Sample Letter Language for Legislators on the Budget and by tdu16298


									Sample Letter Language for Legislators on the Budget and Tax package

The address for all legislators at the State Capitol is:
(Legislator's Name)
Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

The Honorable (Legislators First and Last Name)
Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

Dear Representative,

As an advocate interested in ending homelessness, I want to thank you for holding the
Housing and Homelessness line Item in the Department of Social Services budget
harmless. It is critical to protect the services provided by the states emergency shelters
as more of our residents become displaced through the housing crisis. I realize that
making these decisions can be difficult, especially now that so many residents are
struggling economically.

However, we must acknowledge that it is more cost effective, safe, and healthy to keep
families and individuals in their housing and prevent homelessness before it occurs.
Cuts to basic programs and services that prevent homelessness and create housing will
be detrimental to all of Connecticut's citizens. Please continue to support rapid re-
housing and prevention policies that are cost-neutral and take full advantage of the
economic stimulus dollars.

Finally, please support the balanced tax package proposed by the Finance Committee to
address Connecticut's revenue crisis with sustainable solutions. This package is a long-
term correction that will allow each of us to invest appropriately in services from which
we all benefit and bolster the structural integrity of our state.

Thank you for taking on this difficult task; as a concerned constituent I look for your
leadership in supporting these points.


Street Address
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