Individual Tax Return Checklist by hmq11544


									Individual Tax Return Checklist
When you come in to see us at tax-time, please bring the following items to assist us in
completing your tax return quickly.

Investment related deductions                         Income earned statements
     Interest / fees on borrowing for investment         Foreign sourced income
      purposes (bring statements)                         Partnership distribution
      Asset purchase / sale agreements                    Rental Income
                                                          Deductible amount for pensions/annuities
Employment income deductions                              Payment summaries
    Schedule of work related expenses from ATO i.e.       Capital Gains Tax statements (details of any
    tools, income protection insurance                    assets sold)
    Receipts or evidence of work related deductions       Lump sum payments eg Eligible Termination
    eg car/travel/laundry/meals                           Payment statements
    Union fees                                            Social security, pensions, allowance statements
                                                          Trust distribution statements
Offsets                                                   Tax statements from Fund managers
    Dependants – name, DOB, and legal                     Bank statements - showing interest and fees
    responsibilities                                      Share dividend statements
    Child care statements and governments (Child          Contract notes for buy/sell transactions
    Care Benefits letter)                                 Tax statements from stockbrokers
    Zone – if living in a remote area                     Income stream statements
    Sole parent/spouse/housekeeper/low                    Life insurance Bonus Policy statements
    income/aged persons
    Spouse contributions to superannuation            Other deductions
    Superannuation pension rebates                        Tax Agent Fees
    Private health insurance statement                    Superannuation if self employed
    Medical receipts (if spent more than $1,500)          Receipts of gifts/donations to charity
    Imputation credit information from dividend           Receipts of self education expenses eg books,
    Statements                                            computer costs, car expenses
                                                          Financing lease statements
Investment property                                       Income Protection premiums (bring statements)
    Water charges
    Bank fees                                         Other useful information
    Details of when property was rented, including        Credit card statement
    any rental or Agents statements                       Bank statements (with account name and number,
    Date when property was purchased                      BSB number)
    Capital costs                                         Cheque butts
    Interest on loans                                     Loan statements
    Advertising fees                                      Previous year’s accountant’s fees
    Agent fees                                            Last year’s tax return
    Body corporate fees                                   Prior year tax losses
    Borrowing expenses                                    Any tax credit vouchers
    Cleaning and general maintenance expenses
    Council rates                                     Dependants Details
    Gardening/lawn mowing fees                            Baby Bonus – Name, DOB, if you had or gained
    Insurance premiums paid                               legal responsibility of a child under five (after 30
    Land tax details                                     June 2001)
                                                          Amount of Family Tax Benefit received fortnightly

                                                      New clients
                                                          Last year’s Income Tax Assessment
                                                          PAYG Instalments paid

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