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Request for Mortgage Discharge Form Please send me a by mcy15867


									                                   Request for Mortgage Discharge Form
                                           Please send me a Citibank Mortgage discharge form

                           Details (Please complete):
                            Is this a full or partial discharge? (Please tick)
                                   Full        Partial

                            Type of Security to be discharged? (Please tick)
                                    Residential           Commercial

                            Why do you want to discharge? (Please tick)
                                   Refinance Loan            Account Repaid          Sale of Property          Other

                           Mortgage Account Number(s)

                           Borrower Name(s)

                           Telephone Numbers


                                                                   Number          Street Name
                           Mailing Address

                                                                       Suburb                           City

                                                                       State     Post Code

                                                         Please fax this completed request to:
                                                         Mortgages Customer Relationship Team
                                                                   Citibank, Sydney
                                                               Fax No. (02) 8225 5099

                       On receipt of this form, we will post to you the Discharge Form for you to complete or we will
                                                      telephone you to confirm details.
                             On return of the completed Discharge Form, the discharge process commences.

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AFSL 238098

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