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									Alabama State University
   Capabilities Report

               Joe A. Lee, President
            Alabama State University
          William Brock, Vice President
      Planning & Institutional Advancement
 Alabama State University began in 1867 as
 Lincoln Normal School, a private school for
 Negroes located in Marion, AL. In 1878,
 William Burns Paterson was named
 President. President Paterson is revered a
 “founder” of Alabama State University.
 Today, ASU has nine major units:
 University College, College of Arts and
 Sciences, College of Health Sciences,
 College of Business Administration,
 College of Education, the School of Music,
 the School of Graduate Studies, Continuing
 Education and the Division of Aerospace
 Studies. The university has conferred
 some 98 associates degrees, 27,080
 baccalaureate degrees and 7,973 graduate
 degrees through 2002.
Colleges of Arts and
    To offer services to outside
      businesses, agencies,
   companies and other entities.
Department of Social Work
    Child Welfare
    Social Welfare Policies and Services,
     particularly, Social Security, Child Abuse
    Mental Health
    Developing Social Policies
    HIV/AIDS in the African American
    Community Development
    Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    Case Management
    Counseling Adolescents
    Youth Violence
    Foster Parent Training
    Counseling serious juvenile offenders
History and Political Science

   Local and State Politics
   Foreign Affairs, International
    Relations, Middle Eastern
   African Culture and Politics
   Computer Technology,
    European History
   African-American History and
Department of Mathematics
and Computer Science
   Symbolic Dynamics, Combinatorics,
    Mathematical Social Science including
    Economics and Game Theory
   Super Computer Technology for
    Optimization, Parallelism, Rectorzation
   Thermal Stress Analysis
   Pattern Recognition, Motion Control
   Statistical Modeling, Distance Learning and
    Education Technology
   Telecommunications, Distributed Computer
    Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Optical
    Network Technologies, Web Database
   Fuzzy Logic and Statistics, Linear, Non-
    Linear and Network Optimization, General
   Multimedia Computer-Assisted Instruction
Department of Languages and
   Expertise in 19th Century
    American Literature
   Theories of Travel
   Expertise in Writing and Editing
   India, Indian Literature and
    Global Issues in General
   Mental Health Agencies,
    Hospitals Workshops
Department of Visual Arts and
   Offer expertise in judging visual art
    exhibitions, consulting with museums
    and galleries on show and proper
   Provide workshops, lectures and
    consultations to government,
    universities and private businesses
   Conduct summer programs for
    children involving theatrical
    productions and special
    performances for students
Department of Biological Sciences
   Faculty members advise and judge
    science fairs to provide workshop
   Faculty members include specialists
    in immunology, environmental
    microbiology and toxicology,
    genetics, physiology, molecular
    biology and cell biology
   The Biomedical Research Program -
    involved with the Montgomery
    School System for training of
    students in local schools, and
    summer training and research
Department of Physical
   Faculty members advise and judge science
    fairs, and provide workshop assistance
   Consultants to local science teachers
   Assists in scientific information in the areas
    of chemistry and physics
   Specialties of faculty members - organic
    chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical
    chemistry, biochemistry and nuclear
   The Alabama Science in Motion program -
    provide training for secondary school
    chemistry and physics teachers
Department of
   Qualitative and quantitative social
    research analysis
   Media Campaign Analysis
   Opinion Polling and Analysis
   Media Performance Analysis/Critique
   Public Relations Campaign
   Speechwriting and Copywriting
   Newspaper Journalism and copy
Disadvantaged Business
    Enterprise (DBE)
         To provide technical and
        management assistance to
     disadvantaged/women business
   owners interested in doing business
     with the Alabama Department of
Contract Opportunities

   Monitors procurement
    opportunities through ADOT,
    state and federal agencies
   Bid tracking systems identify
    contractual opportunities
   One-on-one counseling
DBE/WBE Certification

   Business owners are eligible to
    participate in contract
    opportunities allocated for
    minority and women-owned
   Counselors assist with ADOT
    certification on highway, road
    construction and other
    contractual opportunities
Services and Service Areas
   Material Take-Off
   Financing
   Metric Assistance
   Construction Scheduling
   Marketing to Prime Contractors
   Plan Reading
   Project Management
   Cash Flow Analysis
   Bonding
   Contract Law and Negotiations
   Personnel Planning
   Project Estimation
   Bid Preparation
Internet Assistance

   Counseling sessions and
   Contractual and marketing
    opportunities via the Internet
  Small Business
Development Center
   To provide high quality business and
   economic development assistance to
  small businesses and prospective small
  businesses in order to promote growth,
     expansion, innovation, increased
       productivity and management
SBDC Program Organization

   Small Business Tax Workshops
   Pre-Business Workshops for
   General Business Training
   Basics of Procurement
   Women in Business Networking
   Central Alabama Procurement
Business & Technology

   To provide businesses, government,
       educational institutional and
   individuals with technological tools
     to manage effectively in the 21st
Program Operation

   Software Training
   Computer-Aided Telephone
   Technology Outreach
   Videoconferencing
Center for Leadership and
      Public Policy
            To improve the overall
    socioeconomic status of the citizens
        of Alabama and its neighbors
     through leadership in public policy,
      by promoting greater cooperation
       and enhancing communication
         between academia and the
Client List
   Alabama Administrative Office of
   Alabama Department of Public
    Health HIV/AIDS Division
   Alabama Department of Public
    Health – Bureau of Family Health
    Services Division
   Alabama Development Office
   Autauga County Commission
   Federal Highway Administration
   Montgomery County Commission
   Montgomery County School Board
   Re-Apportionment Group
College of Health Sciences

   Health Information Management
   Occupational Therapy
   Physical Therapy
    First professional degree
    (Masters – waiting approval for
    the Clinical Doctorate)
   Related activities and programs
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