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Young Men              Men are              Champions              Great women                                           Youth are             Baby naming
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Trust through friendship. Peace through trust.

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SGI-UK online news bulletin                            Issue No8 16.09.2009                                                                    www.sgi-uk.info

President Ikeda issues
anti-nuclear proposal
SGI President Ikeda released an                                                                                          Josei Toda, issued a historic call for
anti-nuclear proposal entitled                                                                                           the abolition of nuclear weapons. His
‘Building Global Solidarity Toward                                                                                       speech, which denounced nuclear
Nuclear Abolition’ on September                                                                                          weapons as an absolute evil, contains
8 in commemoration of the 52nd                                                                                           three themes of particular relevance
anniversary of second President                                                                                          for today: the need for a transformation
Josei Toda’s declaration against the                                                                                     in the consciousness of political
use of nuclear weapons.                                                                                                  leaders; the need for a clearly shared
    President Ikeda says: “If nuclear                                                                                    vision toward the outlawing of nuclear
weapons epitomise the forces that                                                                                        weapons; and the need to establish
would divide and destroy the world,                                                                                      ‘human security’ on a global scale.
they can only be overcome by the                                                                                             “I believe it is possible to lay the
                                                                                      Picture courtesy of Seikyo Press

solidarity of ordinary citizens, which                                                                                   foundations for a world without nuclear
transforms hope into the energy to                                                                                       weapons during the next five years, and
create a new era.                                                                                                        to this end would suggest a five-part
     “Even though the threat of global                                                                                   plan. I call on:
nuclear war has diminished since the                                                                                     1. The five declared nuclear-weapon
end of the Cold War, the number of                                                                                       states to announce their commitment
states with nuclear arms has nearly                                                                                      to a shared vision of a world without
doubled since the Nuclear Non-                                                                                           nuclear weapons at next year’s NPT
Proliferation Treaty (NPT) entered                                                                                       Review Conference and to promptly
into force in 1970. There are still some    themselves these questions:                                                  initiate concrete steps toward its
25,000 nuclear warheads in existence        Are nuclear weapons really necessary?                                        achievement.
in the world. At the same time, there       Why do we need to keep them?                                                 2. The United Nations to establish a
is rising fear that the spread of nuclear                                                                                panel of experts on nuclear abolition,
                                            What justifies our own stockpiles of
weapons technologies and materials                                                                                       strengthening collaborative relations
                                            nuclear weapons when we make an issue
through the black market will unleash                                                                                    with civil society regarding the
                                            out of other states’ possession of them?
the nightmare of nuclear terrorism.                                                                                      disarmament process.
I would like to urge the leaders of         Does humanity really have no choice
                                            but to live under the threat of nuclear                                      3. The states party to the NPT to
all states that either possess nuclear
                                            weapons?”                                                                    strengthen nonproliferation mechanisms
weapons themselves or whose
                                                                                                                         and remove obstacles to the elimination
national security is reliant on the           President Ikeda adds: “In 1957, my
nuclear weapons of other states to ask      mentor, second Soka Gakkai president                                                             turn to page 2
SGI-UK online news bulletin                                                        Issue No8 16.09.2009                 Page 2

Calling all young men!
On October 24 a historic
YMD General Meeting
will be held in London
at Friends House,
Euston, writes Manuel
Fernandez, SGI-UK YMD
    Our aim is to gather
together 1,000 young
men dedicated to kosen-
rufu, with a shared
determination to respond
to Sensei by standing up
with the heart of a lion
king in daily life, in our
districts and in society.
    Our vision is that this
great meeting and our
preparations toward it
will serve as a powerful
catalyst to increase the
momentum of all our
efforts to expand our
circles of friendship in our   The young men of London General Area                  Youth Division is based on two ingredients:
districts and discussion       gathered at Taplow Court for their Summer             the Oneness of Mentor and Disciple and the
meetings toward our goal       Course, writes Matthew Dearlove. ‘100 per             Spirit of Many in Body, One in Mind. Manuel
of welcoming one new           cent victory for each young man and for               Fernandez encouraged us to infuse the
YMD member in each             each district’ was the theme and the day              weeks leading up to the historic SGI-UK YMD
district across SGI-UK this    was crammed with many inspiring words                 General Meeting on October 24 with joy and
year.                          and experiences. SGI-UK General Director              passion. This was powerfully backed up by the
    The meeting will be        Robert Samuels stressed that the key to our           determination that “if our heart is sincere,
held at Friends House,         success and unprecedented growth in the               that day will change our life”.
173 Euston Road, London                                     be attending this meeting
                               to attend the meeting. The
NW1 2BJ from 2.30 to
4.30pm (doors open at
                               meeting is also open to      to kindly visit and register    Anti-nuclear proposal
                               guests but ideally not as    on the website as soon
2pm).                                                       as possible (You can also       from page 1
                               their first encounter with
    It will consist of         Buddhism.                    ask your HQ leader to           of nuclear weapons by the year 2015.
inspiration and direction,                                  register your name for you      4. All states actively to cooperate to
                                   We would encourage
great experiences of                                        if you don’t have internet      reduce the role of nuclear weapons in
                               that any guest be
actual proof and a                                          access).                        national security and to advance on a
                               introduced to SGI and
culture festival. It will                                       There you will find         global scale toward the establishment
                               Sensei at local discussion
be a powerful and joyful                                    inspiration from Sensei’s       of security arrangements that are not
                               meetings before the
expression of victory                                       recent guidance and             dependent on nuclear weapons by the
                               General Meeting. There
through all our efforts                                     you can also read (and          year 2015.
                               are various opportunities
towards that day.                                           contribute) experiences
                               to contribute toward the                                     5. The world’s people to clearly
    Every YMD member           meeting and the culture      of challenging toward the       manifest their will for the outlawing of
and naitoku in the             festival so please contact   meeting, including reports      nuclear weapons and to establish, by the
Youth Division, Student        your local YMD HQ or         of local district discussion    year 2015, the international norm that
Division and Future            area leader for details.     meetings.                       will serve as the foundation for a Nuclear
Group is warmly invited        We will be launching a            Let’s each of us           Weapons Convention.”
to attend and, if they         website with information     summon up the heart of a
have not already, they                                                                      A summary of the proposal will appear
                               and inspiration for the      lion king and win in daily
should be receiving an                                                                      in the November issue of the Art of
                               General Meeting – www.       life, in our districts and in
invitation from a local                                                                     Living and the full proposal and a
                               sgi-uk.info/ymgm             society!
leader, although it is not                                                                  press release are available at the SGI-
                                  We would like to ask         We look forward to           UK website at
necessary to have a ticket
                               each young man who will      seeing you on October 24!       http://www.sgi-uk.org/index.php/sgi-uk
                            SGI-UK online news bulletin                                                Issue No8 16.09.2009              Page 3

                            Summer Course round-up

                                                                                                                                                         Picture: Thomas Haigh
Picture: Muriel Gallan

                            38 Women’s Division members of Mid Wales and the Marches       150 members of Central England Youth Division held their
                            HQ gathered at Buckatree Hall in Shropshire in a spirit of     course at Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicester with the theme
                            togetherness and joy to build on relationships and forge       ‘Be Invincible in Spirit’, writes Elizabeth Ingrams. The
                            new ones, writes Muriel Gallan. There was a delightfully       course involved a rich mix of lectures, entertainments and
                            stimulating air of creativity with Gillian Gregory leading a   experiences. General Director Robert Samels said: ‘Faith
                            fun-packed dance workshop and Zoe Glynn displaying her         is knowing your prayer will be answered,’ and several
                            superb painting ‘Rosa’ designed especially for the course.     members gave experiences showing actual proof of this.
Picture: Sarah O’Toole

                                                                                                                                                             Picture: Justin Thomas
                            More than 150 women – including 20 attending for the first
                            time – gathered at London Metropolitan University for the
                            North London Area course, writes Mandy Hawting. There
                            was a great atmosphere and lots of singing. The theme – The
                            Victory of the Women’s Division is the Victory of Kosen-rufu   95 men from West London Area spent two days at Brunel
                            – was exemplified through moving and heartfelt experiences     University challenging themselves to make real the spirit
                            ranging from gratitude for being a teacher to how a member     of many in body, one in mind, writes Peter Kendall. We
                            was able to influence a borough’s decision-making process      heard how that and the spirit of the oneness of mentor and
                            connected with issues on a housing estate.                     disciple are like the two wheels of a cart.
Picture: Duncan Harrrison

                            46 young men from South of England Area gathered at
                            Cholderton Youth Hostel in Wiltshire, writes Rupesh
                            Shanmugam. Being new to the practice, this was my first
                            Summer Course and I didn’t know what to expect. But after      54 men attended the Central London Area Men’s Division
                            an hour of daimoku my worries were transformed into a          course held at the London Ikeda Peace Centre with the
                            positive seeking spirit. A nature walk was cut short as the    theme ‘Take the Lead and Win with the Spirit of Sensei’,
                            skies opened up, but it failed to demoralise the young men     writes Harjiv Sawhney. We broke into small groups to
                            who sang Gakkai songs! Later, a bonfire was lit to help us     discuss the themes ‘For a member of the Men’s Division, his
                            warm ourselves and also act as the stage for visiting Men’s    greatest source of pride is the number of victories he has
                            Division leaders to share their experiences. I truly believe   achieved through faith’ and ‘The Treasures of the heart are
                            that the Youth Division are the ‘Champions of the World’.      most important of all’. Simply awesome!
                                  SGI-UK online news bulletin                                                   Issue No8 16.09.2009                 Page 4

                                  More Summer Course pictures...                                                        World News
                                                                                                                        Hachioji, Japan: Korea’s Hongik
                                                                                                                        University presented President Ikeda
                                                                                                                        with an honorary doctorate of literature
                                                                                                                        in recognition of his contribution to
                                                                                                                        Korea-Japan friendship. The conferral of
                                                                                                                        his 259th academic honour took place at
Picture: Patricia Levey-Bennett

                                                                                                                        Soka University on September 4.
                                                                                                                        New Jersey, USA: President Ikeda, as
                                                                                                                        founder of the Toda Institute for Global
                                                                                                                        Peace and Policy Research, contributed
                                                                                                                        the foreword to The Challenge of
                                                                                                                        Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, a new
                                                                                                                        book by David Krieger, president of the
                                                                                                                        Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.
                                  More than 100 women gathered at Trafford Hall near Chester for the Northern           Las Vegas, USA: The city presented
                                  Area course, writes Wot Blowers. Right from the start the spirit of good humour,      President Ikeda and Mrs Kaneko
                                  co-operation, hope, joy, confidence and dedication to kosen-rufu was evident.         Ikeda with the Key to the City and
                                  Experiences as far-ranging as issues at work, mentor-disciple, childhood trauma       proclaimed August 24 Soka Gakkai
                                  and mental illness were living proof of victory in everyday life, while lively        International Day, in recognition of their
                                  discussion meetings strengthened friendships.                                         contributions to intercultural dialogue
                                                                                                                        and understanding.
                                                                                                                        Askov, Denmark: The Ikeda Lake
                                                                                                                        Festival was held on August 22. Some
                                                                                                                        450 people attended, including members
Picture: Helen Ingham

                                                                                                                        of the local community and SGI, as well
                                                                                                                        as students of Askov High School.

                                                                                                                                                                            A Buddhist magazine
                                                                                                                                                                            September 2009
                                                                                                                                                                            Price £3
                                                                                                                                                                            Issue no. 99

                                                                                                                        Art of Living –
                                  92 Women’s Division members from Central England South East Region came
                                  together at Marks Tey, Colchester, writes Vicki Culverwell. We left ladened
                                                                                                                        Essentials for
                                  with goodies; hand-made keys; real sunflowers, bought for us by Julie Wilson;         Happiness
                                  ‘Guidelines to Victory’ from Kimie Koyanagi to put on our altars and…full hearts,                                  Essentials for happiness

                                  knowing we had the ability to “pierce the universe with our daimoku”.                 It was in the month of September, in
                                                                                                                        1957, that second president Josei Toda

                                                      Baby-naming ceremony                                              issued his historic declaration against
                                                                                                                        nuclear weapons and the devilish
                                                                                                                        tendency which justifies the taking
                                                      An SGI-UK member and
                                                                                                                        of life. In 1982, September 21 was
                                                      her Maori husband held a
                                                                                                                        established by the United Nations as
                                                      baby-naming ceremony at
                                                                                                                        International Day of Peace
                                                      the grandparents’ house in
                                                      Bournemouth, writes Anne                                              Essentials for Happiness is the theme
                                                      Flude.                                                            for this month’s Art of Living which
                                                                                                                        looks at the key ingredients for the
                                                          The parents, Lyana and
                                                                                                                        happiness of individuals and humanity as
                                                      Jerry Nepia, came from
                                                                                                                        a whole to identify how a peaceful world
                                                      London. They wanted part of
                                                                                                                        can truly be established.
                                                      the ceremony to be Buddhist,
                                                      so at the beginning four local                                        The ‘ingredients’ are explored
                                                      ladies from Bournemouth                                           through President Ikeda’s guidance and
                                                                                       encouraging the parents to       study lectures, features and Q&A on the
                                                      and Poole districts joined the   “work together like the sun
                                                      mother for gongyo and a few                                       subject of The Gohonzon and, as always,
                                                                                       and moon, a pair of eyes,        great experiences.
                                                      minutes daimoku.                 or the two wings of a bird”.
                                  A Dedicated             This all took place in       It was a beautiful, heartfelt,
                                  Dynamo Training     the back garden, in glorious     loving and moving ceremony,
                                  Day will be held    sunshine, watched and listened with the parents making                Can you help once a month or at a
                                  at Taplow Court     to intently by around 40 seated vows to their adorable,           moment’s notice to serve lunch in the
                                  on Saturday         guests. The ceremony was         beaming little girl, Kiriana.    canteen at weekends at SGI-UK National
                                  September 19        in English and Maori, and        Several people asked about       Centre, Taplow Court? If so please call
                                  from 1-4pm in       several quotes from Nichiren’s the practice and took away         Annemarie Smith on 01189455412 for
                                  the Ikeda New       writings were read out, relating cards, leaflets and copies of    more details or email annemarie28@
                                  Century Hall.       to a fortune baby, faith, and    the Art of Living.               hotmail.com with all your details.

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