brain.

Don’t think about grammar!

Sit down comfortably and read loudly.

Don’t use a dictionary! Use it only if you read many times and you still don’t understand the
word or even have a small idea about it.


This e-book will help you a lot, but you will only know the right method, so don’t think that
when you finish reading it you will speak English like a native speaker.

Take all your time to read it, don’t read it in one day. I recommend that you read it in more
than one week.
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                     Chapter I: Forget about schools

1-Did you get bored at schools?
Almost all people who want to speak English go to schools; the question is: why do they
choose to go to schools in order to learn to speak English?

This is a simple question, just because they don’t know other methods to learn English
rather than going to schools.

The first days, the student is having fun at school, trying to make some friends, chat with
them in English…etc and it’s the only good thing at schools.

But after a few weeks, the student will start to feel upset about English, he will hate English
and maybe he will change the language he wants to learn and he will lose his goals, in fact
he is embarrassed, because he spent too much time and too much money too to learn
English, but there is no result!

So the student starts to look for other methods to learn English, he uses internet, watches
movies, but it’s too difficult, he doesn’t know what to do, he is at a total loss!

Some students continue to learn English at schools, even for 5 years, but they still don’t
speak English.

In fact, all what they learned at schools is written English. Maybe, if the same student, who
studied English for many years, takes a test he will do very well, but if he tries to talk to an
American, he won’t do anything, he will be frustrated, he tries to speak but no way, he can’t.
So, he will begin to ask the American to slow down, to speak slowly, he will use some
phrases like: excuse me, sorry, I didn’t understand, can you speak slowly please…etc

When a student who learned English at schools goes to the United States or any other
country where they speak English as a native language, he thinks that he will speak English
like them and his English is very good, but once he really gets there, he will be surprised and
shocked; no one can understand him and he can understand nothing from native speakers,
they speak too fast!!! He doesn’t have time to think. So why did he study English at school??

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To speak with Americans of course! Can he really speak with Americans after studying for
many years??

No, he can’t! So, why did he study English at school?? For nothing!!!!

I don’t understand why they want to SPEAK English but they go to schools?

We never learn to speak English by going to schools, never!

This is the truth, let’s face it: English schools are useless!!!

You shouldn’t go to English schools; it’s a waste of time and money!

It’s very expensive and useless too!!

I still don’t understand exactly why do people who want to learn English go to schools?

Ask yourself, why did you go to an English school to learn English?? (Post a comment on the
blog please).

Teachers at schools are always talking about grammar. Some teachers in other countries
explain in their own language!

Studying at such schools, you will hear only one English phrase or two per day! Is this

Students always get bored at schools, there is no exception!

In fact, students at schools learn about English, not English or to speak English, that’s why
they do very well in the written tests but they can do nothing once they are chatting with an

Try yourself, use skype to talk with an American and see if you can understand, even if you
can understand some words you can’t answer because if you want to answer your listener
waits over 5 minutes to hear your answer so he will tell you: see you again, and he will never
see you, he will never talk with you because it was not interesting the last time, he doesn’t
want to wait over 5 minutes to hear one answer!

I’m serious about this, try it and you will see the results. Try it after applying all what you will
find in this e-book and you will see the difference.

So my first advice for you is to stop studying English at school, throw the entire material
related to them, throw all the text books, the grammar books, burn them, they are useless!

They teach you to learn   about English, not to speak English.
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Of course you don’t want to waste your money and your time when you can find something
else that is useful, easier and more powerful!

2-Which English should you learn?
This is a common question students ask. Which English should you learn?

In fact there are two English: written English (the one you studied at schools) and spoken

In spoken English there are two: spoken English like written English (you find it in most CD
that come with a text book) and real English (the one used in the streets, at work, at house,

The first kind of spoken English, is the one you probably saw at schools (or studied), it’s
nothing more than written English read: someone writes something and than he reads it .

In this kind of spoken English you find standard expressions that no one uses, like this
standard conversation for example:

A: hello!

B: Hi.

A: what’s your name?

B: my name is B. what’s yours?

A: my name is A.

B: How are you?

A: fine, thanks how about you?

B: I’m very well.

A: well, I have to go now!

B: see you later!

In fact no one speaks this way, if you speak this way, people will laugh at you and you
immediately give them the idea that you came from a school!

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You may already understand that the English you should learn is the last kind I mentioned;
the real English!

How about accent?

Accent is not a problem, there are many accents in the U.S, also in England, you should just
have a clear pronunciation and don’t worry about your accent, but later when you learn to
speak English, and all your worries are about accent, you can start to learn accent to
improve your speaking skills.

Once you finish learning to speak English (this will never happen even for native speakers, I
just mean you understand native speakers and they understand you) focus on having a good

Should you learn American English or British English?

This question is not important, and it’s frequently asked by new students, they don’t know
which English to learn, but I’ll tell you.

The difference between these two is just accent, and accent is not important, I said you just
need to have a clear pronunciation, so native speakers understand you.

A good advice for you is to listen to only one accent at the beginning or even one person,
and once you learn a little bit and you will be comfortable, start to change accents to learn
as many accents as possible.

Now, I think the idea is clear about which English you should learn.

In few words: you should learn real English and don’t worry about accent, and once you
become comfortable, you can learn different accents to know as many as possible.

That’s all about which accent you have to learn.

3-How about grammar?
This is the most important point about speaking English, schools teach students grammar,
and they think it’s the only way to speak English, but they are completely wrong.

Grammar rules don’t teach the student to speak English because they teach him to think
about English; whenever the student wants to speak, he starts thinking whether it’s wrong
or not, he doesn’t think in English and that’s the most important point!

If you are studying grammar right now, stop immediately!

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Throw all your grammar books over the window, burn them! They are useless.

Studying grammar is the biggest raison most students don’t speak English!

I don’t want you to be one of them, if you studied grammar before, forget about it!

When you speak English, don’t think about grammar, don’t!

Just think about the idea, even if it’s wrong, it’s not important! You will learn it.

The idea I want you to know is that studying grammar is very dangerous!

Let’s give an example: We suppose two students, A and B.

The student A studied English at an English school.

The student B studied English alone with these rules.

A studied grammar, B didn’t.

They continued for one year…

Both of the students went to the United States. They had opportunities to talk to Americans.

Whenever the student A started to speak, he thought about grammar rules, was it correct or
not? Thinking in his own language and then translating, trying to remember word lists that
he memorized, and always focusing on words and grammar, not the idea!

Whenever the student B started to speak, he spoke without thinking, he didn’t think about
grammar rules, the words came out of his mouth without thinking, he never thought in his
own language, he only thought in English, he is focusing on the idea, not the words!

Which student would you like to be like? Of course the student B! (If you want to be like the
student A, stop reading this e-book, it’s not for you, go to a school)

My advice for you is to stop studying grammar right now, and throw all material related to
grammar, and then whenever you want to speak, don’t think about grammar, and just speak
as you know even if it’s wrong.

One more important thing; don’t let people correct you whenever you do a mistake!

This is also something bad about schools, because teachers are always looking for the
problems, they always correct mistakes made by the students.

By correcting mistakes, the student starts to feel terrible, and whenever he wants to speak,
he starts thinking about these mistakes; he doesn’t want to make mistakes!
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In fact mistakes help the student to develop, if the student didn’t make mistakes, he will not

Forget about schools! Get rid of everything related to schools!

Schools study grammar, you should not!

Schools correct mistakes, you shouldn’t!

Because at schools they taught written English and you want to speak, you want to learn real
English, you want to speak with Americans, that’s your goal!

I didn’t say that you should never study grammar rules, but once you have a good level at
spoken English, you can start to learn it, just like Americans! (Just if you are curious because
you don’t need to learn grammar to speak English)

Native speakers study grammar rules at high schools, not at the beginning!

I don’t know why English schools don’t copy Americans!

So, never study grammar, never think about it!

Go on with the next paragraph!

4-Memorizing word lists:
This is a small chapter where I’m going to explain for you why you shouldn’t try to memorize
word lists.

Memorizing word lists is an old method, and of course it’s useless, that’s why students at
schools still don’t speak English. It’s a failure!

At schools, students write new words in their note books and then they start to memorize
them; this method is useful when you want to take a test but not if you want to speak

Don’t memorize word lists! If you want to enrich your vocabulary, later I will teach you how.

Because when you memorize world lists, you can’t use them in a real conversation, you
don’t have time to think about these words and you can’t remember them so fast.

The sad truth is always hidden, teachers and schools don’t want to show it, they probably
know that their methods are ineffective but they still use them with students who believe
that schools are good!
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Memorizing this way, you forget everything and even if you remember you don’t know how
to put these words in correct and coherent phrases.

As far as you are concerned, you should never write word lists in a note book and then try to
memorize them, never!

So in the first chapter we learned that:

    •   Schools are boring and useless.
    •   You should learn real English.
    •   Grammar kills your skills.
    •   Memorizing word lists is a waste of time.

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                    Chapter II: copying children

1-The successful category.
Now, I’m going to ask you to look around you, who is the successful category?

Children are the successful category, everybody knows it, but just a few of them knows why!

So, why are children successful in speaking English?

Are there any skills that they have and adults don’t have?

The answer is no.

This is the most important point in your English learning, that’s why you need to focus more
than you focused in the first chapter. If you are tired right now, go to relax and try to read it

Let’s imagine a family who was in another country, now, this family is bringing to the US.

In this family, there is the father who is 35 and the mother who is 27 and their child who is
just two years old.

After a few years, who will speak English better?

Of course the child will! Why? That’s what we are going to explain here.

Let’s imagine. This family receives some guests frequently. Both the father and the mother
try to speak with the guest, only the child is just listening!

Take this deeper into your brain: “you don’t improve your speaking skills by speaking, in fact
if you begin to speak English earlier you will lose more than one thing!”

That’s why you learned nothing at schools, because they wanted you to speak since the first
day! And so you lost more than one thing!

Children listen about 2 or 3 years before they start speaking! That’s why they speak better.

Always be patient to be the best! If you are not patient you will be the worst!

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Children never study grammar rules, but they use correct grammar when they speak, it’s

Children never try to memorize word lists, but they know more words than adults, it’s not
mysterious too?

What are the children’s secrets?

You already know one; they don’t speak for the first period!

Know go on reading this few words but really meaningful to know the other secrets of

So never study grammar, never memorize word lists, don’t speak at the beginning, all will be
done itself.

Do children have something adults don’t have?

The only difference between children and adults is: children have and ability that they do
right and never do it wrong but the adults have both abilities to do it right and to do it

If you are a little bit clever, you should have already understood everything related to the
children’s secret.

They don’t want you to know that, but I’m going to reveal every thing is this book!

And if you are just a little bit smart you should now have these questions in your head:”what
is this ability?”And “How can I do it right?”

I think you’re clever and you are smart, so let’s explain this.

Go on with reading the following paragraph and you will find the answer of this question.

All is in the following paragraph, so don’t waste your time!

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2-How to copy children?
In the previous paragraph, you understood that children are the successful category, and
you understood that they have an ability they always do right.

You also understood that even adults can do right but most of them do it wrong.

For adults, to do it right, they must follow some conditions and all is going to be fine. In fact,
while children can’t do it wrong, adults can do it faster!

So, what’s this ability, and what are these conditions?

If you want to succeed, you must copy children, that’s very obvious!

You have already copied children if few things, you have already stopped studying grammar
rules, and memorizing word lists and that’s the biggest approach.

For the rest of the rules, it’s the subject of our book, go on reading this book and you will
know how to copy children.

You will also notice that it is very easy and everyone can do it!

Maybe you don’t know, but children are very clever, they observe everything, they are the
best at many fields of life especially at learning languages, they are really the best!

It’s very strange that a child can do something better than an adult! It’s very strange and it
worth thinking.

Continue with this book, it’s very easy to copy a child, and I guarantee you will succeed; I’m
going to add your name to the list of my successful students!

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             Chapter III: the secret method to English

The first rule, you have already known it. It’s all about getting ready!

Oh yes, you have already known it. It’s about throwing your grammar books and to stop
memorizing word lists, and to copy children, do what they do.

That’s why the title is “remember”, because you already know it!

I just want you to be ready. In addition, you need more repetition to learn more, that’s why I
repeat a lot, maybe there are some words that you read 30 times or even more. (Check it)

Be confident, you will succeed, don’t think for a second that you will fail!

Another think I’ve already said, don’t think that you are trying a new method because this is
the successful one.

And remember, you have already started your new method since the introduction!

This method is about to learn English with thinking that you are learning English, I just talk
about new ideas to learn English and learning as you read this ideas. That’s the goal!

All you have to do is to read, I do the rest, don’t worry about words, I make you memorize
them without your knowledge! That’s so funny!

Read loudly and only when you are alone and happy, don’t be shy! You’re learning a new
language, this is an adventure, read this book several times, each time you finish it, repeat it
and you will succeed 200%

Enough getting ready, let’s go to the serious stuff!

All the rules are very important, but listening is the most important! That’s why I chose it to
begin with.

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There is a big difference between listening and reading, listening improves your speaking
skills but reading improves your writing skills, this is in general!

While reading is very important, listening is more important than everything, children learn
to speak English by listening, they never read or write, never.

A child doesn’t know to read, neither to speak, he only knows listening.

Of course he has hands but he doesn’t know how to use them to write, he doesn’t even
know the existence of writing at the beginning until he sees one of his family using a pen!

And of course he has eyes, and sees with, but he doesn’t know how to read with!

Only his ears are useful to learn to speak English, although he doesn’t understand what he
listens to, but he is improving!

Listening to the same words and phrases daily, he will memorize them quickly.

For example, he always hears: sit down, eat, drink come on…etc

As he listen to a word, sometimes he sees the action, for example, he mother tells him sit
down and she does it, so next time he will do it!

While listening is very important, even the most important to improve English speaking,
sometimes listening has no meaning and it does nothing, that’s why I advice you to listen to
understandable English only!

Imagine the mother talking with her baby very quickly… I think he will never improve that
way, he will never understand, not even a word!

In a nutshell, it’s useless!

That’s why listening has some rules:

The first one is to listen to understandable English only because if you don’t understand
what you listen to, it’s useless, in fact you’re doing nothing!

 Understandable English helps you to recognize all of the words, and helps you to indentify
the words you don’t understand, and then by hearing them a lot you will also identify their
meaning! So powerful!

The second rule is to listen only to real English, don’t listen to standard English the one you
find in text books and some audio books, don’t!

By listening to real English conversation, you will improve faster and faster, it’s really
powerful, so powerful that you won’t imagine!

      © B.N. JOHN                      E-mail:
Another rule is to listen only to few persons at the beginning and once you become familiar
(you understand almost everything from them) you can listen to other persons.

The child uses this rule subconsciously, because he listens only from his family at the
beginning and step by step he adds people to his list!

I said that, the child uses the method without knowing, but the adult can do it faster!

That’s true, because the adult has some advantages, for example, he memorizes faster, he
can read…

That’s why I ask you to read and listen at the same time, find material where you can read
and listen at the same time, but what you shouldn’t do is to listen and try to understand
everything and then read to see what’s wrong, never do it, it’s a big mistake.

If you do so, it goes back to schools, that’s schools way to learn English,

Remember, don’t take tests, they are useless, you need to speak English without thinking, if
you speak wrong, but you should speak, and don’t try to speak when you are completely

You need to listen first, about three months or more, up to two years, and then, only then
you can begin to speak!

Listening is powerful, listen, listen and listen! Don’t stop listening, you will succeed!

It’s the most important rule to speak English! Don’t forget it!

3-How to learn vocabulary.
To speak any language, you need vocabulary. In other words, if you don’t have vocabulary in
you head, you won’t speak!

The more vocabulary you know, you English becomes better, so vocabulary is very

But the problem with old strategies is that you learn vocabulary, you know a lot of words but
you can’t use them!

You can use them in writing, because you have time, but in speaking… no way! You can’t use
them, you can’t remember them!

So your list of vocabulary that you learned with these old methods is useless!

What did you learn these words? To use them of course!

      © B.N. JOHN                     E-mail:
Do you really use them now? Well… not really…

Stop using old methods to learn vocabulary! Stop right now! They are useless!

Your goal is not to learn a lot of vocabulary, but to use what you learn.

Now, I ask you to relax to learn vocabulary because the faster you learn new words, the
faster you forget them!

If you learn a new word everyday and you use it, it’s better than you learn 1000 words every
hour without using them, now you understand what I want to talk about!

Learning vocabulary is an art, take it easy, go slowly and don’t hurry up!

So, how do you learn vocabulary? What is the best method?

You don’t need to go fast, that’s the first rule, and then you should learn vocabulary by
listening more than you learn it by reading.

I didn’t say that with reading you don’t improve your vocabulary, in fact if you know what
you read your vocabulary improves faster and faster!

Then you need a lot of repetition, you should repeat what you learn to put deeper and
deeper into your brain.

You should find new vocabulary in phrases, don’t open a dictionary to learn new words and
don’t find a word list prepared for you to learn vocabulary, that’s useless!

Each time you find a new word; don’t write this single word, but rather the whole phrase.
This helps you memorize the word better and then to use it easier without thinking or trying
to memorize!

The most important rule is already revealed, go slowly and you need more repetition, that’s
the vocabulary’s secret!

Repeat each word you find, repeat what you are listening to, repeat what you’re reading,
repeat everything.

That’s why I don’t ask to watch a movie from TV because in general you can’t repeat, watch
movies from DVDS, listen from MP3 files, find material that you can use as often as you

You should not use material too difficult for you, you should use material where you
understand more than 80%, to learn the 20% remaining.

      © B.N. JOHN                    E-mail:
And once you become more familiar with these materials, change it, find ones that are a
little bit difficult, and than more difficult,

If you use material where you don’t understand 50% it’s too difficult to learn the 50%
remaining, in fact you’ll learn nothing!

Vocabulary is a very important step in your English speaking, so take care of it, learn it slowly
and deeply don’ t go fast, it’s really useless!

The slower you go, the better you learn them, and they go deeper into your brain.

When you would like to find the meaning of a new word, try to find its definition in English;
don’t translate it to your native language, only if you can’t really understand it in English.

But if you learn the new words without definition or translation, it’s better (I mean you
understand the word from the phrase it is in)

So, focus on vocabulary to improve your speaking!

4-I don’t want to make grammar mistakes!
Since the beginning, I told you not to study grammar, what does this mean?

Does it mean that you make grammar mistakes? If you don’t study it, won’t you learn it?

I knew since the beginning that these questions are turning into your head, because as you
know, you’re normal. All the students feel the same things when they face same thing, in
fact that’s why I made this book, because I know all student’s behavior.

I have bad news and good one; let’s begin with the bad one:

If you don’t study grammar, you won’t learn it, and you want speak correctly

What? This is the bad one how about the good news? I would like to know it right now!!

The good news is that is you follow all what I told you and all what I’m going to tell you, you
will learn grammar, you will speak it correctly without studying it, it’s kind of magic!

The most important problem students face is the past tense, they are always getting bored
with it, they can write it correct but they never do well when speaking, for example, they can

write: yesterday, I told you. But they can never say it, when speaking they get confused and
they say: yesterday, I tell you, or even yesterday I telled you! That’s their biggest mistake.

      © B.N. JOHN                    E-mail:
In fact their biggest mistake is going to schools and trying to memorize all the verbs
especially the irregular verbs, and remember, I told you never try to memorize anything; all
is going to come alone without anything of your part!

The most important rule for correct grammar, what is it? I’ve already revealed it; it’s
listening, listening and listening!

Listen all the day, listen to native speakers using the past tense, but don’t think about it,
don’t ever think that you are trying to learn grammar or even vocabulary. That’s why you
need to find something that you love so much, in order to think about the idea, not the
words or phrases!

Another very important rule is being used right now! What is it? It’s deep learning, repetition
and repetition and what is repetition?

I tell you something more than one time, more than five times or even more!

Finding the same words and expressions many times, they will become deeper in your brain

And then you don’t need to think when you need to use them, you brain will use them

In fact, these are the most important rules: listening and repetition!

If you know how to use them, you will become the champion! No one will beat in your
school! You will succeed and you will become a near native speaker just like children!

You need to know which English you should listen to, and how to find repetition and then all
is done, of course with some emotion secrets (don’t think that you’re learning, find
something that you love, don’t be angry when you learn, relax …)

These last words you read are the most important, they are all! If you want to succeed,
believe me that’s the truth and you will not find them anywhere else, that’s the raison you
didn’t succeed before!

You can read this book many times, read it one hundred times if you can (of course you can,
it’s a small book but covers everything you need to succeed)

That’s all in this article, it’s small but really good, enjoy it and enjoy learning English!

Move on to the next one!

5-Having fun and the emotion secret.
I have already talked about this, not in detail but you should have already understood
everything about it!
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One of our goals and of our rules is repetition and deep learning, so we need to repeat as
often as we can, with different phrases but almost with the same words to get more
vocabulary and more grammar deeper into your brain.

If you read this book a lot of times, I think you will finish by having it completely in your
brain, you will be able to read it without looking at it (if you can do it, do it, you won’t regret

As far as I’m concerned, I wrote this book only when I’m feeling good, I never write a word
when I’m angry or sad or having any other bad emotion!

So when YOU read this book, you should read it only when you are feeling good, never read
it when you are sad or angry!

Not only with this book, but with your whole English learning! Try to have a good emotion
when you’re studying English, even if your material is bad (but not very bad) try to see it
good in order to not getting bored, never complain, always be happy!

Maybe you think that emotion has nothing with English learning, you say that there is no
relationship between emotion and English learning but believe me if I tell you, you won’t
believe it!

Emotion is 80% of success, the method is only 20%! Can you believe it?

Of course not! But it’s true!

That’s why I told you to have fun, and that’s why I told you to think that the method is good
even if it’s bad (but not too bad) because the method is only 20%! Emotion is the most

Maybe you used all the previous rules in schools (maybe but I’m sure you didn’t) but you
never thought that emotion is too important, you have never paid attention to it!

In schools, you have always been sitting in a chair for 2 or 3 hours, your mouth closed, and
you eyes are going right and left following your teacher, and your ears are sleeping because
your teacher is just writing in the board!

Did you call this emotion? Of course not! It has nothing in common with emotion, in fact it’s
giving you a bad emotion because it’s making you tired and angry (maybe sad too because
you’re loosing your money)

When you study English, using a good method, always always and always be happy! Try to
have fun, laugh and smile!
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Never complain, never think about the method, never think that you are learning a new
language. Always think that you are having new ideas, think about what you’re learning NOT
how are you learning it!

Have fun, take care of yourself, this is the emotion secret!

Even if the method is bad try to see it good and smile and continue learning.

Be sure that you will succeed, never think you will fail.

Never think about problems, think about solutions.

Be positive, never be a negative person.

If you do all this, believe me your success is not far away!

Go on! Move on! Keep reading and go to the next one!

6-Don’t hurry up! Don’t quit! Relax!
This is very important; it has a relationship with the previous paragraph.

What is this relationship?

If you don’t have a good emotion, you can’t relax and you will try to finish everything at top
speed, so you skip this very important rule! Did you understand?

You can also call this rule “deep learning” because when you relax you will concentrate
yourself on what you are reading, if you don’t understand you repeat…etc

But you do very well if you repeat even if you understand everything because understanding
is not enough,

Of course it’s enough if you want to pass a test (written English) but it’s never enough to use
them when speaking and without thinking!

That’s why I ask you to relax, never hurry up and all is going to be fine!

If you feel good emotionally, I’m sure you can do very well with this rule, enjoy what you are
reading, what you are listening and you will feel relaxed!

This is very important, don’t skip this step!

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7-Real English material.
So, real English material! What is it? Is it important? How much is it important?

That’s what I am going to show you!

Are you feeling good emotionally? Are you relaxed?

Are you convinced that listening is very important?

Do you think deep learning is the best?

Do you believe that studying grammar rules and trying to memorize word lists are useless?

Do you know that schools don’t use the right method?

Do you know that children are the successful category?

Do you know that the only way to succeed is to copy them?

If your answer for all these questions is yes, you can continue, you are positive!

If no stop right here and delete this book from you computer, if you printed it throw it over
the widow! You’re not the kind of people who learn! You are a negative person!

Which material should you use to get all this rules in one?

That’s a good question!

You should use real material!

What is real material?

Real material is the material that Americans use everyday, it’s their everyday conversations;
it has nothing in common with textbook English!

But you do have a problem with this material, a problem that slows you a lot!

What is this problem?

This problem is that you don’t understand this real material!

Can you solve this problem?

Of course, everything can be solved in this book!

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If you don’t understand the real material, you can use real material that you understand, it’s
very important, you should use understandable English.

You should use understandable English that is real material!

Where can you find this?

You can find this at the same place American children find it!

I know you still don’t understand, but be sure that you will understand everything!

Think about American children, how do they learn to speak English?

In fact, they learn from their parents.

But… their parents speak fast and they are not understandable! It’s really confusing, right?

Of course their parents speak faster and faster, but when they talk to them, they talk very

When they grow a little bit, their parents start to talk to them a little bit faster up to the
point they become adults!

So, you should find real material where they talk slowly, once you can understand
everything you can change it until you become a near native speaker and that’s your goal!

Don’t try to listen to difficult English at the beginning (this is the same idea of taking tests)

Watch the same things that children watch (you know what) notice that they speak very
slowly, and once you understand everything you have to change the speed to another one a
little bit faster!

But you should be very strong emotionally to watch what children watch, it’s really boring!

Don’t be negative, we all know that it’s boring, but you should learn to love them in order to
succeed! That’s the only way and the right one!

If you don’t want to watch (it’s the best) or if you watch and you want another thing, read
the next paragraph!

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             Chapter IV: spelling and more vocabulary

The power of reading novels:
This is just a bonus, but it’s very important if you get bored with children, and if you want to
improve even more to be the best in your country, this is also very good to people who want
to improve their writing skills (those who study at schools).

Reading novels

It’s the best way to improve your writing skills, I mean you spelling and techniques used to
be such a writer!

You can also have a large vocabulary if you read novels and you improve your grammar

Which is more surprising, you use emotion secrets when you read them! Because you chose
novels that you like, that you enjoy so much, and or course, each time you would like to
know what’s going to happen next, you’ll be in the novel as if you are one of its character,
you will never think about grammar rules or vocabulary but you improve faster too!

Another thing is that you use deep learning, because you find a word more than 20 times
which helps you understand it without using a dictionary!

They are very powerful, you should use them if you want to succeed, it’s true that listening is
very good, but reading novels is also great!

To finding listening material is a little bit difficult, but to find novels you can do it in a jiffy!

The first thing you may think about when you chose a novel:

You should see if it’s difficult or not, that’s why I recommend children novels

Then you should chose a novel that you like, that you enjoy and that’s all, you will enter in
the novel and never get out up to the point you become a near native speaker.

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Now, we finished our little book, it’s a small one but it’s really interesting, you may see
improvements right now. If your still reading right now, that means that you find it good.

To get more improvements, you should read this book more than one time, it’s really great,
just be good and strong emotionally, and be positive than you should read it again and

Another way to improve is to go to my blog and you will
find more than one article ready for you to read them and to improve your English.

If you face a problem you can contact me but I recommend that you
ask your questions in the blog (comments) because other students like to read comments
and they find their questions asked yet, so they won’t ask them again!

I know you are very positive but schools didn’t let you improve, just forget about them you
can do it yourself, this book is your friend!

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret: Every one or two months (maybe less) I write an e-book
and I give it for free to all the students who want to speak English. It’s a gift for you!

My goal is to teach all the students who want to speak English but they didn’t find the right

If you found this e-book good for beginning, you can give it to as many people as you want.
Try to be helpful like me. I’m helping you and you are helping other students. That’s life!

The title of the next E-book is: Speak English in less than 6 months.
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