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Melanie Blum Paraprofessional Aide MD K Discovery School employee hiring

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									                         NORTH HANOVER TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS
                          BURLINGTON COUNTY, NEW JERSEY
A.   BOARD OF EDUCATION AGENDA – September 26, 2006 – Clarence B. Lamb School

     1.    Reading of Public Meeting Notice
     2.    Pledge of Allegiance
     3.    Moment of Silence
     4.    Approval of Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2006
     5.    Report of Appropriations/Transfers
     6.    Board Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports for August
     7.    Certification by Business Administrator
     8.    Certification by Board after Review of Reports
     9.    Bills
     10.   Public Hearing on the Report of Violence and Vandalism for the 2005/2006 School Year
     11.   Public Comments: Item(s) 13, 14, 15, 16

     12.   PERSONNEL – Resolution #07-9/26-14

           Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, I move that the following personnel action(s)
           be approved:

           a.     Emergent Approval of Employee Hiring – N.J.S.A. 18A:6-7.1. et seq. (revised 6/30/98)

                  WHEREAS N.J.S.A. 18A:6-7.1 et seq has been revised and now requires emergent
                  approval to employ an individual prior to receiving criminal history background clearance,

                  BE IT RESOLVED that an application be submitted to the County Superintendent of
                  Schools in accordance with the revised statute, requesting emergent approval of employee
                  hiring for the following individuals for the reasons as indicated:

                  To fill vacancies due to resignations and student enrollment needs:

                  Cafeteria/Playground Aide
                  Zoila Gonzalez
                  MaryLou Jeneske
                  Kristin Smith

                  To have substitutes available when regularly employed staff are absent:

                  Jennifer Ceriale

           b.     Substitutes – 2006-2007 School Year

                  Jennifer Ceriale

           c.     Employment 2006-2007 School Year (*Effective dates of employment are tentative
                  dependent upon completion of required paperwork and approvals.)

                  Jennifer Ceriale, Interim Teacher, Columbia School (for M. Wood), effective September 18,
                  2006 to April 1, 2007 in accordance with Board Policy 4121, B Step 1.

                  Zoila Gonzalez, Cafeteria/Playground Aide, Atlantis School at a rate of $9.25/hr. effective
                  September 27, 2006*.
Agenda – September 26, 2006

                     MaryLou Jeneske, Cafeteria/Playground Aide, Columbia School at a rate of $9.25/hr.
                     effective September 27, 2006*.

                     Kristin Smith, Cafeteria/Playground Aide, Discovery School at a rate of $9.25/hr. effective
                     September 27, 2006*.

              d.     Revised Salary

                     Joanne Walentukonis from Paraprofessional Aide, MD Autistic Program, Atlantis School to
                     Educational Assistant, MD Program, Atlantis School at an annual salary of $12,483.00
                     effective September 1, 2006 (revised from 5/23/06 agenda).

              e.     Leave of Absence/Leave Without Pay

                     Bena Sax, Teacher, Discovery School, using accumulated sick days effective November
                     27, 2006 to January 3, 2007; Family Leave of Absence effective January 4, 2007 to March
                     28, 2007; Unpaid Child Rearing Leave of Absence effective March 29 to March 31, 2007
                     with a return to work date of April 1, 2007.

                     Carol Gordon, Clerk Assistant, Atlantis School, Intermittent Family Medical Leave
                     beginning September 18, 2006.

                     Beth Litus, Teacher, Atlantis School, Leave Without Pay effective November 6, 7, & 8,

                     Donna Ortiz, Educational Assistant, Columbia School, Leave Without Pay, effective
                     November 20, 21 & 22, 2006.

              f.     School Bus Supervision – GST

                     Supervision of one MD student at C.B. Lamb School at dismissal time each school day
                     from 2:45 – 3:15 p.m. Supervision to be provided by paraprofessionals on a weekly
                     rotating basis based on daily rate of pay.

                     Erica Thomas
                     Octaver Robinson
                     Sharon Dwyer
                     Terry Rose (substitute basis)

              g.     Volunteers – 2006-2007 School Year

                       Abad, Jon                                   Lavin, Barbara
                       Alexander, Debbie                           Leake, Harry
                       Alexander, Gerald                           Leake, Manuella
                       Alexander, Sabrina                          LeBeau, Eric
                       Ali, Nisreen                                Leclerc, Tina
                       Anderson, Nurit                             Leddick, Timothy
                       Andrews, David                              Leemon, Rhonda
                       Apalisok, Antoniette                        Leonelli, Angela
                       Astrande, Miriam                            Lewis, Dionne
                       Atchley, Kimberly                           Liang, Michael
                       Ayala, Jennifer                             Link, Robin
                       Bailey, Erika                               Linke, Angela
                       Baker, Erica                                Lipari, Claudia
                       Ballinger, Kevin                            Loftus, Eric & Lisa
                       Ballinger, Kimberly                         Lopez, Elizabeth
                       Barroner, Lawie                             Maguadog, Dean
                       Barus, Dan                                  Major, David
Agenda – September 26, 2006

                       Barus, Kim                  Mammenga, Marcie
                       Baugnet, Michelle           Manning, Dana
                       Baylor-Green, Kellie        Manning, Edward
                       Beason, Angela              Mannino, Denise
                       Beason, Bubba               Marks, Katherine
                       Beaver, Juanita             Marsh, Tania
                       Bell, Colleen               Martin, Bonnie Sue
                       Bellanova, Stephanie        Martin, Heidi
                       Belles, Melissa             Martin, Tim
                       Belles, Stephen             Mason, Patricia
                       Bellocq, Anthony            Mastalerz, Sally
                       Bellocq, Patricia           Mata, Jesse
                       Bender, Darreck             Mata, Maggie
                       Bender, Vivian              Matthews, Jill
                       Black, Donna                Mawer, Cindy
                       Blackmire, Deana            Mayfield, Karla
                       Blass, Shari                McCutchean, Susan
                       Bolenbaugh, Sarah           McFadden, Kassy
                       Bradford, Kawaki            Mcgee, Debbie
                       Bradley, Angela             McGovern, Mary
                       Bradley, Germaine           McGovern, Mary
                       Breuer, Lisa                McHenry, Christina
                       Brewer, Roxanne             Melendez, Marisol
                       Brooks, Lakida              Merchant, Aaron
                       Bryan, Jennifer             Merrington, Casey
                       Buckalew-Randolp, Dawn      Metrik, Heather
                       Bucko, Cheryl               Metrik, Thomas
                       Buonacore, Stephanie        Meyer, Carla
                       Buss, David                 Meyers-Sandefur, Gina
                       Buss, Tina                  Miller, Robin
                       Butler, Bruce               Million, Barbara
                       Byrnes, Kelly               Minard, Karen
                       Campbell, Christina         Minock, Susan
                       Campbell, Karl              Mitchell, Michelle
                       Cantamessa, Margaret        Moffat, Michele
                       Carpenter, Traci            Molnar, Mary
                       Carrney, Margaret           Moore, Darrell
                       Carroll, Andrew             Moore, Deborah
                       Carroll, Donna              Moore, Veronica
                       Carty, Elyse                Morelli, Carol
                       Cavahaugh, Patrick          Morgan, Jennifer
                       Chaney, Shantrail           Moriconi, Deborah
                       Charlesworth, Todd          Morillo, Melissa
                       Cichocki, Charles & Tracy   Morreale, Joseph
                       Coccia, Paula               Morreale, Nina Jo
                       Coerbell, Julitta           Morrill, Chistina
                       Coiro, Heather              Morrill, Jeremy
                       Collier, Angela             Morris, Deborah
                       Colo, Steven                Morrow, Daniel
                       Conk, Jennifer              Morrow, Nikki
                       Conklin, Shawna             Moscatiello, Michael
                       Cooper, Ernest III          Mosier, Brian
                       Cooper, Marcy               Mosier, Choe
                       Cooper, Nicole              Mushinski, Marcy
                       Cortes, Kelli               Neal, Donna
                       Cowan, Melissa              Nelson, Julia
                       Cowen, Terri                Nelson, Lori
                       Coy, Darcie                 Nieves, Heather
Agenda – September 26, 2006

                       Crider, Kimeisa       Nixon, Michelle
                       Cronin, Janette       Nobes, William
                       Cronin, Sean          Noel-Harman, Suzanne
                       Crowe, Berea          Norman, Carl
                       Crowe, Joshua         Normile, Kathy
                       D’Alfonso, Kenneth    Norton, Melissa
                       D’Amato, Cheryl       Nutter, Victoria
                       D'Alfonso, Laura      Orpen, Jim
                       Dalrymple, Donald     Pabst, Leilani
                       Dalrymple, Laurel     Pabst, Michael
                       D'Amico, Bonnie       Pagiotas, Elizabeth
                       Dannelley, Cheryl     Pankins, Talitha
                       Davidson, Melissa     Parker, Jason
                       Davis, Christina      Parker, Trish
                       Davis, Lori           Parks, Tina
                       Davis, Monique        Patterson, Dwayne
                       Davis, Tonya          Patterson, Lolita
                       Davis, Victor         Pena, Lena
                       Day, Candice          Peraza, Matthew
                       Day, Dorothy          Peraza, Rashelle
                       Day, Robert           Perkins, Donna
                       Dean, Brandy          Perritano, Melinda
                       DeBaeche, Candace     Peterson, Deborah
                       Delvecchio, Karen     Peterson, Ronald
                       Demeter, Karen        Pfeiffer, Darla
                       Dennis, Jamie         Phillips, Cheryl
                       Densmore, Kelly       Pinckney, Cliff
                       Dierkens, Edward      Pinckney, Jacqueline
                       Dierkins, Michelle    Piteo, Alisa
                       Ditter, Patricia      Pope, Jennifer
                       Dittmer, Alisa        Powell, Marsha
                       Dollenger, Jennifer   Powell, Quantoinette
                       Dones, Dennis         Presor, Jennifer
                       Douglas, Melissa      Prosser, Tasha
                       Drapeau, Kristina     Pryor, Jacqueline
                       Drummond, Faye        Ramos, Pamela
                       Duffy, Jay            Ramos, Sondra
                       Duffy, Jennifer       Ranalli, Melissa
                       Duffy, Joseph         Redford, Charles
                       Dunbar, Jessica       Redline, Michelle
                       Dunn, Amy             Redwood, Jill
                       Dyott, Cindy          Redwood, Tom
                       Eastland, Chrystal    Reed, James
                       Eastland, Kevin       Reed, Kathleen
                       Ector, Edward         Reinier, Clint
                       Ector, Lenoris        Reinier, Elena
                       Eden, Tamara          Rey, Deborah
                       Edwards, Bob          Reynolds, JaNae
                       Edwards, Carrie       Reynolds, Tina
                       Edwards, Deborah      Ricciardelli, Jessica
                       Edwards, Kevin        Ricciardelli, Michael
                       Elson, Mona           Rice, Sonya
                       Epps, Stephen         Richardson, Carla
                       Ewing, Adele          Robinson, Edwin
                       Falkowski, Linda      Rodriguez, Evelyn
                       Farver, Hal           Rodriguez, Moura
                       Fedison, Kim          Rosado, Janel
                       Fedison, Troy         Roscoe, Jennifer
Agenda – September 26, 2006

                       Felter, Hailley           Rose, Kevin
                       Ferrara, John             Roth, Tammy
                       Ferrara, Shari            Rotta, Laura
                       Filor, Kerry              Rouse, Kelley
                       Fiori, Michelle           Routhier, Aleda
                       Fiori, Thomas             Routhier, Marc
                       Fletcher, Alicia          Salgado, Anita
                       Fletcher, Eugene          Sanders, Christine
                       Fletcher, Luisa           Sandin, Darin
                       Fortney, Sabrina          Sandin, Sheila
                       Foster, Karin             Satterlee, Kathryn
                       Fotou, Nicole             Schmidt, Dawn
                       Fox, Melissa              Sclichenmeyer, Ruth
                       Frank, Carmen             Scott, Carleen
                       Frank, Marina             Scott, Deborah
                       Fricsons, Helen           Scott, Diana
                       Gallo, Jackie             Scott, John
                       Gangel, Ed                Scott, Morris
                       Gangel, Kathy             Seiler, Nicole
                       Garrucho, Marie           Seith, Debra
                       Gaskins, William J. III   Seliga, Kelly
                       Gaudette, Dianne          Shalack, Chantell
                       Geibel, Megan             Sherwood, Winona
                       George, Elizabeth         Shipman, Quinn
                       Gervasio, Chris           Shoffner, Rebecca
                       Gervasio, Mark            Shorey, Yolanda
                       Geurin, Maureen           Shrewsbury, Kerry
                       Geurin, Perry             Silvent, Tara
                       Gilliam, Jennifer         Simmons, Holly
                       Giordano, Caroline        Slack, Pamela
                       Goette, Jouan             Slaton, Jennifer
                       Gole, LeAnne              Smith, Aaron
                       Gonzalez, Eduardo         Smith, Kevin
                       Good, Dana                Smith, Kristin
                       Gordon, Tesra             Smith, Rosanne
                       Graffin, Rachelle         Smith, Wendy
                       Grant, Robine             South, Barbara
                       Green, Elaine             Sowers, Veronica
                       Gregersen, Darla          Spacy, Stephanie
                       Grouser, Casey            Spencer, Suzanne
                       Hagen, Timothy            Spinks, Ameika
                       Haley, Danielle           Stanford, Keri
                       Hallman, Dave             Stanford, Michael
                       Hall-Smith, Diantha       Steiner, Kara Lee
                       Hamblen, Theresa          Steiner, Michael
                       Haney, Gary               Stelljes, Dianne
                       Haney, Renee              Stelljes, Marilyn
                       Hansen, Tanya             Stemmer, Lisa
                       Harris, Amie              Stevens, David
                       Harris, Lewis             Stevens, Gale
                       Harrison, Angela          Stevens, Vanessa
                       Hartman, Carla            Stinglen, Kristie
                       Hartman, Derek            Strauss, Rachel
                       Harvey, Maria             Sturkol, Bobbi
                       Hawkins, Natalie          Swavely, Allyn
                       Hawkins, Stacey           Taddei, Ed
                       Hearn, Kelly              Taddei, Karen
                       Henderson, Donnie         Tajc, Christina
Agenda – September 26, 2006

                       Hess, Katrina         Tartaglia, Debbie
                       Hibbard, Beth         Tate, Latasa
                       Higgins, Barbara      Tenzer, Nadine
                       Higgins, Christina    Thelwell, Fredesica
                       Hill, Kathryn         Thieleman, Ed
                       Hinton, Kim           Thomas, Sherry
                       Holman, Jay           Thompson, Leah
                       Holman, Nancy         Thresher, Marco
                       Hook, Michelle        Thresher, Melissa
                       Hooks, Rodney         Titko, Stephanie
                       Horton, Joseph Jr.    Tores, Karen
                       Horton, Marguerite    Torgerson, Lisa
                       Hughes, Jennifer      Trendell, Monika
                       Hurd, Debora          Trotter, Pamela
                       Hutson, Maryann       Troxel, June
                       Iraca, Kevin          Turnbull, Kodee
                       Iraca, Tracey         Turnbull, Shireen
                       Ireland, Melanie      Ulrich, Denise
                       Irvin, Deb            Ulshafer, Danielle
                       Irvin, Mark           Uribes, Patrick
                       Jackson, Brandie      Valdez, Victoria
                       Jenkins, Dori         Valencia- Morales, Lina M.
                       Johnson, Angie        Valentin, Claire
                       Johnson, Cynthia      Vargas, Crystal
                       Johnson, Kathy        Vinci, Love
                       Johnson, Roy          Vinci, Ryan
                       Johnson, Terrance     Voss, Shannon
                       Johnson, Tonya        Voss, Shawn
                       Jones, Casandra       Walberg, Barbara
                       Jones, Tracy          Walden, Tracy
                       Jordan, Al            Wallace, Anthony
                       Jordan, Albert        Wallace, Mayla
                       Jordan, Amy           Walsh, Jennifer
                       Julia, Philip         Walters, Lynda
                       Kaczor, Wanda         Walters, Michael
                       Kammermeier, Teresa   Webb, Kelly
                       Katona, Debbie        Weiss, Carrie
                       Katz, Marlene         Weiss, Jeffery
                       Katzman, Julee        Wells, Pamela
                       Kelly, Kimberly       West, Loretta
                       Kenney, Julianne      West, Lotta
                       Keris, Beth           Whitbeck, Sandra
                       Keris, Joseph         Whitbeck, William
                       Kerr, Bill            White, Taffy
                       Kiddish, Melinda      Wightman, Mary
                       Kilbride, Minh        Wilkerson, Ruth
                       King, Laura           Wilkinson, Jennifer
                       Knack, Tricia         Willever, Clifford
                       Knecht, Leiha         Willever, Susan
                       Knupp, Ashley         Wilson, Chris
                       Koller, Karen         Wilson, Ora
                       Konopka, Laura        Winters, Lisa
                       Korneluk, Lisa        Witherow, Christine
                       Korosec, Gabrielle    Wold, Karla
                       Kotch, Sean           Wolford, Angela
                       Kovacs, Amy           Wood, Melissa
                       Kowalski, Virginia    Woyce, Christine
                       Kucowski, Debbie      Wright, Duane & Lorreen
Agenda – September 26, 2006

                        La Luz, Janine                                Young, Angela
                        Labrum, Michael                               Yuhas, Debra
                        Lacaillade, Christine                         Zavacky, James
                        Lamoot-Welteroth, Carrie                      Zavacky, Mary
                        Larsen, Angela                                Zavacky, Winifred
                        Lathrop, Jeffrey                              Zimmer, Diane
                        Lavery, Jodi                                  Zimmer, Kevin
                                                                      Zucatti, Lisa

       13.    INSTRUCTIONAL – Resolution #07-9/26-15

              Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, I move that the following instructional
              action(s) be approved:

              a.      Out of District Tuition Student

                      One student (JS) from New Hanover Township to attend the morning session of the
                      Preschool Disabled program for the 2006-2007 school year. Tuition and transportation
                      costs to be determined between the districts.

       14.    FINANCIAL – Resolution #07-9/26-16

              Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, I move that the following financial action(s)
              be approved:

              a.      Authorizing the filing of an application for NCLB funding for FY ’07 as follows:

                              Title I                  $132,235.00
                              Title II                  $58,556.00

                              Title I Schools:          Title I Teachers:

                              Columbia                  S Higgins; B Litus
                              Atlantis                  D. Dutton; B Misselhorn

              b.      Rejecting the following funds for NCLB for FY ’07 as follows:

                              Title II, Part D            $595.00
                              Title III                  $2,829.00
                              Title IV                   $4,214.00
                              Title V                    $1,480.00

              c.      Authorizing the filing of an application for IDEIA funding for FY ’07 as follows:

                              IDEIA Part B (Basic)     $262,760.00
                              IDEIA (Preschool)         $15,103.00

       15.    BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS – Resolution #07-9/26-17

              Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, I move that the following buildings and
              grounds action(s) be approved:

              a.      Approval of Change Order No. 2-08 to the contract with Mastercraft Iron, Inc., the structural
                      steel contractor for the Upper Elementary School project, in the amount of $966.00 for the
                      installation of bearing plates in the auditorium and at stair # 1 to provide additional support,
                      and utilizing the contingency Purchase Order issued at the time of the award of the
                      contract, and resulting in a total adjusted contract cost $1,842,760.23.
Agenda – September 26, 2006

              b.     Approval of Change Order No. 2-09 to the contract with Mastercraft Iron., Inc. the structural
                     steel contractor for the Upper Elementary School project, in the amount of $4,918.00 to
                     relocate the vertical brace in classroom E20, so as to not to interfere with the entrance
                     door to the classroom, and utilizing the existing contingency Purchase Order issued at the
                     time of the award of the contract, and resulting in a total adjusted total contract cost of

              c.     Authorizing the purchase of eight (8) Smart Boards and related appurtenances from
                     Presentation Media, Inc. in the amount of $20,665.00 and authorizing the like sum to be
                     appropriated from the Impact Aid Capital (Reserve) Fund.

              d.     Authorizing the sale of an unneeded server (computer), IBM AS400 Model 9406/25EOS,
                     and an unneeded dot matrix printer, IBM Model 4230, to the Clementon School District for

       16.    TRANSPORTATION – Resolution #07-9/26-18

              Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, I move that the following transportation
              action(s) be approved:

              a.     Joint Transportation Agreement – New Hanover Township B.O.E.

                     Entering into a Joint Transportation Agreement with New Hanover Township Board of
                     Education whereby North Hanover will transport one (1) student from the New Hanover
                     Township School to the Discovery Elementary School for the 2006-2007 school year at a
                     pro-rated cost, effective July 1, 2006.

              b.     Joint Transportation Agreement – Pemberton Township B.O.E.

                     Entering into a Joint Transportation Agreement with Pemberton Township Board of
                     Education whereby North Hanover will transport two (2) students from the Pemberton
                     Township School to the Y.A.L.E. School Southeast in Voorhees, NJ for the 2006-2007
                     school year at a pro-rated cost, effective September 25, 2006.

              c.     Addendum to Y.A.L.E. School Southeast Contract with Wolfington Leasing Corp.

                     Increase in Y.A.L.E. School Southeast contract with Wolfington Leasing Corp. to reflect an
                     additional 22 miles at the contract cost of $1.80 per mile for a total increase of $39.60 (cost
                     to be borne by Pemberton Township Board of Education), effective September 25, 2006
                     bringing the total contract cost per diem to $282.60 (which includes the cost of a bus aide
                     at $49.00 per day).


       1.     Financial Committee                      5.      Buildings and Grounds Committee
       2.     Personnel Committee                      6.      Curriculum/Instructional Committee
       3.     Transportation Committee                 7.      Legislative Update
       4.     Cafeteria Committee
Agenda – September 26, 2006


       1.     Enrollment

               School                           2006-2007                 2005-2006

               Atlantis                            206                       219
               Challenger                          165                       178
               Clarence B. Lamb                    344                       337
               Columbia                            170                       189
               Discovery                           323                       352
                                                  1208                      1264 (-56)
       2.     Non-School Use

              C.B. Lamb
              September 27, 2006 – 3:00-4:30 p.m. – G&T Art
              September 20, October 17, November 15, 2006, January 16, February 21, March 13, April 18,
                     May 8, 2007 – 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. – PTA Meetings
              October 4, 2006 – 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. – PTA Parent Fun Night – Laser Show
              November 1 & 3, 2006 – 3:15-9:30 p.m. – CB Lamb PTA

              November 14, December 19, 2006, January 23, February 24 (3:30 – 9:30 p.m.), April 24, 2007 –
                     5:30 - 9:00 p.m. Cub Scout Pack 199

              September 27, 2006 – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – PTO General Meeting


       Request to use Board of Education fields for Midland Soccer Tournament during the weekend of November
       18 and 19, 2006.

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