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					Virgil Killebrew
“See What I’m Saying”®™

© 2.20.2009 Virgil L Killebrew All Rights Reserved / Graphic: WordArt by veeveegee

Description: Tired of those same tired designs that everyone else is wearing? Good! It's time to 'step up yourfashion game!' Get into veevetee-s. Check out any of the fashion statements on this page for inspiration, then order your veeveetee-shirt for only 12.50ea plush shipping. Sizes available are S M L XL XXL (add $1 extra for XL and XXL sizes) Send Payment by Check or Money order only, to: VirgilArt Verbal Graphics c/o Virgil Killebrew 2715 W Harrison Street Chicago, 60612 312.618.6038 Allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery