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					                        Robert Allen (
                        The bestselling author of:

                            1.   The One Minute Millionaire
                            2.   Creating Wealth
                            3.   Nothing Down
                            4.   Multiple Streams of Income
                            5.   Cash In a Flash
                            6.   Cracking the millionaire code

Robert Allen colossal best-seller Nothing Down established Robert Allen as one of
the most influential investment advisors of all time. Robert Allen has followed that
success with three other best-selling books including Creating Wealth, Multiple
Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire; as well as the audiocassette
programs "The Road to Wealth" and "Multiple Streams of Income" from Nightingale-

Dear all,

I bought a mp3 player costs S$100 from my friend who attended Robert Allen’s course last
week. He highly recommended this course and most of my friends gave excellent reviews on
it. Inside the mp3 player there are:

    1.   7 chapters of the millionaire code recordings
    2.   16 chapters of info-preneuring recordings
    3.   20 chapters of power of persuasion
    4.   Full book of Your Real Estate Fortune
    5.   Full chapters of Info-preneur Manual
    6.   Full book of Becoming Best Selling Author
    7.   Inner Wealth recordings

I would like to share it with friends from Avita for only $10. If you are interested in it, please
write down your name behind this paper. Thank you.

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Description: This is a folder for me to keep all my course material with Robert Allen. He is an amazing guru.