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									2008 Future Leaders
An MBA Program
                 Defining the future of the real estate finance
                 industry through leadership.

                                            BA’s Future Leaders Program is an executive leadership development
                                            program that delivers a comprehensive curriculum for selected middle
                                            and senior level executives who have shown leadership interests and
                                            abilities. Participants enhance their skills through three hands-on
                 sessions geared toward political activism; business analysis and problem solving; and
                 experiential learning through collaboration, networking and peer group interaction.

                 Now in its 12th year, MBA’s Future Leaders Program             MBA is now accepting applications for participation
                 has evolved into a highly recognized program that              in the Future Leaders Program Class of 2008. This
                 enhances executive skills and provides an opportu-             class will join a nationwide network of more than
                 nity for participants to develop relationships that            400 industry professionals dedicated to the future
                 last an entire career.                                         of the real estate finance industry.

SPring SeSSion:                                  SuMMer SeSSion:                               FALL SeSSion:
leadership development and                       economic development                          Project Presentations and
the federal legislative Process                                                                Graduation ceremony
                                                 •	MBA	works	closely	with	a	city	to	
(Held in conjunction with MBA’s
                                                   identify particular needs that can          •	The	final	session	occurs	each	year	
National Policy Conference)
                                                   be addressed by the Future Leaders            during	MBA’s	Annual	Convention.		
•	 Gain	a	greater	understanding	of                 group. Past cities have included
   the characteristics of leadership.              Detroit,	Seattle,	Miami,	Oakland	and	       •	During	a	special	session,	class	
                                                   San	Juan.                                     members present their projects to
•	 Participate	in	MBA’s	National	Policy	                                                         the selected judges.
   Conference and learn about the                •	Participants	have	a	chance	to	use	
   federal legislative and regulatory              their	leadership	skills	and	industry	       •	Participants	also	have	a	chance	to	
   processes and the important issues              experience by focusing on a unique            experience	all	that	the	MBA	Annual	
   facing the real estate finance                  economic development project.                 Convention has to offer: general
   industry.                                                                                     sessions,	workshops,	networking	
                                                 •	Working	in	teams,	participants	               events and the exhibit hall.
•	 Receive	an	introduction	to	lobbying	            develop a holistic case study
   and gain an understanding of its                centered on community economic
   importance to the legislative process.          initiatives and their impact
                                                   on housing and commercial                   Since the Future Leaders program has
•	 Join	other	MBA	members	and	meet	                development.                                three sessions that are interrelated, and
   with elected representatives in                                                             each is an integral component of the
   Congress during the national Policy           •	Team	members	work	together	after	           curriculum, participants should commit
   Conference’s	Annual	Lobby	Day.                  the summer event to put together a          to attend each session. Class members
                                                   project that is judged by individuals       also participate in conference calls
                                                   familiar with its objectives.               related to group projects.
2008 Future Leaders Program Application
Please photocopy for additional forms.
Please add additional information on a separate sheet of paper, if necessary.
The application deadline for the class of 2008 is January 15, 2008.

SECTION 1: Personal information

mr./ms.                           First name                                   mi                            Last name


Company name

Company address                                   City                                          State                     Zip

Company phone                                                                  Fax

E-mail address (please provide to receive confirmations via e-mail)

Home address                                      City                                          State                     Zip

Home phone

SECTION II: Work	Experience

Total	years	full	time	real	estate	finance	experience	                                           Total	years	with	current	employer	

Briefly	describe	your	current	job	duties

(Use additional page if necessary. attach copy of resume or additional information.)

SECTION III: Education

College/University attended

Degree                                            advanced degree or studies


SECTION IV: Questions
On a separate sheet of paper, please answer the following questions (no more than 200 words per question).
1. Please describe why you want to be part of the Future Leaders Program.
2. What do you feel is your most significant business accomplishment?
3. Please describe an accomplishment, accolade or achievement in any extracurricular activity of which you
   are	most	proud	(e.g.	community	activity,	state	and	local	MBA,	and	so	on).
                                                                                                                                     (continued on back)
2008 Future Leaders Program Application                                         (continued)

SECTION V: President/CEO Recommendation
Why does this applicant deserve a position in the Future Leaders Program?

(Please type or print. Use additional page if necessary.)

CEO signature                                                          Print name

Applicant signature                                                    Date

Please return to:
Leah Logan                                                                  The application deadline for the Class of 2008 is
Senior Director, Membership                                                 January 15, 2008.
Mortgage Bankers Association
1919 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 557-2752
                                                                       2008 Future Leaders
Fax: (202) 721-0246
                                                                       An MBA Program
E-mail: llogan@mortgagebankers.org

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