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					                                                     BLT 3/2
                                                  BETIO BULLETIN
             Volume 11, Issue 10                                                                        September 2009
A Message from the BLT Commanding Officer                                                             Inside this Issue
Betio Families and Friends,
                                                                                           Title                              Page
         Hello from the USS Bataan! Yesterday, the Marines and Sailors of BLT 3/2          Upcoming Events/Key Dates            2
concluded our training in Camp Buehring, Kuwait, and commenced the process of              Family Readiness Points of Contact   2
back loading aboard our ships. Our time in Kuwait was truly rewarding. The                 Family Readiness Corner              3
training ranges were the best I have ever seen; the MWR facilities provided all of         Chaplain’s Corner                    4
the men an opportunity to relax and touch base with home; and the food was                 Parents’ Page                        4
exceptional. It was really good to have all the BLT together in one spot again.            Hurricane Information                5
Honestly, most of us would have volunteered to remain there for a little while longer!     H&S Company                          6
We leave Kuwait a much better unit -- physically stronger, mentally stronger, more         India Company                        6
cohesive, and better prepared for the missions that lie ahead.                             Kilo Company                         8
         Over the next few days, we will be moving people and equipment back               Lima Company                         9
aboard the ships. Once we have completed this back load, the ships will proceed to         Weapons Company                      10
port calls throughout this region. This will provide the Marines and Sailors an            Sierra Battery                       11
opportunity for some well deserved liberty.                                                AAV Platoon                          12
         In closing, I want to thank all of you for your continued support and concern     Tank Platoon                         12
for the men of this great battalion. I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and           Engineer Platoon                     13
prayers as we continue our deployment. Remember that you all remain foremost in            LAR Platoon                          13
our hearts.                                                                                Recon Platoon                        14
                                                                                           Photos from the Front                15
Semper Fidelis,                                                                            Family Celebration Flier             19
LtCol R. C. Fulford                                                                        Harvest Festival Flier               20

A Message from the BLT Sergeant Major
Dear family and friends of the Betio Bastards,
                                                                                                      Marine Corps History
          The Betio team sends their regards as we close out the month of August.                          September
We finally have the entire Battalion Landing Team (BLT) together once again.
Currently we are training ashore and the team is excited to be together for the first
time since we’ve left Camp Lejeune. As the Marines and Sailors from the Fort                2 September 1945: The Japanese officially
McHenry and Ponce joined us, I stood back and watched the faces as they came                surrendered to the Allies on board the battleship
ashore. The smiles, welcome words and handshakes from fellow warriors whom                  Missouri in Tokyo Bay. With General Holland
haven’t seen each other for months was a motivating site to see. On camp that               Smith transferred home in July 1945, the senior
night no one seemed to want to sleep. There were training stories from other                Marine Corps representative at the historic
countries being shared and of course the liberty port experiences. Even tired from          ceremony was LtGen Roy S. Geiger, who had
the long days and nights, the Marines still found laughter and smiles as they talked        succeeded Smith as Commanding General,
                                                                                            Fleet Marine Force, Pacific.
throughout the evening.
          In addition to the awesome training value of being ashore together there is
an abundance of conveniences for the men while they’re here. There is an
                                                                                             SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE SHIP
enormous gym and PX along with phone center and cyber café. There is a movie
theater as well as recreation room with games and videos. This gives the Marines
and Sailors the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones over the internet and via              I received a message from the
phone, relax and stretch they’re legs. It’s truly an exciting time for the BLT.             ship. As they are sorting the mail they
Officially we’re at the half way point now and as we roll into September the morale         have noticed that a lot of people are
will definitely climb. Anticipation of returning home will be on the distant horizon but    putting the names of ships on the
we must stay focused on the mission at hand. Please help the CO and I reinforce             mailing addresses. Please DO NOT
the importance of maintaining our mindset in order to bring everyone home safely.           put the Ships Name on the Letters or
These next 3 months will be filled with training and port visits. During this period it     Packages.      This is an OPSEC
will be easy to drift off course and think about home and loved ones. Please keep           measure that the Marines and Sailors
that motivating mail coming. In closing, please don’t put allot of value into rumors        need us to follow. It protects us all
you may be hearing, as for now the mission of the BLT stays unchanged. For up-              from those who wish to do our Armed
to-date info on what we’re doing, you can always contact Dale Kerns, our BLT FRO.           Forces harm.

Semper Fidelis                                               -1-
SgtMaj Joe Simpson

Semper Fidelis,

DATE                               EVENT                         LOCATION
October 15, 2009                   Harvest Festival              Marston Pavilion
                                                                 (See flier on pg 20)

October 17, 2009                   Family Celebration            Stone Street Community Center
                                                                 (See flier on pg 19)


If you have other questions or concerns for the                       MAILING ADDRESSES
Family Readiness Team you can send an email to one
of the following email addresses and you will receive                   BLT 3-2 H&S (ENG)
a prompt response to your question. If you would                         22D MEU DET A
rather speak to a spouse about a concern or issue,                         UNIT 74040
please contact the FRO and he will put you in touch                     FPO AE 09502-4040
with a Family Readiness Volunteer.
                                                                     BLT 3-2 WEAPONS (LAR)
3/2 FRO                                   22D MEU DET A
H & S Co                                    UNIT 74040
India Co                             FPO AE 09502-4040
Kilo Co         
Lima Co                   Blt.32.lima                    BLT 3-2 LIMA (RECON)
Weapons Co                              22D MEU DET A
Sierra Battery                          UNIT 74040
AAV Platoon                                FPO AE 09502-4040
CEB Platoon               Blt.32ceb@
LAR Platoon               Blt.32lar@                            BLT 3-2 KILO
Tank Platoon              Blt.32tank@                          22D MEU DET B
Recon Platoon             Blt.32recon@                           UNIT 74043
                                                                        FPO AE 09502-4043
                                                            BLT 3-2 INDIA (TANKS, AAV, H&S, ENG)
            BLT 3-2 UNIT WEBSITE                                       22D MEU DET C                           UNIT 74044
2.htm                                                                 FPO AE 09502-4044

                 22D MEU PAO                                             BLT 3-2 SIERRA                                      22D MEU DET C
                                                                           UNIT 74044
Unit Hotline: 1-800-230-8762, then press „13‟                           FPO AE 09502-4044

Unit Family Readiness Officer (FRO) Dale Kerns           PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE SHIP NAME ON
Office 910-450-6492 Cell (910) 381-6778                      THE LETTERS OR PACKAGES
To Find Out About Events in the Community go to
                                                             Chaplain Coverage During Deployment
the MCCS Website:
Red Cross                             Any basic calls/referrals should be directed to:
MyPay -                              Chaplain Powell (24th MEU)           (910) 451-9491
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society -
                                                        Chaplain Appleton (2nd Regiment) (910) 451-5370
Military OneSource -                                           (910) 372-2725
Marine Corps Community Services and Family Team

                      FAMILY READINESS CORNER
       FAMILY READINESS TEAM                               all questions or concern that you have, so please
            Family Readiness Officer                       don‟t feel you are alone.
                                                                    I hope each of you had a delightful summer!
Betio Families,                                            We are getting closer to our Marine or Sailor being
          I pray all is well with you. We are at the       home but don‟t loose focus quite yet. Please reach
half way point of the deployment and are on the            out to your BLT 3/2 network! I hope to see each of
downhill slide. But we have to remember not to lean        you soon!
too far forward in the saddle. What I mean by that is
not to make plans too far ahead of time. I know the        I wish you all well,
further out you purchase your plane tickets the            Beth
cheaper they are, but please do not purchase them          Family Readiness Advisor
before your Marine‟s leave is approved. Also as far
as redeployment is concerned, please do not believe            Congratulations to the Following Fathers
the rumors you might hear, even if it comes from
your son. If you need a confirmation of when the           LCpl Patrick Clouser - Baby Girl
unit is going to return please contact me. As of the
publishing of this newsletter, the unit is not scheduled   LCpl Storm Odom - Baby Boy
to come back until December. I will have the official
information from the command as it relates to the          Parents: LCpl Travis Willis - Baby Boy
unit‟s return. And always remember OPSEC.
          I would like to invite you to our next family    Parents: LCpl Gabriel Watson – Baby Girl
Readiness event. BLT 3/2 will be having a Family
Celebration on 17 October at the Base Stables. (See        Parents: Cpl David O‟Malia – Baby Girl
Flier) Remember I am here to answer your questions.
If you want to talk to another spouse about your           Parents: Pfc Michael Bankes – Baby Boy
situation please let me know and I will out you in
contact with one of the volunteers. Have a great day!      Parents: Cpl Joshua Zabler - Baby Boy

Dale Kerns
BLT 3/2 Family Readiness Officer

           Family Readiness Advisor

Happy Fall BLT3/2 Families and Friends,

          As we enter into another season we may be
starting to think about the return of our Marine or
Sailor. I am sure each of us is filled with excitement,
anticipation and maybe even a little anxiety.
MCCS‟s Marine Corps Family Team Building and
our FRO, Dale Kerns, have been working to develop
a support system that will carry us through the home
stretch. Their goal is to keep us from feeling
overwhelmed by both good and nerve-racking
          First, we still have several social events to
fill our time. We can look forward to a new baby
celebration in October and then the Deployed Wives
Ball in November. Next, we have two workshops to
help us prepare for the return.        The Return and
Reunion Workshop will be held on November 3rd and
the Kids and Reunion Workshop will be held on
November 14th. Last, Dale Kerns and the Family
Readiness Assistants are available to answer any and

       THE CHAPLAIN’S CORNER                                 Never let an opportunity go by without praising them
                                                             for their sacrifices.
         This is Chaplain Zimmerman. Life is great                     Being past the half-way point, we quickly
here in the desert. Ok, well that is an overstatement,       start thinking of their return. Once again the
but I am happy to serve with the men of this battalion.      questions and frustrations will begin to rise. When
Recently I was thinking about a verse in Hebrews 12.         are they coming home, when can we start making
Well actually one little line in that chapter, "let us run   flight or hotel reservations, when will they get leave?
with patience."      I find this phrase especially           The answers are still going to be frustrating – we
challenging in my life right now. I find myself              don‟t know when. If you have heard “when”, then I
looking either to the past or to the future and not          assure you it‟s just a rumor and please don‟t put your
being still with what the Lord has put before me in          money on the table based on rumors or guesses. The
the now. This means that I am finding myself not             rumors will start spreading soon and the crystal balls
engaged in the now. I believe that is what the Lord is       will come out of the closet. But the truth is – OPSEC
asking us to do when he says, "let us run with               will not allow that information to be revealed too
patience." We are in the midway point of this                soon. I‟m okay with that because I don‟t want our
deployment. Soon we will be home with the one we             sons put in harms way. PLEASE believe me, our
love. Soon it will be Christmas time and we will be          Command will let us know just as soon as possible
celebrating with family and friends, but before then         their schedule for return. This will make you angry
we have to continue to have patience and                     and frustrated because you cannot make reservations
perseverance with the task that God has set before us.       in a timely manner to save money or schedule time
Is this easy? No, but this is right. So for those at         off from work, etc. This is a way of life as a Marine
home continue to strive with patience and keep on            or Sailor‟s parent, spouse or loved-one. So please try
striving with what the Lord has for you to do. So for        to be patient. Another question around planning –
us that are baking in this desert let us continue to         when they get home, when will they start their leave?
keep or minds on the watch that the Lord has set             These answers will not be available until the last
before us.                                                   minute either so please don‟t try to “guess” or react
         As always, it is a pleasure to serve with the       because you have already been told something. Right
men and the families of this battalion. If I can be of       now, everything is just rumors. Their return plans
any assistance with this duty of patience let me know.       have not been made yet. There have been no plan
                                                             changes; they are not coming home sooner than we
Chaplain D.F. Zimmerman                                      were previously told. Unless you hear it from Lt Col
Battalion Chaplain                                           in one of his newsletters, or from our FRO, Dale
                                                             Kerns….it‟s not the facts, at best – just a “guess”.
                                                             This is the time of year the flu and winter cold “bugs”
                                                             start going around. Don‟t fall victim to the “rumor
                                                             bug”. Be careful accepting what you might hear
        BLT 3/2 Parent’s Corner                              from your Marine or Sailor too. He may only be
`                                                            telling you “the rumor” he‟s heard.
Greetings Parents, Spouses, Family and Friends,                        Please remember OPSEC when posting on
                                                             the various “chat” networks. Too much information
          We have reached that all important, long           can be dangerous. Enjoy the peace and quiet and the
awaited milestone – we are half way home! And for            frequent communications you might be receiving
the icing on the cake, the phone calls and emails have       while they are ashore while it last. It won‟t be long
been more abundant since they have gone to the “feet         before they load up and start looking our direction
on the ground” training portion of our deployment. It        again. It won‟t be long before we stand cheering
appears to be taking place at a really nice facility too.    together waiting on the busses – one of the best
Certainly not the best time of the year for a “summer        feelings you will ever encounter.
camp”, but somewhat more bearable than being ship-                     As always, please feel free to contact me or
bound, I would guess…(commenting as I sit spoiled            our FRO Dale Kerns for assistance.
rotten in my air-conditioned, sand-free office) Truly,
unless we‟ve been there, in our Marine‟s or Sailor‟s         Respectfully yours,
shoes, we can‟t know the hardships they have                 Bruce
endured to serve our country. Regardless of what             BLT 3/2 Family Readiness Parent Advisor
role they play, what unit, what task, what level of
rank…they have all earned our respect and thanks!

      HURRICANE INFORMATION                             American Red Cross, Emergency Management or
                                                        your local news stations will broadcast shelters that
         So far this hurricane season has not been      are opening.
very active, but as we know that could change at any
time. We must always remain alert and watch our         How Safe is your Home?
local news station when we hear of a possible           If you're located near the coast, plan to relocate
hurricane approaching the East Coast of the United      during a hurricane emergency. If you live in a
States. In the event that a hurricane should approach   mobile home, always plan to relocate.
Eastern North Carolina, it is good to know the
hurricane evacuation routes. The information that       The Inventory of your Property
follows came from the Onslow County Emergency           A complete inventory of your personal property will
Services Website at:                                    help in obtaining insurance settlements and/ or tax        deductions for losses. Inventory checklists can be
hurricanekeys1.aspx                                     obtained from your insurance representatives. Don't
                                                        trust your memory. List descriptions and take plenty
Keys to Hurricane Survival - Before a Hurricane         of pictures. Stores this paperwork in a waterproof
                  Threatens                             container or in your safety deposit box.

Elevation of your Home Above Sea Level                  What your Insurance will Cover?
You will need to determine the elevation of your        Review your insurance policies and your coverage
home above sea level and whether or not it is subject   with your insurance company to avoid a
to storm surge (tidal) flooding. To do this contact     misunderstanding later. Take advantage of flood
Onslow County Planning and Development at (910)         insurance. Separate policies are needed for
455-3661. They can provide you with more                protection against wind and flood damage, which
information such as flood-stage data for area streams   people frequently do not realize until it's too late.
and waterways and more on flood plane
development.                                                        REMEMBER OPSEC

Maximum Storm Surge which Might Occur
Information about the potential for inland flooding                   Ten OPSEC Points
and storm surge is available through the Onslow          Don’t discuss future destinations or ports of call!
County's    Department      of     Planning     and         Don’t discuss future operations or missions!
Development. (910) 455-3661.                              Don’t discuss dates and times of when we will be
                                                                  in port or conducting exercises!
Route to Safety if you Have to Leave                        Don’t discuss readiness issues and numbers!
Plan your escape route early. Check with Emergency           Don’t discuss specific training equipment!
Management for low points and flooding history of            Don’t discuss peoples names and billets in
your route. Check the number of hours it could take                 conjunction with operations!
you to evacuate to a safe area during peak evacuation         Don’t speculate about future operations!
traffic. If an evacuation is declared, and the I-40           Don’t spread rumors about operations!
Lane Reversal Hurricane Evacuation Plan is                 Don’t assume the enemy is not trying to collect
evacuated, please refer to the following for more        information on you so they can kill you, they are!
information.                                                 Be smart, use your head, and always think
I-40 Lane Reversal Flyer                                        OPSEC when using email or phone!
                                                            **Remember these rules ladies, when we are
Location of Nearest Official Shelter                    talking about our husbands and all things related.
The American Red Cross Onslow County Chapter               We never know who is reading every word we
(910) 347-3581can give you the location of the                     type and taking notes on it.**
shelter nearest your home and explain what you
should bring with you. This information may not be
given out till the pre-stages of a hurricane
approaching. This is to prevent citizens planning to
head to a shelter that will not even open during the
hurricane. So please, always confirm the shelter
you're planning to stay at is open by contacting the

   Headquarters and Service Company                        entitlements will be run once everyone has returned
               BLT 3/2                                     and should hit on the October 1st payday. We‟ve also
                                                           caught word of rumors about us possibly returning
     22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                         prior to Thanksgiving. We are still scheduled to
                                                           return in December, if anything should change, we
To our Families,                                           will push that information to you. We ask for your
                                                           continued prayers and as we still have a few months
          The Marines and Sailors of H&S Company           to go and anything could change on a moment notice.
have completed have completed our sustainment              We look forward to seeing you all very soon.
training in Kuwait. The evolution ashore was a great
change of pace from our ship life. The food was            1stSgt J. A. Young
good and the Marines and Sailors had access to             H & S Company First Sergeant
services not available on ship. The training was good
and the company is a better now than we were when          Mailing Address for the USS Bataan
we went ashore at the beginning of August. Your            Rank, Last Name, First Name
Marines and Sailors accomplished many things that          BLT/Work Section
will set the company and the Battalion up for success      22d MEU Det A
in the future.                                             Unit 74040
          While ashore one very important milestone        FPO-AE 09502-4040
passed. We are now well past the halfway point and
we are steaming the in the right direction. We are all                     Company I
very excited about this time in the deployment. We
are still focusing on the mission at hand and we                            BLT 3/2
cannot take our eyes off the fact that we are still out           22d Marine Expeditionary Unit
here standing ready to do our duty. All that said; it is
still a great feeling being back on ship and much          Dear Friends and Family,
closer to being home with our families. God Bless.
Please continue your support and we will see you                     Hello from the USS Ft McHenry. As the
soon.                                                      deployment continues we have continued to stay busy
                                                           with training both aboard the ship and ashore. More
Capt D. Beere                                              than half way through the deployment the company
H & S Company Commander                                    has continued to progress each and every day.
                                                           Morale remains high and your Marines continue to
Families, Friends, and Loved ones,                         look to future training opportunities and port visits.
                                                                     Training aboard the ship has continued to
         The Marines and Sailors have completed            allow us to maintain our proficiency. The Tactical
their training in Kuwait and have started their            Small Unit Leaders Course (TSULC) was held during
                                retrograde back to         the month of
                                the USS Bataan.            August to focus
                                Hopefully,       your      on our future
                                loved ones took            small unit leaders
                                advantage of the           in the company.
                                resources that Camp        Marines        were
                                Buehring‟s MWR             hand selected to
                                staff provided during      attend the three
                                our short stay. As         week period of
                                we push forward            instruction (POI)
                                with the deployment,       which was designed to develop the leadership and
                                the communications         tactical skills of these future leaders. The POI was a
                                assets aboard ship         demanding curriculum which covered all aspects of
                                are very limited and       small unit leadership to include tactics, battle studies,
                                your Marines and           administration issues, quizzes, tests, and writing
Sailors will not be able to communicate with you as        assignments to begin to build the foundation for our
frequently. There have been a few question                 future leaders.
concerning entitlements and return dates, I would like
to clarify a few points. Your Marines/Sailors

(India Company Continued)                                   Dear Friends and Family,

          In the coming months we will hold                          Greetings, from the Company First Sergeant.
additional POIs to continue the development of our          As the deployment now reaches its fourth month the
small unit leaders. Congratulations to Cpl Charles          Marines are continuing to perform in the most
from the Tank Platoon for his selection as the Class                                                   professional
Honor Graduate.                                                                                  manner.       The
          As you may well know the company just                                                  morale         and
returned from some fantastic training in Kuwait.                                                 motivation while
During our stay we were able to conduct some                                                     ashore         and
outstanding company training which tested the                                                    aboard ship is the
abilities with both a company live fire exercise and                                             example        and
                               during a scenario driven                                          feeling that the
                               exercise. The company                                             deployment       is
                               live    fire     exercise    half way complete. I‟m sure that the families and
                               consisted       of       a   friends of all Marines are already anticipating their
                               Deliberate        Assault    return and reunion.
                               Course (DAC) which                     The month of August was spent underway
                               was      designed       to   as the Marines continued shipboard training in order
                               incorporate most of the      to sharpen their tactical skills. The visit to Kuwait
                               assets resident within       was without a doubt a force multiplier for training
                               the MEU.           Tanks,    and a chance to take advantage of the numerous
                               AAVs, Indirect fire          recreational facilities aboard the Camp.          Most
                               from     the     Artillery   enjoyable were the unlimited phone centers and
                               Battery and the 81mm         internet sites available. The Marines also had to
                               Mortar platoon, close        opportunity to talk one on one with their respective
air support, and every weapon system within India           Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) monitor, for
Company proper were utilized to conduct the live fire       future assignments and re-enlistment options.
training. The exercise was one of the few times the         Marines also had the opportunity to improve their
Marines could see numerous units and various                current ASVAB scores by retaking the AFCT, which
weapons systems employed together during the same           improves the chances of lateral moves from their
exercise. The scenario driven training exercise             current MOS to another.
consisted of continuous operations during a two day                   As the window for this deployment is
period which was designed around how the company            quickly drawing to a close, I have included the
could actually be employed in the current operating         Military OneSource web site which provides
environment. As always the training conducted               beneficial
ashore was both realistic and tested the abilities of the   information.       All
company, all while improving our tactical abilities         Marines will be
and unit cohesion.                                          receiving a series of
          As we look forward we still have an               presentations as we
opportunity to conduct some training ashore and take        get closer to the end
advantage of some pre-scheduled port visits. These          of the deployment
next couple of months will allow the Marines and            to prepare them for
Sailors the opportunities for some great liberty during     their return.     For
these future port visits.                                   most of the Marines
          On behalf of the Marines and Sailors of           this will be the first
India Company (Reinforced) I thank you for your             deployment since
support of the Company during this deployment. We           they         enlisted.
appreciate the selfless sacrifices you make on a daily      Education is the
basis as we are away protecting freedom. I am               key to success for
always available to you to answer any questions you         both the married and single Marines as they transition
may have while you‟re Marine or Sailor serves with          back to Camp Lejeune. I have also listed some of the
India Company. One team, one family, one fight.             most common areas of interest in which we will be
                                                            requiring all of the Marines to visit and study before
Capt. M. J. Carroll                                         arriving back to Camp Lejeune.
India Company Commander

(India Company Continued)                                  three major exercises (Joint Task Force- East, Infinite
                                                           Moonlight,        and
          The ship‟s web site is listed below for your     Inspired Nautilus),
viewing, along with the Military OneSource site. No        three        separate
password is required, just go to the site and click on     liberty port visits,
tools. Again, I have listed a number of topics to assist   and          traveled
in the transition after deployment.                        roughly        13,000
          Lastly, please communicate with your             Nautical Miles with
Marine regarding his financial responsibilities.           our ship.
Again, with the appropriate communication via your                   I am sure you are as proud of your Marines
Marine chain of command, problems will be resolved         and Sailors as I am. I look forward to updating you
in a timely manner.                                        on our future successes.

Very Respectfully                                          Respectfully
1stSgt S. E. Collier                                       Maj C.D. Wills
India Company First Sergeant                               Kilo Company Commander

Ships website:                                             Kilo family,
                                                                    First off all of your Marines and Sailors are
Military One Source website:                               doing a great job and are in good health. They have                                  come such a long way from where we were in
                                                           September and with all the training we have done and
Helpful topics:                                                                                  are continuing
Returning from the deployment                                                                    to do they just
Welcoming your loved one home                                                                    keep     raising
Parenting as a team                                                                              their level of
Communicating as a couple                                                                          professionalis
Staying strong as a couple                                                                       m.         Keep
Work, life, play                                                                                 sending your
                                                                                                 support      and
 India Company Promotions (Promoted to their               prayers and be proud of your Marines and Sailors.
present rank)                                                       Congratulations to the below Marines on
                                                           their promotions in July and August:
Cpl Clouser Patrick M.      Cpl Guyton Holton M.           Sgt Sabel                  PFC Coleman
Cpl Garcia Jesus                                           Cpl Owens                  PFC Mendoza
                                                           Cpl Payne                  PFC Sarduy
September                                                  Cpl Pandiscio
Cpl Glaze Timothy L. (Meritorious)
Cpl Byers Robert        Cpl Davis Jordan L.                         The Mages, Willis, and Gebelein families
LCpl Chavez Steven      LCpl Hoskins Joshua J.             welcomed additions to their families in the last 2
               Company K                                            If you need any assistance while we are
                                                           deployed please contact Mr. Kerns. This will be the
                 BLT 3/2                                   fastest way to get help to you and any information
       22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                       that needs to be passed to us on the MEU.

Kilo Family,                                               1stSgt J. E. Combs
                                                           Kilo Company First Sergeant
         Bottom line up front: Kilo is getting it done!
The Marines and Sailors continue to represent You,
Our Country, and Our Corps with the highest level of
professionalism throughout this mission. Kilo
Company has been to seven countries since getting
underway, with more to follow. We have conducted

               Company L                                      and morale is very high right now, thanks to the USO,
                 BLT 3/2                                      internet cafes‟ and phone centers. Thank you for all
                                                              of the packages, letters and encouragement that have
       22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                          been continuous thus far. It‟s always something to
                                                                                                     look forward to
Dear Lima Company family and friends,                                                                during      those
                                                                                                     long spells at
          I would like to start off by saying that we all                                            sea. I would
very much appreciate and enjoy the love and support                                                  like to send out
you give to the Marines in Lima Company during this                                                  a         special
deployment. During August and the beginning of                                                       “Thank You”
                              September your Marines                                                 to all of the
                              participated in the most        families of the Marines who have made the decision
                              demanding           training    to re-enlist and continue further service to this great
                              evolution      of        this   nation and this proud institution. It is truly a family
                              deployment. You all             decision and a way of life that the protected rarely
                              should be proud of what         ever know. Your sacrifices as spouses and children
                              your      Marines       have    are just as noble, and at times much more painful
                              accomplished          during    than ours. We owe you a debt of gratitude. I would
                              their time in Kuwait. The       also like to
                              Company       consistently      personally
                              exceeded                  my    thank our 7
                              expectations      in      the   Marines
                              conduct of very complex         from Lima
live-fire training events; consistently enduring 120          who recently
degree temperatures in a very austere environment.            re-enlisted to
The Marines of Lima Company continue to set the               continue
standard for the battalion in everything they do. The         faithful and
end of this training evolution marks the midway point         unselfish
of the deployment and we all look forward to                  service to our nation. They are Cpl Behm, Cpl
returning home to our loved ones in the near future.          Sanflippo, Cpl Sewell, Cpl Steffy, Cpl Tillman, Cpl
                                                              Vilchez and Cpl Young. Some of them have already
Sincerely,                                                    received confirmation that they will move on to
Capt. J.W. Birchfield                                         bigger and better things, while a few decided to
Lima Company Commander                                        remain with 3/2 and provide the foundation for future
                                                              success. Again, Thank You.
To the spouses, children and parents,                                   Congratulations to Sergeant Michael A.
                                                              Welch, who was recently the recipient of a
         Greetings to all of you from all of the              meritorious promotion on 02 August 2009 from the
Marines of Lima Company. We are doing very well               22d MEU. Also, congratulations go out to all of the
as we approach the half way point. We have had                graduates of the Corporal‟s Leadership Course
some phenomenal training opportunities since we               conducted recently;
                                      arrived at our
                                               current        Cpl Jason Muir             Cpl Andrew Rodriguez
                                             location.        Cpl Jeremy Sewell          Cpl Albert Ruigrok
                                      Everyone had            Cpl Cameron Sformo         Cpl Christopher Vilchez
                                      plenty of time          Cpl Jonathan Rodriguez     Cpl Michael Young
                                      to      become
                                      acclimated to           Outstanding job to Cpl Cameron Sformo for being
                                      the        local        selected as the class honor graduate. Well done.
                                      weather, but it
                                      hasn‟t     been         1stSgt D. G. Eldridge
easy. It‟s always good to debark the ships and spread         Lima Company First Sergeant
out a little bit. I‟m sure all of the families have
benefited from the increased communication with
your Marine. I know your Marines are in high spirits

            Weapons Company                                             Promotions are acquired through hard work
                 BLT 3/2                                        and dedication! Our newly promoted Marines are:
       22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                            Lance Corporal Jeremiah Hall
Families and Friends of Weapons Company,
                                                                And our newest Non-Commissioned Officers-
                                                                Corporals Nicholas Crepeau and Andrew Smith
         We have completed the first half our                   from CAAT Platoon!
deployment, and as I write this, the Marines and
Sailors of Weapons Company are all ramping up for               We have quite a few newest little ones to introduce
the final field exercise of our desert sustainment              to the Marine Corps family this month!
                                  training. The Men are
                                  setting the standard for               HM3 Larry Taing and his fiancé          had a
                                  excellence within the                  healthy baby girl.
                                  Battalion effectively                  Sgt Schopen and his wife had their     second
                                  operating in full gear                 child, a healthy baby boy.
                                  with temperatures over                 LCpl Bailey and his wife had their     second
                                  120 degrees. We are                    child, a healthy baby boy.
                                  fortunate that the range               Cpl David Omalia and his wife           had a
                                  complex we are using                   healthy baby girl.
                                  allows us full use of all
                                  of     our      weapons                 I would ask that you include the families of
                                  systems, giving every         Cpl Brian Fermino and LCpl Ryan Adams in your
                                  Marine and Sailor the         prayers as they mourn the passing of loved ones in
                                  opportunity for some          the     recent
                                  fantastic    live    fire     months. We
training. With their prowess and edge sharpened                 were
even further, I am confident that the men are                   fortunate to
prepared for whatever comes our way.                            be located in
         Since my last writing we made our way                  an area that
through the Indian Ocean, and conducted a well                  allowed us to
deserved port call that provided some great shopping            get      these
opportunities. The break allowed the men to do some             Warriors
swimming, have some fast food and call home. The                home to support their families in this trying time.
Marines and Sailors had the opportunity to wind                 Our families are always in our hearts!
down on their own throughout the four day visit,                          Please feel free to contact me any time with
resulting in a restful port call.                               any questions you have. As always, it is my honor to
         Thank you for all that you have done to                serve with the Marines and Sailors of this Battalion.
support your Marine or Sailor and I ask that you                Thank you again families of Weapons Company for
please continue to support him with letters from                the extra care packages-I can assure you they were
home during the deployment!                                     happily received! Now as always, I am appreciative
                                                                of the blessing it is to serve with the Men of Weapons
Semper Fidelis,                                                 Company with the support of our Marine and Navy
Captain E.G. Clayton                                            Families. Your support is an inspiration to us all and I
Commanding Officer, Weapons Company                             humbly thank you for all for it. Oorah Weapons
Oorah Weapons Company!
                                                                Strength and Honor!
        What a busy month! We have debarked                     First Sergeant Chris Nagle
from our ship to conduct some great training and we             First Sergeant, Weapons Company
are happy to stretch our legs for a bit. Thank you all
for your overwhelming support in getting the extra    
care packages to our appreciative Marines who were
without! It is with your dedication and support that
makes us the finest fighting force in the world!

                                                       - 10 -
             Sierra Battery                                 appreciate all of you for your support and sacrifices
                BLT 3/2                                     for the Marines and Sailors of the King of Battle. As
                                                            you can see it has been a very busy few months for
      22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                         the battery. The Marines and Sailors are continuing to
                                                            shine and
Sierra Battery Friends and Family,                          show they
                                                            are ready
         During the month of August, your Marines           for     any
and Sailors left the Mediterranean and continued their      challenge
voyage through the Suez Canal into the Persian Gulf.        they may
Upon our arrival, the battery assisted the Navy in its      come
                           anti-piracy efforts. Half of     across. We
                           August       was      spent      recently surpassed the halfway point for the
                           patrolling the Persian Gulf      deployment and I‟m pretty sure a lot of you were
                           so that our international        excited about that because that brings you closer to
                           shipping lanes remained          having your love one back home. We are still battling
                           open     and     unfettered.     the heat and have seen the temperatures rise in the
                           Although nothing eventful        120‟s. This has still not stopped the battery from
                           happened, the battery was        performing and providing tremendous support
                           eager for the opportunity        throughout 22nd MEU and BLT 3/2. We are now in
                           to confront pirates. By the      the process of readjusting back to shipboard life so
                           time            mid-August       please be patient because your connectivity will be
                           approached, the battery          slowed down a little. As we continue to push during
                           completed its antipiracy         this deployment I want to thank you again for all the
                           task and made their way to       support that you have given your Marine or Sailor. If
Kuwait for sustainment training with the entire 22nd        you need anything please contact Mr. Kerns and he
MEU. This training evolution lasted for a total of 23       will get in touch with me.
days and it proved to be a good experience for the
battery.    Your Marines and Sailors conducted               Congratulations to the following Marines on their
themselves admirably and they participated in a large       promotions.
scale live fire exercise with various MEU assets to                 Cpl Hall          Cpl Thompson
include tanks, AAVs, AH-1s, Harriers, and 81mm                      Cpl Mott          Cpl Reinert
mortars. The battery‟s sustainment training was a                   Cpl Noland        Cpl Franklin
great                                                               Cpl Leach         Cpl Edens
success                                                             Cpl Gast          Cpl Bowman
overall.                                                            LCpl Granados LCpl Kegebein
You can                                                             LCpl Ardeljan LCpl Lozada
be proud
of what                                                              Congratulations to the following Marines
your                                                        and Sailor on their decision to serve their country for
Marines                                                     four more years. This is a very important decision for
and                                                         these young men on trying to decide to go out and be
Sailors                                                     an impact in society or continue to serve our nation
have done thus far. As the battery‟s saga continues,        with Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Thank you
Sierra Battery remains motivated and ready for              for your support in helping them with this decision.
whatever lies ahead.
         Thank you for all that you give and do to                   Cpl Gooseseline            Cpl Strahan
support your Marine or Sailor – you are truly                        Cpl Mizhquiri              Cpl Wikel
invaluable members of our Family and Team and I                      Cpl Aguilar                Cpl Comtois
deeply appreciate your sacrifices and support.                       HM3 Reardon                LCpl Salmen
Capt B. P. Hall                                             Congratulations to Sgt Kristopher and his fiancé on
Sierra Battery Commander                                    the birth of their daughter.
         Hello to the Family and friends of Sierra
Battery. First of all I want you to know that we

                                                   - 11 -
(Sierra Battery Continued)                                  Marines, Sergeant Garofalo and Corporal Ramirez
                                                            were promoted on August 1st, and Corporal Carr and
         We would also like congratulate HM3                Private First Class Harden were promoted September
Pineda on receiving his Fleet Marine Force{FMF}             1st.
pin and also thank all of our corpsman for their hard                Finally I would like to congratulate PFC
work and services that they provide for the Marines         Kinder and his family for the birth of his son on
in Sierra Battery. You are often overlooked but never       September 9th.

         HM2 De Los Santos          HM3 Reardon             YAT-YAS,
         HM3 Scopa                  HM3 Pineda              Capt R. T. King
                                                            AAV Platoon Commander
        It is an honor to serve with the Marines and
Sailors of this Battery. Thank you all for your                            Tank Platoon
support-Semper Fidelis!
                                                                             BLT 3/2
1stSgt D.D. Rowe                                                   22d Marine Expeditionary Unit
Sierra Battery First Sergeant
                                                            Tank Platoon Families,
              AAV Platoon                                              I hope this letter finds you all well. We are
                BLT 3/2                                     just getting back aboard ship after completing another
      22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                         very successful training period ashore. Your Marines
                                                            performed exceptionally well during nearly a month
Friends and Family,                                         of sustainment training in Kuwait. I know that we
                                                            are better trained and more ready now than we have
         I hope this letter finds you well. The             ever been. They also took advantage of all the great
platoon has just returned to the Fort McHenry after a       Morale, Welfare,
three week training exercise in Kuwait. While we            and Recreation
were in Kuwait, the platoon performed exceptionally.        facilities
The platoon conducted several training events to            available         in
                               include           AAV        Kuwait to include
                               operations as well as        great gyms and
                               several      dismounted      internet centers.
                               exercises, broadening        We tried not to
                               each            Marine‟s     indulge too much
                               capabilities         and     in the cookies
                               knowledge.          The      and ice cream
                               culminating event of         available in the
                               the platoon‟s time in        chow hall, but
                               Kuwait was a live fire       considering how
                               training        exercise     hard the Marines
                               conducted with the           were       working,
                               Marines      of    India     they were certainly entitled to a little indulgence.
                               Company, the Tank                       While ashore we participated in some
                               Platoon and elements         dismounted training, which is always fun for the tank
from across the BLT and the MEU. The platoon                platoon Marines, as well as a live fire event on the
supported India Company in an attack on a fictional         tanks. We also had plenty of time to maintain the
town in the Kuwaiti desert. This training exercise          vehicles, and the tanks are as healthy now as they
was very complex and tested the abilities of each           have ever been.
Marine in the platoon.         The platoon excelled                    The most exciting part of the last month was
throughout the training.                                    the re-enlistment of five of our Marines. Cpl
         Kuwait marked the halfway point of the             Galloway, Cpl Charles and Cpl King reenlisted and
deployment. The Marines of AAV platoon have                 will certainly do great things in the tank community
performed well thus far and continue to improve each        in the future.
day. Since I last wrote we have promoted several

                                                   - 12 -
(Tank Platoon Continued)                                    been completed with professionalism, enthusiasm,
                                                            motivation, as well as some good old fashioned
        Cpl Mack and Cpl Marthey were both                  “Engineer swagger”. We had the chance to get out
accepted to lateral transfer to the satellite               on the demo range and do what we‟re known for, as
communications field. All five of these Marines have        well as conduct an Urban Breaching course with
performed well and will be great leaders in the future      assaultmen from Lima Company.           From Entry
of our Corps.                                               Control Pont operations to Route Clearance- the
        We are just settling back in to ship life and       morale was high and every Marine enjoyed the
we‟re ready for anything that may come our way.             opportunity to train out here. Most notably; we
Thank you all for the continued support. The                reunited with our Engineer Detachment from the Ft
Marines are doing very well and a large part of that is     McHenry for our last demo range.
because of you all.                                                  As we transition back to the ship, I want to
                                                            remind you shipboard life has a tendency to become
Capt M. Luke                                                quite monotonous and time tends to pass very slowly.
Tank Platoon Commander                                      A       big
            Engineer Platoon                                boost     is
                                                            mail and
                BLT 3/2                                     care
      22d Marine Expeditionary Unit                         packages.
                                                            I want to
Friends and Families of Bravo 2,                            take    the
                                                            time     to
         Training has come to a close for us out in         thank all
the deserts of Kuwait. It has been great to have the        the families and friends of our platoon for all the
whole Platoon together again training.            Your      support. I‟d like to congratulate Joseph Whitehead,
Engineers have continued to impress me with their           Jedidiah Studt, and James Peeler on their recent
                                        professionalis      promotion to Corporal, as well as Ngan Nguyen on
                                      m, motivation         his recent meritorious promotion to Corporal. Also
                                      and     attitude.     included in the “promotion roundup” is our very own
                                      From the long         Thomas Baker, who was promoted to Gunnery
                                      nights talking        Sergeant. Congratulations and a job well done!
                                      out           and     Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and
                                      refining SOPs         prayers and keep the mail coming!
                                      for         route
                                      clearance,     to     GySgt R.M. Stopinski
                                             teaching       Engineer Platoon Sergeant
assaultmen urban breaching, to demonstrating
proficiency on the machine gun range, I have never
been prouder of the work done by the Sappers of                           LAR Platoon
Bravo – 2. Mail has been coming in on a regular                             BLT 3/2
basis. It is a continued source of encouragement as               22d Marine Expeditionary Unit
we crest the midway point of this deployment.
Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we       Friends and Family,
press on to new adventures as the expeditionary force
in readiness.                                                        As I write this month‟s contribution for the
                                                            newsletter, the platoon is in the final stages of its
1st Lt A. E. Nelson                                         Kuwait
Engineer Platoon Commander                                  Sustainment
Hello to all Bravo-2 Family and Friends,                    Exercise. We
                                                            came ashore in
         As our time in Kuwait comes to a close and         the first few
we prepare to backload onto our respective ships, I         days of August
want to take this opportunity to tell you how proud I       and moved to
am of the platoon. Everything they have done has            an Army Camp.

                                                   - 13 -
(LAR Platoon Continued)                                                I appreciate the ongoing support you provide
                                                             your Marine / Sailor. Thank you also for the
…in the Kuwaiti desert. We immediately set up shop           sacrifices that you make to enable us to be out here
and began the orientation and preparation process to         and focus on our mission. I continue to be humbled
get out and conduct training.                                by the extensive abilities of this outstanding group of
         The Marines have maintained a high training         men, and feel privileged for every day I get to spend
tempo while we have been ashore, despite the less            with them. Have a great September.
than comfortable weather (with highs surpassing 120                    Congratulations are in order to Lance
degrees several times a week). Our cycle has, for the        Corporal Dallas on his promotion to Corporal
most part, been two to three days in the field               (effective 1 September).
followed by a day and a half back at the camp spent
preparing for the next training event. We have               Capt. C. D. Winn
accomplished a great deal during this time, nearly all       LAR Platoon Commander
of which has been live-fire.
         Highlights include a live fire Urban                              Recon Platoon
Operations package, a dismounted             patrolling                       BLT 3/2
exercise utilizing mock-up Iraqi villages with roll-
                                 players, maneuver                  22d Marine Expeditionary Unit
                                 training in the desert
                                 with the LAVs,              Friends and family,
                                 LAV gunnery, a live
                                 fire         mounted                 We have recently completed our training
                                 patrolling exercise         evolution in Kuwait that took us through much of the
                                 and a live fire                                                        month of
                                 platoon         attack                                                      August
                                 utilizing nearly all of                                                and into
                                 the weapons systems                                                    the     first
                                 that the platoon can                                                   part       of
                                 bring to the fight.                                                    September.
                                 The Marines have                                                       During our
                                 performed to their                                                     time on the
                                 usual high standards                                                       ground,
and have received very complementary remarks from                                                       the    men
everyone from the Battalion Commander to the Staff           were afforded the opportunity to stretch their legs a
of the training support company that organizes the           bit and in turn use the time to refine many of the
exercises here in Kuwait.                                    collective skills we previously focused on during the
         Remaining training objectives in Kuwait             pre-deployment training period. Additionally, the
consist of a rocket shoot, an LAV-AT TOW shoot for           platoon was able to conduct a uni-lateral training
the TOW gunners, and participation in the MEU                event with a team of U.S. Army divers that are
Final Exercise. As these events come and go, we will         forward deployed to Kuwait‟s naval facility. This
begin stepping up the remaining maintenance on our           training event was a fantastic opportunity to get back
vehicles and                                                 in the water and accomplish training that would have
preparing                                                    otherwise not been available to the platoon stateside,
our                                                          and was further
equipment                                                    evidence of the
for                                                          extended
movement                                                     brotherhood       that
back to the                                                  your men share
Bataan.                                                      with many of the
After      we                                                specialized
return to the                                                communities of the
ship, our course is unknown. We remain the                   U.S. Armed Forces
CENTCOM theatre reserve and are all the more                 at home and abroad.
ready for anything we may need to do after
conducting this training ashore.

                                                    - 14 -
(Recon Platoon Continued)

         Additionally, as we arrived back aboard the
ships, we found ourselves on the back end of our
deployment as a whole. As we still have collective
events that remain to be accomplished prior to our
return, we remain a force in readiness up until we
begin our voyage back across the Atlantic. I
encourage each of you to continue your collective
support of your men over the next few months, as we
complete the final portion of our journey, and as
always I remain personally appreciative of your
steadfast support to the men in this platoon as a

Captain R. J. Warner
Reconnaissance Platoon Commander

                                Headquarters & Support Company
 Marines with Headquarters and Support Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine
 Expeditionary Unit conduct a joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear training exercise at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The
 22nd MEU is conducting sustainment training ashore in Kuwait while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S, Central

                                             India Company
      Marines with India Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary
      Unit, assault to an objective during a deliberate assault course rehearsal at a training area near Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
      The 22nd MEU is conducting sustainment training ashore in Kuwait while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S.
      Central Command.

                                                      - 15 -
                                                   Kilo Company
In the early morning hours of Sept. 6, Marines and sailors with Kilo Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd
Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, patrol to three different makeshift towns during the 22nd MEU‟s final
exercise near Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is ashore in Kuwait conducting sustainment training while serving as the
theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

                                                  Lima Company
 Marines with Lima Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit,
 conduct a Helicopter Assault Course training evolution near Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is ashore in Kuwait
 conducting sustainment training while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

                                              Weapons Company
 Marines from Weapons Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary
 Unit, seek cover and take aim during a practice run on a react to contact, fire and maneuver range in a training area near Ca mp
 Buehring, Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is ashore conducting sustainment training in Kuwait and is currently serving as the theater
 reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

                                                 Sierra Battery
The Marines of Gun 5, "Steel Reserve," with Sierra Battery, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment,
22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, conduct live fire training with their M777 howitzer at a training area near Camp Buehring,
Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is ashore in Kuwait conducting sustainment training while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S.
Central Command.

                                                 AAV Platoon
Marines with Amphibious Assault Vehicle Platoon, India Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine
Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, rehearse the deliberate assault course at a training area near Camp Buehring,
Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is conducting sustainment training ashore in Kuwait while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S.
Central Command.

                                              Engineer Platoon
Marines with Engineer Platoon, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary
Unit, conduct a combat engineer's demolitions course at a training area near Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is
conducting sustainment training in Kuwait while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

                                                 LAR Platoon
Marines with Light Armored Reconnaissance Platoon, Weapons Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine
Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, conducted live-fire training near Camp Buehring, Kuwait as part of the MEU's
sustainment training.

                                                Recon Platoon
Marines with Reconnaissance Platoon, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine
Expeditionary Unit, conduct dive and salvage training at Kuwait Naval Base. The 22nd MEU is ashore in Kuwait conducting
sustainment training while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

                                                     Tank Platoon
  Flames spout from an M1-A1 tank with Tank Platoon, India Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine
  Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, during the deliberate assault course at a training area near Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
  The unit sharpened their skills in combined arms operations during the training by using infantry, tanks, Amphibious Assault
  Vehicles, aviation, artillery, and mortars in a concerted effort. The 22nd MEU is conducting sustainment training ashore

                                               LTG Hejlik Visit
  Lt. Gen. Dennis J. Hejlik, the commanding general of II Marine Expeditionary Force, talks to Marines from Battalion Landing
  Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, aboard Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is
  ashore conducting sustainment training in Kuwait and is currently serving as the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

                                              Hump Day Run
BLT 3/2 as part of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit conducts a MEU run involving all of its major subordinate elements and
consisting of more than 1,600 Marines and sailors aboard Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 22nd MEU is ashore in Kuwait
conducting sustainment training while serving as the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command.

Delta CAAT Platoon                                  81mm Mortar Platoon                     HQ & ARTY Marines with Greek Marines
                    Family Celebration!!
                         October 17, 2009
                           Base Stables
                      10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

We would like to invite you to BLT 3/2 Family Celebration being held at the Stone
Street Community Center (Base Stables). This promises to be another great event
being put on by the BLT Family Readiness Program. The event will feature music,
food, photographer for family/children’s photos, a Message Therapist a jumper for
the Kids and plenty of fun! So come out relax and make new friends at this tine of
fun and fellowship! If you are planning to attend this event please contact the FRO
not later than October 14, 2009.

From Camp Lejeune Main Gate: Turn right onto Brewster Blvd. Follow Brewster Blvd and at the next
light turn Left onto Stone Street. Continue down Stone Street past the High School, Education Center
and the C Store and turn left into the Base Stables parking lot.

                          Area 3 Annual
        Harvest Festival
                           @ Marston Pavilion

   15 Oct
   FREE and open to all Marines,           †Pumpkin Patch
                 Sailors,                  (first 300 children)
staff, civilian Marines, and families of
    II MEF Headquarters Group;
  22/24/26 Command Elements &
                                           †Dress Your Scarecrow
           Subordinate Units;              (by unit only)
     8th Comm Bn; 2d Radio Bn,
   2d Intel B; 2d Anglico; WWBN;           †Crafts
 SOTG; and HQ BN 2d MARDIV.                †Paddle Boats
   harvest                                 †Treasures in the Hay
                                           †Door Prizes
 food & drinks                             Please register for all contests at
                                           the DJ’s booth on the day of the
       For more information,
     call 451-2448 or 376-2212.