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Why Save Water?                                                                              The Basics
In Georgia, the average person uses 100 gallons of                                           When: October 2-5, 2008
water every day, and, on average, 70 percent of that
water is used indoors. Additionally, the combination of                                      What: WaterSense labeled products will be exempt
recent droughts and increased demand has strained our                                        from the Georgia state sales tax.
resources. But we can all reduce our water use by as
much as 30 percent by taking a few simple steps, such                                        To find a list of WaterSense labeled products, visit
as installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that have
earned the WaterSense label. Best of all, the Peach                                          To find a list of retailers and distributors selling
State is making it even easier for you to do so.                                             WaterSense labeled products, visit [placeholder].

From October 2-5, 2008, Georgians can purchase                                               Who: The sales tax exemption is intended only for
WaterSense labeled products without paying sales tax.                                        individuals for noncommercial home or personal
Whether you buy in store or online (as long as the                                           use.
delivery address is within the state), you can be more
water-efficient without having to pay more than the
sticker price.                                                                      Why Should You Care?
If just one out of every four households in Georgia would                            Using water efficiently will help conserve supplies for
retrofit their bathrooms with WaterSense labeled                                    future generations.
bathroom fixtures, it could save nearly 10 billion gallons                           Protecting and preserving the state’s water supply is
per year—enough for every Georgian to take a shower                                 critical to our economic future and human health.
daily for about two months.                                                          Purchasing WaterSense labeled products will help
                                                                                    you protect the environment, as well as save on your
What Are WaterSense Labeled Products?                                               utility bills.
WaterSense is a national program sponsored by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that                                     Visit the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s
makes it easy to find water-efficient products. Toilets,                            Web site at <URL> for more information about the sales
faucets, and other products that are independently                                  tax holiday. Visit the WaterSense Web site at
certified to meet U.S. EPA criteria for water efficiency                            <> for more information about
and performance can earn the WaterSense label.                                      the program and how it’s making it easy for Americans to
                                                                                    save water.
You can find the WaterSense label on many different
models of toilets and faucets—check with your favorite                              [Insert utility Web site and contact information here].
store to find out what it has in stock.

Whether remodeling a bathroom, starting construction of
a new home, or simply replacing older fixtures that
waste money and water, installing a WaterSense
labeled toilet or bathroom sink faucet is a high-
performance, water-efficient option worth considering.

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