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									                            Articulation Agreement and Transfer Guide

                                       Camden County College
                                         Drexel University

Camden County College Program:                        Drexel University Program:
Business Administration (BUS.AS)                      Business Administration (BSBA)

                                                      Including concentrations in: Accounting, Economics,
                                                      Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business,
                                                      International Business, Legal Studies, Management
                                                      Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations

Camden County College Course                    Sem   Drexel University Equivalent Course                 Qtr
                                                Cr                                                        Cr
ENG 101 English Composition I                   3     ENGL 101 Expository Writing & Reading               3
MGT 101 Introduction to Business                3     BUSN 111 Foundations for Business                   4
ACC 101 Accounting I                            3     ACCT 115 Financial Accounting Found                 4
ACC 102 Accounting 102                          3
HIS 101 World Civilization I                    3     HIST 162 Themes in World Civilization II            3
Mathematics Elective (take MTH 121              3     MATH 101 Introduction to Math Analysis I            4
Applied Finite Mathematics)
Health & Exercise Science Elective              1     Free Elective                                       1
ENG 102 English Composition II                  3     ENGL 102 Persuasive Writing & Reading               3
                                                      ENGL 103 Analytical Writing & Reading               3
HIS 102 World Civilization II                   3     HIST 163 Themes in World Civilization III           3
MGT 102 Introduction to Management              3     Free Elective                                       3
Social Science Elective (take any HIS, POL,     3     Social Science Elective                             3
PSY, or SOC course)
Science or Mathematics Elective (take MTH       3     MATH 102 Introduction to Math Analysis II           4
122 Applied Calculus)
LAW 101 Legal Environment/Business Law I        3     BLAW 201 Business Law I*Need Camden                 4
                                                      CC syllabus for department review –pb
ECO 101 Macroeconomics                          3     ECON 202 Economics II                               4
Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts Elective   3     General Education Requirement                       3
(For Literature: ENG 121-191 acceptable)
General Education Elective (take PSY 101        3     PSY 101 General Psychology I                        3
Basic Psychology)
Computer Information Systems Elective           3     Free Elective                                       3
Health & Exercise Science Elective              1     Free Elective                                       1
ECO 102 Microeconomics                          3     ECON 201 Economics I                                4
Social Science Elective                         3     General Education Requirement                       3
Literature Elective (ENG 261-282 acceptable)    3     English Literature Elective                         3
General Education Elective (take PHL 121        3     PHIL 105 Critical Reasoning                         3
Logic & Reasoning)
Business Elective (take ACC 215 Cost            3     ACCT 116 Managerial Accounting Found                4
                                                      Free Electives (resulting from conversion of        17
                                                      Camden CC semester hours to Drexel quarter hours)
Total Credits                                   62    Total Credits                                       90
Agreement Established 2001
Agreement Revised 2006

Important Points to Remember

       The information in this transfer guide is subject to change. Following this guide guarantees
        transfer of credit, assuming student completes the course with a C grade or higher. Following this
        guide does not guarantee admission to Drexel University. Students are strongly recommended to
        consult with an academic advisor or counselor when using this guide.

       To complete a degree from LeBow College of Business, transfer students must:
        A. Complete at least 90 quarter credits through Drexel University
        B. Complete at least 60 quarter business credits through the LeBow College of Business

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Blackwood, NJ 08012                                   Philadelphia, PA 19104

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