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					                            OFFER CREATION WIZARD CHEAT SHEET
                          Complete the following items prior to creating the job offer:

STEP ONE             Open Requisition       Click on the Job Bids link from menu on left.
STEP TWO             Disposition            Place check mark in box next to the candidate(s) name. Click on select an action (at
                     Candidates             the top) and select “Assign Status”. Change the candidate’s status to the appropriate
                                            disposition. All candidates that have been seriously considered, contacted or
                                            interviewed must have a disposition for EEO reporting purposes. (Note: You may
                                            assign the same status for several applicants at the same time by placing a check mark
                                            next to the names of each candidate.)
STEP THREE           Create Offer in        Place a check mark in box next to the selected candidate. Click on select an action (at
                     eMploy                 the top) and select Create Offer. Refer to the information below.
STEP FOUR            Update Candidate       Make sure the home address, home phone, work address and work phone are all
                     Contact Information    included in the Candidate Contact Information panel.

PANEL/FIELD          DESCRIPTION                                               COMMENTS

Requisition Number   Pre-populated          Pre-populates with job requisition number and position title, when the offer is
                                            created from the Requisition - Job Bids panel.
Offer Type           Contingent or Final    Set all offers to Contingent.
Date Extended        Date was offer         Date the verbal contingent offer was communicated to the candidate.
Offer Expiration     Date offer expires     Reminder date for hiring unit to follow up with candidate. Passing the
                     (Required Field)       expiration will not affect the offer in any way.
Appt Begin Date      Date candidate will    Can be any day of the week. The preferred start date for external hires is
                     begin work             Monday to coincide with New Employee Orientation. Please note that if the
                                            start date is not on a Monday, the hiring unit is required to obtain a completed
                                            I9 form (if applicable) from the new employee and submit it to their EPC on
                                            the first day of employment. It is a federal mandate that the I-9 be completed
                                            within the first 72 hours of employment. Failure to comply with the law can
                                            result in termination of employment.
Appt End Date        For Term Limited       Date the term-limited appointment will end.
                     Appointments only
Admin Department     Admin ID for the       Most often the Admin ID and Dept ID will be the same. However, if they differ,
                     hiring department      please make a note of the Dept ID in the Offer Comments section.
Instructional        Not Using this Field   This is for faculty appointments only and should not be populated.
New Employee         New Employee           All external and “temporary to regular hires” are required to attend New
Orientation Date     Orientation Date       Employee Orientation. Orientation begins each week on Monday. In case of a
                                            holiday on Monday, orientation will be scheduled for Tuesday. Specific
                                            orientation information is included in the Final Offer & Welcome letter sent to
                                            each candidate.
Reports to           Hiring Manager or      Automatically populates from the job requisition.
                     Unit HR person
Comments             Offer comments         Use for documenting information regarding RIF or seniority candidates and
                     (limited to 255        acceptance of the verbal contingent offer or any other information pertinent to
                     characters)            the hire. Additional comments may be created as a Word document and
                                            attached in the Document panel of the job requisition and referenced in this

Shortcode           Department             The shortcode(s) that the candidate will be paid from. Always click on the
                    shortcode              orange ADD button for each shortcode row that is needed. Unlimited lines may
                                           be added.
% Effort            Appointment Effort     The percentage of the appointment. (example: 50% = 20 hours)
% Distribution      Distribution of        The distribution percentage for that shortcode/s. (Note: Sum total should
                    shortcode              always equal 100% whether using one shortcode or many)
Sponsored Project   Leave blank or use     In most cases, this section should be left blank or populated with “None”.
Pool                “none” unless          Sponsored project pools are most often used for U-Year faculty appointments.
                    applicable in your     However, there are some units that hire staff with this designation.

                                           Use the Offer Data Calculator located at the following URL:
Compensation                      Offer
Details                                    Data Calculator Worksheet.xls to complete the Compensation Detail fields.
Standard Hours      Enter a number         This is the total number of hours worked per week.
                    between 1 and 40
Appt Period         12 months,             Exempt status positions = 12 months.
                    Biweekly, Hourly       Non-exempt positions = Biweekly.
                                           Bargained-for positions = Hourly.
Full Time Rate      Full Time Rate         Equal to the rate of pay for a full time position, use the Offer Data Calculator
                                           to determine correct full time rate.
Comp Rate           Annual Rate            The comp rate is the annual rate of pay for the standard hours they will work;
                                           use the Offer Data Calculator to determine the correct Comp Rate.
Comp Frequency      Annual, Hourly or      Use the Offer Data Calculator to determine the correct Comp Frequency.
Pay Group           MPP or leave blank     In most cases, this should not be populated. However, there are some units
                                           that utilize the MPP code for hires. Code is most often associated with
                                           research/grant funding and applies to exempt employees.

Additional Pay
Earnings Code       Type of Additional     Code associated with Additional Pay. (Note: You can only include 1 additional
                    Pay                    pay on a hire). For additional pay amounts, please complete a submittal form
                                           in MPathways after the hire is complete and evident in the Mpathways system.
Effective Date      Begin Date of pay      The additional pay needs to be paid within a pay period. Pay periods begin on
                    period                 Sunday. Reference the payroll calendar for the correct Sunday.
Earnings Amount     $ amount               Amount of additional pay the employee will be receiving.
End Date            End date of pay        Additional pay needs to be paid in a pay period. Put the last date of the pay
                    period                 period in this field. Pay periods end on Saturday. Reference the payroll
                                           calendar for the correct Saturday.
Shortcode           Shortcode              The shortcode that the candidate will be paid from.

Approvers           Add approvers for      You may use as many approvers as required by your business process. To add
                    the offer (EPC         approvers, use the search finder to search for and select the name, then click
                    required and should    on ADD APPROVER. If you have more than one approver, add the approvers in
                    be listed last)        the desired order with the EPC listed last and the check the box marked “Send
                                           Approvals in Order”. The approvers will get an email request that prompts
                                           them to approve, approve with conditions, or decline the job requisition. If
                                           declined the job requisition will be deleted, so if changes are required, use
                                           Approve w/Conditions and work with the person who created the offer on the
                                           needed modifications. Please do not save your approver group, as this is not a
                                           user specific save and will be deleted. This is the end of the process, and you
                                           may now click on the SUBMIT button.

Assign              Not Using This Field   EPC will generate Contingent Offer Confirmation letter and the Final Offer
Correspondence                             Letter unless hiring unit has made other service level agreement with the EPC.

SUBMIT              End of Process         Offer will not save unless SUBMIT button is clicked. You can not click on
                                           SUBMIT from the Assign Correspondence panel, you must be in any other
                                           completed panel to SUBMIT
Work Address   Campus address   Once you have created and saved the offer, from the Requisitions – View
               only             Offers page click on OFFERS from the menu, click on the candidate’s name,
                                click CONTACT INFORMATION from the menu, click the orange CHANGE
                                button and update the work address section with the campus address only
                                (the address field(s) and 4 digit campus zip.)


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