Lincoln County Sheriff's Officers and Lincolnton Police Rounding Up by xxn54466


									Lincoln County Sheriff’s Officers and Lincolnton Police Rounding Up Drug Dealers
                          in Operation Repeat Offender

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of these suspects should contact Crime
Stoppers at 704-736-8909. The caller may be entitled to a cash reward if the information
leads to an arrest.

Lincolnton Police patrol officers and investigators, Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies and
investigators and the SBI made the arrests.

Any questions concerning Operation Repeat Offender should be directed to Lincoln
County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Toby Szykula at 704-736-8422, Lincolnton Police Lt. Brian
Green at 704-736-8900 or LPD investigator Dennis Harris at 704-736-8422.

Dustin A.Bowen       James Littlejohn    Shannon Rudisill          Sandra Rudisill

Teresa K Bivens     Melvin D. Jefferies Christopher D. Rudisill Jeremy D. Link

Crystal L Elgin    Paul R. Walton       Reginald B. Wingate       Nancy M. Barnette

Harry B Hollis    Walter R Beam       Cliffard D Robinson      Melinda Kate Greenway
Sandy A Seagle Roger E Gantt   Jennifer Marie Sronce Michael Todd Wilson

Justin D Sain

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