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									                              Temple Beth David Bulletin
                                                                                                                  April 2008
Rabbi Geoffrey Goldberg, Ph.D.                      Ayala Emm ett, President                   Sam uel Asher, Cantor

From the Rabbi’s desk…                                                                              April Schedule
Geoffrey Goldberg, Ph.D.               ggoldberg@rochester.rr.com              730-5179         Shabbat Evening: 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                              The next TBD Service at the JCC
Ev ery few years the First Night of Pass-      The above procedure is by far the most         will be on Friday, April 25 at 6pm
ov er falls on Motza ei Shabbat (Saturday      desirable. There is other option, of mak-            in the Senior Lounge.
night), and so it does this y ear. What is     ing the home pesahdik by Thursday
the procedure for preparing for Passover       night/Friday morning, but setting aside            Shabbat Morning: 9 a.m.
when this occurs? The Committee on             hallot for the Sabbath meals, while avoid-        PreK Shabbaton: 10a.m. Sat.
Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) of the         ing any contact with other pesahdik foods
Rabbinical Assembly has addressed this         and utensils , etc . However, this is a far        Family Services: 10:30a.m.
issue. Those w ho wish to read the Teshu-      less fav orable option and I personally                April 5 and April 19
vah (Responsum) on this subject can go         would not recommend it. I don’t think one         Tot Shabbat:10:30am April 5
to rabbinicalassembly .org w eb site and       should follow this without first reading            Sunday Minyan: 8 a.m.
consult the Teshuvah CJLS/Kashrut.             carefully the RA Teshuvah.
My summary of the Teshuvah should be           The first option is the one w e shall als o
sufficient for most of our Temple mem-         follow at Temple Beth Dav id with respect
bers. Essentially , many of the practices      to Shabbat ha-Gadol, the Sabbath imme-
that w ould normally be performed on the       diately before Passov er. The synagogue
night or day before the seder are moved        will be kasher le pesah (our kitc hen will
back to Thursday or Friday so as to en-        be closed and locked) already by this
sure proper observance of Shabbat.
Thus, all Passover preparations would be
                                               Sabbath and only kasher le-pesah prod-
                                               ucts w ill be used at Kiddush on Shabbat               Happy
made by Thursday night when bekidat            ha-Gadol.
hametz (search for leaven) is performed,
together w ith its traditional blessing. On    As important as all the preparations for
                                               Passover may be, and as im portant as
                                                                                                   Passover !
Friday morning the remaining leaven is
                                               our dietary “restric tions” are during the
removed and the traditional formula re-                                                           Temple Office 266-3223
cited. (Most traditional haggadot include      festiv al, w e should not loose sight of the
                                               deeper meanings of Passover. That is           Note the new office hours on page 7
the tex ts for these rituals at the front of
the Haggadah. For example, in the RA’s         one reason why I partic ularly lik e the
                                               Rabbinical Assembly ’s Haggadah, since          Please remember to contact the
Passover Haggadah: The Feast or Free-                                                              Temple Office if you are
                                               it is a no-nonsense traditional Haggadah
dom, the tex ts occur on pp. 14–15). All                                                       considering scheduling any kind
                                               (w ith tex tual emendations, if y ou can
food and utensils should now be
                                               catch them !) combined with instructions,      of event at Temple. This will help
pesahdik for Shabbat and the Passover
holiday. Instead of hallot on Shabbat,         interpretations, commentaries, ex plana-          keep everyone informed and
matzah ashirah, “enric hed matzah” (egg        tions and ideas for discussion on ev ery           avoid scheduling conflicts.
matzah) is used. While matzah ashirah          page. Whatever Haggadah you may use,
may not be used for the seder itself, it is    I hope it w ill stim ulate your minds and      We are handic apped accessible and
                                               satisfy your souls as we re-liv e our Exo-       equipped with a hearing loop.
not hametz and may be used during
Passover (as long, of course, that it is       dus from Egypt and examine the im plic a-
kasher le-pesah).                              tions of what freedom means for us as
                                               Jews today.

The mission of Temple Beth David is to provide an environment where the concepts of community prayer, education, and
service to the greater Jewish communit y are provided wit hin the context of Conservative Judaism. We pride ourselv es on being
a friendly, participatory, egalit arian community, welcoming all to be a part of our synagogue family .
  News from VP, Building
  Mike Walker, VP Building             721-9857            Mike@Mik eWalkerHomes.com

  I for one am happy that spring is            coat room (no excuses anymore for         The Building Committee is still looking
  here. We’ll be able to see how the new       taking the w rong coat!) Thanks to Neil   for people to join the committee. We
  entrance plantings w eathered the win-       Hyman and Scott Davis for helping         are looking for people that like to work
  ter. We’ll also be able to add some new      w ith this.                               w ith their hands, hav e some basic home
  plantings to help spruce up the grounds                                                repair skills and w ant to have some
                                               Spring is here! We are planning on
  as w ell. Ov erall, Temple had a pretty                                                fun. We’ll be meeting approx im ately
                                               hav ing our second annual Spring
  good w inter. There w ere v ery few ex tra                                             once a month and identify ing jobs/tasks
                                               Spruce up @ Temple (see below). Last
  ex penses incurred throughout the w in-                                                that need to be taken care of. If y ou’d
  ter. We w ere able to adjust the heat        y ear w e had a good number of helpers like to help fix it … you’re help w ill be
                                               that made the w ork go a lot
  output on the South side of the building                                               w elc omed! Contact me at
                                               quicker. We’d lik e to do a similar thing
  (the Rabbi’s Office, small sanctuary,                                                  Mike@Mik eWalkerHomes.com with
  and both bathrooms.) Previous to the         this y ear and ev eryone can help! We’ll questions or if you’d lik e to join.
                                               hav e groups that help clean up around
  repair the bathrooms and the Rabbi’s
                                               the Rabbi’s house, spread mulc h, plant As alw ays, if you see areas within the
  office w ere v ery cold. With the small
                                               flow ers, spruce up the front entrance,   Temple that need a bit more attention …
  adjustment our heating contractor
                                               clean up the parking lot and much         please don’t hesitate to let me know that
  made, we were able to get those rooms
  comfortable for the occupants. We also       more. Any one can help, please bring      as w ell. We may be ov erlooking some-
                                               any y ard tools that y ou may have as     thing that y ou feel should be addressed
  relocated some track lighting in the front
                                               Temple has lim ited tools. If y ou hav e  and w e’d lik e to know that as
  entrance to utilize some currently un-
  used lights in another area and bright-      any questions and/or to RSVP please       w ell. Thanks and see you on May 4th!
                                               contact me.
  ening the front entrance and also the

 Celebrating the Passover Seder
 Ay ala Emmett                aemt@mail.rochester.edu               244-0865

 On April 19, as w e see the end of Shab-      corner of our house, w e w ould get busy    w ere asked to remember the days of
 bat, w e’ll prepare to sit down for the       preparing mountains of food. We would       our slav ery, and to cherish, uphold and
 Seder. Passover is a special Hag, full        celebrate the Seder w ith grandparents,     nurture freedom.
 of personal, familial and communal            aunts, uncles, cousins and friends w ho
                                                                                          What took place in our house w as re-
 meaning. My early memories of Pass-           came from near and far. The dining
                                                                                          peated in all the houses in our neighbor-
 ov er are of Israel, the place of my child-   room w as full of long tables cov ered
                                                                                          hood, in our tow n, in Israel and in Jew-
 hood. Day s before the Seder, our house       w ith white tablecloth, crisp napkins,
                                                                                          ish communities all over the world.
 in the tow n of Raanana w ould be turned      countless wine bottles, numerous Hag-
 into a hub of cleaning, scrubbing and         gadot, a silv er candelabra, a huge Se-    Grow ing up I had no idea that one day I
                                                                                          w ould liv e in Rochester NY, that I w ould
 polishing. All the w indows w ould be         der plate, a special Matzah cover and
                                                                                          be lucky to find Temple Beth Dav id and
 w ashed and opened and the breeze             roses from our garden. For a few hours
 w ould bring the scent of roses from our      before the Seder, the dining room was      honored to be asked to be the president
                                                                                          of our sy nagogue. On the night of the
 garden. Spring was in the air and in the      serene. The kitchen, by contrast, w as
                                                                                          21 of Nissan we’ll do here what Jews
 home. In the kitchen, on newly papered        noisy , crowded and chaotic. Uncles and
                                                                                          ev erywhere w ill do. We’ll inv ite the
 shelv es, blue for dairy and red for meat,    aunts checked the food, tasted it, and
                                                                                          needy to enter our homes and ex tend it
 w e w ould place ornate dishes, crystal       gav e adv ic e. The men in our family
 w ine glasses, delic ate china cups and       lov ed to cook and lov ed to eat. Every -  to a y earlong of Tzedakah. We’ll en-
                                                                                          courage the y oungest to ask the four
 new ly polis hed silv erware. The Pass-       one asked w hether we had enough
                                                                                          questions, Ma Nishtanah, and ex tend it
 ov er dishes had come with our parents        food.
 and grandparents from far away lands.                                                    to a life-long desire for know ledge. We’ll
                                               Coming back from sy nagogue w e w ould open the door for Elijah, and we will
 Ev ery plate, w ine cup, and Haggadah
                                               sit dow n, raise the Matzah and remind open the door to hope and Jewish re-
 stored our parents’ memories of their
                                               ourselv es of the bread of affliction that new al. I wish y ou all a Hag Sameach, a
 ow n childhoods. To us, the dis hes
                                               our ancestors ate w hen they came out joy ous Passover.
 looked ex otic.
                                               of Egy pt. We were asked not to take
 After chasing the Hametz from ev ery          our plentiful prov is ions for granted. We

Page 2                                                                                                           Temple Beth Dav id
  News from Men’s Club
  Dav e Kaufman              dnj1@frontiernet.net          442-4174

      I guess late is better than nev er.          Believ e it or not, Spring is coming.        The nex t Men’s Club meeting will
      The Men’s Club celebrated the                On April 6th, the men’s club w ill be        be held Sunday May 18 at 9:30 AM
      superbow l in sty le at the Papkin           packing the candles for Yom                  in the Ex ecutiv e Board lounge.
      residence. Here’s a picture of our           Hashoah starting at 9:30 AM. In the          Bring y our ideas for Tikkun Olam.
      motley crew. (See below)                     social hall. Volunteers are needed.
                                                   Yom Hashoah falls out on Thurs-              New members are w elc ome!
                                                   day May 1st.                                 Keep the date: The annual mem-
                                                                                                bership picnic will be held Sunday
                                                   Special thanks goes out to Bill
                                                   Gertzog who has volunteered to               August 31st at Brighton Town Park.
                                                   bring the food donations to Jewish
                                                   Family Serv ic es for families in
                                                   need. Thanks to all of you who
                                                   hav e giv en so generously .

  News from VP Ritual
  Gary Cohen, Ritual VP

  Currently, Ritual is focusing on Pass-       10:00 AM.                                     prior to Pesach (on April 19th) and dur-
  ov er, with an eye tow ard Shav uot. This                                                  ing Pesach (April 26th).
                                               Serv ic es w ill also occur at Temple Beth
  y ear, Passover begins at sunset on April
                                               Dav id on the last tw o days of Passover While Shav uot is a bit further dow n the
  19th and services (for the first and sec-
                                               (namely April 26th (Saturday ) and 27th  road (June 9th and 10th), a special study
                     ond day s) w ill be at
                                                                                        session (on June 8th), including a dairy
                                               (Sunday )) – the serv ic e on the 27th will
                     Temple Beth Dav id on
                                                                                        dinner, is being planned. A Shavuot
                                               include Yizkor. Services for the last tw o
                     April 20th (Sunday )
                                               days will begin at 9:00 AM.              planning committee is currently being
                     and the 21st (Monday ).
                                                                                        formed and any one interested in serv ing
                     First and second day      As currently planned, special Kosher Le
                                                                                        on that committee should please contact
                     serv ices will begin at   -Pesach Kiddushim w ill be provided just
                                                                                        the Temple Office at 266-3223.

                         Save the Date!                                   Sunday, June 8
                           We will have a Dairy Dinner and Study Session
                                     in Celebration of Shavuot
                            Look for all the details in the May bulletin

                                      TBD Spring Clean-Up
                               Come help out! Bring the whole family!
                                            Sunday May 4, 10:30am - 1pm
                                                     Please bring garden implements.
                                                    Light refreshments will be served.
          Please RSVP Mike Walker at 721-9857 or Mike@MikeWalkerHomes.com

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                                              Page 3
         All in the Family To submit information, contact the Temple Office at 266-3223
    Mazel Tov, Bat Mitzvah!                                                             Our Sincere Condolences:
                                                                                        To the friends and family of
   Melissa Meynadasy w ill celebrate                                                                 Vicki Geiger
   her Bat Mitzv ah on April 12, 2008.                                                               Martin Miller
   Melissa is a sev enth grade student at                                                          Michael J. Kahn
   Willink Middle School in Webster.                                                                 Evelyn Gan
   She enjoy s ex pressing her creativ ity
   through art and dance. Melissa is a                                                  A brief tribute from Mac Gan to his
   member of the performance team at                                                    w ife, Evelyn:
   DK Dance Studio. She also enjoys
   spending time with family and friends                                                The quote below is taken from a let-
   and taking care of her tw o leopard                                                  ter I w rote over thirty years ago at our
   geckos, Esmeralda and Poco.                                                          25th w edding anniv ersary, August
   Melissa’s parents, Susan and                                                         25, 1971.
   Michael Meynadasy are v ery proud                                                    “Dear w ife, I have no gift for y ou on
   of the accomplis hed young woman                                                     this milestone of our life together. I
   she is becoming.                                                                     reminisced and thought back all
                                                                                        those y ears and find that fortune has
                                                                                        smiled down on us and has been
   With Love from Harry Cohen                                                           kind. Now on our 25th anniv ersary,
   To my wonderful w ife, Marion Cohen,
                                               Wow!                                     all I can offer y ou is more lov e and
   on our 66th Wedding Anniv ersary!          Amazing!                                  affection for the nex t 25 years.
                                             What a Team!                               Thank G-d, we have come through
              Thanks to:                                                                these y ears unscathed by ill health,
                                                                                        misfortune, or tragedy. When I think
   To Don Grube, Sue Eckhaus’ very           “The Hamantaschen Team”                    back to our first date and the letter
   talented father, for the beautiful new
   oak corkboard dis play piece in the       It w as a pleasure to get together w ith   w riting during the w ar, I begin to real-
                                             these w omen: Adrienne Cohen, Ida          ize how fortunate I w as to have mar-
   entryw ay. You will find the Shabbat
   ev ents as w ell as the current Torah     Dell, Marsha Greenberg and Jewell          ried y ou.
   Commentaries.                             Rothstein. We appreciate y our time
                                                                                        Now , I find this letter still appropriate
                                             and say, “Thank You”.
   To ALL THOSE who donated so                                                          for the 36 additional years w e had
                                                 These wonderful treats w ere
   generously to the family in need of a                                                together. If there is a heaven and
                                             baked for all those attending the
                                                                                        angels abov e, I’m sure they made
   car! Through your donations, they         reading of the Megillah on Thursday
   w ere able to get a used v ehic le on                                                room for one more angel, my w ife,
                                             ev ening, March 20th at 7pm.
   the road!                                                                            Ev ely n.
                                                 We hope you enjoyed the eating
                                             as much as we enjoyed the baking.                                  All my lov e, Mac
                                                -Lois Markus and Annette Shapiro
                                                                                        Please accept our sincere gratitude
                                                                                        for all the support shown to our
                                                                                        mother, Bessie Kopen, during her
                                                                                        stay at the Jewish Home of Roches-
                                                                                        ter New York.
   Get Well Wishes:
   Irving Mindlin                                                                       Bessie is now in residence at Wolk
   Pearl Schwartz                                                                       Manor and would love to see her
   Bertha Astman                                                                        friends.

                                             Mazel Tov!                                 Thank you, Hasse (Halley ), SoraLee
   FOUND: a silv ertone w atch w ith a                                                  (Cook) and Sy Kopen
                                             To the Walker Family, on their
   monkey charm
                                             new est addition, Riley Renée!

Page 4                                                                                                         Temple Beth Dav id
  News from VP, Administration
  Bill Gertzog       bgertzog@gmail.com                     461-4336

  I w ould like to update the congregation     ev ent. The signboard was designed            designations, and retag and shelv e the
  on some of the w ork we are doing to         and built by Mr. Don Grube, the talented      books in their proper locations. We
  keep TBD running smoothly . I hope           father of Sue Eckhaus. Mr. Grube gen-         hope to hav e all this complete in time for
  many of you have noticed that the tem-       erously donated all his labor for this        Jew ish Book month nex t fall. Finally ,
  ple lobby has been enhanced w ith the        project. Meanw hile, our librarian Jeff       thanks to Mik e Berke, w ho has v olun-
  addition of a hand-crafted, free-standing    Kramer has embarked on a plan to re-          teered to w ork with me to rev iew our
  oak signboard for messages and an-           fresh the TBD library. Jeff is currently in   records for the TBD section at Riv erside
  nouncements. We can now welcome              the process of identify ing all books for     Cemetery . We have not yet started our
  people w hen they arriv e for services or    w hic h we have multiple copies; w e w ill    w ork, so if any one else w ould like to join
  other ev ents w ith a small bulletin board   only retain more than one copy of a few       us it w ould be most appreciated.
  of announcements, and copies of cur-         selected titles, making room for new
  rent handouts (such as Shabbat Torah         acquisitions. Jeff w ill also add a little
  Sparks) available for that service or        new shelv ing, rev iew the subject area

              SAVE THE DATE: Sunday and Monday, May 4 & 5, 2008
                  Hiney Ma Tov: How Good It Is to Be Together

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                                                 Page 5
                         TEMPLE BETH DAVID SISTERHOOD
               3        ANNUAL SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE
                                 MAY 9TH & 10TH 2008
                                 “Listening for S till Voices:
                                   Women in the Bible”
                            Guest: Rabbi Gilah Langner
                                 (Back by popular demand)

 Friday, May 9th               6 PM Dinner catered by Bittker

               Meat Menu:       Mushroom & Barley Soup (Parve)
                                Oven Roasted Chicken
                                 Roasted Potatoes/Mixed Vegetables
                                Lemon Meringue Pie

              Vegetarian Menu: Neapolitan of Grilled Vegetables
                               Portobello Mushrooms/Eggplant

             Services: 7:30 pm
             Rabbi Langner: D’var Torah “Mirrors and Song:
                          “The Women of Exodus”
 Saturday, May 10th
            Special Kiddush Sponsored by Sisterhood
            Workshop: “Two Sides of a Coin:“Vashti and Esther”

                            PLEASE FILL OUT & RETURN

 Name                                    phone

 Friday Night Dinner       Qty. Chicken          Qty. Vegetarian   cost $30 per person
                                                                   $15 children under 12
  Includes S aturday Kiddush
                Note:        Donors $100.00 Will be listed in the program
                          Contributors $ 50.00
                          RESERVATIONS by April 30th

 Please make your check payable to: TBD Sisterhood
 M ail to:  S hellie Asher
             264 Clover Hills Dr
             Rochester,NY 14618

Page 6                                                                       Temple Beth Dav id
 News from IHSC
 Marcy Berger        467-7820           marcy.berger@gmail.com

 One of the tasks for the IHSC this year       particular order), in addition to alef-bet    of the Hebrew school is to build connec-
 has been to evaluate our curriculum and       and Tefillah:                                 tions betw een students and v arious
 think about if w e're teaching the kids       • Connection w ith Israel                     facets of Judaism and the Jewish com-
 w hat we want to be teaching them. To         • Ex pression of Jewish v alues               munity. That starts, of course, by being
 this end the teachers, the Curriculum         through the w ay we liv e                     at Hebrew school w hic h is a place for
 Committee, and the Rabbis from the tw o                                                     students to find Jew is h friends and to
                                               • Celebration of holiday s and life
 shuls met on March 2nd to brainstorm                                                        interact w ith them around Jew is h
                                               cy cle ev ents
 w hat we think students should learn in                                                     themes. The group als o felt that if w e
 Hebrew school. We w ere lucky to hav e        • Inv olv ement w ith Jew is h institutions   make sure to teach students in a way
 Ellen Gertzog from TBD as our facilita-       • Continuation of Jew ish learning            that encourages, or ev en mandates,
 tor. We discussed what our goals are          Understanding our place in history            their questions, they w ill receiv e a better
 for our children's education. We came         The most striking thing about the meet-       education and be more en-
 up w ith six categories that w e feel their   ing w as that participants felt strongly      gaged. Thank y ou to all who partici-
 IHSC education should cov er (not in any      that how we teach is equally important        pated!
                                               to w hat we teach. They felt that the task

            ’08-’09 IHSC
        The IHSC will be running regis-
        tration for the 2008-2009 school
        year on Sunday, May 18 at 9:30
        in the IHSC main area.

        Registration forms and tuition                                             SAVE THE DATE!
        payments will be due at that time.
        More information will be available                                      Temple Beth David’s
        in the May bulletin.                                                  Third Annual Golf Outing
                                                                               And Barbeque Dinner
        If you have questions or concerns,
        you can contact Marcy Berger
                                                                           Golf at Lakeshore Country Club
        marcy.berger@gmail.com or Sue
                                                                       Steak, Chicken, and Fish Barbeque Dinner
        Eckhaus seckhaus@yahoo.com.
                                                                            To follow at Temple Beth David
        Please be sure that your temple
        dues are up to date before regis-
                                                                              Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                                                  Page 7
 Kadima News                                                    USY Report
 Rebecca Saltzman, VP Communic ation                            Matt Levy, VP Communication

 Kadima is just having one fun ev ent after another! A            February was fun. We had a presentation by Josh Boress
 Kadima/USY Shabbat w as held on March 8th. It w as so            about many Programs. He talked about how the Federation
 much fun celebrating Shabbat together! A yummy....oops!          allocates money to different charities and the kids had an
 Did I say yummy ? I meant fun! Yes! A fun joint Passov er        activ ity in which they were giv en a dollar amount and had to
 Chocolate Seder with the USY is coming up on April 2nd.          tell how they would allocate the funds. We also had another
 These tw o things have officially confirmed it: Kadima is        USY/ Kadim a Shabbat. We had a mov ie and ice cream
 totally aw esome!                                                ev ent on March 15th which w as a great time. Please sav e
                                                                  the date for the Chocolate Seder with Kadima on April 2nd.

 A Light Is Shining At Temple Beth David
 Dav e Kaufman             dnj1@frontiernet.net

                                           berg and Nancy Kraus, our 7th graders        Our teens rose to the occasion in shar-
                                           and their parents discussed the mean-        ing their thoughts. We discussed
                                           ing of the becoming bar/bat mitzv ah and     the meaning of light and the Neir Tamid.
                                           how to study Torah. This past Saturday,      The ex perience brought a light to us all.
                                           w e attended serv ic es to learn about the   We greatly appreciated the time Nancy
                                           Sabbath pray er service. Did you know        and Rabbi Goldberg put into dev eloping
                                           there are 4 lev els of understanding To-     this program and w e had fun learning.
                                           rah? Do y ou know why w e bend and
                                           mov e this w ay and that during a ser-
 The B'nai Mitzvah for 2008 and their      v ic e? Our 7th graders now
 families hav e been secretly meeting to   do.
 learn w hat it means to become a Bar or
 Bat MItzv ah. We met once at the
 Kraus' home. The Kaufman's hosted the
 second meeting.
 Under the guidance of the Rabbi Gold-

   “…..for a “Summer that Lasts a Lifetime”

             Space available in the
             Second session 2007
              Campers grades 3-7
                July 21-Aug. 18

                Taste of Ramah
        August 3- August 10 (one week)
     August 3 -August 18, 2008 (two weeks)

   For more information contact Netta
   Camp Ramah 416-789-2193 Ext. 29

Page 8                                                                                                        Temple Beth Dav id
  Sisterhood Youth Scholarship Opportunity
  Scholarships are available to Temple              fide Jew ish Organization, and can     Sisterhood offers this incentiv e in the
  Beth Dav id’s y outh who meet the follow -        submit proof therof.                   hopes of encouraging our youth to par-
  ing requirements:                            3. He (she) has submitted a w ritten        ticipate in these educational experi-
  1. His (her) family is a member in good           request to the Sisterhood President,   ences, and hopes that the y outh benefit-
       standing of Temple Beth Dav id and           no later than May 1st of the year of   ting w ill, in turn, be a positiv e influence
       his (her) family is a member in good         the proposed trip.                     on our y outh to join sim ilar activ ities.
       standing of Sisterhood.                 The funds available will be ev enly di-
  2. If the participant has been accepted      v ided among all applic ants, subject to
       into a program sponsored by a bona      the approv al of the Sisterhood Board.

  Office Hours, Rabbi Goldberg                                     Temple Office Hours
  Tuesdays           10am to Noon (new day!)                       Sundays            10:30am - 12:30pm              They’ve
  Sundays            10am to Noon                                                     1:30pm - 5:15pm               changed!
                                                                   Mondays            9:00 am-1pm
  Rabbi’s Office Phone: (585)730-5179                              Tuesdays           9:00am - 12:00pm
  Rabbi’s home phone: (585) 319-4407 (for emergencies)
                                                                                      1:00pm - 5:15pm
                                                                   Wed and Thur       9:00am - 1:00pm
  Office Hours, Ayala Emmett                                       Friday             9:00am - 2:00pm
  None scheduled for April,                                        Saturday           closed for Shabbat
  May 25th in the Conference Room 9:30am - 11:30am
         (585)244-0865                                             Note the office will be closed April 20, 21, 26 and 27 for Pesach

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                                               Page 9
 2008Pesah Guide
 The Rabbinical Assembly
    The Torah prohibits the ow nership of       name of a rabbi or one of the recog-          (for legumes see abov e); milk; butter;
 hametz (leaven) during Pesah. There-           nized symbols of rabbinic superv is ion,      cottage cheese; cream cheese; ripened
 fore, w e arrange for the sale of the          or w hich are not integral to the package,    cheeses such as cheddar (hard), muen-
 hametz to a non-Jew. The transfer,             should not be used without consulting         ster (semi-soft) and Camembert (soft);
 mekhirat hametz, is accomplis hed by           y our rabbi.                                  frozen (uncooked) fruit (w ith no addi-
 appointing an agent, usually the rabbi,                                                      tiv es); baking soda.
 to handle the sale. It is v alid and legal        Prohibited foods include the follow ing:      B. The follow ing foods require no
 transfer of ow nership. At the end of the      leav ened bread, cakes, biscuits, crack-      kosher le-Pesah label if purchased be-
 holiday, the agent arranges for the re-        ers, cereal, coffees containing cereal        fore or during Pesah: Fresh fruits and
 v ersion of ow nership of the now -            deriv ativ es, wheat, barley , oats, spelt,   v egetables (for legumes see abov e),
 permitted hametz. If ow nership of the         ry e, and all liquids containing ingredi-     eggs, fresh fish and fresh meat.
 hametz was not transferred before the          ents or flav ors made from grain alcohol.        C. The follow ing foods require a ko-
 holiday, the use of this hametz is prohib-                                                   sher le-Pesah label if purchased before
 ited after the holiday as w ell (hametz           Most Ashkenazic authorities hav e          or during Pesah: All baked products
 she-avar alav ha-Pesah).                       added the follow ing foods (kitniyot) to      (matzah, cakes, matzah flour, farfel,
                                                the abov e list: ric e, corn, millet, leg-    matzah meal, and any products contain-
    Since the Torah prohibits the eating of     umes (beans and peas; howev er, string        ing matzah); canned or bottled fruit
 hametz during Pesah, and since many            beans are permitted). The Committee           juices (These juices are often clarified
 common foods contain some admix ture           on Jew is h Law and Standards has ruled       w ith kit niyot which are not listed among
 of hametz, guidance is necessary w hen         unanimously that peanuts and peanut           the ingredients. How ev er, if one knows
 shopping and preparing for Pesah.              oil are permissible. Some Ashkenazic          there are no such agents, the juice may
                                                authorities permit, w hile others forbid,     be purchased prior to Pesah w ithout a
     During the eight day s of Pesah,           the use of legumes in a form other than       kosher le-Pesah label); canned tuna
 hametz cannot lose its identity in an          their natural state, for ex ample, corn       (since tuna, ev en when packed in w ater,
 admix ture. Therefore, the minutest            sw eeteners, corn oil, soy oil. Sephardic     has often been processed in vegetable
 amount of hametz renders the w hole            authorities permit the use of all of the      broth and/or hy droly zed protein--
 admix ture hametz and its use on Pesah         abov e. Consult y our rabbi for guidance      how ever, if it is known that the tuna is
 is prohibited. How ever, during the rest       in the use of these products.                 packed exclusiv ely in w ater, without any
 of the y ear, hametz follow s the normal                                                     additional ingredients or additiv es, it
 rules of admix ture, i.e. it loses its iden-   PERMITTED FOODS: A. The follow ing            may be purchased w ithout a kosher le-
 tity in an admix ture of one part hametz       foods require no kosher le-Pesah label if     Pesah label); w ine; vinegar; liquor; oils ;
 and six ty parts of non-hametz (batel be-      purchased prior to Pesah: unopened            dried fruits; candy; chocolate flav ored
 shishim). This affords us the opportu-         packages or containers of natural coffee      milk; ice cream; y ogurt and soda.
 nity to differentiate betw een foods pur-      w ithout cereal additiv es (How ev er, be        D. The follow ing processed foods
 chased before and during Pesah.                aw are that coffees produced by General       (canned, bottled or frozen), require a
                                                Foods are not kosher for Passov er            kosher le-Pesah label if purchased dur-
    What follows is a general guideline.        unless marked KP); sugar, pure tea (not       ing Pesah: milk , butter, juices, vegeta-
 How ev er, y our rabbi should be con-          herbal tea); salt (not iodized); pepper;      bles, fruit, milk products, spic es, coffee,
 sulted w hen any doubt arises. Kosher          natural spices; frozen fruit juices with no   tea, and fish, as w ell as all foods lis ted
 le-Pesah labels that do not bear the           additiv es; frozen (uncooked) v egetables     in Category C.

    Give your treasures a second chance!
    Bring your donations to Temple On April 9th
    9am-Noon for the Sisterhood Arts and Heirlooms Sale
    Call Lois Markus at 342-6793 or Marsha Greenberg at 467-7238 for details

Page 10                                                                                                              Temple Beth Dav id
                                               2 0 0 8 P e s a h G u i d e , con’t.
                                                                                          The Rabbinical Assembly
 DETERGENTS: If permitted during the hours betw een the cleaning and the                         Glass Cookw are: There is a differ-
 y ear, powdered and liquid detergents do immersion in boiling w ater. Metal bak-         ence of opinion as to w hether it is to be
 not require a kosher le-Pesah label.        ing utensils cannot be kashered.             kashered. One opinion is that it must be
                                               C. OVENS AND RANGES: Ev ery                kashered. After a thorough cleansing,
 MEDICINE: Since hametz binders are part that comes in contact w ith food                 there should be w ater boiled in them
 used in many pills, the follow ing guide- must be thoroughly scrubbed and                w hic h w ill ov erflow the rim. The other
 lines should be follow ed: If the medic ine cleaned. Then, oven and range should         opinion is that only a thorough cleansing
 is required for life sustaining therapy, it be heated as hot as possible for a half      is required.
 may be used on Pesah. If it is not for hour. If there is a broil setting, use it.               Glass Bakew are, like metal bake-
 life sustaining therapy , some authorities Self-cleaning ov ens should be scrubbed       w are, may not be kashered.
 permit, w hile others prohibit. Consult and cleaned and then put through the             F. DISHWASHER: After not using the
 y our rabbi. In all cases, capsules are self-cleaning cycle. Continuous clean-           machine for a period of 24 hours, a full
 preferable to pills.                        ing ov ens must be kashered in the same      cy cle w ith detergent should be run.
                                             manner as regular ovens.                     G. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: If the
 KASHERING OF UTENSILS: The D.                        SMOOTHTOP           ELECTRIC        parts that come into contact w ith hametz
 process of kashering utensils depends RANGES present a problem. They can-                are remov able, they can be kashered in
 on how the utensils are used. According not be cov ered with foil, nor heated at a       the appropriate w ay (if metal, follow the
 to halakhah, leav en can be purged from high temperature, nor cleaned with an            rules for metal utensils). If the parts are
 a utensil by the same process in w hic h it abrasiv e cleaner. Consult w ith the         not remov able, the appliance cannot be
 w as absorbed in the utensil (ke-voleo manufacturer on how to clean the                  kashered. (All ex posed parts should be
 kakh poleto). Therefore, utensils used smoothtop. Then discuss w ith your                thoroughly cleaned.)
 in cooking are kashered by boiling, rabbi if that method of cleaning is ade-               H. TABLES, CLOSETS AND COUNT-
 those used in broiling are kashered by quate enough to kasher the smoothtop.             ERS: If used with hametz, they should
 fire and heat, and those used only for Some w ill not be able to be kashered.            be thoroughly cleaned and covered, and
 cold food are kashered by rinsing.           MICROWAVE OVENS, w hic h do not             then they may be used.
                                             cook the food by means of heat, should       I. KITCHEN SINK: A metal sink can be
    A. EARTHENWARE (china, pottery, be cleaned, and then a cup of w ater                  kashered by thoroughly cleaning and
 etc.) may not be kashered. How ev er, should be placed inside. Then the ov en            then pouring boiling w ater ov er it. A
 fine translucent chinaw are w hic h has not should be turned on until the w ater dis -   porcelain sink should be cleaned and a
 been used for ov er a y ear may be used appears. A microw av e ov en that has a          sink rack used. If, how ev er, dishes are
 if scoured and cleaned in hot water.        brow ning element cannot be kashered         to be soaked in a porcelain sink, a dish
    B. METAL (w holly made of metal) for Pesah.                                           basin must be used.
 UTENSILS USED IN FIRE (spit, broiler) E. GLASSWARE: Authorities dis-                     J. HAMETZ AND NON-PASSOVER
 must first be thoroughly scrubbed and agree as to the method for kashering               UTENSILS: Non-Passover dishes, pots
 cleansed and then made as hot as pos- drinking utensils. One opinion requires            and hametz w hose ow nership has been
 sible. Those used for cooking or eating soaking in w ater for three day s, chang-        transferred, should be separated, locked
 (silv erw are, pots) must be thoroughly ing the w ater ev ery 24 hours. The other        up or cov ered, and marked in order to
 scrubbed and cleaned and completely opinion requires only a thorough scrub-              prev ent accidental use.
 immersed in boiling w ater. Pots should bing before Pesah, or putting them
 not be used for a period of at leas t 24 through a dishw asher.

                                 Family Service and Tot Shabbot!
       We invite you to attend these services with your children at 10:30 am on Shabbat mornings.
                      Family Services                                                     Tot Shabbat
            April 5 and 19              May 3 and 17                                  April 5 and May 3
          Designed for school-aged kids/parents.                   Designed for PreK and Kindergarten kids/parents.
      Call Nancy Kraus for details or information                          Call Joanne Katzman for details or
                    (585) 473-5056                                             information (585) 473-3834

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                                           Page 11
 Donations Received February 15 to March 2, 2008 (two weeks only)
 Please Note: Please let us know if a      DAVID SOLOMON FUND                    MITZVAH / KIDDUSH FUND
 donation has been im properly listed      In Memory of:                         In Memory of:
 and w e will lis t a correction. Please   David Blumkin                         Miriam Bauman
 accept our apologies if there is an           Sam & Sandra Cohen (correction)   Arthur Bauman
 error.                                    Henry Shur                            Evelyn Gan
                                               Pearl Schw artz                       Scott & Lori Dav is
 TORAH REPAIR FUND                         David Blumberg                        Michael J. Kahn
 In Memory of:                                 Sandra Brenner (correction)           Pearl Schw artz & Irv Mindlin
 Martin Miller                             Herbert Siegel
     Gladys Garey                                                                KADIMA/USY FUND
                                               Jay and Adrienne Young-Cohen      In Appreciation:
 Max Raphael                               Harry Cohen
     Marv & Linda Raphael                                                        Neil Hyman, for all your help
                                               Sam & Sandra Cohen                    Scott and Lori Dav is
 Happy Birthday Wishes:                    Mildred Deutch
 Art Dell                                      Sy lv ia Stiller                  CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUND
     Gladys Garey                          Rose Kurlanshik                       Happy Birthday Wishes:
  Sam Asher                                    Florence Etingoff                 Art Dell
     Gladys Garey                          Arnold Shapiro                            Joanne Priv es
                                               Harv ey & Linda Berson
  In Appreciation:                                                               MARSHA FISHMAN EDUC. FUND
                                           Evelyn Gan
  Sam Asher for your contribution to           Licia Infantino                   In Memory Of:
     my Adult Education class                  Ann Moser                         Arnold Shapiro
     Elliot Fix                                Ruth Peck                             Robert Kessler
                                               Aaron Brav eman                       Maureen Rosenbaum
 RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                                      Norma Konar
 In Memory of:                                 Harry and Marion Cohen
                                               Rob and Roey Mendel                   Harold & Dolly Fis hman
 Sophie Povolotsky                                                               Evelyn Gan
     Philip & Hetty Mentel                     Sy and Karen Ziv an
                                               Herbert & Juliet Derman               Max ine Newman
 Welcome to the Executive Board!               Dr. Saul & Helen Presberg             Harold & Dolly Fis hman
 Ayala Emmett                                  Fiore and Ann Buttarezzi              Gary Fis hman & Bethany Kandel
 Sue Eckhaus                                                                         Maureen Rosenbaum
     Marc Lande & Linda Serv etnick        Albert Kasdin                             Paul and Judy Eis senstat
 Happy Birthday Wishes:                       Dorothy Sherr                      Albert Kasdin
 Art Dell                                  Howard and Selma Kay                  Richard Grossman
     Marc Lande & Linda Serv etnick           Stephen and Marcia Kay                 Maureen Rosenbaum
                                           David Lustik                              Paul and Judy Eis senstat
 SKOPITZ MEMORIAL YOUTH FUND                  Rae Fleis her
 In Memory of:                                                                   Happy B irthday Wishes:
                                           Happy Birthday Wishes:                Art Dell
 Michael J. Kahn
                                           Art Dell                                  Dav e and Florence Phillips
     Fronie Hoffman
                                               Dorothy Sherr
 Evelyn Gan                                                                      TREE OF LIFE LEAVES
     Judy Linden                           SHIVA CHEVRA                          In Honor of Art Dell’s Birthday,
 Jacob Haymoff                             In Memory of:                             by Edith Warner
     Jew ell Rothstein                     Martin Miller
 Martin Miller                                 Ay ala Emmett                     BOOK MEMORIALS- SIDDURIM
     Leonard & Sheila Berghash                                                   In Memory of:
                                                                                 Martin Miller
 Get Well Wishes to:                                                                 By Sisterhood
 Saralie Foote                                                                       By Annette Shapiro
     Harv ey & Linda Berson

Page 12                                                                                              Temple Beth Dav id
                        VASHTI BANQUET
           Sunday, May 18, 2008 from 3:00pm - 4:30pm
             Banquet in honor of Vashti, King Ahasuerus’ Wife
                     Middle Eastern Food and Entertainment
         Sponsored by Temple Beth David Sisterhood
                                       RSVP Temple Office by May 10th
                              Reply by May 5th to enter a drawing for a free gif t
                 In vite your mother, grandmother, daughter, or friend - All are welcome

                                       SPONSORED KIDDUSHES/CHOLENTS
  March 1, Sponsored Cholent in Honor        April 12, Sponsored Kiddush and          May 17 , Sponsored Kiddush and
  of Art Dell’s Birthday by his wife, Ida.   Cholent in Honor of Melissa Meyna-       Cholent in Honor of Luke Pavone’s Bar
                                             dasy’s Bat Mitzvah by her parents,       Mitzvah by his parents, Marty and
  March 1, Sponsored Kiddush in Honor        Michael and Susan Meynadasy.             Emily Pavone.
  of Art Dell’s Birthday by all of his chil-
  dren and their families.                   May 3, Sponsored Kiddush in Honor of     May 24, Sponsored Kiddush and
                                             the Birth of Riley Walker, by her par-   Cholent in Honor of Maddy Feldman’s
  March 8, Sponsored Kiddush in Honor ents, Mike and Debbie Walker.                   Bat Mitzvah by her parents, Alison
  of Sylvia Roth’s Birthday, by her hus-                                              Helms and Jonathan Feldman.
  band, Bernie.                              May 10, Sponsored Kiddush Luncheon
                                             by Temple Beth David Sisterhood as
  March 22, Sponsored Kiddush and            part of the Scholar-in-Residence Pro-
  Cholent in Honor of all the hard-          gram.
  working Temple volunteers by Stan
  and Michelle Gross.

                                     2008 Temple Beth David Auction
                                        Mark Your Calendar Now!
                                     SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 1- 5 PM
   Start thinking of goods (new items only) and services you, a friend or
   a colleague might like to donate.
   To make a donation, get more information or to join the
   Auction Team, please contact Rich Steinfeld at 271-6223 or
   Jonathan Papkin at 389-4119. More details to come!
            Sponsored by the Temple Beth David Men’s Club

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                                  Page 13
Yahrzeits From 4/1/2008 to 4/30/2008 (Adar-II 25, 5768 to Nissan 25, 5768)
Name                   Observ ed(civ il) Jewish    Name                      Observed on (civil) Jewish
Louis Gerber               Apr. 4     Adar-II 28   Dora Lustik               Apr. 17    Nissan 12
Betty Segelin              Apr. 5     Adar-II 29   Rose Snow                 Apr. 17    Nissan 12
Sara Lambert               Apr. 6     Nissan 1     Abe L. Weinstein          Apr. 18    Nissan 13
Benjamin Schultz           Apr. 6     Nissan 1     Morris Fleisher           Apr. 19    Nissan 14
Anne Solomon               Apr. 6     Nissan 1     Isadore Karinsky          Apr. 19    Nissan 14
Frank Connuck              Apr. 7     Nissan 2     Sylvia Kowal              Apr. 19    Nissan 14
Bess Friedman              Apr. 7     Nissan 2     Harry Simon               Apr. 19    Nissan 14
Shirley Goldman            Apr. 7     Nissan 2     Harry Toker               Apr. 19    Nissan 14
Esther Stein               Apr. 7     Nissan 2     Jonas Berkov              Apr. 20    Nissan 15
Harold Binder              Apr. 8     Nissan 3     Rita Schnidman            Apr. 20    Nissan 15
Philip Fradin              Apr. 8     Nissan 3     Matilda Greenstine Wolf   Apr. 20    Nissan 15
Alan L. Heyneman           Apr. 8     Nissan 3     Max Feldman               Apr. 22    Nissan 17
Herman H. Levine           Apr. 8     Nissan 3     Blanche Gordon            Apr. 22    Nissan 17
Lena Ornstein              Apr. 8     Nissan 3     Benjamin Lehrer           Apr. 22    Nissan 17
Florence Sanow Rappaport   Apr. 8     Nissan 3     Myron Rothschild          Apr. 22    Nissan 17
Earl J. Cohen              Apr. 10    Nissan 5     Mark Schiff               Apr. 22    Nissan 17
Rose Frank                 Apr. 10    Nissan 5     Fannie Bronstein          Apr. 23    Nissan 18
Emily Leah Renzel          Apr. 10    Nissan 5     William C. Kruchten       Apr. 23    Nissan 18
Baby Robert Stuart Berke   Apr. 11    Nissan 6     Jennie Stein              Apr. 23    Nissan 18
Dorothy Sugarman           Apr. 11    Nissan 6     Allen Greenberg           Apr. 24    Nissan 19
William Epner              Apr. 12    Nissan 7     Joseph Marzouk            Apr. 24    Nissan 19
Ezze Levin                 Apr. 12    Nissan 7     Harvey Louis Priceman     Apr. 24    Nissan 19
Ezze Levin                 Apr. 12    Nissan 7     Harold Rosenbaum          Apr. 24    Nissan 19
Mark Millstone             Apr. 12    Nissan 7     Samuel Applebaum          Apr. 26    Nissan 21
Philip Nakrach             Apr. 12    Nissan 7     Selma Bachman             Apr. 27    Nissan 22
Richard L. Howell          Apr. 13    Nissan 8     Ruth Drexler              Apr. 27    Nissan 22
Julius Judovitz            Apr. 14    Nissan 9     Eli Caplin                Apr. 28    Nissan 23
Louis Orlen                Apr. 14    Nissan 9     Samuel Chait              Apr. 28    Nissan 23
Maurice Phillips           Apr. 14    Nissan 9     Ethel Levin               Apr. 28    Nissan 23
Sarah Benne                Apr. 15    Nissan 10    Harold Phillips           Apr. 28    Nissan 23
Charles Zallom             Apr. 15    Nissan 10    Jacob Raphael             Apr. 28    Nissan 23
Richard Braiman            Apr. 16    Nissan 11    Maurice Herzog            Apr. 29    Nissan 24
Charlotte Koltun           Apr. 16    Nissan 11    Leonard Lutzky            Apr. 29    Nissan 24
Sadie Leitman              Apr. 16    Nissan 11    Janette Shindel           Apr. 29    Nissan 24
Nathan W. Stamler          Apr. 16    Nissan 11    Bernard Cramer            Apr. 30    Nissan 25
Betty Drogen               Apr. 17    Nissan 12    Anna Deckter              Apr. 30    Nissan 25
Anna Fradin                Apr. 17    Nissan 12    Abe Hecht                 Apr. 30    Nissan 25
Katherine Gan              Apr. 17    Nissan 12    Dora Schulman Kaufman     Apr. 30    Nissan 25
Samuel Garey               Apr. 17    Nissan 12    Myer Povolotsky           Apr. 30    Nissan 25
Ruth Haymoff Comisar       Apr. 17    Nissan 12    Seymour Weingarten        Apr. 30    Nissan 25
David Levin                Apr. 17    Nissan 12

          Visit our website at: templebethdavid.uscjhost.net/

    Or email the temple office at templebd@rochester.rr.com

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                                                                  Suggested Donations
                                                            Card Mailed Out                        $7.50
                                                            Tree of Life Leaf                  $72.00
                                                            Siddur Sim Shalom                  $30.00
                                                            HH Prayer Book                     $25.00
                                                            Etz Hayim                          $75.00
                                                            Basic Kiddush                      $72.00
                                                            Cholent Sponsor                    $18.00
                                                            Wine & Challah Sponsor             $18.00

                                                            Memorial Plaque                   $270.00
                                                              Non Member                      $414.00

                         385-1006                           3 Memorial Cards or                $18.00
                                                              3 Donation Cards
                     Lynn Baker Alent
                                                            Cemetery Plots In Riverside
                                                              Member                          $400.00
                                                              Non-Member                      $600.00

    Please use this form to request a donation and send it to:
    Temple Beth David, 3200 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY 14617 w ith your check.

    Date ____________     Amount enclosed $___________

    From: _______________________________ To:              ________________________________

             _______________________________               ________________________________

             _______________________________               ________________________________

    Fund :     D. Solomon      M. Fishman      Rabbi Skopitz Youth Fund     Temple Residence
               Mitzvah/Kiddush    TBD Capital Improvement      Library      H. Kraus/Adult Ed.
               Torah Repair Fund     USY/Kadima      Shiva Chevra       Rabbi Discretionary’s Fund

    Minimum Donation is $7.50. If no fund is specified, D. Solomon Building Fund w ill be named.
    Please send card requests and donations to:
    Richard Steinfeld, 144 Dunbarton Dr., Rochester, NY 14618

Temple Beth Dav id                                                                                 Page 15
Temple Beth David                                                                                          Non-Profit
3200 St. Paul Blvd.                                                                                       Organization
Rochester, NY 14617                                                                                       U.S . Postage
                                                                                                         Rochester, NY
                                                                                                        Permit No. 1111

                     An Affiliate of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
                             Thinking of buying or selling?
                                                                  Executive Officers:
                            Do you know someone who is?
                         Allow me to show you the benefits that   President: Ayala Emmett
   Premier Properti es       Century 21 and I have to offer!
   Michael Walker
                                                                  Vice Presidents:
                                                                  • Administration: Bill Gertzog
   1 203 Ri dge Road                                              • Finance: Sy Ziv an
   Web ster , NY 1 4580                                           • Ritual: Gary Cohen
   (office) 585.87 2.3020 ext.43                                  • Education: Sue Eckhaus
   (Mobile) 585.7 21 .9857                                        • Building: Mike Walker
   (E-Mail) Michael .Walker@Century21.c om                        • Recording Secretary: Sue Drex ler
   (Web) www.MikeWalkerHome s.com

Temple Funds:                                                     Temple Activity Chairs:
• Capital Improv ement Fund
                                                                  Judaica Shop: Debbie Steinfeld and Judy Levy
• Dav id Solomon Memorial Building Fund
• Gilbert Rosenbaum Fund                                          Men’s Club: Dav id Kaufman
                                                                  Sisterhood: Florence Phillips
• Herb Kraus Adult Education Fund
                                                                  Bulletin Folding: Mrs. Sylv ia Stiller
• Library Fund
                                                                  Book of Remembrance: C. Halpern & D. Steinfeld
• Marsha Fishman Memorial Education Fund
                                                                  Bingo: Sy lv ia Roth
• Mitzv ah Kiddush Fund
• PreK Shabbaton Fund                                             USY/Kadima Advisor: Sue Kruchten
                                                                  Website Coordinator: Mik e Berke
• Rabbi Skopitz Memorial Youth Fund
                                                                  Shiva Chevra: Florence Phillips
• Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
• Torah Repair Fund                                               Bikkur Cholim: Ellen Gertzog
• Shiv a Chevra Fund                                              Temple Office Phone: 266-3223
• USY/Kadima Fund                                                 Office email: templebd@rochester.rr.com
• Temple Residence Fund                                           Temple Website: www.templebethdav id.uscjhost.net/
                       TEMPLE BETH DAVID
                                Upcoming Events
Apr.    2      USY/Kadima Chocolate Seder @ JCC 7pm
Apr.    5      Family Service/Tot Shabbat 10:30am
Apr.    9      Small Shul Collaborative @ BHBI
Apr.   12      USY/Kadima Shabbat
Apr.   12      Melissa Meynadasy Bat Mitzvah
Apr.   13      Sisterhood Meeting 9:30am
Apr.   16      USY Mtg. @ JCC 7pm
Apr.   19      Family Service 10:30am
Apr.   20      Passover Svc. 9am
Apr.   21      Passover Svc. 9am
Apr.   25      Svc @ JCC at 6pm—Sr. Lounge
Apr.   26      Passover Svc. 9am
Apr.   27      Passover Svc. 9am

Note: No Hebrew School from April 13 to April 27

May    3       Family Service/Tot Shabbat 10:30am
May    7       Kadima Mtg. @ JCC 7pm
May    9-10    Sisterhood Scholar in Residence
May    10      USY/Kadima Shabbat
May    11      Sisterhood Meeting 9:30am
May    11      Israel at 60 Parade (Community Event)
May    14      USY Mtg. @ JCC 7pm
May    14      Small Shul Collaborative @ BHBI
May    17      Family Service 10:30am
May    17      Luke Pavone Bar Mitzvah
May    18      Vashti Pageant
May    20      BOT meeting @ JCC
May    23      Svc @ JCC at 6pm—Sr. Lounge
May    24      Bat Mitzvah Maddy Feldman
April 2008
                                                                                                                                                                    April 2008                                              May 2008
                                                                                                                                                    S     M    T       W         T        F    S            S     M    T       W       T    F      S
                                                                                                                                                                1       2         3    4       5                                        1    2      3
                                                                                                                                                     6     7    8       9        10   11      12             4     5    6      7        8    9     10
                                                                                                                                                    13    14   15      16        17   18      19            11    12   13     14       15   16     17
                                                                                                                                                    20    21   22      23        24   25      26            18    19   20     21       22   23     24
                                                                                                                                                    27    28   29      30                                   25    26   27     28       29   30     31

                              Sunday                           Monday                      Tuesday                      Wednesday                        Thursday                                  Friday                               Saturday
                 Mar 30                            31                           Apr 1                        2                              3                                         4                                 5
                                                                                     Office Open 9- 5:15pm          Ofc. Open 9am-1pm            Ofc. Open 9am-1pm                            Ofc. Open 9am-2pm             9:00am TBD Svc
                                                                                    4:15pm Hebrew School         1:00pm JCC Sr. Group                                                     7:30pm TBD Services               10:00am PreK Shabbaton
Mar 30 - Apr 5

                                                                                                                 7:00pm Chocolate Seder @ JCC                                                                               10:30am Family Svc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            10:30am Tot Shabbat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1:00pm Monthly Study Session - Sponsore

                 6                                 7                            8                            9                              10                                        11                                12
                      Ofc. Open 10:30-5:15pm              Ofc. Open 9am-1pm          Office Open 9- 5:15pm          Ofc. Open 9am-1pm            Ofc. Open 9am-1pm                            Ofc. Open 9am-2pm                USY/Kadima Shabbat
                     9:00am Exec. Board Meeting;                                    4:15pm Hebrew School         12:00pm JCC Sr. Group                                                    7:30pm TBD Services               9:00am TBD Svc
Apr 6 - 12

                     9:30am Hebrew School                                                                        7:30pm Small Shul Coll @ BHBI                                                                              10:00am PreK Shabbaton
                     9:30am Yom Hashoah candle packing                                                                                                                                                                      12:00pm Melissa Meynadasy Bat Mitzvah

                 13                                14                           15                           16                             17                                        18                                19
                      Ofc. Open 10:30-5:15pm              Ofc. Open 9am-1pm          Office Open 9- 5:15pm          Ofc. Open 9am-1pm            Ofc. Open 9am-1pm                            Ofc. Open 9am-2pm                 Family Svc 1030am
                     9:30am NO IHSC                                                 4:15pm NO IHSC               12:00pm JCC Sr. Group                                                    7:30pm TBD Services               Erev Pesach; Jewish Holidays
Apr 13 - 19

                     9:30am Sisterhood Board Meeting                                                             7:00pm IHSC Board Mtg                                                                                      9:00am TBD Svc
                                                                                                                 7:00pm USY Meeting                                                                                         10:00am PreK Shabbaton

                 20                                21                           22                           23                             24                                        25                                26
                        Ofc Closed Pesach                 Ofc. Closed Pesach         Office Open 9- 5:15pm          Ofc. Open 9am-1pm            Ofc. Open 9am-1pm                            Ofc. Open 9am-2pm             9:00am Pesach Svc
                     9:00am Pesach Services            9:00am Pesach Services       4:15pm NO IHSC               12:00pm JCC Sr. Group                                                    6:00pm Svc. @ JCC                 10:00am PreK Shabbaton
Apr 20 - 26

                     9:30am NO IHSC                                                                                                                                                       7:30pm TBD Services

                 27                                28                           29                           30                             May 1                                     2                                 3
                        Ofc. Closed Pesach                Ofc. Open 9am-1pm          Office Open 9- 5:15pm          Ofc. Open 9am-1pm
                     9:00am Pesach Services            7:00pm BOT mtg @TBD;         4:15pm Hebrew School         12:00pm JCC Sr. Group
Apr 27 - May 3

                     9:30am NO IHSC

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