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									Men in Nursing

         N. O. M. A. N.
                 Not Only Male, A Nurse

         Kenneth W. Dion, RN, MSN, MBA, Ph.D (c)
          Founder and CEO Decision Critical, Inc
            Image of Nursing
       Positive              Not so Positive
Viewed by public as the Nursing is a woman’s
most honored profession profession
                        Women are the more
                        caring sex
                        Nursing is about
                        bedpans and baths
                        Nurses are underpaid
                        We need men in Nursing
                        to have credibility
Misconceptions of Nursing by Men
      Who Might Make Good
   Nursing is a woman’s job
   Real men don’t show caring emotions
   All men in nursing lead an alternative
   There is no opportunity for advancement
   Nursing schools are places to meet
   women ☺
Why Should Men Consider Nursing
 Job security
 Financial security
 Change jobs without changing career
 Advancement opportunities
 Mentoring opportunities
 The opportunity to make a difference
 No suits – you can where your pajamas to
 work ☺
Where Will We Find Future Nurses

 High school career fairs
 In Pre-Med programs
 In the military
 In public safety
 In factories
     Great Men In Nursing

Luther Christman
Robert Piemonte
William Bester
Gaylord Flocker ☺

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