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Kalilintad. (2009 Oct). Vol. II, Issue 1

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Kalilintad. (2009 Oct). Vol. II, Issue 1.

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									Volume II     Issue I
                         October 2009               The Official Publication of the Reconciliatory Initiatives for Development Opportunities (RIDO) Inc.

                                                      Former Gov. Saidamen B. Pangarungan
                                                      enthroned as the new Sultan of Madaya                                           (See full story on page 10)

Actual “rido” settlement, May 27, 2009 at Picong,
Lanao del Sur

Strategic Planning of Tara Clan, August 15-16,
2009 Initao, Misamis Occidental

Consultative Meeting, September 16, 2009, at
Madalum, Lanao del Sur

                                                                            1st Grand Gathering of Dayanglabi Clan (1st Bae sa Radapan)
                                                                                  October 15, 2007, Poona Piagapo, Lanao del Norte

                                                              Information, Education & Communication:
Assessment and Planning Workshop,
June 7-8, 2009, Marawi Resort Hotel,
                                                                   The keys to lasting peace in the
Marawi City                                                                Lanao Provinces
     1                                                                                                                                                              1
                      EDITORIAL                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
        Information, Education and
        Communication: The keys to lasting peace in                   Editorial
        the Lanao provinces
                  Who does not want peace? Nobody wants to
        live in chaos. Nevertheless, life in the Lanao provinces
                                                                      rido updatEs
        is as shaky as fault lines hidden in the Pacific ring.
        From time to time, we hear unfortunate news about
        the instability of peace in the area. Worse, this hinders     thE rolE of thE sultanatE
        development again and again. Do we have the power to             in community and nation
        put an end to this?
                  A revival by the band Session Road blurted the         building: a prEliminary study
        famous phrase, “suntok sa buwan…” when referring to
        something which is impossible to attain. Many people          thE prophEt mohammad's
        living in Lanao claim that achieving peace here is               (p.b.u.h.) last sErmon
        “suntok sa buwan.” This cynicism is the main reason
        why our peace efforts are negligible and superficial up
                                                                      photo gallEry
        to this time.
                  Being hope-less is a sign of hopelessness.
                  First and foremost we must place hope in our        quo vadis moa-ad?
        hearts. A simple sign of optimism is the initial step
        towards any undertaking. By simply believing, we can          thE rp-us vfa trEaty: its
        make miracles. We believe that there is still a chance
                                                                         implications in mindanao and
        to change the scene and image of Lanao by becoming
        well-informed about the situation. This will open our            thE philippinEs as a wholE
        minds as to the true and lasting solution to the volatility
        of peace in the area.
                  The people of Lanao need education and re-
        education about the essence of peace. Regardless of
        culture like “rido,” this should be avoided as much as
        possible as it does not bring any good to the Maranao                     Editorial Board
        community. Basically it hampers socio-economic
        development as it causes conflict among families. If it       Chairman:       Abdul Hamidullah T. Atar, MPA
        remains unabated, it may result to “ubusan ng lahi” or
        persistent retaliation (killings and other crimes) from
        both parties. Another is the wrong use of “maratabat” or      Editor-in-Chief: Sherifa Rohannie O. Kadil-Adiong
        pride. It must be exercised to uplift one’s esteem, not to
        put down others because one is too proud to admit his
        mistakes and weaknesses.                                      Lay-out & Design: Luis Siddick F. Adiong
                  Through civilized communication, people can
        avoid inconsistencies. Even amidst misunderstanding,
        conflicting parties can settle the gap by talking. Taking     Contributors:
        law into one’s own hands will not give permanent inner
        peace. Rather, it will trigger anger and revenge. We           Prof. Dato Hj. Mohd. Hassan Conding Cana
        have to accept the harsh realities of life and learn to                   Skip Garibaldi Islam
                                                                               Datu Meno D. Manabilang
                  Thus,      information,      education       and
        communication are the keys to lasting peace in the Lanao                Datu Nasroddin B. Badio
        provinces. This may entail a lifetime commitment but
        for whatever it’s worth, we will all be saved.

2                                                                                                                         2
                         Assalamu alaykom warahmatullahi wabarakatuho…
                                It is my honor to publish Volume II, Issue I of our
                          official publication, Kalilintad. This material presents the
                          accomplishments of the Reconciliatory Initiatives for
                          Development Opportunities (RIDO) Inc. over the past
    year. It showcases the role of the Sultanate in feud settlements, clan gatherings,
    salsilah making, seminar-workshops on peace as well as the various activities
    conducted towards this end. Such was highlighted by the enthronement of the
    new Sultan of Madaya, former Governor Saidamen B. Pangarungan.
          The struggle for mitigating “rido” and act on its prevention was not an
    easy task. For years, I took this challenge because I have always believed in
    peace. There is need for continuous information, education and communication
    among concerned parties. Without these keys to lasting peace in the Lanao
    provinces, no “rido” case could have been resolved.
          Along this line, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our noble
    partners in peace --- The Good People of America (USAID) and The Asia
    Foundation (TAF). To the United Nations Development Program—Act for Peace
    Programme (UNDP), German Development Service (ded), MIVA-Netherlands,
    Caritas Australia, Books for Asia and the Office of the Presidential Adviser on
    Peace Process (OPAPP), without you, all our goals will not be translated into
    actions. We would be forever grateful for your support and trust in us. May
    your tribe increase.
           Finally, let me share with all of you this prefecture of a long-time dream
    for the Maranao community. I fervently hope that one day, others will duplicate
    our undertakings.
           I ask you to join me in keeping our Lanao a healthy place to live in and
    in realizing our goal of achieving permanent peace.

                                           Abdul Hamidullah T. Atar, MPA
                                                      Executive Director
                                                          RIDO Inc.

3                                                                                            3
        RIDO UPDATES FROM                                               mechanism for dispute settlement. Thus, as catalyst
                                                                        for change, it is indeed important to reevaluate the
        2008-2009                                                       various peace and development interventions in our
                                                                        areas of responsibility so that our resources and
                 Spectacular achievements have been done                efforts can directly address the problems of our
        so far starting from the formal formation of the                constituents.
        organization up to the present. The Reconciliatory                       The intervention for local conflict resolution
        Initiatives for Development Opportunities (RIDO)                has complex approaches. There are short and long
        Incorporated was established four (4) years ago                 term solutions. Since local conflict resolution is a
        by certain individual advocates working for peace               deep responsibility, conflict or locally translated as
        and development endeavors in both Lanao areas.                  “rido” is considered as the most chaotic and tragic
        It adhered specific programs and components as its              social phenomenon in the Maranao society. When
        priority agenda towards the attainment of its vision            a family is involved in rido, most of their socio-
        and goals.                                                      cultural, economic and spiritual activities are limited
                 Over the past two (2) years, RIDO Incorporated         if not totally stagnated. More often than not the
        indulged in several peace building efforts as part of           concentration in both conflicting parties is merely
        its mandates including the following to wit:                    focused on how to retaliate and defend their families
            • Actual local conflict resolution                          during the occurrence of clashes. Diversion of family
            • Clan based peace organizing                               activities is quite serious that even the education of
            • Capacity building and skills enhancement                  children belonging to families involved in the conflict
            • Cultivating good governance                               is set aside for fear of retaliatory attacks by opposing
            • Strengthening partnership building with Local             parties concerned.
                Government Units (LGUs)                                          Rido has caused so much suffering both
            • Basic social services                                     physically and psychologically. This includes trauma
            • Literacy program                                          and fear while rido related to armed confrontations
            • Emergency Relief Assistance                               resulted to several casualties, displacement of
                                                                        communities, and destruction of properties which
        Actual conflict resolution:                                     crippled the local economy. At the peak of a rido
               All societies have traditional ways of                   incident, no family member is spared from the
        managing and resolving conflict either by indigenous            impact, regardless of social position, age, and
        mechanisms or by legal frameworks. These may                    distance. Each one has to contribute both material
        be informal or formal. Respected elders within a                and moral support. A certain Mr. Ibrahim, one of the
        family, clan, religious group, or community may                 survivors of rido, says that in his experience some
        help in solving internal problems or may formulate              of the devastating effects of these feuds included
        a solution, which is deemed legitimate because of               his relocation from home leaving it at the care of
        the elder's wisdom and/or position. The revival of              his in-laws. He even sold his house and returned to
        the traditional method in conflict resolution through           his place of origin while all his other socio-economic
        clan organizing is the most appropriate mechanism               and spiritual activities were temporarily abandoned.
        in Maranao areas. The Maranao Customary Justice                 The extent of rido impacts is indeed far more
        system through clan-based organizing must be                    overwhelming than beneficial.
        strengthened and institutionalized in order to provide                   The use of fire arms as means of conflict
        the Maranao community a reliable alternative                    settlement in Maranao society is common. Rido
                                                                        is considered an integral part of everyday life.
                                                                        Retaliation is generally accepted and expected and
                                                                        no one questions it. An organization like RIDO Inc.
                                                                        is established to further strengthen the potential
                                                                        of clans and traditional leaders as well as local
                                                                        leaders in ending rido. However, the intervention
                                                                        should be recognized and supported by the state
                                                                        in order to sustain its campaigns and advocacies.
                                                                        From 2007-2009, the interventions of RIDO Inc. in
                                                                        rido resolution through traditional mechanism in the
                                                                        Lanao provinces were summarized as follows: (See
                                                                        Table on Page 5)

                                                                        Clan-based peace organizing
                                                                               Maranao people have a collective culture by
        Final settlement of land dispute resulting to multiple murder   nature. Family elders are highly respected and they
        on April 5, 2009 at Marogong, Lanao del Sur                     possess authority bonded with responsibilities to

4                                                                                                                                  4
    Summary of RIDO Inc. Interventions from 2007-2009
                                         No. of    No. of     No. of
      Kinds of rido and its
                                          rido     people    people
            causes                      resolved    killed   injured
    1. Political rivalry related to
                                          15         32        29
       barangay and local election
    2. Land and boundary disputes          9         7         14
    3. Thief, robbery and kidnapping       6         2         8
    4. Slandering, false accusation,
       gossip, swindling, use
                                           6         1         5        Local & brgy. officials, traditional, clan & religious leaders during
       of sarcastic words, and
                                                                        COMMUNITY BASED PLANNING
       degradation of honor
                                                                        May 17, 2009, MSU, Marawi City
    5. Reckless imprudence, car
       accident, and unintentional        11         5         15      conflicts or rido in general. Part of the process and
       harassment                                                      impact of clan organizing includes documentation
    6. Domestic cases including                                        of clan genealogies; identification of potential
       marriage conflict (“shot gun”                                   family and clan leaders; skills enhancement and
       and forced marriage) and            9         2         11      capability building; undertaking monitoring work;
       elopement resulting to serious                                  strengthening rapport; link aging and networking;
       grave threat and confrontation                                  recognition of the sentiments among the people at
                                                                       the grassroots level; and systematizing traditional
    7. Abuse of authority                  3         1         6
    8. Misunderstanding and
       miscommunication resulting to       4         1         5       Salsilah Making
       damage of properties                                                    Determination of clan genealogies is the main
    9. Debt                                3         1         3       output of clan based organizing. For more than four
    10. Competition for traditional                                    (4) years of its existence, there were four (4) major
                                           9         1         6       clans organized while tracing their genealogies.
                                                                               The first clan organized was the Sultanate
    11. Others: Pornography video
                                                                       of Marawi with its three (3) sub-clans namely
      resulting to serious injuries        1         X         1
                                                                       Sidikadatu, Maruhom Sidik and Balindong Jaman
      and grave threat
                                                                       with more than thirty (30) thousand members
    Total                                 76         53       103      situated in twelve (12) municipalities in the Lanao
                                                                       provinces and the City of Marawi. Next was the
    make sure family members do what is best for the
                                                                       Sultanate of Radapan with its membership
    majority rather than what is best for themselves.
                                                                       reaching approximately twelve thousand (12,000)
    In dealing with rido, the elders are expected to
                                                                       and another was the Tara clan with more than thirty
    show strong appeal and influence among the family
                                                                       thousand (30,000) membership situated in nine (9)
    members while considering their welfare in general.
                                                                       municipalities in the Lanao Provinces while the last
    Clan organizing is one way of reviving the cultural
                                                                       one was the Sultanate of Madaya with two (2)
    values and relationships among Maranao people to
                                                                       sub-clans namely Datu A Petheelan and Sarip Batua
    somehow address the proliferation of rido in Lanao.
                                                                       with approximately twenty nine thousand (29,000)
            The awareness and belief among Maranao
                                                                       members situated in eight (8) municipalities in
    people nowadays is still strong although some
                                                                       Lanao provinces and twenty-two (22) barangays in
    aspects are gradually diminishing. The core binding
                                                                       Marawi City. Data gathering was conducted through
    values taught by their forefathers have been slowly
                                                                       interviews, fora and deployment of researchers.
    neglected by the new generation. This is the reason
                                                                               Making salsilah was initiated by the
    why the significance and the actual application of
                                                                       identification of potential leaders influential in conflict
    friendship and mutual respect among Maranaos are
    weakening as well. In effect, killings, robbery and
    hurting someone can be easily done by some people
    because of lesser understanding and awareness
    about the noble values and ethics taught by the
    taritib and ijma.
            Indeed, the significant values of Maranao
    people should reckon and serve as peace strategies
                                                                       Consolidated clan genealogies of the Sultanate of Marawi,
    so that they could not easily involve themselves in
                                                                       Madaya, Radapan and Tara Clan in the provinces of Lanao

5                                                                                                                                                   5
        resolution processes and other peace interventions
        in Lanao. To date, ninety five percent (95%) of clan
        profiles have been collected from the four (4) major
        clans mentioned. Collated data were validated up
        to twelve (12) times with representatives from the
        elders of each clan to ensure genuine membership
        of the clan. This will avoid conflict as soon as the
        selection process for traditional positions within
        the clan is called for. Clan genealogy profiling was
        launched by the clan itself and attended by the
        elders as manifestation of the partial completion of        Seminar Workshop on Conflict Management Training, June 27-28, 2009
        data gathering.                                             Crystal Inn, Iligan City
                As of now, there are more than three
        hundred (300) elders identified in the four (4) clans
        organized who help facilitate and mediate conflict in
        the provinces of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte
        as well as the City of Marawi. Salsilah making is
        a dignified work. It helps ascertain the genealogy
        of a clan. No rido in the Lanao province has been
        formally resolved without tracing and mentioning the
        genealogies or relationship of the conflicting parties.
        Another importance of salsilah is the systematization
        of the traditional leadership among Maranaos.
        Through salsilah, it will neutralize other candidates
        for traditional positions who are not next in rank.         Voter’s Education for the Youth, August 3, 2008, Academic
        It helps facilitate interested candidates to concede        Complex, MSU, Marawi City
        if they are not qualified for the position. As such,
        Salsilah making is one of the most challenging works
        among researchers and development workers.                  Cultivating Good Governance:
                In development endeavors, salsilah could                    One of the hurdles of peace and development
        help identify the right beneficiaries in communities        in Lanao areas was poor governance. This includes
        to facilitate proper distribution of goods or items         the low level of the leaders’ of “technical know how”
        intended for them. Development workers should also          which always serves as basis for the poor delivery
        familiarize the local structure in the communities          of basic services and poor enforcement of laws.
        using the salsilah to identify the right hierarchy of       However, RIDO Inc. believed that the issue on poor
        local authorities because most of the sensitive local       governance starts during election period. When
        decisions are made by the traditional leaders.              people and leaders continue the practice of election
                Salsilah making is one way to link one person       fraud including vote buying among others, in effect,
        to another especially when there is an existing             people could never expect the provision of basic social
        rido. Salsilah always serves as tools for conflict          services and good governance in their communities
        prevention and resolution among Maranao people.             in general. Through this observation, RIDO Inc.
        Finally, salsilah should also be part of the cultural       conducts trainings and workshops related to the
        education among Maranaos particularly the young             promotion of good governance and accountability
        generation to emphasize the importance of kinship           in partnership with several peace stakeholders in
        and blood relations.                                        the communities with the hope to reduce election
                                                                    violence and other electoral discrepancies. RIDO
        Capacity building and skills enhancement:                   Inc. also conducts barangay planning and project
                In clan based organizing, proper consultations      development in selected vulnerable areas to enhance
        and meetings have been undertaken to properly               skills and shape values towards peace building.
        channel the problems within the clan and the
        communities as a whole. Through the process, all            Strengthening Partnership Building with LGU’s
        identified elders craft appropriate intervention for                 Partnership building with local officials is
        capability building and trainings in order to enhance       deemed significant because they have resources and
        their skills, values and potentials in peace building and   at the same time, the capacity to know the facts of
        advocacy. Along this line RIDO Inc. conducts several        rido cases identified in their areas of responsibilities
        trainings on peace education, conflict management,          aside from having legal authority as public servants.
        leadership, good governance and others that help            The role of RIDO Inc. in collaborating with local
        the elders realize their peace advocacy as well as          officials is to exert motivation and encouragement in
        share their knowledge among themselves.                     the performance of their duties and responsibilities in

6                                                                                                                                        6
                                                                         RIDO Inc. helped selected conflicting areas in
                                                                the Lanao provinces particularly from five (5) selected
                                                                barangays in Poona Piagapo, LDN through its project
                                                                entitled “Mitigating the Effects of Armed Conflict
                                                                and Institutionalizing Peace and Development.”
                                                                The project was implemented by ECOWEB Inc. and
                                                                subcontracted by RIDO Inc. The main donor of this
                                                                project was Caritas Australia. From 2006 to 2008,
                                                                RIDO Inc. assisted in the social preparation, several
                                                                capacity building interventions including peace
                                                                education, disaster risk management, leadership
                                                                trainings and formation of barangay peace and
                                                                development plan. The successful components of
    MOU signing between RIDO Inc. and LGU of Balabagan          the project which RIDO Inc. helped in implementing
    June 11, 2008, Balabagan, LDS                               were its water system, livelihood and agriculture as
                                                                well as in health.
    community peace building. Thus, local officials from                 Nevertheless, RIDO Inc. also continues
    the municipal and barangay levels increase their            working on the Stride Mindanao Project for
    commitment and desire to facilitate rido resolution,        Integrated Rehabilitation Program of Tanglaw and
    and implement other basic social services in their          Piangamangaan of Poona Piagapo, LDN. The project
    area of jurisdiction. Based on experience, peace            is funded by the Act for Peace-UNDP for their
    work should not be isolated to one entity or group. It      development intervention among conflicting areas
    needs collective and shared efforts from all sectors        in Mindanao brought by the August 2008 War. It
    of society. In the four (4) years of the existence          is hoped that through the RIDO Inc. intervention
    of RIDO Inc., eighteen (18) local government units          in the communities, people can recover from the
    are working with us to counter rido in the Lanao            impacts of war, emotionally and psychologically. In
    provinces. Working with committed LGU officials             this manner, they can resume with their livelihood
    with traditional leaders in rido settlement and             activities.
    other peace works has always been meaningful and
    significant.                                                Literacy Program and Other Community
    Basic Social Services:                                              Education is the foundation of peace which
           Accordingly, violence escalates because of           RIDO Inc. believes in. Thus, the organization also
    absence of governance and the issue of poverty in           engaged in the distribution of reading materials from
    many areas in the Lanao Provinces. Poor delivery of         Books for Asia. Among its beneficiaries were four (4)
    basic services especially in areas prone to conflict is     elementary schools with more than one thousand
    considered as triggering factor for people to become        (1,000) elementary pupils in the Municipalities of
    more violent and extremist. Peace will never happen         Pantao Ragat, Saguiaran, Marogong, and Poona
    without justice and part of the injustice experienced       Piagapo. It is intended that the reading materials
    by many people in the Lanao areas is the poor               will increase and enhance the knowledge among
    delivery of basic services.                                 community teachers and the pupils in particular.

    Oath Taking Ceremony, Barangay Disaster Coordinating
    Council of Poona Piagapo, LDN, October 21, 2009, Barangay   Book Distribution, June 17, 2008, Poblacion, Poona Piagapo, LDN
    Tangclao, Poona Piagapo, LDN

7                                                                                                                                     7
                  A PRELIMINARY STUDY
        By: Prof. Dato Hj. Mohd. Hassan Conding Cana,
        former Dean of MSU-King Faisal Center for Islamic & Asian
        Studies and served as part of the ARMM Cabinet under
        Maas Nur Misuari, and was recently enthroned by the
        revitalized Royal Sultanate of Madaya, Marawi City, as
        Sultan A Gaus of Malaa Bayabao

        INTRODUCTION                                      facing this challenge, the enhancement of       After five decades, circa 1500-1550 the
                   A great deal has been said and         the Bangsamoro Sultanates under a new,          other Sultanates emerged in mainland
        written about the various aspects of the          dynamic leadership is what is needed now.       Mindanao. Famous among them was the
        Bangsamoro communities, and subsequent            It is deemed necessary to understand fully      Sultanate of Mindanao or Maguindanao
        developments, but not much attention has          the traditional leadership and organizational   whose global recognition came during
        been paid as far as their traditional political   development        of    the    Bangsamoro      the time of Almarhum Sultan Mohammad
        and religious dimensions are concerned.           Sultanates, by considering the core and the     Nasiruddin Dipatuan Qudarat, dubbed as
        It is also a fact that some writers have          history that caused its emergence as an         the unconquerable Sultan in Southeast Asia
        based their interpretations of the cultural       empowered identity to reckon with. In so        (1590-1671). In 1645, he was internationally
        and political transformation on their             doing, national leadership would be best        acknowledged as the sovereign ruler and
        own conjectures and preferences. This             strengthened if the Bangsamoro Sultanates       master of all Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan and
        preliminary presentation owes its formation       would be developed and enhanced as              some Visayan Islands. The King of Spain
        to the writer’s exposure to the institutional     part of the political development of the        recognized him as “Lord of Mindanao”
        development of the Bangsamoro Sultanates          country.                                        after the Spaniards feared and admired
        since the formation of the Nineteen Royal                                                         his superiority and enormous influence
        Houses of Muslim Mindanao in 1973,                THE ORIGIN OF THE BANGSAMORO                    over Southern Philippines that they never
        with religious and political factors exerting     SULTANATES                                      conquered. He reigned over his vast
        influence crucial in the Bangsamoro                         In the Southern Philippines, after    Sultanate for half a century and a few years
        communities. The political system and             the defeats of the early Muslim Kingdoms        before his death in 1671, he became a very
        the sphere of influence was considerable,         or Sultanates in now the greater Manila         pious man anointed as a religious preacher
        particularly before the intervention of the       areas led by Raja Sulayman or Soliman,          of Islam and was given the regal name –
        colonial powers.                                  the acknowledged ancestor of the natives        NASIR-UD-DIN meaning “Helper of Faith”
                   The religious-cultural forces          of Manila, the other Datus and Rajahs of        which was added to his name Qudarat
        underwent a process of decay during the           the Visayan region, following the spheres       meaning “power” in Arabic and “master”
        imperialist-colonial era. The magnitude           of influence of the two pioneering Malay        of Melayu. The Sultan’s heroic military
        of the Bangsamoro commerce conducted              famous empires (the Majapahit and the Sri-      feats, masterful diplomatic leadership and
        by indigenous people have gradually               Vijaya), Mindanao since time immemorial         brilliant economic efficiency coupled with
        dwindleD. The colonial masters and local          became the homeland of the various              his bravery as a Muslim Leader, extremely
        converts directly and indirectly formalized       Bangsamoro Sultanates.                          pious and sophisticated in Islamic learning,
        the policy of the country and subsequently                  In the Sulu archipelago comprising    patient in defeat, magnanimous in victory,
        almost all aspects of social and political        Sabah of North Borneo, Tawi-Tawi, Basilan       steadfast in faith and utterly selfless as
        life in this part of the world solely for their   and parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula there      a ruler who even gained the grudging of
        benefit.                                          sprang the Sultanate of Sulu, circa 1400-       many foes. Among other qualities should
                   The erosion of the legitimacy of       1450 led by Sultan Abu Bakar As-Shariful        inspire other Sultans, datus, baes as well
        the established institutions among native         Hashim         who                              as political leaders to emulate his brand of
        Filipinos, particularly the Bangsamoro            descended from                                  heroism and leadership. For every Filipino,
        communities were replaced by new                  the famous Royal                                either a Muslim or Christian, must fight to
        institutions and styles of leadership. Inspite    House of Johore                                 defend his rights and protect his family,
        of all these, the fundamental aspects of the      and became a                                    fellowmen and homeland so he, too, by
        legitimacy of the Bangsamoro Sultanates           son-in-law of the                               right and justice can be a true Filipino
        are preserved.                                    Sulu ruling family                              hero like Sultan Qudarat who has been
                   The abolition of the Sultanate         of Raja Baguinda                                recognized and acknowledged as one of
        as part of the political system marked the        and       Princess                              our national heroes.
        beginning of the independence period. In          Paramisuli.                                                Other Maguindanaon Sultanates
                                                                                    Raja Sulayman
8                                                                                                                                                        8
    or Kingdoms likewise had emerged like         observe series of Sultanate enthronements          ALLAH Subhanahu-wa-taala.
    that of Rajah Buayan and Kabuntalan that      in areas not classified as part of the classical              It was during the period of the
    up to now have respective sets of Sultans,    Ranao Sultanates. To mention, there is             Osmanli Caliphate that the word Sultan as
    Rajahs and Baes. The famous Raja Buayan       one in Cavite and in Vamenta, Cagayan              head of the state or group of states came
    Sultanate presently has a new Istana right    de Oro. This is one way of reminding the           about. In the Malay World comprising
    at the heart of the Province of Sultan        young generation that once upon a time             the present ASEAN region, almost all
    Kudarat. Its present ruler – HRH RAJA-        we were ruled by Rajahs and Sultans, thus,         countries within including Patani of
    BUAYAN SA BUAYAN IV CONGRESSMAN               reviving the solidarity and harmony of the         Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia,
    DATU PAX MANGUDADATU whose famous             early inhabitants of the country under the         Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia have
    Enthronement Ceremonies last December         Sultanate regime.                                  been ruled by either Raja or Sultan which
    10, 2007 was attended by the royalties                                                           at present is regarded with high esteem in
    from Brunei and Malaysia and Muslim           ITS REVOLUTION                                     Brunei and Malaysia due to their respective
    ambassadors stationed in Metro Manila.                   The word “Sultan” refers to one         foreign colonizers, i.e. the Great Britain
              The famous people of the four       that governs and rules. The “sultanate” is         being the oldest Monarchy in the modern
    principalities of the Lanao region, the       a defined area where the Sultan reigns and         world.
    Maranaos or Mranaws being the youngest        exercises his power. It is of Arabic origin that              The growth and development of
    in terms of the Bangsamoro Sultanates’        means power, authority or government. It           the Bangsamoro sultanates is just a part of
    growth and development in Southern            was mentioned 37 times in the Holy Qur’an,         the Malay World’s constellation of sultanates
    Philippines have adopted the plurality        sometimes it carries the meaning of power          that constitute an important component of
    concept of Sultanates as illustrated by the   or authority from Allah Almighty as, “al-          the successes of Brunei Darussalam and
    Sultanates, dubbed as the Panoroganans        sultan zill ALLAH fi al-ard”, this power or        the Federation of Malaysia.
    composed of the so-called Sixteen Royal       authority reflects ALLAH’s power on earth.                    In Malaysia, the so-called Malacca
    Houses/Sultanates distributed as follows:     Hence, the Qur’an provides further in An-          period is considered the golden age of Malay
    Masiu has 2, Sultanate of Masiu and the       Nisa: 59, “O ye who believe! Obey ALLAH            history. In about 1400 AD, a Malay state led
                                                  Almighty, and obey the Apostle or the              by a Sumatran Prince made its influence
                                                  Prophet of Islam, and those charged with           widely felt in the region. Thus, after the fall
                                                  Authority among you.” Some interpreted it          of the Malacca sultanate, a number of small
                                                  as the sitting and recognition of Sultan in        independent sultanates were established
                                                  a legitimate Sultanate. Thus, in Malaysia,         elsewhere in the various areas in Southeast
                                                  the Malays believe that the Sultans are            Asia, including the Philippines particularly
                                                  still the only hope that kept, including the       in Mindanao. Before its fall, the Malacca
                                                  Bruneian Malays, the Malay identity, the           sultanate earned a reputation as the pre-
                                                  Malay Islamic religion and Malay political         eminent trading port and emporium of
                                                  power alive.                                       commercial activities in SEA and later
                                                             After the prophetic era, the            became a center for the diffusion of ISLAM
    Sultan Pax S. Mangudadatu, Al Hadj            Muslims in the Ummah Islamiyah, inspired           throughout the Malay World.
    Sultan Sa Rajahbuayan                         by the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and                       Malaysia’s nine sultans – who
    Royal House of Datu a Cabugatan of Masiu;     the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH,              routinely choose one among them to serve
    Bayabao Pangampong has three sub-groups,      devised a sort of historical and social            a five-year term as Yang di-Pertuan Agung
    namely: Mala-a-Bayabao with the Sultanate     mechanism that aimed at preserving that            or King – are alive and well in the modern
    of Ramain and the Sultanate of Ditsaan;       power or authority to sustain, develop,            world, ministering to the various needs
    Lumbaa Bayabao with the Sultanates of         preserve and enhance ISLAM. Thus, history          of their subjects. In Brunei Darusssalam,
    Bacolod, Borokot, Maribo and Minitepad;       tells us of the emergence of Caliphate or          HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is the number
    Poona Bayabao with the Sultanates             Khalifah as Caliph Abu Bakr, Caliph Omar,          29th Bolkiah. Aside from being a Sultan/
    of Taporog, Bansayan and Rogan; the           Caliph Usman and Caliph Ali (May ALLAH swt         King, he also acts as the President, Prime
    Unayan Pangampong with the Sultanates         be pleased with all of them). After several        Minister, and Military Commander in-Chief.
    of Bayang, Butig and Pagayawan; and the       decades and centuries was the emergence            Unlike in Malaysia, the governance or the
    Balo-i Pangampong with the Sultanate of       of Empires as elegantly demonstrated               affairs of the government are in the hands
    Balo-i. Under the Panoroganans are the        alternately by the Muwawiyah and                   of the Prime Minister and other ministries
    28 legislative Sultanates that serve as the   Abbasiysah (combination of caliphate               although the Sultan has influence on their
    legislative body of the Ranao Sultanates      empire), then the rise of family dynasties         appointments.
    while that of the Panoroganans serve as the   in Egypt, the sub-continent of India and
    executive body. Thus the four (4) boundary    Pakistan as well as other Arab countries           CONTRIBUTIONS OF BANGSAMORO
    Sulatanates (Kiasosolbian o Bangsa sa         with King and Sultan as head of states or          SULTANATES TOWARDS PEACE AND
    Ranao) serve as the judiciary body of the     federated states under Islamic influence as        PROGRESS
    Ranao Sultanates. This came circa the start   the Mughal Islamic empire and the case of              In 1973, a grand assembly of the
    of the 18th century. What is surprising,      Othoman or Osmanli where heads of states           Royal House of Sulu, and the Sultanates
    maybe due to eagerness and love for the       are known as emir, sultans or functioning          of Mindanao / Maguindanao, Buayan,
    Sultanates, until now one can find and        as khalifah or representing authority from         Kabuntalan and the Ranao Pangampong-

9                                                                                                                                                          9
      Sultanates with the Sultanates of Madaya,              feud and as a reward, North Borneo, known
      Marawi, Guimba, Bacolod and Toros as                   as Sabah was given as gift to the Sulu Sultan
      host with the support of MSU, selected                 by the Sultan of Brunei Kingdom which is
      the Late Almarhum Sultan of Bayang                     the main reason behind the Philippine claim
      Congressman Haroun Al-Rashid Lucman as                 over Sabah. Sabah has always been part of
      the 1st Chairman or Overall Grand Sultan of            the Sulu Sultanate over the past centuries
      the so-called 19 Ruling Houses/Sultanates              which until this date remains unsettled.
      of Mindanao, dubbed as the Paramount
      Sultan to represent the Muslims in the                 CONCLUSION
      country vis-à-vis their rights and plight as                     It has been a clamour, including the
      the poorest and most neglected sectors                 writer, among the well-meaning sector of
      of the country. However, the great Sultan              the Muslim communities or the Bangsamoro
      felt he was betrayed by the late strongman             people to consider the historical role of
      Marcos, so he decided to join the Jihad Fi-            the Mndanao legitimate sultanates in the
      Sabilillah versus the Marcos Regime until              affairs of the government regardless of its
      his demise in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi               structure either parliamentary, federalism
      Arabia.                                                or its present set-up. The added 9th ray
                 Over the past few months,                   of the sun on our flag manifests the urgent
      the Sulu Sultanate, the Maguindanao                    need to give recognition to the role Filipino
      Sultanates, so with Kabuntalan and the                 Muslims played in the defense and struggle              Sultan Kudarat monument fronting the Capitol
      Raja Buayan Sultanate led by Raja Cong. Pax            of our people for independence, liberty,                Building of the Province of Sultan Kudarat
      Mangudadatu and the Panoroganans of the                freedom and justice.
      Ranao region and its 28 grand legislative                        Thus, Muslim leaders including                try to emulate the qualities and brand
      Sultanates led by the Sultan of Marawi are             the various royal-title holders in the                  of leadership and heroism of Almarhum
      all cooperating in the GRP Peace talks with            different sultanates of Mindanao should                 Sultan Dipatuan Qudarat.
      the MILF and other programs of HE-PGMA
      who herself is a part of the Ranao royalties                        Former Gov. Saidamen B. Pangarungan
      as Princess of Masiu (Honoris Causa) for                            enthroned as the new Sultan of Madaya
      the general welfare of the Mindanaoans
                                                                          The leadership of the Sultanate of         Marawi Sultanate League), Sultan Haron Pango
      particularly the Bangsamoro communities.
                                                              Madaya was vacant for over 10 years because            Tomawis, Sultan Haji Mohammad Ali Asgar Bin
                 Thus, in defense of the Malay
                                                              of conflict between the heirs of Radiamoda sa          Sani (Royal Sultanate of Marawi City), and many
      maratabat, Ferdinand Magellan who
                                                              Punod in the person of Sarip Batua and Datu a          others. At the event, the Sultan of Marawi City,
      served as the 2nd in command to Alfonso                 Pitiilan. Both brothers begot 7 heirs each, totaling   Sultan Asgar Sani, thanked The Asia Foundation
      Albuquerque, leader of the Portuguese                   to 14 clans with a population of more than 29,000      and his guest, Dr. Steven Rood, for helping him
      attack/war against the Great Malaccan                   clan members. Through the efforts of a local           and the other Sultanates in Lanao in resolving
      Islamic Malay Empire that caused its total              NGO, Reconciliatory Initiatives for Development        their clan conflict, or rido.
      destruction, in 1511, a group of Cebu Datus             Opportunities (RIDO Inc.), the council of elders of                 The enthronement rites of the Sultanate
      and Iranon fighters led by Datu Lapu-Lapu,              each sub-clan was reconciled after the decade-         of Madaya were a colorful showcase of Meranao
      on March 21, 1521, after ten years of said              long dispute, and reunited the entire clan. This       culture. Its traditional governance structure of
      attack, in a deadliest battle, crushed him and          astonishing reconciliation culminated in the           Meranao society focused on a Sultan. Charged
      mutilated his body including approximately              ceremony witnessed in Marawi City on July 5,           with the obligation to implement traditional laws,
      200 of his military contingents.                        2009.                                                  the Sultan is both a secular and religious leader
                 The Sultan of Sulu accompanied                           The new Sultan of Madaya, Saidamen         who meets specific criteria including lineal origin
      by other Sultans and Datus from mainland                B. Pangarungan, also a former governor of Lanao        and faith, and whose authority is sanctioned by
      Mindanao, in the 17th century, out of                   del Sur, was one of the few family members of          the Quran and the Sunnah. The selection of the
      solidarity with the royalties of the Brunei             the Sarip Batua and Datu a Pitiilan clans who          Sultan of Madaya was a long and complicated
      Sultanate that encompassed the whole                    had a legitimate claim over the Sultanate of           process that included determining the legitimate
      of Borneo and Manila thru the effort of                 Madaya. Aside from his lineage and former              heirs to the throne, developing of selection
                                                              political position he is also a practicing corporate   criteria, determining the roles and responsibilities
      its Prince, Raja
                                                              and litigation lawyer representing various Filipino    of each royal title, and completing the settlement
      Sulayman, rushed to
                                                              and multi-national corporations. He is married         of previous feuds and negotiations among the
      the shores of Sabah
                                                              to Princess Johayra Diamond Ali Pacasum                royal families.
      to help the feuding                                     Pangarungan, Baialabi a Gaus sa Ranao and                           RIDO, Inc. spearheaded the
      royal families of                                       former assemblywoman of the Autonomous                 organization of the clan, profiling of the clan
      Brunei. As a result,                                    Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).                      genealogy, resolving the clan disputes and
      the Sulu Sultan                                                     The datus, baes, and other royal           facilitating the rebuilding of the traditional system
      succeeded in the                                        dignitaries paraded in their traditional attires       of the structure of the Sultanate. It went through
      settlement of the                                       and ornaments with prominent personalities             a variety of difficult steps such as hosting a
                            Sultan Haroun Al-rashid Lucman    and special guests in attendance included              series of dialogues, documenting genealogies,
                                                              the Sultan Monsing Macabando (Chairman,                and the like.

10                                                                                                                                                                           10
     (p.b.u.h.) Last Sermon
     (This sermon was delivered on the ninth day Dhul Hijjah
                                                                   In The Name Of ALLAH,                The man who had spoken
     10 A.H. in the ‘Uranah Valley of Mount Arafat)
                                                                    The Most Beneficent,                took off his hood, looked at
                                                                     The Most Gracious,                 the Imaam and said, “Okay
     “O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not             The Most Merciful !                Maulana ! I have got rid of all
     whether, after a year, I shall be amongst you again.                                               the hypocrites. Now you may
     Therefore, listen to what I am saying to you very                                                  begin your sermon.”
     carefully and TAKE THESE WORDS TO THOSE WHO                 Rasulullah S.A.W. said, “Jannat
                                                                 lies under the feet of your            The two men then turned and
     COULD NOT BE PRESENT HERE TODAY.                                                                   walked out. Too deep not to
                                                                 mother.” Rasulullah S.A.W. said,
                                                                 “If you read the Kalima with           pass on? “Funny how simple it is
     O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this     conviction just once, Jannah           for people to trash Allah ... and
     city as SACRED, so regard the life and property of every    becomes upon you.”                     then wonder why the world's
     MUSLIM as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted                                               going to hell.”
     to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no     Rasulullah S.A.W. said, “A
                                                                 woman who reveals her body or          “Funny how we believe what the
     one may hurt you. Remember that you will meet your          even wears tight fitting clothes       newspapers say ... but question
     LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds. ALLAH      wont come within 500 years of          what the Qu'ran says.” “Funny
     has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all   the smell of Jannah.”                  how everyone wants to go to
                                                                                                        heaven ... provided they do not
     interest obligation shall henceforth be waived.
                                                                 Rasulullah S.A.W. said, “The           have to believe, think, say, or
                                                                 dust which settles on a man            do anything the Quran says.”
     Beware of Satan for the safety of your religion. He
                                                                 while he is out in the path of         “Funny how someone can say
     has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you     Allah; not only the fire, but the      'I believe in Allah' ... but still
     astray in big things, so beware of following him in small   smoke of Jahannam is haraam            follow Shaitaan (who, by the
     things.                                                     for those parts of the body.”          way, also 'believes' in Allah).”

     O People, it is true that you have certain rights with      Rasulullah       S.A.W.       said,    “Funny how you can send
                                                                 “I only curse 3 types of people:       a thousand ‘jokes’ through
     regard to your women but they also have rights over
                                                                 1. Those people who do not look        e-mail and they spread like
     you. If they abide by your right then to them belongs          after their parents when they       wildfire ... but when you start
     the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat          are in old age.                     sending messages regarding
     your women well and be kind to them for they are your       2. Those people who do not take        Allah, people think twice about
     partners and committed helpers. And it is your right           full advantage of the blessed       sharing.”
     that they do not make friends with anyone with whom            month of Ramadan.
                                                                 3. Those people who do not             “Funny how the lewd, crude,
     you do not approve, as well as never commit adultery.          say,       ‘Salallahu-Alayhay-      vulgar and obscene pass freely
                                                                    Wa -A a l a h ay-Wa s a l l a m ’   through cyberspace ... but the
     O People, listen to me in earnest, worship ALLAH, say          when       my      name        is   public discussion of Allah is
     your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month         mentioned.”                         suppressed in the school and
     of Ramadhan, and give your wealth in Zakat. Perform
     Hajj if you can afford. You know that every Muslim          Rasulullah S.A.W. said, “It is         Funny, isn't it? “Funny, how
                                                                 better for a man that a steel nail     someone can be so fired up for
     is the brother of another Muslim. You are all equal.        be driven through the centre
     Nobody has superiority over the other except by piety                                              Allah on Friday ... but be an
                                                                 of his head rather than if he          invisible Muslim the rest of the
     and good action.                                            touches the palm of a strange          week.”
     Remember, one day you will appear before ALLAH and                                                 Are you laughing or crying?
                                                                 PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES OF               “Funny how when you go to
     answer for your deeds. So beware, do not stray from
                                                                 YOUR TIME TO READ THIS.                forward this message ... you
     the path of righteousness after I am gone.                                                         will not send it to many on your
                                                                 Imagine this happening to you...       address list because you're not
     O People, NO PROPHET OR APOSTLE WILL COME                   One day during Jummah Salah,           sure what they believe, or what
     AFTER ME AND NO NEW FAITH WILL BE BORN.                     a 1,000 member congregation            they will think of you for sending
     Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand my         was surprised to see two men           it to them.”
                                                                 enter, both covered from head
     words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two          to toe in black and carrying sub-      “Funny, how I can be more
     things, the QUR’AN and my example the SUNNAH and            machine guns.                          worried about what other people
     if you follow these you will never go astray.                                                      think of me ... than what Allah
                                                                 One of the men proclaimed,             thinks of me.”
     All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to        “Anyone willing to take a bullet
                                                                                                        Are you thinking? Will you
     others and those to others again; and may the last          for Allah remain where you are.”
                                                                                                        share this with people you care
                                                                 Immediately, the congregation
     ones understand my words better than those who listen       fled, and out of the 1,000 there
     to me directly. Be my witness O ALLAH, that I have          only remained around 20.               Or not?
     conveyed your message to your people.

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      RIDO, Inc.

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19                    19
                         QUO VADIS MOA-AD?
                                               By Skip Garlbaldi Islam
      MOA-AD: A Backdrop                    in question suffer a snag. The
               The    Memorandum      of    Kuala Lumpur debacle led to the
      Agreement on Ancestral Domain         pull out of the International Mon-
      (MOA-AD) is a result of several       itoring Team (IMT) contingents
      years of peace negotiations           staying in Mindanao to oversee
      between the National Government       the implementation of the cease-
      of the Republic of the Philippines    fire agreement.
      (NGRP) and the Moro Islamic                   It is ineluctable that due
      Liberation Front (MILF) with the      to the frustration of the ground
      facilitation of the Government of     commanders of the MILF for the
      Malaysia. It is an initiated yet      aborted signing of the MOA-AD
      unsigned document. It is the          in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and
      political package crafted by the      compounded by tirades of the
      parties to the peace talks that       Filipino national and local leaders
      defines the relationship of the       who vociferously opposed the
      Bangsamoro and the Filipino as        agreement in question and their
      nations within a state.               inflammatory statements and
               The MOA-AD is primarily      paroxysm which prodded their
      designed to redress the grievance     people to commit bloodshed if the     responded positively by declaring
      of the Bangsamoro which is            government pursues the signing        the Suspension Of Military Action
      affirmed by the U.S. government       of the controversial document, a      (SOMA)      against   government
      as legitimate.     It provides an     violent conflict erupted anew on      forces and ordered its freedom
      entrenchment of the political         the ground.                           fighters to be in the defensive
      rights of the Bangsamoro. It                  Like in the past conflict,    mode. It is worth noting the
      gives a win-win formula in            houses and properties were            observation of Maulana M.
      resolving the Mindanao problem        burned, crops were destroyed          Alonto, a senior member of the
      which is by nature a sovereignty-     and civilians were caught in the      MILF panel that there is infirmity
      based conflict. It is supposed        firefights. More than 600,000         on the government’s SOMO and
      to silence the gun barrels of the     thousand        civilians,   mostly   inconsistency of the government’s
      Bangsamoro freedom fighters so        Muslims, were displaced in this       policy with respect to the war in
      that peace will take its course       renewed armed conflict and            Mindanao.      The government’s
      and finally rule in Mindanao. But     they were forced to stay in the       propaganda mantra at the
      the Philippine Supreme Court          makeshift refugees centers. The       height of the conflict last year
      issued a Temporary Restraining        Internally     Displaced    Persons   is that they are not waging war
      Order (TRO) to refrain the            (IDPs) are living in the evacuation   against MILF. Its operation is
      government from signing the           centers in sub-human conditions.      only confined to those so-called
      MOA-AD on August 05, 2008 and         The Army’s 6th Infantry Division      “rogue commanders” of the MILF-
      later declared it unconstitutional.   spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan           BIAF who initiated the attacks
      This event has foreclosed the         Ponce said to media groups that       in Mindanao. They are Bravo
      aspiration of the Bangsamoro          the displaced Muslim civilians        Macapaar, Ameril Ombra Kato and
      people for self-rule as it is         are “enemy reserve force”. This       Ali Solaiman. It is paradoxical
      enshrined in the agreement in         poses a serious problem to the        that when it announced the
      question.                             IDPs to return to their place of      SOMO, it excluded those “rogue
                                            origin for they would become          commanders”.          It   evinced
      Resumption of Hostilities             targets of the military.              so to speak that the military
              The international com-                                              operation to capture these MILF
      munities as well as the local sup-    SOMO-SOMA                             commanders has no let-up.
      porters of peace in Mindanao                  Few days before President     With that pronouncement of the
      have expressed their concerns         Arroyo delivered her State of         government, the MILF is finally
      for the non signing of the MOA-       Nation Address (SONA) on              convinced that the government
      AD and urged the protagonists to      July 23, 2009, the government         military offense is not specifically
      the peace parley to exert sincere     announced its Suspension Of           directed against those three
      effort to solve the contentious is-   Military Operation (SOMO) and         “rogue” commanders but to the
      sues which made the agreement         later on july 25, 2009, the MILF      entire MILF organization.

20                                                                                                                       20
                                           a boxing bout. This day-long        deal is a devise to ensure that
     Basilan Encounter                     fighting must not endanger the      the consensus points agreed in
             The peace panels of both      momentum of the MILF-NGRP           the table will not be in vain.
     the NGRP and the MILF recently        peace negotiation. Civil Society             The Bangsamoro youth
     met in Malaysia to re-open            Organizations (CSOs) are calling    leaders have opined that the
     the stalled peace talks. Both         for the impartial, credible, and    renegotiation on some of the
     sides claimed that there were         independent investigation on the    provisions of the MOA-AD is not
     significant breakthroughs in the      incident.                           an assurance that formal signing
     meeting. The peace workers and                 The Basilan incident led   will take place under the Arroyo
     the civilians who are victims of      Senator Rodolfo Biazon, a former    regime for only a few months are
     the armed conflict were delighted     Marine General and now the          left of her presidency. In addition,
     with the new development on           Chairman on the Committee on        the anti-peace in Mindanao like
                                           National Defense in the Senate,     Pinol, Lobregat and Cruz as usual
                                           in filing Senate Resolution 1281    have vented their ire against the
                                           “Expressing the Sense of the        government when it resumes the
                                           Senate for the Suspension for the   peace negotiation with the MILF.
                                           Resumption of the Peace Talks       In their anti-Moro invectives,
                                           with the Moro Islamic Liberation    they vowed to block the peace
                                           Front.” He conducted a series       process. In 2010, the country
                                           of consultation in Mindanao for     will elect a new president. The
                                           rallying support on his plan to     next president will definitely have
                                           impede the on going negotiation     his own peace program which is
                                           between the NGRP and MILF. The      not necessarily similar to that of
                                           Senator doggedly argued that to     Arroyo’s peace policy. Thus, our
     the peace process after a year of     jumpstart a peace negotiation       people will say where the peace
     hiatus. They want that situation      with the MILF is a non-starter,
     on the ground will return to          while violent skirmishes are
     normalcy.                             raging in the battlefields. Some
            But an intervening event       NGOs based in Mindanao are
     occurred last August 12, 2009,        calling not to adopt the Senate
     when the MILF forces under            Resolution.    They demand for
     the 114th Base Command of             the immediate resumption of the
     the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed          peace talks.
     Forces (BIAF) and contingent
     of the Philippine Marines Corps       Peace Policy as Counter
     clashed at Barangay Baguindan,        Insurgency Program                  Thousands of young moros, from different
     Tipo-Tipo, Basilan.       Ten (10)            Some quarters believe       groups and organizations of various schools
     MILF    fighters     martyred,    6   that the peace policy of the        and colleges in the City of Marawi and Lanao del
     wounded and 1 missing in the          national government does not        Sur, gathered and Marshed in Quezon Avenue
     heavy gun fighting, while 23          delve in the root cause of the      of the city for the MARSH PEACE RALLY urging
     marines were killed in action         Mindanao conflict. Its objective    the National Government to continue Peace
     and 30 were wounded. Major            is undoubtedly to cripple the       Negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation
                                                                               Front by respecting and honoring the initialed
     General Benjamin Dolorfino told       insurgency problem and not to
                                                                               MOAD-AD. January 6, 2009
     the press that they coordinated       address the Bangsamoro question.
     with the MILF in their operation      It is a counter insurgency
                                                                               agenda for Mindanao are heading
     against the Abu Sayyaf Group.         mechanism to suppress the
                                                                               to? Will the consensus points on
     But the MILF Chief Peace Panel        Bangsamoro       struggle    and
                                                                               Ancestral Domain agreed upon
     Mohagher Iqbal said that there        the physical extermination of
                                                                               by the peace brokers during
     was no coordination that took         Muslim freedom fighters. The
                                                                               the Arroyo administration be
     place when the military entered       government has a “no coherent
                                                                               honored and respected by the
     the MILF influenced area. The         policy” for peace in Mindanao.
                                                                               next Malacañang leadership? Will
     Marines’ mission was to launch        This is the reason why the MILF
                                                                               the next President be amendable
     an attack against the MILF            has lost its trust to talk peace
                                                                               to the international guarantors?
     stronghold. Both groups were          fully with the government. They
                                                                               Further a succinct query from
     blaming each other of breaching       want a guarantee if peace talk
                                                                               an inquisitive mind is Quo Vadis
     the ceasefire declaration. The        will be revived. The creation of
     General described the encounter       the International Contact Group
     as “slugfest”, as if he is watching   (ICG) in the latest low profile

21                                                                                                                                 21
       The Youth Speaks                                                           My Personal Bookmark:
              By: Aisah B. Musa
                                                                                  An Elder’s Experience
              As a student, I personally involve
      myself in a lot of issues and problems. This
                                                                                  By: Sangcopan Nasroddin Badio
      may include family, friends and academic
      life. Although sometimes these weaken                                               We, the elders, take pride
      me, I always find ways on how to deal with                                  of becoming part of history of
      them effectively. I thought that knowing                                    Ranao through the successful
      how to face these problems is enough to be                                  enthronement of the new Sultan
      considered a better person. And as a person who has been raised in a        sa Madaya, the former Governor of Lanao del Sur,
      place where peace seems so vague, I always seek for peace. I always
      demand for vivid development in our society. But in asking these, I
                                                                                  Atty. Saidamen B. Pangarungan on July 5, 2009. This
      never questioned myself as to what can I contribute to my community         was significant not only for the Maranao clan but for
      and society. What can I do to promote the peace and development I           the future of Muslims. The creation of the Sultanate of
      am always seeking for? These questions have raised as I become a            Madaya must be known not only in our jurisdiction but
      member of the Sultanate of Madaya Youth Organization (SOMY). It             the entire nation. The big number of attendance simply
      is an organization of youth who are willing to accept the challenge of      showed that every member of the sultanate found it a
      improving themselves. SOMY org. has objectives that are relevant to         good and important event for our people. Hence, we
      our society. Such objectives are to promote the youth’s knowledge
                                                                                  should be proliferating with a unique tradition like this
      about the key elements of peace building; to encourage the youth to
      develop creative thinking skills and show their talents; to encourage the   to raise the dignity and nobility of our tribe.
      youth to take responsibility in making our society more peaceful and to
      strengthen solidarity among the youth.                                              The sultanate system brings about positive
              Being an SOM youth has taught me that being young is not an         effects for the Maranao society signifying that we are
      excuse from not doing anything to help improve our society. It made         one “bangsa” or nation strengthened by one “agama”
      me realize that problems in family, friends and academics are not only      or religion, that is, Islam. With one nation and one
      the things we should be concerned about. We all have responsibility         religion, we will be unified and adhered as one. All
      towards our society. We, young people, are full of vibrant ideas. We
                                                                                  sorts of conflicts, rido in particular, which tempt to
      have the energy to try out new things and the patience to learn from
      our mistakes. It is but fortunate that the SOMY org. has given us           break us apart, are resolved by this tradition because
      these opportunities to plan, to decide and to work, in preparation for      we respected and believed in it. It is the sole thing
      the more harsh realities of life. In the SOMY org., we are taught that      that demands our unification as a robust community.
      participation of the youth is important because we are the country’s
      power. We have the ability to recognize problems and solve them. We                 We have witnessed during the enthronement
      are the strong forces in social movements. We can educate children          of the Sultan of Madaya that all consecrated members
      about their rights. We can also help other young people to attain a         were marked with excellence, leadership and
      higher level of intellect and become qualified adults. SOM youth are
                                                                                  eminence. For this, I am truly proud to be enthroned
      also encouraged to stand against the wrongdoings in our society that
      instead of blaming the “faulty” system, we should initiate something        myself during the ceremony. The others were grateful
      to improve it. We, the youth, should also use our brains, strength,         as well.
      creativity and imagination to serve our community. In lieu of asking,
      “who is going to fight corruption?”, we should start the fight. Rather              I also express my appreciation to Atty.
      than arguing over these issues and ruining our country, we should learn     Pangarungan and his wife as well as the seventeen
      to act on them.                                                             Council of Elders especially Mr. Pogie Atar for all his
              As an SOM youth, we have also experienced communicating with        efforts to make this milestone possible. Further, I
      different types of people. In the process, we learned and understood
      the different nature of individuals which enable us to interact with
                                                                                  extend my gratitude to the Executive Committee
      others harmoniously and effectively. I believe that one of the roles of     and The Asia Foundation for their all-out support and
      youth in peace building is to live together without racism and without      cooperation towards this end.
      cultural or religious discrimination. We have to strengthen solidarity.
      In peace building, we can contribute much by not causing troubles or               The enthronement was a monumental
      problems in our community such as using drugs and resorting to bad          experience. I will treasure the moment for the rest of
      habits. We need to learn from yesterday and live with the hopes for a       my days.
      better tomorrow. We should also start by pursuing the change we have
      always dreamt of. And there’s no other time but now, not later.
              I would also like to share a thought from one of my readings. It
      says, “Hesitating to act because the while vision might not be achieved,
      or because others do not share it yet, is an attitude that hinders

                                                                                   Moriatao Sultan sa Madaya Strategic Planning Workshop,
                                                                                   April 11-12, 2009, Cagayan de Oro City

22                                                                                                                                            22
                                By: DATU MENO D. MANABILANG
                                  Sharief Batua of Madaya, Marawi City
                                  Email Add:

             The author belongs to the             Marawi City. The Peace Caravan order
     5th generation of the original Sharief        was as follows: Pagadian City, Iligan City,
     Batua of Madaya, Marawi City and 3rd          Marawi City, Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro
     generation of the great Amai Manabilang       City, Balingasag, Gingoog City, Butuan
     who was the brain and organizer who           City, Bayugan, Moncayo, Nabunturan,             •   7 nuclear frigates
     convened the 1935 Dansalan Declaration        Tagum City, Panabo-Davao City, Toril,           •   7 nuclear battleship
     held at Limbuan a Barat Palace at             Sta. Cruz, Digos, Padala, Dadiangas             •   4 nuclear submarines
     Madaya, Marawi City dated March 18,           (Gen. San.), Polomolok, Marbel, Cotabato        •   2 nuclear airforce carriers
     1935, submitted to Washington DC,             City, Malabang, Marawi City then back to            a. USS Kennedy
     USA, by 121 representatives-signatories.      Iligan.                                             b. USS Nemesis
     The Dansalan Declaration sought to
     exclude Mindanao from the Philippine                   The present Sharief Batua of         We are told that each carrier carries 500
     Independence under the then President         Madaya Datu Meno D. Manabilang was            jet fighters bomber planes or equivalent
     Manuel L. Quezon of the Commonwealth          the 3rd speaker of the TRI-PEOPLE             to 1000 jet fighter bomber planes which
     Government of the Philippines.                PEACE CARAVAN Culmination Program             can outcast any force in Asia, and at
                                                   held at Gen. Santos City along with other     the same time, the thousands military
               The author wishes to remind         speakers like Father Consenju and Father      personnel and combatants are also with
     the good people of Mindanao and the           Pueblo of Butuan City, among others.          this fleet.
     Filipino people that we are seeking the       The grand culmination program was held
     permanent cancellation of the US-RP VFA       at GENSAN on May 03, 1998 followed            Furthermore, we would like to ask some
     believing it is a treaty dangerous to our     by a series of meetings and Press             important questions:
     people and our future generations.            Conference. The Indignation Rally was
                                                   held at Sumbang Point, General Santos          Q.1. What is the extent of authority the
              Thanks to Philippine Daily           City on May 04, 1998. Thereafter, the              American Forces possesses?
     Inquirer which published on front page        groups proceeded home via Cotabato             Q.2. Are they granted automatic waiver
     last September 19, 2009 an article,           City, Malabang then to Marawi City led             of jurisdiction?
     “Palace, Open to Senate Resolution to         by Sharief Batua.                              Q.3. Are they granted free tax?
     renegotiate VFA”, and on second front                                                        Q.4. Are they granted immunity from
     page another article, “Palace backs VFA                  The Caravan-Rally led a common          environmental destructions in the
     renegotiation”. Also, thanks so much to       consensus on the following declarations:           Philippines?
     the seven magnificent senators headed         1. We maintain the firm resolution of          Q.5. NO VISA?
     by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago who             our heroes for a true freedom and           Q.6. NO PASSPORT?
     signed Senate Resolution No. 1356                national independence without foreign       Q.7. No drivers license? They can drive
     asking the Department of Foreign Affairs         intervention;                                   anywhere in our country?
     to renegotiate the Treaty with the US.        2. We uphold the full sovereignty over
     The VFA governs the conduct of military          every inch of our Philippine soil to       If the answer to the above queries are
     exercises between the Filipino and               give full meaning to the Philippine        on the affirmative, this means they will
     American Troops in Philippine soil.              Centennial on June 12, 1998;               enjoy more rights and privileges than
                                                   3. We oppose vehemently the US-RP VFA         any ordinary citizen of this country.
               The stay of American Forces in         and sincerely support all sectors for      Furthermore, they possess more rights
     the Philippines for more than a decade can       the opposition of such agreement;          and privileges in the Philippines than in
     no longer be considered a “visitor status.”   4. We appeal to the national leadership       their country of origin. Moreover, their
     As observed, they exercise privileges            in the name of our national heroes and     exercise of military power in our country
     more than that of an ordinary citizen in         martyrs and of the sacrifices of the       seems to be totally out of control.
     this country. The Mindanao people must           mass Filipino people of the centuries
     be respected and heard because they are          struggle opposing any treaty against       After the two US bases in Luzon have
     the direct victims of this poisonous treaty      the wisdom and well-being of the           been driven out by the Will of God why
     inspite of objections in Mindanao.               Filipino people;                           relocate it in Mindanao.
                                                   5. We sincerely appeal to the Manila-
             Mindanao as a matter of fact,            Luzon people to respect the rights of      Herewith is the copy of the Manifesto
     had staged a TRI-PEOPLE PEACE                    Mindanao people;                           published at the Mindanao Gold Star
     CARAVAN in 1998 which opposed the             6. Take note that the visit of US 7th fleet   Daily dated October 29, 1998. The FIRST
     signing of US-RP VFA. It was held on             to the Philippine soil is not just an      MINDANAO DECLARATION (A Manifesto)
     April 24 to May 04, 1998 or a ten-day            ordinary visit status;                     of Mindanao Muslim NGO’s Coalition
     caravan participated by more than 200         7. We learned from unofficial source that     Against the proposed US-RP VFA headed
     organizations all over Mindanao.                 the Seventh Fleet of the US will lead      by 9 leaders from Lanao with more than
                                                      the VFA with the following armaments       100 organizations.
             The     TRI-PEOPLE         PEACE         and facilities capable of waging a world
     CARAVAN started at the Zamboanga-                war:                                       Signed this 30th day of September
     Pagadian route with a kick off activity in       • 7 nuclear destroyer                      2009 at Marawi City, Lanao del Sur,

23                                                                                                                                            23
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