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									LaBelle Elementary School Newsletter
Newsletter June 4, 2010
Volume 1, Issue 1

                           Teacher’s News

                           I have compiled a group of books I             their world through books. As
                           think many of you would be interested          children become better readers
                           in reading to your class or children in        they will be more willing to take
                           your home. They cover a variety of             risks envolving topics and reading
                           genres and have some fun and creative          levels. I have a short list for you to
                           activities to go with them. Most of            begin our journey. As you read
                           these stories can be used with one             through some of these stories you
Contents                   student or with a group depending on           will most likely remember other
                           what you are working with at the time.         books you read as a child and want
Teacher’s News         1   The love of reading is an aquired              to share them. Relax and enjoy
                           hobby. Children will only grow in their        your time when reading. Your
Mrs. Pratt’s Stories   1
                           love of reading if they are read to            attitude toward reading is the
Stories Continue       2   often and can put their newly gained           biggest selling point to the child
                           knowledge to use. By taking a story            you are tring to encourage to begin
Stories Continue       3
                           that has been read to a child and              loving to read. Don’t forget to ask
Activity Ideas         3   incorporating it into an activity              lots of questions to check for
                           involving the student, you will most           understanding and follow paths
All about Mrs. Pratt   4   likely find the child is very interested       that are interesting to the child or
Websites for Kids      4   in reading more. It may be the same            children you are working with.
                           story again (fluency) or maybe stories
                           on related topics or with the same
                           characters. The reason why children
                           read more is not important. We just
                           want them to love reading and explore

                           Mrs. Pratt’s Stories
                            Winston the Book Wolf by Marni
                           Mcgee                                                         Zoom By Istvan Banyai
                           Winston loves words so much he eats            This is a book with no words but yet it
                           every word he sees. One day he meets a         still shows that when you are looking
                           little girl named Rose and she tells           at something from far away there are
                           Winston that the words are much better         a lot more things to be seen close up.
                           if you eat them with you head. Winston         It starts looking at the comb of a
                           doesn’t know how to read so she teaches        rooster and zooms out all the way to a
                           him to read and he loves to read and he        picture of the earth.
                           doesn’t want to stop.
                           I really enjoyed this book it really relates   There is actually a standard to match
                           to learning how to read and how excited        this book and I tumbled across it
                           reading can be. This would be a great          looking for a book to go along with
                           book to encourage new readers and also         my lesson for a Kindergarten Science
                           beginning readers.                             lesson.
Page 2 of 4                                                                            School Newsletter

                             Max’s Words by Kate Banks                       idea that he would use the words he had
                            Max has two older brothers and they              found to make a story and his brothers
                            both collect things but they will not share      helped him write a story.
                            with him. He really wants to start               I loved this book it really shows children
                            acollection and decides to collect words.        how important words are and would also
                            He begins to look for words everywhere           be a great book for new readers or
                            and he ends up with a big pile of words.         children starting to put words together to
                            His brothers ask him for some words but          tell stories.
                            since they didn’t share with him he
                            didn’t share with them. He finally got an

                            How do Dinosaur’s Say Good Night? By
                            Jane Yolen                                        Just like Josh Gibson by Angela
                            This story is really a great book to help         Johnson
                            fluency and also a great bedtime story. It        This book is an awesome way to show
                            shows children how not to behave when it          children how things were a long time ago
                            is time to go to bed and that they should do      and how much things have changed this
                            what they are told to do when they are            book is about a little african american
                            asked by their mom or dad.                        girl who grows up loving baseball
                            I really enjoyed this book once I found it I      because her dad had told her a story
                            have read it several times to my own              about Josh Gibons who was a great
                            children and they find it very funny.             baseball player. She wasn’t allowed to
                                                                              play baseball because she was a girl and
                                                                              girls weren’t allowed to play. One
                            Burro’s Tortillas by Terri Fields
                            This story is along the some lines as the         day she finally gets the opportunity to
                            little red hen but it is a burro and he is        play and hits it out of the park just
                            tring to make tortillas with corn and his         like Josh Gibons.
                            friends do not want to help do any of the
                            work to prepare the tortillas but once the
                            tortillas are finished they are all ready to
                            eat them.
                            I really enjoyed this story I felt that it not
                            only encouraged children to help others
                            but also how tortillas are made and how
                            much work is put into them to make a
                            meal. Some students may not know the
                            process of making tortillas.
              Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch
              This is a fantsy book this would make your kids really laugh especially
              if they love to play outside. Poor Jule Ann everytime she goes outside
              to play a mud puddle sneaks up and jumps on her and she has to go
              inside get a bath and clean clothes then the mud puddle waits for her to
              come back outside and jumps right back on her. After this happens a
              coule times she is ready to fight back. Read this with children you know
              to find out what she does to get rid of that annoying mud puddle.
School Newsletter                                                                                     Page 3 of 4

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal                            Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen
This book is just a funny book to show                        Mr. Magee and his dog Dee decide to go on a camping
kids that they should eat their vegetables.                   trip thinks to a nosy bear they run into all kinds of
It is a funny story about a little pea that                   mishaps but find their way safely home.
complains about having to eat candy and                       This would be a great story to check prior knowledge of
being excited to eat spinach for dessert.                     camping and forest. The children would enjoy the funny
This story would be a great story to read                     things that happen to Mr. Magee.
as a family.

Platypus Probably by Sneed B.                 live.
This book is a non-fiction story about
platypus’ it is very interesting because
they have been alive since dinosaurs but                                          “Today a reader, tomorrow
you never really hear very much about                                             a leader.” Margaret Fuller
them. They are very interesting little
creatures and this book gives a lot of
information about them. This book also
lists things about the food they eat, the
homes they build and even where they

 Activity Ideas

Activities that go with stories should        books), time lines and cartoon strips give
help the reader show what he or she           children a chance to present the book in
learned from the book. Keep in mind this      another way to show their understanding.
may vary from child to child and from         It is not necessary to check for
age group to age group.                       comprehension by using written
Have children create a hat or vest to         questions needing long answers as a
show what the book was about. Make a          response. Getting children to think will
diarama to retell the story. Children can     get them to want more. Inquiring minds
create a costume to go with a story.          want to know more.
Making books (flip books, picture
All about Mrs. Pratt
Stefanie Pratt is a junior at
Edison College. She is married
and has two children Madison age
6 and Caden age 1. She lives in
LaBelle where she grew up.
Stefanie enjoys fishing and
reading in her free time. She
hopes to get a job teaching
kindergarten or first grade after
finishing her degree from Edison.

Websites for Kids

Great websites for kids it has all kinds of ideas for activites.
This website reads books to kids it is really good for emergent

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