; Agent Registered BusinessLegal Entity Name Trading Name if business legal
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Agent Registered BusinessLegal Entity Name Trading Name if business legal

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Agent Registered BusinessLegal Entity Name Trading Name if business legal

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Agent Registered Business/Legal Entity Name               Trading Name (if different from Registered Name)          Address 1                                    Address 2                    Address 3         City                State/Province   Postcode    Country of Agent    Email Address                                                        Contact Person/Principal Agent      Offices
A.E.C Education & Migration Centre                                                                                  Room107 Dixon House                          413 - 415 Sussex Street                        Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       aec@bigpond.net.au                                                   Christina Zheng                           1
ABC Migration & Education Centre                                                                                    Level 8, 370 Pitt Street                                                                    Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       abcstudent@abcsydney.com                                             Yu Zuwen                                  1
AC Overseas Student Centre                                                                                          Suite 1608, World Tower                      87-89 Liverpool Street                         Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       linbenge@hotmail.com                                                 Benge Lin                                 1
Academic Link International                                                                                         Level 1 530 Lonsdale Street                                                                 Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       ssir@academiclink.com.au                                             Ulas Taner                                1
ACE Centre For Education                                                                                            Level 12                                     Suite 1207/370 Pitt Street                     Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       ace_edu@yahoo.com; sydney@ieduace.com                                Jenny Kim                                 1
ACIC Australian College Information Centre                                                                          Level 5 HSBC Centre                          580 George Street                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       john_zhang@acic.com.au                                               John Zhang                                1
Aide Education and Migration                                                                                        4/85 Queen Street                                                                           Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       info@myaide.com.au                                                   Gary Qiang Li                             1
AIS Education Centre                                                                                                Lvl 3, 235 Edward St                                                                        Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       helpdesk@aiseducationcentre.com                                      Jonathan Hoole                            1
Alpha Education Consulting                                                                                          Suite 5, Level 3                             337 Sussex Street                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       alpha_ozedu@yahoo.com.au; info@alphaimmi.com.au                      Liz Chen                                  1
Ample Education Services                                                                                            Suite 103                                    379-383 Pitt Street                            Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       jennyample@hotmail.com                                               Jenny Lo                                  1
Apex Education Consultant Centre                                                                                    Suite 457 Lvl 5 311-315 Castlereagh Street                                                  Haymarket                NSW           2000          Australia       aeccedu@tpg.com.au                                                   Ms Sophie Qi                              1
Aspect Education Sydney Pty Ltd                           Kaplan Aspect Sydney                                      98-104 Goulburn Street                                                                      Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       sue.bakir@kaplan.com                                                 Sue Bakir                                 1
AusEd-UniEd International Pty Ltd                                                                                   Level 1, 258 Little Bourke Street,                                                          Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       melbourne@aused-unied.com                                            Tin Fong Wong                             5
Auspac International Pty Ltd                                                                                        Suite 3A, 409 Mains Rd                                                                      Sunnybank                QLD           4109          Australia       jason@auspacinternational.com                                        Kai (Jason) Wang                          1
Aussie Study Dotcom Pty Ltd                               Aussie Study                                              Suite 8, Level 2                             210 Burwood Road                               Burwood                  NSW           2134          Australia       info@aussie-study.com                                                Syed Salman Ali                           1
Austar International Pty Ltd                              Chinalink Australia, Austar Business Centre               Level 9, 416-420 Collins Street West                                                        Melbourne                VIC           8007          Australia       lwang@chinalink.com.au; lily_chinalink@hotmail.com                   Lingmei (Lily) Wang                       1
AustAsia Education Services                                                                                         Lvl 6B, 230 Collins Street                                                                  Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       nicawang@austasia-edu.com.au                                         Nica Wang                                 1
Australasia International Education Group                                                                           Suite 4                                      172-176 Rowe Street          Eastwood          Sydney                   NSW           2122          Australia       auasedu@gmail.com                                                    Catherine Chen                            1
Australia Education Pty Ltd                               Alfa beta education and migration services                Suite 510, Level 5                           321 Pitt Street                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       g.sharma@aussieeducation.com                                         Gobinda Sharma Siwakoti                   1
Australia International Pacific Education & Migration     AIPEM                                                     1610 World Tower                             87-89 Liverpool Street                         Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       aipem168@yahoo.com                                                   Francis Yong Heng Zhang                   1
Australia Ryugaku Net                                                                                               Level 17 Town Hall House                     456 Kent Street                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       takeuchi@ryugaku.com.au                                              Takeuchi Katsumi                          1
Australian & New Zealand International Education Centre   ANIEC                                                     Unit 720/368 Sussex Street                   Pacific Trade Centre                           Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       aniec_sydney@email.com                                               Tom Tan                                   1
Australian Agency for Education and Training (AAET)                                                                 333 Collins Street                                                                          Melbourne                VIC           8000          Australia       recruitment@aaet.com.au                                              Dr Kylie Baxter                           1
Australian Centre Pty Ltd                                 MTT Student Services                                      38 College Street                                                                           Darlinghurst             NSW           2010          Australia       jason@mtted.com                                                      Thongpanh Malivong                        1
Australian Education & Migration Services Pty Ltd                                                                   Level 7, 14-16 Victoria Ave                                                                 Perth                    WA            6000          Australia       tim@aust-migration.com.au                                            Dr Tim Song                               1
Australian Education Centre Pty Ltd                       Information Planet                                        Level 5, 285 Clarence St                                                                    Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@informationplanet.com.au                                        Mauricio Pucci                            1
Australian International Education Services                                                                         Level 1, 85 Gouger Street                                                                   Adelaide                 SA            5000          Australia       jessi.jin@aieservices.com.au                                         Zhe (Jessi) Jin                           1
Australian Visa and Education Pty Ltd                     Happy Life Consultants                                    Suite 601, Level 6                           97-99 Bathurst Street                          Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@visaeducation.com.au                                            Hideyo Nakazawa                           1
Austral-Oriental Education Service Pty Ltd                                                                          Shop 19 Elizabeth Arcade                     99 Elizabeth Street                            Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       phoebe@a-oes.com                                                     Phoebe Hunt                               1
Auswize International                                                                                               Level 28 AMP Tower                           140 St Georges Tce                             Perth                    WA            6000          Australia       apoinen@auswizegroup.com                                             Avinash Poinen                            1
Avustralya Egitim Merkezi                                                                                           11 Bentley Ave                                                                              Roxburgh Park            VIC           3064          Australia       bilal@avustralya-egitim.com                                          Bilal Sezgin                              1
Bada Education Centre Pty Ltd                                                                                       Suite 202, Level 2                           630-634 George St                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       sydney@badaedu.com                                                   Yun K Sandy Kwon                          4
Best Way Consultancy Pty Ltd                                                                                        Suite 303                                    431-439 Sussex St                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       bestway4uedu@gmail.com                                               Peter Li                                  1
BJ Siblings Pty Ltd                                       BJ Education One                                          Level 1, 125 Bathurst St                                                                    Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       sam@bjeducationone.com                                               Sam Chan                                  1
Blue Consultants Group Pty Ltd                            Blue Studies Consultants Australia                        311/365 Little Collins Street                                                               Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       andreap@bluestudies.com.au                                           Andrea Palacios Bonilla                   1
Bridge Blue Pty Ltd                                                                                                 Suite 902, Level 9                           276 Pitt Street                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       tim@bridgeblue.com.au                                                Peter Kovach                              1
C Study Abroad Pty Ltd                                                                                              Suite 6, Level 5                             377-383 Sussex St                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       cstudyab@bigpond.net.au                                              Frank Zhang                               1
Century 21 Edu Net Pty Ltd                                                                                          Suite 307                                    451 Pitt Street                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       bing@c21edu.com                                                      Kai Ge                                    1
Century 21 Student Service Centre                                                                                   Suite 1003 Level 10                          The Chambers                 370 Pitt Street   Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       george@ct21.com.au                                                   George Cui                                1
CHEIL International Pty Ltd                               Core Education & Migration Service                        Level 27, 66 Queen Street                                                                   Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       s.kim@coreedu.com                                                    Sunny Kim                                 1
Chiao Shun International Pty Ltd                                                                                    Level 11, 138 Albert Street                                                                 Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       koda@chiaoshun.com                                                   Shun-Lai (Koda) Chen                      1
Cross Pacific Education                                                                                             Lvl 30 Westpac House                         91 King William Street                         Adelaide                 SA            5000          Australia       onassar@xpe.com.au                                                   Omar Nassar                               1
Davinez Family Trust                                      UniReach                                                  61 Lowan Loop                                                                               Karawara                 WA            6152          Australia       DavidLee@uniconnect.net.au                                           David Lee                                 1
Discover Matrix Pty Ltd                                                                                             Suite 4, Level 5,                            118-126 Queen Street                           Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       discovermatrix@gmail.com                                             Gautam Chhokar                            1
DOM Education Pty Ltd                                                                                               Level 6 Suite 2                              138 Albert Street                              Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       joseph@domedu.com                                                    Joseph Chang Heon Kim                     5
Dream Overseas                                                                                                      Level 2                                      171 La Trobe Street                            Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       melbourne@do360.com.au                                               Simon Jia                                 1
Dunawin Pty Ltd                                           Advisory Centre for Australian Education (ACAE)           Suite 303-305 Manning Building               451 Pit Street                                 Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       acae@australiaeducation.com.au                                       Ursula Ng                                 1
Educare First                                                                                                       1608/ 97-89 Liverpool St                                                                    Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       patrick@educarefirst.com                                             Patrick Tian                              1
EduCare International Student Services Centre                                                                       Suite 402-403 Dixon House                    413-415 Sussex Street                          Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@ecint.com.au                                                    Windi Ho                                  1
Educasian Pty Ltd                                                                                                   Level 6                                      162 Goulburn Streeet                           Sydney                   NSW           2010          Australia       sshah@lrmigration.com.au                                             Satya Shah                                1
EF International Language Schools                                                                                   5 - 7 Young Street                                                                          Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       greig.hyam@ef.com                                                    Greig Hyam                                1
EXCEL                                                     Excel Australian Education Centre                         18 Foden Avenue                                                                             Campbell Field           VIC           3061          Australia       info@eaec.com.au                                                     Mr Hemasiri Godavitarane                  1
Fortrust International Pty Ltd                            Fortrust Education Services                               Unit 9, 1st Floor, Labor Council Building    377- 383 Sussex Street                         Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       gani.d@fortrust.com; steve.li@fortrust.com; justin.oh@fortrust.com   Steve Li                                  2
Frogs Down Under                                                                                                    Office 3                                     204 Hampden Road                               Nedlands                 WA            6009          Australia       francois@frogsdownunder.com                                          Mr Francois Robert                        1
GCS Group Australia Pty Ltd                               Wave Network, Aswho, Australia Ryugaku Centre, Macslink   Level 3,                                     29 Elkhorn Ave                                 Surfers Paradise         QLD           4217          Australia       mari.ito@gcsgp.com                                                   Mari Ito                                  1
Global Education and Immigration Center - GEIC                                                                      Suite 340-341                                401 Sussex Street                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       immi@geic.com.au                                                     Grace Shen                                1
Go Study Australia Pty Ltd                                Go Study Australia                                        Suite 32, 327 Pitt Street                                                                   Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       gavin@gostudy.com.au                                                 Gavin Dowling                             1
Hana Uhak Pty Ltd                                                                                                   Suite 64, 650 George St                                                                     Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       syd11@hanauhak.co.kr                                                 Terry Hwang                               1
Hanlin Education Service Centre Pty Ltd                                                                             14 Gould Place                               Calamvale                                      Brisbane                 QLD           4166          Australia       admin@hanlingroups.com                                               Felix Leong                               1
HBD Services                                                                                                        Suite 3, 108 Haldon Street                   Lakemba                                        Sydney                   NSW           2195          Australia       helal@hbdservices.com                                                Abu Shahadat Sarkar                       1
HT Travel Centre Pty Ltd                                  Uhak.com Brisbane                                         Suite 5C, Level 3                            138 Albert Street                              Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       info@ht123.com                                                       Richard Lee                               1
HUB-EDU                                                                                                             Suite 602                                    99 Bathurst Street                             Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@hubedu.com.au                                                   Mr Simon Boncukcu                         1
Hugestone Education Centre                                                                                          26/350 Liverpool Road                                                                       Ashfield                 NSW           2131          Australia       gloria_lu@sohu.com                                                   Ms Shuaili Lu Gloria                      1
ICRO Consulting Group Pty Ltd                                                                                       Suite 2-5 Level 10                           118 Queen street                               Melbourne                VIC           3072          Australia       consulting@icrogroup.com                                             Richard Yuan                              1
IDP Education                                                                                                       1 Geils Court                                                                               Deakin                   ACT           2600          Australia       info.cbt@idp.com                                                                                              78
IES Sydney Pty Ltd                                                                                                  Suite 3, Level 7                             377-383 Sussex St                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@iessydney.com.au                                                Michelle Wang                             1
Interface Group Pty Ltd                                                                                             205/569-581 George St                                                                       Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       l.hancock@interfaceol.com                                            Louanne Hancock                           1
International Communication Network (ICN) Japan                                                                     Suite 16 / 650 George Street                                                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@johokan.jp                                                      Jun Hirose                                1
International Student Exchange Services Pty Ltd                                                                     101/145 Russell Street                                                                      Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       don@ises.net.au                                                      Mr Don Chen                               1
International Student Support Network                                                                               Lvl 9, 180 Russell St                                                                       Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       issn@ihug.com.au                                                     Ms Mabel Tung                             1
IUC Pty Ltd                                                                                                         Level 1, 218 Padstow Rd                                                                     Eight Mile Plains        QLD           4113          Australia       g.han@uniconsortium.org                                              Geo Jeong-A Han                           1
JZ Consulting Service                                                                                               724/368 Sussex Street                                                                       Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       beizheng23@hotmail.com                                               Joanna Zheng                              1
Kingsway International Group Pty Ltd                                                                                Suite 103, Level 10                          420 Pitt St                                    Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       kingswayintl@hotmail.com; info@kingswayintl.com                      Xiuzhi Pei                                1
Lawand Education                                                                                                    Suite 715, Level 7                           343 Little Collins Street                      Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       applications@lawand.com                                              Abe Zakhem                                1
Learning Information Systems Pty Ltd                      StudyLink                                                 Level 2, 21 Chandos Street                                                                  St Leonards              NSW           2065          Australia       Deepika.ahluwalia@studylink.com                                      Deepika Ahluwalia                         1
Linktop Group Pty Ltd                                                                                               Suite 153, Level 4 St Regis Tower            416-418 Pitt Street                            Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       Angela.Xu@Linktop.net                                                F L Tang                                  1
M & R Global Pty Ltd                                      Yes Australia Education                                   8/139 Newcastle Street                                                                      Perth                    WA            6000          Australia       rodrigo@yesaustralia.com.au                                          Rodrigo D'Auria                           1
Macpherson Consulting Group Pty Ltd                                                                                 16 Watson Ave                                                                               Armidale                 NSW           2350          Australia       mcg.1@bigpond.com                                                    Judith Ward                               1
Mavin Services                                                                                                      Unit 6, 15-21 Ninth Ave                                                                     Campsie                  NSW           2194          Australia       jerilevinsky@optusnet.com.au                                         Jeri Levinsky                             1
MEIC Consulting Group Pty Ltd                             Melbourne Education and Information Centre                Level 1                                      270 Lonsdale Street                            Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       info@meic.com.au                                                     Kim Young Kook                            1
MonOz Pty Ltd                                                                                                       11 Patricia Drive                                                                           The Gap                  QLD           4061          Australia       mon2aus@bigpond.net.au                                               Jim Chinbaatar                            1
MTSC Pty Ltd                                                                                                        Level 5, 258 Little Bourke St                                                               Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       info@mtsc.com.au                                                     Toshiro Ishihara                          1
Nanuri Education                                                                                                    Level 1, 86A Barrack St                                                                     Perth                    WA            6000          Australia       sallyjung@hotmail.com                                                Sally Jung                                1
New Vision Group Pty Ltd                                                                                            26A Chelmsford Road                                                                         Mount Lawley             WA            6050          Australia       richardcao@newvisiongroup.com.au                                     Mr Richard Cao                            1
NZ International Student Center Ltd                                                                                 Unit 309                                     431 Sussex Street                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       zhinan309@hotmail.com                                                Yang Yang Li                              1
OC Consulting                                                                                                       Suite 726, 368 Sussex Street                                                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       wendy_chen228@hotmail.com                                            Wen (Wendy) Chen                          1
Oceanic Consultants Pty Ltd                                                                                         Level 5, 131 Queen Street                                                                   Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       guggu.gill@ocagroup.com                                              Ms Guggu Gill                             1
One World International Services Pty Ltd                  Australia Now - Study, Travel, Work                       Level 7, 127 Creek Street                                                                   Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       fabio.santos@australia-now.com.au                                    Fabio Santos                              1
Oriental Migration & Education Center Pty Ltd                                                                       Suite 1308, Level 13                         99 Bathurst Street                             Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       cba9000@gmail.com                                                    Alex Kaifeng Shu                          1
OzStudyNet.Com Service Centre                                                                                       Level 3                                      234 Swanston Street                            Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       victor@ozstudynet.com                                                Victor Wenyong Huang                      1
Prime Net Australia Pty Ltd                               Prime Uhak Net                                            Suite 2, Level 3                             363 Pitt Street                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       prime@hojuprime.com                                                  Danny Rhee                                1
Prudential Migration and Education Consultancy P/L                                                                  Lot T34, Level 1, Capitol Sq                 George Street                                  Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       to_prudential@hotmail.com                                            Jessie Feng                               1
S & W Consulting Group Pty Ltd                                                                                      Suite 4, Level 12,                           470 Collins Street                             Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       w.wei@swcg.com.au                                                    Wei Wei & Sean Dong                       1
SIECS Pty Ltd                                                                                                       204/ 379-383 Pitt Street                                                                    Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       siecs204@gmail.com                                                   Jennifer young shim Kim                   1
Staff Solutions Australia Pty Ltd                                                                                   Suite 1602, Level 16                         60 Margaret Street                             Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       ryugaku@ssaust.com.au                                                Mr Koji Yamaguchi                         1
Student World Pty Ltd                                                                                               Level 2                                      46 York Street                                 Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       imre.gomes@studentworld.com.au                                       Imre Gomes                                1
Sydney Education Consultants Pty Ltd                                                                                Suite 708, Level 7,                          401 Sussex Street                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       edding@ol.com.au                                                     Edward Ding                               1
Sydney International Students Consulting Pty Ltd          SIS Consulting Pty Ltd / AustraliaOnline                  Suite 2B                                     187 Thomas Street                              Haymarket                NSW           2000          Australia       michal@australiaonline.eu                                            Michal Sestak                             1
TCJC Pty Ltd                                              Uhak Time                                                 Suite 707, 97-99 Bathurst St                                                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       sydney@uhaktime.com                                                  Ryan Kim                                  1
Team Mission Impossible Pty Ltd                           Ryugaku Dot Com                                           Suite 16                                     650 George Street                              Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       desk04@ausbiznet.com                                                 Tomoyasu Nakagawa                         1
The Hub Immigration & Education Information Centre                                                                  Suite 602, No. 99 Bathurst Street                                                           Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       info@thehubcentre.com.au                                             Ms Sarah Chen                             1
Time Matrix Consulting Pty Ltd                            Edu-Migrate Information Centre                            Suite 1401, Level 14                         31 Market Street                               Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       emic@visanet.com.au                                                  Brett Li                                  1
Transborder International                                 IGEC - International Group for Educational Consultants    Suite 306 Manning Building                   451 Pitt Street                                Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       igec@igec.com.au                                                     Hani Qadri                                1
U & I Australia                                                                                                     Level 3                                      349 Queen St                                   Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       ceo@uandiedu.com; info@uandiedu.com                                  Phillip Pak                               3
Uhakstation                                                                                                         Suite 502, Level 5                           Castlereagh Street                             Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       lina@uhakstation.com                                                 Scott Lee                                 2
Victor International Pty Ltd                                                                                        6052/6 Parkland Bvld                                                                        Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       eduimmi@gmail.com                                                    Jiang Su                                  1
Viv's International Education Centre Pty Ltd                                                                        6 Clancey Court                                                                             Warrnambool              VIC           3280          Australia       vieckhan@tpg.com.au; viecraym@tpg.com.au                             Vivienne Porter                           1
World Avenue Pty Ltd                                                                                                Suite 302, Level 3                           233 Castlereagh Street                         Sydney                   NSW           2000          Australia       yoshi@world-avenue.co.jp                                             Yoshihisa Nakagawa                        1
Worldwide Express Education, Migration & Investment                                                                 Suite 302 / 488 Bourke Street                                                               Melbourne                VIC           3000          Australia       wemc.wemc@yahoo.com.cn                                               Maggie Zhao                               1
Yes Australia International                                                                                         Suite 4, Level 4, 68 Grenfell Street                                                        Adelaide                 SA            5000          Australia       jennifer.jeon@gmail.com                                              Johnny Yung                               1
Yes International Pty Ltd ATF YUAN Family Trust           Yes International Pty Ltd                                 Suite 2, Level 3, 144 Adelaide St                                                           Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       YES.Int@hotmail.com                                                  Yun Wang & Marvin Yuan                    1
Young Education Centre (AUST)                             EduYoung.Com                                              Suite 3 Level 1                              233 Albert Street                              Brisbane                 QLD           4000          Australia       jimmy@eduyoung.com                                                   Jimmy Jang                                1
Zed Immigration Services Pty Ltd                                                                                    29/19 Harrow Place                                                                          Arundel                  QLD           4214          Australia       chichi@zedimmigration.com.au                                         Chichizya Mkandawire                      1
Australia-Bangladesh Education Consultants (ABEC)                                                                   57, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue                 Kawran Bazar C/A                               Dhaka                                  1215         Bangladesh       abecedu@citech.net; ikthedar@yahoo.com                               Md. Ikthedar Hassan Murad                 1
Australian Education Service                                                                                        161 Lake Circus (Mirpur Road)                Kalabagan                                      Dhaka                                  1205         Bangladesh       aes.schakma@gmail.com                                                Shubhashis Chakma                         1
International Placement for Education                     IPE                                                       House # 4 Road # 9 Sector 1                  Uttara Model Town                              Dhaka                                  1230         Bangladesh       international_placement@yahoo.com                                    Nasim ul Hoque                            1
RICO International                                                                                                  Ellal Chamber (6th Floor)                    11 Motijheel C/A                               Dhaka                                  1000         Bangladesh       rico@btcl.net.bd                                                     MD. Rafiqul Islam                         1
Shaheda Educational Consultants                                                                                     House No.10A Ground Floor                    Road No.50 Gulshan 2                           Dhaka                                  1212         Bangladesh       sec@bangla.net                                                       Shaheda Ahmad                             1
The Professional Network Limited                          TPNL                                                      Sheba House (2nd Floor)                      Plot # 34 Road #46           Gulshan-2         Dhaka                                  1212         Bangladesh       shariful@tpbd.net                                                    Shariful Islam Khan                       1
Australian Centre                                                                                                   Rua Guarararapes 622                                                                        Sao Paulo                             456100          Brazil         vinicius@australiancentre.com.br                                     Vinicius Barreto                          1
Kangaroo Tours Operadora Turistica Ltda                   Kangaroo Tours                                            Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo               456 cj. 201/202              Jardins           Sao Paulo                            01410-000        Brazil         cursos@kangaroo.com.br                                               Craig Bavinton                            1
Student Travel Bureau (STB)                                                                                         Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1713               16 andar                                       Sao Paulo                            04125-915        Brazil         patricialumy@stb.com.br                                              Santuza Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho         1
B Lau Education Services                                                                                            Unit 10, 1st Floor, Block B                  Abdul Razak Complex                            Gadong               Brunei-Muara     BE 3519    Brunei Darussalam   blau@brunet.bn                                                       Bee Wen Lau                               1

Agent Registered Business/Legal Entity Name                                                              Trading Name (if different from Registered Name)                             Address 1                                                  Address 2                                        Address 3                           City             State/Province     Postcode   Country of Agent   Email Address                                        Contact Person/Principal Agent   Offices
RV! Centre Cambodia                                                                                                                                                                   #27, Street 15                                             Sangkat Boung Prolit                             Khan 7 Makara                       Phnom Penh                                        Cambodia        soheap@rvcentre.com.kh                               Soheap Mao                             1
Apex International Education Centre                                                                                                                                                   440-1050 Alberni St                                                                                                                             Vancouver        British Colombia   V6E 1A3        Canada         irene.wu@apexstudy.com                               Irene Wu                               1
EIC Education Innovation Canada Group Inc                                                                EIC Canada                                                                   571 West 57th Avenue                                       PO Box 61109                                                                         Vancouver                           V6P 6S5        Canada         pato.eic@gmail.com                                   Pato Chan                              1
IHA - International Homestay Agency                                                                      Vancouver Homestay Agency Inc (VHA)                                          PO Box 93040                                               Caulfield Village RPO                                                                West Vancouver   British Colombia   V7W3G4         Canada         ehab@homestayagency.com                              Ehab Elzanaty                          1
Maple Education Canada Inc                                                                               Maple Education Ltd (Nigeria)                                                10504, 114th Avenue                                                                                                                             Fort St John     British Colombia   V1J 6K9        Canada         ebiobaro@yahoo.com                                   Ebi Obaro                              1
A & A International Education & Multi-Culture Centre                                                                                                                                  Suite 1406 Tian An Centre                                  338 Nanjing Road West                                                                Shanghai                             200003         China         emmie.hur@aa-intl.com; marketing@aa-intl.com         Emmie Hur                              1
ABC World Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                                      Level 19, The Orient Plaza                                 343 Zhong Shan Road                                                                  Wuxi City            Jiangsu         214001         China         abc@public1.wx.js.cn                                 Marissa Xu                             1
ACIC Australian College Information Centre                                                                                                                                            Room 1901, 580 Nan Jing Xi Road                            Nan Zheng Da Sha                                                                     Shanghai                             200041         China         acic@shtel.net.cn                                    Tu Jian                                1
Allin Yitong International Consulting Group                                                              Allin Yitong                                                                 Room 961, Jinlin Hotel, World Trade Centre                 Nanjing City                                                                         Nanjing                              210005         China         rick.zhou@auuks.com                                  Rick Zhou                              1
Amber Education Services Ltd                                                                             Amber Education                                                              Room 1709, 1715 Kerry Centre                               Renmin Nan Road                                                                      Shenzhen                             518001         China         harrylee@amberedu.com                                Mr Harry Zhining Lee                   1
AOJI (ECIE) Education Development Pty Ltd                                                                AOJI Enrolment Centre for International Education (Australia)                2-3F, Interchina Commercial Building                       No. 33 Deng Shi Kou Street                       Dong Cheng District                 Beijing                              100006         China         eciewang@tpg.com.au                                  Mr Ping Li                             1
Auchin International Education Development Co Ltd                                                                                                                                     28A Building 3 Shi Ji Jia Yuan                             45 Xiao Guan Bei Li                                                                  Beijing                              100029         China         honor.global@gmail.com                               Jing Wang                              1
Austar Group Ltd                                                                                                                                                                      Room 1703, Hanzhong Plaza                                  No. 158 Hanzhong Road                                                                Shanghai                             200070         China         edwardsun@austargroup.com                            Edward Sun                             1
Australia China New Education & Culture Exchange Centre                                                  Beijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange Centre   Rm 511, Guohong Mansion Building A                         MuXiDi Beili                                     No 11 Jia, Xicheng District         Beijing                              100038         China         acece_luke@yahoo.com                                 Mr Luke Sun                            1
Australia Chinese Commercial Group                                                                                                                                                    NIT, No. 7, Lou Zi Zhuang Road                             Chaoyang District                                                                    Beijing                              100018         China         accg-student@au-ielts.com                            Jessica Li                             1
Australia Education Management Group Pty Ltd                                                             Beijing Auchin International Education Development Co Ltd                    28A, Building 3, Shi Ji Jia Yuan                           45 Xiao Guan Bei Li                                                                  Beijing                              100029         China         jenny.wang@au-edu.com                                Jenny (Jing) Wang                      1
Beijing Aceleader Culture and Education Consulting Co. Ltd                                               Ao Jia Li Hua Culture & Education Consultant Co Ltd                          Room 702, Tower A, North Ring Center                       No.18 Yumin Road                                 Xicheng District                    Beijing                              100029         China         jennymei@vip.sina.com                                Mei Han                                1
Beijing CanAchieve Consultants Ltd                                                                       Can-Achieve Consultants Ltd                                                  Rm 1801 SCITEC Tower                                       No.22 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue                                                        Beijing                                             China         williamguo@can-achieve.com.cn                        Mr William Guo                         1
Beijing Century Bole Study Service Company                                                                                                                                            Rm 906, Jingtai Plaza                                      24 Jian Guo Men Wai Da Jie                       Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100022         China         info@cheeredu.com.cn                                 Harrison Han                           1
Beijing Century Consulting & Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                           B-218, No 40 Liangmaqiao Road                              Chaoyang District                                                                    Beijing                              100016         China         au@eduabroad.com.cn; bj_century@yahoo.com.cn         Su Xu                                  1
Beijing HHL Overseas Education Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                         Suite A-2208, Jianwai SOHO                                 No. 39 East 3rd-Ring Road                        Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100022         China         lucyli@hhledu.com.cn                                 Lucy Li                                1
Beijing Huatongxinnuo International Cultural Exchange Center                                             IAE China                                                                    23H Cross Region Plaza                                     No.899 Lingling Road                             Xuhui District                      Shanghai                             200030         China         alex.guo@iaechina.net.cn                             Shimiao (Alex) Guo                     1
Beijing JJL Overseas Education Consulting and Service                                                                                                                                 5F, Mi Yang Tower,                                         Yong An Dong Li                                  Jianwai Ave                         Beijing                              100022         China         marketingau@jjl.cn                                   Chen Luyi                              1
Beijing Kerun Education & Culture Development Co Ltd                                                     Beijing Kerun Education                                                      Room 1510, Floor 15, Building B, Wantong New World Plaza   No.2 Fuchengmen Outer Street                     Xicheng District                    Beijing                              100037         China         au_nz.liaison@kerun-edu.com                          Fang Li                                1
Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                8/F, 6 Haidian Central Street                              Haidian District                                                                     Beijing                              100080         China         caoyixin@staff.neworiental.org                       Rebecca Cao                            1
Beijing Oxbridge Education & Culture Development Co Ltd                                                  Oxbridge Education Group                                                     1808 Culture Square, Renmin University of China            No. 59 Zhong Guancun St                          Haidian District                    Beijing                              100872         China         oxbridgemh@yahoo.com.cn                              Zhao Peng                              1
Beijing Oxbridge Education & Culture Development Co Ltd Taiyuan Branch                                                                                                                A-5-H, Wangdu Da Sha                                       No. 9 Fuxi Jie                                   Xinghualing District                Taiyuan                              30002          China         zhanglin5656@hotmail.com; pufaliuxue@hotmail.com     Zhang Lin                              1
Beijing Prepare Education Consulting Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                   Suite B1618 West Wing Hanwei Plaza                         No. 7 Guanghua Road                              Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100004         China         duxun@msn.com                                        Xun (Ben) Du                           1
Beijing Taikaiyi Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                    Suite 633, Tower B1,                                       12A Baiziwan Rd, Da Cheng International Center   Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100022         China         info@taikaiyi.com                                    Qian Zhang                             1
Beijing Wanji Education Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                             Room 601, Xin Zhong Tower                                  No 2 Xin Zhong Xie Jie                           Dong Cheng District                 Beijing                              100027         China         carlwang@vip.sina.com                                Carl Wang Lei                          1
Beijing Wanjia (Venture) Culture Exchanging Co                                                                                                                                        Rm. 1105, Level 11, Jingshi Hotel                          No.19, Xinwai Dajie                              PO Box 8070                         Beijing                              100875         China         aiscc@mx.cei.gov.cn                                  Ms Rose Luo                            1
Beijing Western Returned Scholars Consultation Center                                                                                                                                 F-15B, Fuhua Building                                      No. 8, Chaoyangmen North Street                  Dongcheng District                  Beijing                              100027         China         cissy.wu@wrsaccau.net                                Cissy Wu                               1
Beijing Ziming Culture & Communication Co Ltd                                                                                                                                         Floor 3 Behind Building of Ziming Mansion                  No.B12 Xinzhong Street                           Dongcheng District                  Beijing                              100027         China         zmlx1@vip.sina.com                                   Shen Xinming                           1
Bonan Consultings                                                                                                                                                                     Rm 1804, Han Zhong Plaza                                   158 Han Zhong Road                                                                   Shanghai                             200070         China         maggie@shenyuan-su.com                               Miss LU Xian Maggie                    1
Burgeon Education                                                                                                                                                                     Suite C, F14, Xin Hua Lian Building (East)                 No. 755 Middle Huai Hai Road                                                         Shanghai                             200020         China         burgeon.ed@gmail.com; gloria29@burgeon.org           Gloria Wang                            1
Changsha Service Center for International Education Exchange                                                                                                                          Rm 1701 Heiwado Building                                   No. 88 Huangxing Road                                                                Changsha City        Hunan           410005         China         Liyah_liu@yahoo.com.cn                               Wei Li                                 1
Changzhou Guoao International Entry & Exit Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                             Level 14, Liangmao International Hotel                                                                                                          Changzhou            Jiangsu         213003         China         williamwangdu@hotmail.com                            William Wang                           1
Chengdu Accor Going Abroad Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                          Suite G, 25 Floor, First City Plaza                        308 Shuncheng Avenue                             Qingyang District                   Chengdu                              610017         China         Angela.Xu@Linktop.net                                F L Tang                               1
Chengdu Apex Education Consultant Co Ltd                                                                                                                                              #1-1-2004 Sun Dynasty Plaza                                of No.27 Section IV of Renmin Nanlu              Wuhou District                      Chengdu              Sichuan         610041         China         shenhui@tpg.com.au                                   Hui (Shelley) Shen                     1
Chengdu Australia-Canada Cultural & Educational Exchange                                                                                                                              Room J. 20th Floor, City Tower                             No 86 Section One South Remin Road                                                   Chengdu              Sichuan         610016         China         chengdu_aoya@sohu.com                                Mr Jian Bo Zhou                        1
Chengdu Huaying Consulting and Service Co. Ltd                                                                                                                                        A1119 Golden Hawaii Office Bld                             #84 Xidajie St                                                                       Chengdu              Sichuan         610031         China         market_2@cdhuaying.com                               Hu Zong Yue                            1
Chengdu Shinway Starglory Overseas Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                     F26 Chuanxin Mansion                                       No.18 Section 2 South Renmin Road                                                    Chengdu              Sichuan         610016         China         maggieli@shinyway.com.cn                             Maggie Lee                             1
China Education International                                                                                                                                                         Level 9, Tower 16, Jianwai SOHO                            39 East 3rd-Ring Road                            Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100022         China         charles.sun@eduwo.com                                Charles Sun                            1
China Education Service Centre Ltd (Hubei)                                                                                                                                            Room 8010, Tower B Century Plaza                           14 Zhongnan Rd                                   Wuchang District                    Wuhan City                           430071         China         chuguo668@yahoo.com.cn                               William Wang                           1
China Star Corporation - Australia Department                                                                                                                                         #14 Dongtucheng Road Hepingli                              Chaoyang District                                Room 1007 Jianda Great Building     Beijing                              100013         China         thomas@chinastarcorp.com                             Thomas Young                           1
China Work Station for Study Abroad Personnel (Xi'an)                                                                                                                                 Room 301, Unit 4, An Ding Guang Chang (West Gate)          West Street                                                                          Xian City                            710002         China         anzd@sohu.com                                        Yuxia Zhang                            1
Chivast Education International / China Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE)                                                                                                 911 North Office Building                                  New World Center                                 3B Chongwenmenwai Street            Beijing                              100062         China         maggieli@chivast.cscse.org                           Ms Maggie Li                           1
Chiway Education International                                                                                                                                                        Floor 2, Building 1, Sunlee Business Center                907 Yuyuan Road                                                                      Shanghai                             200050         China         os3@chiway.com.cn; os6@chiway.com.cn                 Mr Jason Yang Zhi Bing                 1
Chongqing Kayaneer Overseas Consulting Service Co. Ltd.                                                                                                                               Unit 2902, Hilton Office Building                          Zhongshansan Rd                                  Yuzhong District                    Chongqing                            400015         China         kayaneer99@126.com                                   Rachel Yu Wang                         1
CIIC Overseas Consulting Center                                                                                                                                                       Room 609, Floor 6, Union Plaza No. 20                      Chao Wai Da Jie                                  Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100020         China         edunionbj@yahoo.com.cn                               Bing Bing (Judie) Xu                   1
COACE (Tsinghua University)                                                                                                                                                           Foreign Students Building                                  Tsinghua University                                                                  Beijing                              100084         China         tinawang@abp.edu.cn                                  Tina Wang                              1
D & LT Consultants Ltd                                                                                                                                                                No 11 Tianshun Street                                      Kunlunshangcheng                                 Nangang District                    Harbin                               150090         China         lucialiu@edubridge.com.cn                            Lucia Liu                              1
Dalian Xinquan Science & Education Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                  29th Floor, No. 85 Renming Rd                              Zhongshan District                                                                   Dalian                               116001         China         xinquanedu@126.com                                   Xueyi Yu                               1
Dipont Information Service Company                                                                                                                                                    Floor 16/01, Bldg A, World Trade Center                    No 117 Gulounan Street                                                               Chengdu                              610017         China         Lily_dai@dipont.com                                  Judy Lee                               1
Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange of China Scholarship Council                                                                                                   Rm 801, Jinyu Mansion,                                     No 129A Xuanwumen Xidajie                        Xicheng District                    Beijing                              100031         China         pingyue@cscdf.org                                    Ping Yue                               1
EduGlobal China Limited                                                                                                                                                               7th Floor North Office Tower                               The New World Centre                             3B Chongwenmenwai Street            Beijing                              100062         China         china@eduglobal.com                                  David Shi                              1
EduShanghai International Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                      Rm 1901 19th F, Huaihai International Plaza,               1045 Huaihai Rd. C.                              Xuhui District                      Shanghai                             200031         China         liweiping@edush.com; auoffice@edush.com              Mr Weiping Li                          1
EIC Group Ltd                                                                                                                                                                         2F, Guangzhou Library                                      42 Zhongshan Si Road                                                                 Guangzhou          Guangdong         510055         China         ausmkt@eic.org.cn                                    Mr Guanjun Li                         14
Ewings International Education Ltd                                                                                                                                                    Rm 1202, Block C, Central International Trade Centre       6A Jianguomenwai Avenue                          Chaoyang District                   Beijing                              100022         China         ewingsau@hotmail.com                                 Quanyu Liu                             1
Fang Ah International Education Exchange Centre                                                                                                                                       Room 1102, 11/F, Building A,                               No 251 Tianhe North Road                         Guangzhou City                      Guangdong                            510610         China         gzfac@public.guangzhou.gd.cn                         Mr Lap Lang                            1
Fujian Center for Overseas Studies                                                                                                                                                    9th/F, Dianjiao Bldg,                                      No 217 Wusi Road                                                                     Fuzhou                Fujian         350003         China         dihua_wu@163.com                                     Wu Dihua                               1
Fujian En-Grand Education Exchange Co Ltd                                                                                                                                             Middle Area (702), 7/F, Zhuangan Building                  No. 250 Hualin Road                                                                  Fuzhou                Fujian         350003         China         wan@eduagent.cn                                      Mr Woxiang Liu                         1
Fuzhou Daily Education Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                              Suite 2205, F22 Hualin Building                            No.201 Hualin Road                                                                   Fuzhou                Fujian         350003         China         daily.education@hotmail.com                          Yongjie Cai                            1
Fuzhou Zhuangan Economic Development Ltd China                                                                                                                                        250 Hualin Road                                                                                                                                 Fuzhou                               350003         China         Zhuanganint-1@vip.163.com                            Mr Nickles Xu                          1
GD Gateway Consultants Co Ltd                                                                            Gateway Consultants                                                          Suite 843, Garden Tower, Garden Hotel                      No 368 Huan Shidong lu                                                               Guangzhou                            510064         China         pearlwang@hotmail.com                                Pearl Qiuren Wang                      1
Global Education Alliance                                                                                                                                                             Rm 442, Baiyun Hotel                                       367 Huanshi Dong Rd                              Yuexiu District                     Guangzhou                            510075         China         byeung@genhk.net                                     Freeman Yeung                          1
Golden Arrow Beijing Yanlun Consulting Ltd                                                               Golden Arrow Group                                                           Suite 707, Tian An Centre                                  No. 338 Nanjing West Road                                                            Shanghai                             200002         China         tonyji65@hotmail.com                                 Tony Tiejun Ji                         1
Guangdong Education Service of International Exchanges (GESIE)                                                                                                                        2F, Bldg of Higher Edu                                     723 Dongfeng Dong Road                                                               Guangzhou          Guangdong         510080         China         gesie8@21cn.com                                      Yanwen Yu                              1
Guangdong Huamei International Education Services Ltd                                                    Huamei                                                                       Rm 268, 2nd Floor, Chengjian Building                      189 Tiyuxi Road                                                                      Guangzhou          Guangdong         510620         China         edu@huamei.org                                       Peng Qi                                1
Guangdong Overseas Education and Immigration Consult Service Co Ltd                                      Guangdong Overseas Service Co Ltd                                            Room 301 International & Technology Building               No. 288 Hongshan Road                            Xiangzhou area                      Zhuhai City        Guangdong         519000         China         yu_gilbert@hotmail.com; lyyuanyuan86@163.com         Yu Zhi Zhou                            1
Guangdong Overseas Education Services                                                                                                                                                 1312 Main Tower Guangdong Int'l Hotel                      339 Huanshi Donglu                                                                   Guangzhou                            510098         China         office@goesnet.com.cn; george@goesnet.com.cn         George Guo                             1
Guangdong Tongwen Overseas Education Consultants Ltd Co                                                                                                                               Room 28B, Office Tower A, Guangdong Intl Hotel             339# Huanshi dong Lu                                                                 Guangzhou                            510098         China         sophiakwong@hotmail.com; yanwu_tongwen@hotmail.com   Ringo Ruijun Chen                      1
Guangzhou Canada & America Access Education Information Consultation Co Ltd                                                                                                           Room 1401 Guangdong Huaxin Center                          No. 450 Huanshidong Road                                                             Guangzhou                            510070         China         amy.zhou2005@gmail.com                               Quihong Zhou                           1
Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Service Centre                                                                                                                                             12 Balzi Heng Road                                         Zhongshan ER Road                                                                    Guangzhou          Guangdong         510080         China         info@gzocsc.com                                      Defan Li                               1
Guangzhou Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange (GZSCSE)                                                                                                                              6/F Bei Xiu Building                                       No.266 Xiao Bei Rd                                                                   Guangzhou                            510050         China         gscse@163.net                                        Mandy Liu                              1
GZL International Consultants Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                  Room 817-819, East Tower                                   Times Square                                     No.28 Tianhe Road North             Guangzhou                            510630         China         gzl@gzlco.com                                        Ms Nancy Wong                          1
H & C International Investment Consulting Ltd                                                            PHC Investment and Development Co Ltd                                        Rm 701-703, 7/F Haulian Building                           No 2008 Shennan Road Middle                      Futian District                     Shenzhen           Guangdong         518038         China         alice_shenzhen@hotmail.com                           Miss Qin (Alice) Deng                  1
Harbin Orient Consultants Ltd                                                                                                                                                         Room 2308, Kun Lun Hotel                                   No 8 Tie Lu Street                               Nan Gang District                   Harbin                               150001         China         junwang@public.hr.hl.cn                              Ms Jun Wang                            1
Henan University Aihua International College                                                             Henan Tengda Consulting Service Co Ltd                                       B705, Guanghui Plaza                                       No 15 Jingsan Road                                                                   Zhengzhou            Henan           450003         China         jingtan141@msn.com                                   Chen Yong Hua                          1
Henan University of Finance & Economics International Cultures Education Exchange Center                                                                                              Floor 15, Building 7, Block C Fortune Plaza                Jingsan Road                                                                         Zhengzhou                            450008         China         tonylee_edu@yahoo.com.cn                             Wenchao Li                             1
Henan Yiming Overseas Education Services Co Ltd                                                                                                                                       Rm1803, 18F, Tower 1, Jincheng International Square        66 Jingsan Road                                  Jinshui District                    Zhengzhou                            450008         China         jixiangxian@hotmail.com; jixiangxian@163.com         Zhang Siru                             1
Hunan Fuyue Study-abroad Service Center Co Ltd                                                                                                                                        Room 1909, Heiwado Building                                No.629 Wuyi Road                                                                     Changsha City                        410005         China         yanyangde@yahoo.com.cn                               Xu Chenyu                              1
ICRO International Group P/L                                                                                                                                                          8B West Wing                                               Xin'an Plaza                                     200 Zhenning Road                   Shanghai                             200040         China         jane.zhou@icroint.com.cn                             Jason Hu                               2
IEES - China Henan International Education Exchanges & Services Ltd                                                                                                                   1801-1802, 18F, Tower 1, Jincheng International Square     66 Jingsan Road                                                                      Zhengzhou            Henan           450008         China         david.chen@iees.cn                                   Zhe Li                                 1
IEN Globe Limited                                                                                                                                                                     Room 1801, Hanzhong Plaza                                  158 Hanzhong Road                                                                    Shanghai                             200070         China         catherinez@ienedu.com                                David Zhao & Bob Chen                  1
International Education Exchange Center (Aust)                                                                                                                                        Room 3003, Building B2                                     Tianchuang Shiyuan                               Huizhong Beili, Chaoyang District   Beijing                              100012         China         ieec@china.com                                       Raymond XU                             1
International Education Services Centre of Nanjing University                                            NJU Students Center                                                          Rm 310, Xiyuan                                             Nanjing University, No 20 Jinyin Street          Shanghai Road                       Nanjing                              210093         China         zzl@nju.edu.cn                                       Zhenglai Zhao                          1
Internship Training & Travel Consultants (ITTC)                                                                                                                                       Block 45, Room 101 Shanghai Green Town                     95 JinHe Road                                    Pudong                              Shanghai                             200127         China         iain@ittc-china.com                                  Iain Milne                             1
Ivy Education Advisory Service Ltd                                                                                                                                                    Room F-1, Ground Floor, Guangdong Huaxin Center            450 Huanshi Dong Rd                                                                  Guangzhou                            510075         China         jane@ivyedu.org; coral@ivyedu.org                    Jane Lee                               1
Jiangnan University Service Centre for International Education Co Ltd                                                                                                                 6B Hua Guang Building                                      333 Zhong Shan Road                                                                  Wuxi                 Jiangsu         214001         China         sciewuxi@126.com; jdlxzx@jiangnan.edu.cn             Lu Xueqiang                            1
Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange                                                                                                                                 15 West Beijing Road                                                                                                                            Nanjing              Jiangsu         210024         China         cynthiapan2000@yahoo.com                             Lin Yue                                1
Jiangxi Kingstar Trade Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                         Room 1604                                                  No.88 Beijing West Road                                                              Nanchang             Jiangxi         330000         China         shjinhong@vip.163.com                                Chen Hai Lan                           1
Jinan Overseas Chinese Study Abroad Service Center / Jinan Overseas Chinese Machinery Equipment Co Ltd   Jinan Overseas Chinese Study Abroad Service Center                           Building 15, Shun Yu Garden                                No 7 Jia Da Road                                                                     Jinan               Shandong         250002         China         jnhqlx@vip.163.com                                   Liu Yali                               1
Liaoning Huanxing Economic & Trade Educational Development Co Ltd                                                                                                                     11/F Guangming Building                                    200 Zhonghua Road                                Heping District                     Shenyang            Liaoning         110001         China         xingbin@sas-ben.com                                  Xing Bin                               1
Liaoning Tian Xiang Foreign Economy & Technology Cooperation Co Ltd                                                                                                                   Room 1601 Lianying Property Building                       No. 63 Zhonghua Road,                            Heping District                     Shenyang            Liaoning         110001         China         lntxlx@yahoo.com.cn                                  Liang Kang                             1
Masterlink International Enterprises                                                                     Shanghai Oriental Overseas Studying Services Co. Ltd                         Suite 2320, 23/F, Nanzheng Building                        No. 580 NanJing Road West                                                            Shanghai                             200041         China         cpyeung@go2study.net                                 Thompson C P Yeung                     1
Nanning Sino-Overseas Consultants Co Ltd                                                                                                                                              8th Floor, TaiAn Building                                  No 38-2 Minzu Avenue                                                                 Nanning              Guangxi         530022         China         zhoubenxin@vip.sina.com                              Benxin Zhou                            1
Ningbo Hongxiong Overseas Study Service Center                                                                                                                                        Room 2206, 22/F Crown World Trade Plaza                    No. 11 Cai Hong Nan Road                         Jiangdong District                  Ningbo              Zheijiang                       China         davie_fu001@126.com                                  Fu Zhi qing                            1
Qingdao Erudite Business Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                            Room 2119, Golden Plaza North                              20 Hong Kong Middle Road                                                             Qingdao                              266071         China         shw66@hotmail.com                                    Mr Hongwei Sun                         1
Qingdao International Exchange & Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                       29 Guangxi Rd                                                                                                                                   Qingdao             Shandong         266001         China         pingsong2@hotmail.com; office@chuguofuwu.com         Qian Zhifeng                           1
Royal Foreign Language School                                                                                                                                                         Room 709                                                   Mingmen Dasha                                    Gongbei                             Zhuhai             Guangdong         519020         China         abroad@eduroyal.com                                  Charlie Ding                           1
Shaanxi Provincial International Exchange Center                                                                                                                                      Level 2, No. 10 Wusi Xiang                                 Jiefang Road                                                                         Xi'an                                710004         China         ryy0113@yahoo.com.cn                                 Ding Litao                             1
Shandong Service Center for Scholarly Exchange                                                                                                                                        Room 605 Shandong Overseas Study Mansion                   No. 129 Fuzhou North Road                                                            Qingdao             Shandong         266034         China         wangxiuwei_qd@hotmail.com; sscse_australia@126.com   Wang Xiu Wei                           1
Shanghai CIIC Education International Co Ltd                                                                                                                                          Suite A, 11F                                               No 88 Cao Xi Bei Road                                                                Shanghai                             200030         China         info@shciic.com                                      Hairong Xia                            1
Shanghai Huashen International Education Co Ltd                                                                                                                                       Rm 1301 Changfeng Center                                   No 1088 Yu'an Rd W                                                                   Shanghai                             200052         China         chrissie148@huashen-edu.com                          Chrissie Zhou                          1
Shanghai International Students' Placement Council for Education & Sciences                                                                                                           Suites 202-M, Shanghai Kerry Center                        No 1515 Nanjing Road West                                                            Shanghai                             200040         China         sispc_au3@hotmail.com                                Yuan Su Fang                           1
Shanghai IntPass Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                    Room 1610 Jingde Building                                  319 Changde Road                                                                     Shanghai                             200040         China         david@intpass.com                                    David Da                               1
Shanghai Jinhong Information Consulting Co Ltd (JHICC)                                                                                                                                Room 301, No. 8 Lane 825                                   Zhengli Road                                                                         Shanghai                             200434         China         shjinhong@vip.163.com                                Hailan Chen                            1
Shanghai Oriental Education Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                            Room 619, Nanzheng Building                                No.580 Nanjing West Road                                                             Shanghai                             200041         China         helenedu@163.com                                     Haiying Zhang                          1
Shanghai Shangshi Overseas Education & Trip Consulting Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                 8/F, Heng Ji Bldg                                          99 Huai Hai Road (E)                                                                 Shanghai                             200021         China         shanghai16@gmail.com                                 Chen Luo                               1
Shanghai Shen Yuan International Education Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                             Fl 18, No 158 Han Zhong Road                               Han Zhong Plaza                                                                      Shanghai                             200070         China         charlie@shenyuan-su.com                              Dai Guoqing                            1
Shanghai Siyuan Educational Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                            Suite 1201, F12 Commercial Tower                           No 800, Qu Yang Road                                                                 Shanghai                             200437         China         info@eduoriental.com                                 Mr Jerry Fu                            1
Shanghai Smart Ever Consulting Company                                                                                                                                                Rm 702B, Building B                                        1518 Minsheng Rd                                                                     Shanghai                             200135         China         zhuozhang1314@163.com                                Joanne Zhang                           1
Shanghai Tongji Study Abroad Agency                                                                                                                                                   Room 1306, Jing'an Zhonghua Building                       No 1701 Beijing Road West                                                            Shanghai                             200040         China         beiqiang@yahoo.com                                   Mr Bei Qiang Lancelot                  1
Shanghai Wenyuan Education Information Consulting Office                                                 Shanghai Shenyuan International Education Service Co Ltd                     Room 1802, Hanzhong Plaza                                  No 158 Hanzhong Road                                                                 Shanghai                             200070         China         monicazhw@163.com                                    Monica Zhao                            1
Shanghai Xu Bo Art & Culture Exchange Ltd Co                                                                                                                                          2 Floor, No 63, Wu Kang Road                                                                                                                    Shanghai                             200031         China         learn_to_speak_chinese@yahoo.co.com                  Ms Jiong Duan Mu                       1
Shanghai Xue Cheng Business Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                         Room 721 Bo Ai Plaza,                                      No 758 Nanjing W Road                                                                Shanghai                             200041         China         globalstudy721@vip.163.com                           Mr Jimmy Xu (Jie)                      1
Shantou Jie Lu Exit-Entry Immediary Ltd Co                                                               Shantou Jie Lu                                                               Room B, Floor 13, Block A                                  Jinlong Mansion                                  Jin Sha Dong Road                   Shantou City       Guangdong         515041         China         sallyyu4@hotmail.com                                 Ms Sui Li Yu Sally                     1
Shanxi Daren International Education Co Ltd                                                                                                                                           Unit C 1, 14th Floor Shengwei Dasha                        480 Nan Nei Huan Street                                                              Taiyuan City         Shanxi          030012         China         darenedu@vip.sina.com                                Ji Chengyi                             1
Shanxi International Exchange Service Developing Department                                                                                                                           Unit I, Floor 11, King Office Building                     No. 9 Fuxi Street                                                                    Taiyuan City         Shanxi          030002         China         info@sxies.com                                       Jihong Chen                            1
Shengli-New Zealand School                                                                                                                                                            169 Jinan Road                                             Dongying District                                                                    Dongying City       Shandong         257000         China         jcx01@hotmail.com                                    Lawrence Liu                           1
Shenyang Han Terry Consultancy Co Ltd                                                                                                                                                 Room 1006, President Building A, No 69                     Heping Bei Street                                Heping District                     Shenyang                             110003         China         australia@hanterry.com; pennyym@hotmail.com          Yan Mei Pan (Penny)                    1
Shenzhen Center for Overseas Study                                                                                                                                                    Room 808, Elite Bldg                                       Fuzhong Road                                     Futian District                     Shenzhen                             518026         China         ellen@scos.gov.cn                                    He Bing                                1

Agent Registered Business/Legal Entity Name                                                Trading Name (if different from Registered Name)                         Address 1                                           Address 2                                              Address 3                                     City              State/Province    Postcode   Country of Agent   Email Address                                          Contact Person/Principal Agent   Offices
Shenzhen Renhe Overseas Investement Education Services Ltd                                                                                                          Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Bldg B   Room 205                                               Fuhua 1 Road                                  Shenzhen                             518048         China         office@edusz.com                                       Betty Peng                             1
Shenzhen Servlight Consultancy Co Ltd                                                                                                                               Room 1403, International Culture Building           3039 Shennan Road                                                                                    Shenzhen                             518033         China         jackchen@servlight.com                                 Mr Jack Chen                           1
Shenzhen Wan Ye Sheng Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                             Rm402 West Tower, Xincheng Mansion                  No.1027 Middle Shennan Road                                                                          Shenzhen                             518031         China         wendyccos@yahoo.com.cn                                 Ms Fang Wang (Wendy)                   1
Shenzhen Well Trend Investment & Consulting Inc                                                                                                                     No 708, Office Tower                                Shun Hing Square                                       5002 Shennan Dong Rd                          Shenzhen                             518008         China         linhongling@welltrend.com.cn                           Vicky                                  1
Shinyway Overseas Studies Services Centre                                                                                                                           5/F Area A, Dragon Century Plaza                    No 18 Hangda Road                                                                                    Hangzhou                             310007         China         jane@shinyway.com.cn                                   Jane Teng                              1
St. John's Foreign Language School                                                                                                                                  A-625, Guyun Culture Plaza                          581 Hongqi Street                                                                                    Shijiazhuang          Hebei          50000          China         juguanggu@yahoo.com.cn                                 Mr Grant Gu                            1
Strong International Group Pty Ltd                                                                                                                                  F16, Donghai Chuangyi Center                        No. 7 Tianmushan Rd                                                                                  Hangzhou             Zheijiang       310007         China         project@91go.cc                                        Ruan Yuan                              1
Study Path Consultancy Group                                                               Study Path China                                                         Suite 906B, Tower B, Soho New Town                  88 Jian Guolu                                          Chaoyang District                             Beijing                              100022         China         jr@studypath.cn                                        Philip O'Connor                        1
Taiyuan Yijia Science & Education Consultant Service Co Ltd                                                                                                         Room 607, Shanxi Daily Office Building              No 124, East Shuangta Street                           Taiyuan City                                  Shanxi                               30001          China         liuyuanannie@163.com                                   Ms Yuan Liu                            1
Tianjin Cater to the Whole World Center                                                                                                                             Room 118, No 7 Yingshui Road                        Nankai District                                                                                      Tianjin                              300191         China         ctww_au@yahoo.com.cn                                   Ms Lu Xiu Yun                          1
Tianjin Foreign Studies University Study Overseas Consulting Center                                                                                                 No 117 Machang Road                                 Hexi District                                                                                        Tianjin                              300204         China         hongzhu122@hotmail.com; alison_zhao66@163.com          Ms Hong Zhu                            1
Tianjin Yinqiang Development Co Ltd                                                                                                                                 A-19B Kiaxuanmen Plaza                              66 Nanjing Road                                        Hexi District                                 Tianjin                              300042         China         hexiegroup@hotmail.com                                 Jing Yan (Tony) Tang                   1
U&A Educational and Commercial Consultation Co Ltd                                                                                                                  Suite 2502 Wuhan Plaza                              688 Jiefang Avenue                                                                                   Wuhan                                430022         China         chris.du@91liuxue.com                                  Chris Du                               1
United Consultants Service                                                                                                                                          Suite 1701 Heiwado Bldg                             No 88 Huangxing Road                                   Changsha                                      Hunan                                410005         China         liyah_liu@yahoo.com.cn                                 Yali Liu                               1
Weihai Lianqiao Service Centre for Studying Abroad                                                                                                                  No 106, Hi-Tech Development Zone                    Jilin Road                                             Weihai                                        Shandong                             264209         China         eleanor16@163.net                                      Ms Xiaofang (Eleanor) Liu              1
Well Trend United Consulting Inc Beijing                                                   Well Trend Overseas Education Service Centre                             Level 29, Tower A, Jianwai SOHO Office Building     39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu                                 Chaoyang District                             Beijing                              100022         China         zhangxinying@welltrend.com.cn                          Larry Limin Wang                       1
Westlect Edu International Service Center                                                                                                                           Room 322, Unit 3, Block No. 1 FESCO Apartment       No.15 West Dawang Road                                 Chaoyang District                             Beijing                              100022         China         westlect@ht.rol.cn.net                                 Hei Yujie (Oscar Hei)                  1
Winnie Business & Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                                 Room 712 Jin Gui Mansion                            387 Gudun Road                                         Xihu District                                 Hangzhou                             310012         China         audreytmc@gmail.com                                    Audrey Teng                            1
Wisdom Services                                                                                                                                                     16 Floor, China Life Insurance Mansion              No 26 Renmin Road                                      Zhongshan District, Dalian                    Liaoning                             116001         China         dlwisdom@21cn.com                                      Ren Xiyao Rockie                       1
Wiseway International Co Ltd                                                                                                                                        12A Floor (Floor 13) Heshengjiaye Plaza             32# Zhongguancun Street                                Haidian District                              Beijing                              100086         China         international@wiseway.com.cn                           Mr Wei Wang                            1
World Institute Link (also known as China Ed Service Ctr)                                                                                                           Suite B, 25/F, Tower 1, China Phoenix Complex       2028 ShenNan Rd                                        Futian                                        Shenzhen                             518026         China         info@wil.com.cn                                        Anna Sheong                            1
Wuhan Johnton Science & Technology (Johnton International Education Centre of Australia)                                                                            Jiangtian Dasha 1701                                586 Wuluo Road                                                                                       Wuhan                                430070         China         wjohnton@public.wh.hb.cn                               David Zeng                             1
Wuxi Everest Education Consultancy Co Ltd                                                                                                                           5th Floor, No 158, Wu Ai Road                       Wuxi                                                                                                 Jiangsu                              214031         China         laurence_peng@int-inv.com; laurence_peng@hotmail.com   Laurence Peng                          1
Xiajiao Study-abroad Consulting Co Ltd                                                                                                                              13F, No. 78 Huajian Building                        Xiamen City                                                                                          Fujian                               361003         China         linqi@eduxm.com                                        Qi Lin                                 1
Xi'an Jiao Tong University GAC Center                                                                                                                               1st Floor, Dong Er Building                         28 West Xian Ning Road                                 Main Campus, Xi'an Jiao Tong University       Xi'an                                710003         China         proc_zj@yahoo.com                                      Jian Zhang                             1
Yunnan Provincial Service Center for Scholarly Exchange                                    Yunnan Provincial Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Branch Center   #2 Xue Fu Lu, AD Building, 4th Floor                Yunnan Education Department Building                                                                 Kunming               Yunnan         650223         China         mark@ynlxztc.com                                       Mark Respinger                         1
Yunnan Provincial Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange                                                                                                             Rm 303, Education Department of Yunnan Province     2 Xuefu Road                                           Kunming City                                  Yunnan                               650223         China         venusandvan@sohu.com                                   Yu Zhang                               1
Zhejiang Hope Study Abroad Service                                                         Hope Study Abroad Service                                                14 Floor, Zhongda Plaza                             No 308 North Zhong Shan Road                                                                         Hangzhou             Zhejiang        310003         China         ztk68@yahoo.com                                        Mr Daniel Zheng                        1
Zhejiang Shinyway Overseas Studies Co.,Ltd                                                                                                                          4/F, Area A, Dragon Century Plaza                   No.1 Hangda Road                                                                                     Hangzhou             Zhejiang        310007         China         angelineyu@shinyway.com.cn                             Angeline Yu                            1
Zhejiang Weilian Education and Technology Exchange Centre                                  Zhejiang Weilian                                                         Room 701, Nanzheng Plaza                            No. 580 NanJing Road West                                                                            Shanghai                             200041         China         chengweiqing@hotmail.com                               Zou Lin                                1
Zhengzhou Education Foreign Exchanging Service Centre                                                                                                               No.45, Building 13,                                 Yard 18, Dongfeng Road                                                                               Zhengzhou             Henan          450052         China         zzeducation@yahoo.com.cn                               Miss Huimin Zhang                      1
CI OZI International                                                                       OZI International                                                        Calle 113 No. 11A-44                                                                                                                                     Bogota                                             Colombia       e.vivas@estudieenaustralia.com                         Edgar Diomedes Vivas                   1
Global International Studies Ltda                                                                                                                                   Calle 90 No 11-44, Oficina 302                      Edificio Santorini                                                                                   Bogota             Cundinamarca                    Colombia       gistudies@hotmail.com                                  Miguel Varela & Luis Pealez            1
Grasshopper International                                                                                                                                           CII 7 sur No. 42-70 of 615                                                                                                                               Medellin                                           Colombia       veronica@gi.com.co                                     Sebastian Barrientos                   1
Kiosk Estudios En El Exterior                                                                                                                                       Calle 93 B No. 17-42 OF 506                                                                                                                              Bogota             Cundinamarca                    Colombia       sergio@kiosk.com.co                                    Sergio Alfonso Gallego Galvis          1
Latino Australia Education                                                                                                                                          Avenida Roosevelt #52 A-45 Oficina 1B               Centro Commercial Super Rapido del sur                                                               Cali                   Valle                       Colombia       rbyron@latinoaustralia.com                             Richard Byron                          1
Teaching and Tutoring College de Colombia                                                                                                                           Carrera 12A No. 78-09                                                                                                                                    Bogota                                             Colombia       juan@tyt.edu.co                                        Juan Gaona                             1
EDU Danmark ApS                                                                                                                                                     Koebmagergade 2                                     5th Floor                                                                                            Copenhagen                          DK1150         Denmark        psj@edu-danmark.dk                                     Palle Steen Jensen                     1
Global Office for Students Exchange                                                                                                                                 216 El Nozha Street                                 El Hegaz Square, Level 4, Office 27                    Heliopolis                                    Cairo                                11361          Egypt         gm@gossee.com                                          Mohammed Hussein Abed                  1
College for Higher Education Studies                                                                                                                                195 Princes Road                                                                                                                                         Suva                                                 Fiji         ches@unwired.com.fj                                    Ateca Williams                         1
A+ CAPEC and Etudes Australie Consulting                                                                                                                            10 rue Servandoni                                                                                                                                        Paris                                75006          France        frederic.vuillemot@wanadoo.fr                          Frederic Vuillemot                     2
Cap Australie                                                                                                                                                       29 bvd Paul Doumer                                                                                                                                       Reims                                51100          France        contact@capaustralie.com                               Marie-Liesse Berjot                    1
Franc-Australia                                                                                                                                                     47 Rue Servan BAT C                                                                                                                                      Paris                                75011          France        loic@francaustralia.com                                Jean-Baptiste Berne                    2
Worldiploma SARL                                                                                                                                                    6 rue Sedillot                                                                                                                                           Paris                                75007          France        contact@worldiploma.com                                Thomas Albertini                       1
College Contact GmbH                                                                       College Contact                                                          Hammer Strasse 39                                                                                                                                        Muenster                             48153         Germany        amichel@college-contact.com                            Ramon Tissler                          1
IEC Online GmbH                                                                                                                                                     Marienstrasse 19/20                                                                                                                                      Berlin                               10117         Germany        hilka@ieconline.de                                     Hilka Leicht                           1
Academic and Continuing Education Ltd                                                                                                                               804 Lippo Sun Plaza                                 28 Canton Road                                                                                       Tsimshatsui                                       Hong Kong       joanna.leung@ace-hk.org                                Joanna Leung                           1
Academic Link Overseas Studies Centre                                                                                                                               Room 701, 7/F, Grandmark                            8A-10 Granville Road,                                  Tsim Sha Tsui                                 Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       singwong@aca-link.com                                  Sing Wong                              1
Aces International (Hong Kong) Limited                                                     Aces Education Australia / Aces Education U.K                            Suite 803 SBI Centre                                54-58 Des Voeux Road Central                                                                                                                           Hong Kong       flora@aces.com.hk                                      Flora Chan                             1
Asian Enterprise Education Consultancy Ltd                                                                                                                          Flat A, 17/F Chang Pao Ching Bldg                   427-429 Hennessy Rd                                                                                  Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       info@aeec.com.hk                                       Catherine Lee                          1
Aston Education                                                                                                                                                     Unit 7E China Overseas Building                     139 Hennessy Road                                                                                    Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       dleng@astonhongkong.com                                Dahlia Leng                            1
Australia Academic Service - HK & China                                                    AAS Education Consultancy                                                Suite 1501, Two Grand Tower                         625 Nathan Road                                        Mongkok                                       Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       sam@aas.com.hk                                         Sam Kwong                              1
Australian Education Association                                                                                                                                    Unit 1601, One Grand Tower                          639 Nathan Road                                        Mongkok                                       Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       catherine@aea.org.hk                                   Sandy Ng                               1
Australian Education Consultancy Ltd                                                                                                                                Suite 2502 Office Tower                             Convention Plaza                                       No.1 Harbour Road                             Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       candy@aecl.com.hk                                      Yuk Fung Candy Wong                    1
A-Win Education Services                                                                                                                                            Flat B 11/F Toi Shan Center                         128 Johnston Road                                                                                    Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       awinlily@yahoo.com.hk                                  Lily Chiu                              1
BJ Consultancy Services Co Ltd                                                                                                                                      9 Floor CLI Building                                313 Hennessy Road                                                                                    Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       doris@bjconsultancy.com                                Ms Doris So                            1
Brilliant Overseas Studies Centre                                                                                                                                   Unit B, 13/F, THF Commercial Building               2-8 Tai Cheung Street                                                                                Yuen Long                                         Hong Kong       bosc2001@netvigator.com                                Margaret Lee                           1
City Smart Consultants Pty Ltd                                                                                                                                      Room C, 16/F                                        Cheuk Nang 21st Century Plaza                          250 Hennessy Road                             Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       irene@citysmartgroup.com                               Irene Kwok                             1
CJR Education Service Centre Limited                                                       CJR Education                                                            Suite 1102 Union Park Centre                        771 Nathan Road                                                                                      Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       wing@cjredu.com                                        Dr Wing Cheng                          1
DaDi Education Group Ltd                                                                   Da Di Overseas Studies Service Centre                                    Rm 1801A, 18/F Star House,                          3 Salisbury Road                                       Tsim Sha Tsui                                 Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       chungdadi@yahoo.com.hk                                 Wang Lung Chung                        1
Education UK Ltd                                                                                                                                                    303 Hollywood Commercial House                      3-5 Old Bailey Street                                                                                                                                  Hong Kong       chteh@educationuk.com.hk                               Cheong Hua Teh.                        1
Elite Overseas Studies Centre                                                              Elite Overseas Studies Centre Limited                                    Room 2102, 21/F Mongkok Commercial Centre           No.16 Argyle street                                    Mongkok                                       Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       bessie@elitestudies.com.hk                             Ms Bessie Law                          1
First Global Education Ltd                                                                                                                                          Room 803, 8/F                                       38 Plaza, 38 Shantung Street                           Mongkok                                       Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       jolin@fgedu.com                                        Joanna Lin                             1
Global Education Network P/L                                                                                                                                        Room 602 On Hong Commercial Building                145 Hennessy Road                                                                                    Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       byeung@genhk.net                                       Freeman Yeung                          1
Hong Kong Education Web Ltd.                                                                                                                                        Room 802 Tai Tung Building                          8 Fleming Road                                                                                       Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       hctsui@education.com.hk                                Eric Liang                             1
Hong Kong Overseas Studies Centre Ltd                                                                                                                               Room 1229 -1230 Star House                          3 Salisbury Road                                       Tsim Sha Tsui                                 Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       jimmy@hkosc.com.hk                                     Jimmy Wong                             1
iEducation & Training Group Ltd                                                                                                                                     Room 504 Valley Centre                              80-82 Morrison Hill Road                                                                             Wanchai                                           Hong Kong       elizatse@ietgroup.com.hk                               Eliza Tse                              1
International Education Services                                                                                                                                    Room 2112 Hang Lung Centre                          2-20 Paterson Street                                                                                 Causeway Bay                                      Hong Kong       iesies@hkstar.com                                      Carrie Li                              1
International Studies Service Centre                                                                                                                                Room 2008-11 Wu Sang House                          655 Nathan Road                                        Mongkok                                       Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       enquiries@issc.com.hk                                  George Choy                            1
Libra Consulting                                                                                                                                                    Room 2301 World Wide House                          19 Des Voeux Road Central                                                                                                                              Hong Kong       sjwu@netvigator.com                                    John Wu                                1
Overseas Education Consultancy                                                             Introducing Australia Studies Centre                                     Room 1605 Sino Centre                               582 Nathan Road                                                                                      Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       admin@iasc.com.hk                                      Gary Cheung                            1
Sky Unicorn Student Services Centre Limited                                                                                                                         Room 1309, 13/F Capitol Centre                      5-19 Jardine's Bazaar                                                                                Causeway Bay                                      Hong Kong       enid@skyunicorn.com.hk                                 Enid Chow                              1
Super Red Education & Training Center                                                      34523604-001-03-10-A                                                     Unit 1104, 11/F, Fourseas Building                  208-212 Nathan Road                                                                                  Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       connieku@superred.com.hk                               Ms Connie Ku                           1
Synchro Overseas Education Company Ltd                                                                                                                              Suite 401, Harvest Building                         29-35 Wing Kut Street                                  Central                                                                                         Hong Kong       ophelia@synchroedu.com                                 Ophelia Tsui                           1
Wai Shun International Education Centre                                                                                                                             Room C, 14/F Nathan Tower                           518 Nathan Road                                        Yaumatei                                      Kowloon                                           Hong Kong       rcnwong@biznetvigator.com                              Rebecca Wong                           1
StudyGo Studio Oktatasszervezo BT                                                          StudyGo                                                                  Istvanmezei ut 2/a                                  II. / 202                                                                                            Budapest                              1146         Hungary        info@studygo.hu                                        Krisztina Steff                        1
AB Educational Avenues Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                      I-83 Level 3 Lajpat Naar II                                                                                                                              New Delhi                            110024         India         avenuesworldwide@gmail.com                             Arun Bhutani                           1
AIMS Global Education                                                                                                                                               SCF-7 Opposite Hotel Mountview                      Sector 10/D                                                                                          Chandigarh        Union Territory    160011         India         aimsglobaleducation@gmail.com                          Amar Manchanda                         1
Ashton Consultancy Services                                                                                                                                         C-154 Defense Colony                                Lajpat Nagar                                                                                         New Delhi                            110024         India         cmlkapur.ashton@bol.net.in                             CML Kapur                              1
Auscan Education & Immigration Consultants Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                  SCO No - 11, Sector 17 E                            Above Tejees Studio                                                                                  Chandigarh                           160017         India         jaggisunil@hotmail.com                                 Mr Sunil K Jaggi                       1
Avenues Overseas                                                                                                                                                    601 Aditya Mithakhali Six Road                      B/h Sardar Patel                                       Seva Samaj                                    Ahmedabad                            380006         India         info@avenuesoverseas.com                               Ambika Kushwaha                        1
B N Overseas Educational Services                                                                                                                                   Opp. Gate No.2 Narinder Cinema                                                                                                                           Jalandhar                            144001         India         bntravel@jla.vsnl.net.in                               Kamal Bhumbla                          1
Calypso Overseas Education Consultants                                                                                                                              118 KC Tower                                        Chandigarh Road                                                                                      Nawanshahr            Punjab         141115         India         calypsoambala@gmail.com                                Amrit Pal Singh                        1
Canam Consultants Ltd                                                                                                                                               SCO 83-84, 1st & 2nd Floor                          Sector 17-D                                                                                          Chandigarh            Punjab         160017         India         australia@canamgroup.com                               Anuraj Sandhu                         15
Chopra Consultants (Pvt Ltd)                                                                                                                                        1006 Chiranjiv Towers                               43 Nehru Place                                                                                       New Delhi                            110019         India         natasha@chopraconsultants.com                          Natasha Chopra                        14
Cosmopolitan Campus Custodian (3C)                                                                                                                                  A-1/12 Sector H,                                    Aliganj                                                                                              Lucknow            Uttar Pradesh     226024         India         amit.kumar@3cindia.com                                 Sanjay Agarwal                         1
Edwise International                                                                                                                                                2, Jer Mahal, Ground Floor,                         Dhobi Talao, Opp Metro Adlabs,                                                                       Mumbai                              400 002         India         edwise@vsnl.com                                        Ajay Sukhwani                         13
Foreign Studies Bureau                                                                                                                                              No.5 Venkatanaraya Road                             T. Nagar                                                                                             Chennai                              600017         India         foreignstudies@gmail.com                               Sugumaran Amirtharajan                 1
Foster Education Consultants Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                23/1 East Canal Road                                Opposite CJM Back Gate                                                                               Dehradun           Uttarakhand       248001         India         fosterindia.pvtltd@gmail.com                           Gautam Kundalia                        1
Global Reach                                                                                                                                                        7W the Millennium                                   235/2A AJC Bose Road                                   Kolkata                                       West Bengal                          700020         India         global.reach@vsnl.com                                  Ravi Lochan Singh                     11
IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                      6th Floor, NCL Bandra Premises                      Bandra Kurla Complex                                   Bandra-East                                   Mumbai             Maharashtra       400051         India         barrettos@imsindia.com                                 Kamlesh Sajnani                        1
IMTP Consultancy Services Chennai P Ltd                                                    IMTP Consultants                                                         #73 L.B. Road, 1st Floor                            Adyar                                                                                                Chennai             Tamil Nadu       600020         India         gigeo@imtpconsult.com                                  Gigeo Sakkaryas                        1
International Academy                                                                                                                                               2nd Floor, Brite House                              Karimpatta Cross Road                                  Pallimukku                                    Cochin                Kerala         682016         India         ia.offer@gmail.com                                     Christy Taly Thomas                    1
International Placewell Consultants Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                         601, Bhikaji Cama Bhawan,                           Near Hotel Hyatt Regency,                              Bhikaji Cama Place                            New Delhi                                           India         delhi@educationoverseas.com                            Mr Ajay Mittal                         1
Johars Education Centre                                                                                                                                             P-5 First Floor                                     South Extension-II                                                                                   New Delhi                            110049         India         johar@airtelbroadband.in                               Bubbly Johor                           1
Jupiter Consultants                                                                                                                                                 SCO 64-65 First Floor                               Sector 17-A                                                                                          Chandigarh              UT           160017         India         jupiter_chd@sify.com                                   Mrs Kiran Gill                         1
Kangaroo Studies Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                            203 DDA Tower-II District Centre                                                                           Janakpuri                                     New Delhi                            110058         India         info@kangaroostudies.com                               Gulshan Kumar                          1
MRO India Pvt Ltd                                                                          Academic and Professional Studies Abroad (APSA)                          519.Fifth Floor                                     Bikaji Cama Palace                                                                                   New Delhi                            110066         India         apsa.edu@gmail.com                                     Gaurav Varma                           1
Narula International                                                                                                                                                2 / 6, 2nd Floor, West Patel Nagar                  Opp. Metro Pillar no: 193                                                                            New Delhi                            110008         India         narula@vsnl.net                                        Geeta Narula                           1
Neptune Education Consultants Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                               Corporate House #2 Shivalik Plaza                   NR AMA Ambawadi                                                                                      Ahmedabad             Gujarat        380015         India         info@neptune-edu.com                                   Mr Parin Shah                          8
Oasis Consultants                                                                                                                                                   SCO 38-39 2nd Floor Leela Bhawan Market                                                                                                                  Patiala                              147001         India         manish.oasis@gmail.com                                 Manish Gupta                           1
Overseas Educational Services                                                                                                                                       16/1 Haudin Road                                    Off Ulsoor Road                                                                                      Bangalore                                           India         oesrai@blr.vsnl.net.in                                 Dilip Rai                              1
PAC Asia Services Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                           E-249 1st Floor Subedar Bhawan                      Opp Vasant Vihar Depot                                                                               New Delhi                            110067         India         info@pacasia.org                                       Pushpinder Bhatia                     12
Planet Education                                                                                                                                                    Planet House 2                                      Opp. Surel Bungalows, Bungalow Rd                                                                    Ahmedabad             Gujarat        380054         India         planeteducationindia@gmail.com                         Sanket Shah                           12
Raj Educational Services Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                    517, Suneja Tower I                                 7 District Centre                                      Janakpuri                                     New Delhi                            110058         India         leokushal@yahoo.com                                    Mr. Kushal Kumar Sood                  1
Royal Travels                                                                                                                                                       211, 2nd Floor, Defence Colony                                                                                                                           Jalandhar             Punjab         144002         India         admin@royaltravels.org                                 Arvinder Pal Singh                     1
SARC                                                                                                                                                                H.No -2735, Phase 7                                                                                                                                      Mohali                Punjab         160059         India         info@sarc.in                                           Gurinder Pal Singh                     1
Sonya International Education Centre                                                                                                                                B-2/9 1st Floor                                     Opp. Happy Model School                                Janakpuri                                     New Delhi                                           India         shruti@siecindia.com                                   Sonya Singh                           18
Southern Seas Education                                                                                                                                             A-2 Baba Nagar, St Peter Road                       Near Balaji Restaurant                                 Bandra (W)                                    Mumbai             Maharashtra       400050         India         southernseas@vsnl.com                                  Victoria Sukhia                        1
Storm Group                                                                                                                                                         #302 Tirumala Manas                                 Above DCB                                              S.R Nagar                                     Hyderabad                            500038         India         raghuram@scsedu.com                                    Srinivas Reddy Patlolla                1
Study Overseas Global Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                                       S-2 Level, Block E                                  International Trade Tower                              Nehru Place                                   New Delhi                           110 019         India         Ruchika.Castelino@StudyOverseasGlobal.com              Ruchika Castelino                      1
TCON Educational Services Pvt Ltd                                                          Target Consultancy                                                       SCO 137-138 First Floor,                            Madhya Marg, Sector 8-C                                                                              Chandigarh                           160009         India         marketing@targetconsultancy.com                        Mr Hardeep Singh Bedi                  1
Time Educational Consultants                                                                                                                                        31 Charan Bagh                                                                                                                                           Patiala                              147001         India         timeedu@rediffmail.com                                 Gurdeep Singh                          1
Trans Globe                                                                                                                                                         Trans Globe House                                   Opp King's Land Towers                                 Amin Marg, Rajkot                             Gurjarat                             360005         India         admin@transglobe-edu.com                               Vijay Mehta                            4
Turning Point Studies Consultants Pvt Ltd                                                                                                                           BJ-20 LGF                                           Shalimar Bagh (E)                                                                                    New Delhi                            110088         India         study@turningpoint.in                                  Mr Prem Parkash                        1
Viv's International Education Centre Pty Ltd                                                                                                                        2nd & 3rd Floor,7 Arjun Nagar                       Near Toyota Showroom, Opp. Defence Colony (A- Block)   On Main Road - Kotla Mubarakpur               New Delhi                            110003         India         viec@vieceducation.com                                 Vivienne Porter                       30
YURANUS Education and Immigration                                                                                                                                   205 Aasthan Complex                                 Opposite Polytechnic College                           Above City Corner Hotel, Ambawadi             Ahmedabad                           3800015         India         info@YURANUSeducation.com                              Mohit Desai                            8
Alfalink                                                                                   Anton Gautama                                                            Rich Palace                                         JL Mayjen Sungkono 151                                 Kav R-40                                      Surabaya             East Java       60225        Indonesia       anton@alfalink.net                                     Anton Gautama                          4
ARVI (Overseas Education Consultant)                                                                                                                                Komp Ruko Golden Boulevard                          Blok F 1 No 18                                         BSD City, Jl Pahlawan Seribu (Serpong Raya)   Tangerang                            15322        Indonesia       arvi@cbn.net.id                                        Karsono Kartorahardjo                  1
Bintang Baru                                                                                                                                                        JL Kol Atmo 419                                                                                                                                          Palembang                            30125        Indonesia       bb_education@yahoo.com                                 Merry Agustina                         1
C.V. Universal Services                                                                    Universal Services                                                       Jalan R.A Kartini 85                                                                                                                                     Surabaya                             60264        Indonesia       manager@universal-services.co.id                       Wennas Widjaja & Suwito                1
Compass Education Services                                                                                                                                          Jl. Setiabudi 3 / No. 2A                            Setiabudi                                                                                            Jakarta Selatan                      12920        Indonesia       meeliani@investoz.com                                  Meeliani Handoko                       1
CV AS Student Services                                                                     AS Student Services INDONESIA                                            Jl. Cideng Timur                                    No.11 H                                                                                              Jakarta             DKI Jakarta      10130        Indonesia       asstd@cbn.net.id                                       Janto Sugiharto So                     1

Agent Registered Business/Legal Entity Name                    Trading Name (if different from Registered Name)   Address 1                                           Address 2                                           Address 3                              City                   State/Province   Postcode     Country of Agent   Email Address                               Contact Person/Principal Agent          Offices
CV Edufinder Indonesia                                         Edufinder                                          Ruko Sunter Garden blok D1 no. 10 D                 Sunter                                                                                     Jakarta                                   14350         Indonesia       augviera@edufinderindonesia.com             Augviera Bong                                 1
CV Winik Sukses Makmur                                         Winik Education & Services                         Komplek Graha Kencana Unit Ea                       Jl Raya Pejuangan 88                                Kebon Jeruk                            Jakarta                                   11530         Indonesia       winik.directors@cbn.net.id                  Andreas T Widjaja                             1
CV. Next Generation Enterprise                                 NexGen                                             Jln. Pluit Timur Raya                               Blok M. No.36C                                      Pluit                                  Jakarta                                   14450         Indonesia       harianto@nexgeneducation.com                Harianto                                      1
CV. SIJ Services                                               SIJ Services                                       Jl. Wahidin no. 180/30A                             simp Jl. Emas                                                                              Medan                  North Sumatra      20211         Indonesia       sij_education_services@yahoo.com            Suriyani Intan                                1
CV. Swan Galuh Jaya Gemilang                                   Swan Galuh Overseas Education Consultant           Villa Gunung Buring                                 Jl. Eltari Tengah Blok VF8                                                                 Malang                    East Java       65138         Indonesia       swan_galuh@yahoo.com                        I Wayan Sartika Arimbawa                      1
Edlink + Connex                                                                                                   Plasa Sentral Level 10                              Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 47                                                                 Jakarta                                   12930         Indonesia       info@edlink.or.id                           Stefanus Haryanto                            19
Eduworld / PT. Educare International                           EDUWORLD                                           Ruko Mega Grosir Cempaka Mas                        Blok Q, No 9                                        Jl Letjend. Suprapto, Cempaka Putich   Jakarta                                   10640         Indonesia       sumarjono@eduworld.co.id                    Sumarjono Suwito (Mr)                         1
Erajasa Globalindo                                                                                                Mal Ciputra Level 4 No. 30                          Jl Arteri S. Parman                                                                        Jakarta                                   11470         Indonesia       erajasa@indosat.net.id                      Kevin Tan                                     6
GLOBAL TOTAL                                                   Global Total Education Services                    JL.K.L. Yos Sudarso No. 71-C                        Glugur Kota                                                                                Medan                                     20115         Indonesia       gtedu@indosat.net.id                        Gunawati Tiotama                              1
Hope 2000                                                                                                         Jalan Agung Utara Raya Blok A 36D                   No.35-36 (Sunter)                                                                          Jakarta                                   14350         Indonesia       hope_edu@cbn.net.id                         Haris Anderson                                1
International Student Network                                  EDUZONE                                            Menara Thamrin Suite R-02                           Jalan M.H Thamrin Kav 3                                                                    Jakarta                                   10250         Indonesia       eduzonejakarta@centrin.net.id               Ingenies Wijanarko                            1
International Student Services                                 ISS                                                Apartment Mediterania Garden 1,                     Tower C, Shop House GCD                             Tanjung Duren Raya                     Jakarta                                   11470         Indonesia       fredy@iss-indonesia.com                     Fredy Subrata                                 1
International Study Service Centre                             SYSCOM Education                                   Jl. Cident Timur No 60                              2nd Floor                                           #2A                                    Jakarta                                   10160         Indonesia       syscomedu@dnet.net.id                       Ms Setiawaty Soepratman                       1
INTI College Indonesia                                                                                            Jl. Arjuna Utara No. 35 Kebon Jeruk                                                                                                            Jakarta Barat                             11510         Indonesia       ami.sukesna@inti.ac.id                      Ami Sukesna                                   1
Lembaga Pendidikan Real English                                Real English                                       Jalan Supadi no.9                                   Kota Baru                                                                                  Yogyakarta                                55224         Indonesia       monique@realenglish.or.id                   Monique Van Der Harst                         1
Network Educare                                                                                                   Century Tower Suite BS05                            Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kav X-2 No 4                                                          Jakarta                                   12950         Indonesia       needjkt@cbn.net.id                          Ms Tries Juliana                              1
Overseas Study Centre                                                                                             Jl. Mawar 41                                                                                                                                   Surabaya                  East Java       60262         Indonesia       oscindo@yahoo.com                           Linda Irianto                                 1
Overseas Zone PT                                                                                                  JL.Boulevard Artha Gading                           Lvl 2 Kav.Commercial Block D-05                                                            Kelapa Gading Barat                                     Indonesia       info@overseaszone.net                       Mike Santoso Iman                             1
Premier Study Management (PSM)                                                                                    Jl. Puri Permai I                                   Blok W 1/3                                          Puri Indah                             Jakarta Barat                             11610         Indonesia       psmjkt@dnet.net.id                          Agustinus Soebagio                            1
PT Anindo Dutabhuana                                           Anindo - International Education Consultant        8th Fl. Bank Panin Pusat                            Jl. Jend. Sudirman                                                                         Jakarta Pusat                             10270         Indonesia       anita@anindo.co.id                          Anita Sutandya                                1
PT VIC Indonesia                                               Vista Education Services                           Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V / 63                                                                                                                    Surabaya                 Jawa Timur       60285         Indonesia       director@vistaeducation.com                 Ivan Liusaputra                               1
PT. Cosmosindo Buana Mas                                       Cosmo Education                                    Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No.12 E                                                                                                                 Jakarta Pusat            DKI Jakarta      10720         Indonesia       cosmo3@indosat.net.id                       Ms. Cylvi                                     1
UniStart                                                                                                          S. Widjojo Centre                                   Mezzanine Fl. Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 71                                                  Jakarta                                   12190         Indonesia       lina@unisadhuguna.co.id                     Lina Darliana Oktara                          1
Yayasan Insearch Medan                                         Australia Centre Medan                             Jl Ra Kartini No. 32                                                                                                                           Medan                  North Sumatra      20152         Indonesia       m.stevens@acmedan.com                       Michael Stevens                               1
Yayasan Pendidikan Xaveriana                                   MEC Overseas Education Services                    Bangun Tjipta Lt. 2                                 Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 54                            Slipi                                  Jakarta Pusat                             10260         Indonesia       jes@indo.net.id                             Audy Kurniawan & Yenny Kartani Sofian         1
ARYA Consultancy Management                                                                                       Unit 33, No. 170.4                                  Corner of 13th Street                               Gisha Ave                              Tehran                                    14476            Iran         aryagroup@optusnet.com.au                   Shahram Mirzaei                               1
Australian Education Organisation Pty Ltd                                                                         Suite 903 Shahab Building (No. 1075)                Valiasr Street                                                                             Tehran                                  1500734911         Iran         admin@aeo.edu.au                            Mr Ben Aylen                                  1
Dr Honari Education Institute                                                                                     #567 Bahonar Ave                                    Tajrish                                                                                    Tehran                                    19716            Iran         morteza@drhonariedu.com                     Dr Morteza Honari                             1
Mehravaran Rayaneh Farda Co Ltd                                Mehravaran Institute of Technology                 No. 11, Shahram Allay                               Dorahi Gholhak, Shariarti Avenue                                                           Tehran                                                     Iran         mzonnoorian@hotmail.com                     Masoud Zonnoorian                             1
MYC Enterprises                                                                                                   Unit 7/108 Baran Building                           Fathi Shaghaghi st                                  Vali Asr st                            Tehran                                                     Iran         mahdis@mycenterprises.com                   Mahdis Mesgara                                1
Campus Studies Ltd                                                                                                1 Hayasmin St                                       Efal seminar - Ziva House                                                                  Ramat Efal                                                Israel        lee@campus-studies.co.il                    Lee Fridman                                   1
Studentsworld Italy                                                                                               via Giovanni Pascoli, 60                                                                                                                       Milan                                     20133            Italy        dario.consoli@studentsworld.com             Dario Consoli                                 1
AER World Co Ltd                                                                                                  9F, AIOS-Meguro-Ekimae Bldg                         2-15-19 Kami-Osaki                                  Shinagawa-ku                           Tokyo                                    141-0021         Japan         omori@ablife.jp                             Kenji Omori                                   1
ASWIC Co Ltd                                                                                                      34-5 SaitoⅢ 5F office#5 Udagawa                     Shibuya-ku                                                                                 Tokyo                                   150-0042          Japan         study@aswic.co.jp                           Ari Kodama                                    1
BEO Ltd                                                                                                           Shimochiai 1-1-3                                    Dai Ichi Zeikei Bld 3F                              Shinjuku-ku                            Tokyo                                    161-0033         Japan         study@beo.jp                                Paul Taylor                                   1
Global Institute                                                                                                  OX Umeda Main Bldg. 9F                              2-6-23 Shibata, Kita-ku                                                                    Osaka                                   530-0012          Japan         hatanaka@global-education.jp                Shigeru Hatanaka                              1
Human International Universities & Colleges Consortium         HIUC Osaka / Human Resocia Co Ltd                  4-3-2 Minami-Semba                                  Chuo-ku                                                                                    Osaka                                    542 0081         Japan                                                     Kazuko Kuwahara                               1
IAC Language and Oversea Study                                                                                    6F Tenjin Yasuda 6th Building                       3-3-5 Tenjin, Chuo-ku                                                                      Fukuoka                                  810 0001         Japan         ope@iac-academy.com                         Kyoko Iwasaki                                 1
Inter Support                                                                                                     Sentokaikan Bldg                                    3F 2-2-10 Chuo, Aoba                                Sendai                                 Miyagi                                   9800021          Japan         info@ispt.co.jp                             Miyoko Urasawa                                1
International Education Consultants                            IEC (International Education Consultants)          Shin Yokohama IK Bldg. 604,                         2-12-12 Shin Yokohama                               Kohoku ku                              Yokohama shi             Kohoku ku       222-0033         Japan         ulikulz@ieconsultants.co.jp                 Ulrich Kulz                                   1
ISA                                                                                                               4F, 6-19-20 Jingu-Mae                               Shibuya-Ku                                                                                 Tokyo                                    150-0001         Japan         kurahasi@isa.co.jp                          Atsushi Ikegame                               1
JA Study Abroad Center                                         Kaigai Shingaku Center (JASA)                      Shinjuku I-Land Tower 4F #1578                      6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku                                Shinjuku-ku                            Tokyo                                    163-1304         Japan         external@jasac.com                          Rebecca Namiki                                1
Japan Aviation High School                                                                                        7 - 19 Hirokoji                                     Mishima                                                                                    Shizuoka                                 411 0856         Japan         info@koku.jp                                Norio Ozawa                                   1
Japan College of Foreign Languages                                                                                1-5-16 Shimoochiai                                  Shinjuku-ku                                                                                Tokyo                                    161-0033         Japan         nIizuka@dream.jcfl.ac.jp                    Mr. Norikiyo Iizuka                           1
Konan Institute Service Centre                                                                                    2-29-15 Sumiyoshi Honmachi                          Higashinada                                         Kobe                                   Hyogo                                    658-0051         Japan         takashima@konan-isc.co.jp                   Keiko Shiraha                                 1
Oceanz International Support Centre                                                                               Nakano Sunplaza 9F,                                 4-1-1 Nakano                                        Nakano-ku                              Tokyo                                    16 8512          Japan         t.yamato@oceanz.co.jp                       Tetsuya Yamato                                1
Osaka College of Foreign Languages (OCFL)                                                                         2-3-10 Otedori                                      Chuo-ku                                                                                    Osaka                                    540-0021         Japan         murata@osakagaigo.ac.jp                     Teruhiro Murata                               1
OvECS Ltd                                                                                                         1-10-7-1001 Higashi-Gotanda                         Shinagawa-ku                                                                               Tokyo                                    1410022          Japan         toyoda@ovecs.com                            Mr Keiichi Toyoda                             1
Overseas Education Research Co Ltd                                                                                #701, 2-18-3, Higashi-Shimbashi                     Minato-ku                                                                                  Tokyo                                    105-0021         Japan         admin@kaigaikyoiku.jp                       Ms Yuri Kanari                                1
Ryugaku Journal Inc                                                                                               JR Shinanomachi Bldg 6F                             34 Shinanomachi                                     Shinjuku-ku                            Tokyo                                    160-0016         Japan         marketing@ryugaku.co.jp                     Yukari Kato                                   1
RyugakuSite.com Inc                                                                                               Makuhari Green Heights B1F                          5-417-222 Makuhari-cho                              Hanamigawa-ku                          Chiba-shi                                262-0032         Japan         ueda@ryugakusite.com                        Abdul Hai                                     1
Saga Newspaper Culture Centre Co Ltd                                                                              Saga Shinbun Bunka Centre Co Ltd                    3-2-23 Tenjin                                       Saga-City                              Saga                                     840 8585         Japan         info@saga-sbc.jp                            Tsuguko Ishimaru                              1
Staff Service - Osaka                                                                                             Hankyu Grand Bldg. 17F                              8-47, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku                                                                  Osaka                                    530-0017         Japan         education@staffservice.ne.jp                The Director                                  1
Staff Service - Tokyo                                                                                             8F, Shibuya Higashiguchi Bldg                       2-22-3 Shibuya                                      Shinjuku ku                            Tokyo                                    150-0002         Japan         education@staffservice.ne.jp                The Director                                  1
Succeo Co Ltd                                                  East/West Japan Study Abroad Center                5F Tsutsumi Bldg, 1-13-12                           Shimbashi                                           Minato-ku                              Tokyo                                    105 0004         Japan         director@ryu-gaku.net                       Keiji Kumagai                                 1
Sundai College of Foreign Languages                                                                               1-5-8 Kandasurugadai                                Chiyoda-ku                                                                                 Tokyo                                    101 0062         Japan         iwasaki@sundaigaigo.ac.jp                   Ichiro Iwasaki                                1
Temp Research Institute Co Ltd                                 ICC International Cross-Cultural Committee         1-29-22-7F                                          Ebisu                                               Shibuya-ku                             Tokyo                                    150-0013         Japan         info@iccworld.co.jp                         Mr Yasuo Sone                                 1
TS Planning Co Ltd                                                                                                1-30-5 Senju Bldg                                   Takadanobaba                                        Shinjuk-ku                             Tokyo                                    169-0075         Japan         j.ariga@tsnet.co.jp                         Tetsuo Yamauchi                               1
Wish International Inc                                                                                            1-5-11, Nishi-shinjuku-ku                                                                                                                      Tokyo                                    1600023          Japan         shire@wish.co.jp                            Mr Kiyotaka Suzuki                            1
Bridge International for Academic Services                                                                        Mecca Street Jaber Complex                          Sameeh Yaseen Building , 3rd Floor                  P.O BOX 1599                           Amman                                     11821           Jordan                                                    Prof. Nidal Katamaine                         1
Global Vision for Academic Services                                                                               Sameeh Yaseen Bldg., 3rd Floor                      Mecca Street, Jaber Complex                                                                Amman                                     11821           Jordan        Consultant@visionedu.co.uk                  Prof. Nidal Katamaine                         1
Consulting Educational Agency Intellect                        Intellect Agency                                   188, Dzhambul Street, #41                                                                                                                      Almaty                                   050008         Kazakhstan      olga.polnikova@intellect.kz                 Dr Marina Khan                                1
DKN Future Education                                                                                              258 V Tlendiyev Street                                                                                                                         Almaty                                   050060         Kazakhstan      dkn.edu@gmail.com                           Sholpan Dairova                               1
Globus Education Agency                                                                                           126 Nauryzbai batyra #2                                                                                                                        Almaty                                                  Kazakhstan      globus-almaty@nursat.kz                     Daulat Asilbekov                              1
ICC Plus                                                                                                          9A,Zholdasbekov str.                                trade center "Eurasia" 3 floor                                                             Almaty                                   050000         Kazakhstan      office@iccplus.kz                           Sholpan Bekmagambetova                        1
Study Innovations                                                                                                 26A, Abay Street                                    Business Center "Concord"                                                                  Almaty                                    50013         Kazakhstan      zhazira@studyinn.kz                         Zhazira Duisenbekova                          1
Too "Open Gate"                                                Open Gate - Education Centre                       National Writers Union                              105 Abylayhan Avenue                                                                       Almaty                                   050000         Kazakhstan      emilk@opengate.kz                           Mr Emil Karayev                               1
Australian Education Consultants Ltd                           AEC                                                Ground Floor, Centro House, Westlands               PO Box 39669                                                                               Nairobi                                   00623           Kenya         aussie@aec-australia.com                    Mahul Shah                                    1
Hill Education Consultants Ltd                                                                                    Off School Lane, Austen Place                       Office No. A                                        Westlands                              Nairobi                                                   Kenya         sanpreetsehmi@hotmail.com                   Sanpreet Sehmi                                1
Information and Advice Centre                                  Koala Information and Advice Centre                Crossway, off Muthithi Road                         Westlands                                                                                  Nairobi                                   00621           Kenya         farook@advice.co.ke                         Farook Lalji                                  1
UniLink Education Ltd                                                                                             1st Fl. Woodvale Place                              Woodvale Grove                                      Westlands                              Nairobi                                                   Kenya         pari@unilink.co.ke                          Pari Lalani                                   1
Education Gateway SARL                                                                                            Gefinor Centre, Hamra                               Level 6, Block C, Apartment 604 Clemenceau Street                                          Beirut                                                   Lebanon        suzettelamshed@iprimus.com.au               Suzette Lamshed                               1
Almasar Education Services Center                                                                                 Hey alandalus - Grgarish Road                       PO Box 6670                                                                                Tripoli                                                   Libya         s.sabri@mesc.ly                             Sanaa Mohamed Sabri                           1
EduWise Macau Ltd                                                                                                 1-3 Rua Pedro Jose Lobo,                            Luso Int'l Bank Building, Rm 1709                                                                                                                    Macau         eduwise@macau.ctm.net                       Christina Au                                 11
Focus International Overseas Student Service                                                                      Rua do Campo No. 117                                Edf. Mei Mei                                        2 Andar                                                                                          Macau         focus1@macau.ctm.net                        Josephine Kwan                                1
Wisdom Educational Consulting Limited                                                                             Rua Nova de S. Lazaro                               No. 1 R/C                                                                                                                                            Macau         wisdomco@macau.ctm.net                      Mak Ian Ian Vilas                             1
Advanced Studies Advisors (SEL) Sdn Bhd                                                                           23, Jalan PBS 14 / 5                                Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang                   Seri Kembangan                         Selangor Darul Ehsan                      43300          Malaysia       lsyow@astudyadvisor.com                     Yow Lop Siaw                                  1
Australian Business Centre Sdn Bhd                                                                                1st Floor, Lot 2067, Jalan Utama                    Pending                                                                                    Kuching                   Sarawak         93450          Malaysia       rodgerc@netinc.net.my                       Mr Rodger Chan                                1
Dyna-Ed Services                                                                                                  Ground Floor                                        No. 79 Jalan Tuanku Osman                           PO Box 141                             Sibu Sarawak                              96007          Malaysia       dyna-ed@streamyx.com                        Jackie Tan                                    1
EMS Management Centre                                                                                             B-1-13 Megan Avenue 11                              Jalan Yap Kwan Seng                                                                        Kuala Lumpur                              50450          Malaysia       lawrence@emsmc.com                          Lawrence Lim                                  1
Focus Education                                                                                                   No.12, 1st Floor Jalan Permatang Gedong             Taman Sejati Indah                                                                         Sungai Petani              Kedah          8000           Malaysia       joanne_beh@hotmail.com                      Joanne Beh                                    1
GEN Education (M) Sdn Bhd                                      Global Education Network (GEN)                     No. 12 Jalan Menara Gading 1                        Medan Connaught                                     Cheras                                 Kuala Lumpur                              56000          Malaysia       info@gen-education.com                      Joseph Hii W S                                1
International Education Consultancy (IEC)                                                                         987 Lorong Jering 2                                 Sunny Garden                                        Mile 1 1/2 Tuaran Rd.                  Kota Kinabalu                             88300          Malaysia       jasmine@iec.com.my                          Jasmine Leong                                 1
Inti International College Penang                                                                                 10 Persiaran Bukit Jambul                           Bayan Lepas                                                                                Penang                                    11900          Malaysia       simone_lee@intipen.edu.my                   Simone Lee                                    1
JM Education Counselling Centre Sdn Bhd                                                                           36, Jalan SS 15/8                                                                                                                              Subang Jaya               Selangor        47500          Malaysia       abbie@jmecc.com.my                          Teh, Cheong Hua                               6
Market Management Services Sdn Bhd                                                                                Block E, No 32 (2nd and 3rd Floor)                  Taman Sri Sarawak Mall                              Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman               Kuching                                   93100          Malaysia       market@mms.com.my                           May Tan Mee Tziau                             3
Study International Education Consult Sdn Bhd                                                                     1-12A-3A Suntech @ Penang Cybercity                 Lintang Mayang Pasir 3                              Bayan Baru                             Penang                                    11950          Malaysia       simone@studyinternational.com.my            Simone Lee                                    1
Studylink Sdn Bhd                                                                                                 No 1, Jalan SS15/7 Subang Jaya                                                                                                                 Selangor                                  47500          Malaysia       leong@studylink.com.my                      Tony Tan Hoon Lim                             5
The Student Service Centre Sdn Bhd (261092-A)                                                                     78A Jalan Serampang                                 Taman Pelangi                                                                              Johor Bahru                               80400          Malaysia       jentoh@tssc.com.my                          Toh Sock Hong                                 1
Domido Co Ltd                                                  Overseas Education Centre (OVEC)                   Riverview Villa                                     Gentilly                                                                                   Moka                                                     Mauritius      pchitson@intnet.mu                          Dr Dorish Chitson                             1
Corporativo UE SA DE CV                                        Universo Educativo                                 Insurgentes Sur 1776                                Del. Alvaro Obregon                                 Col. Florida                           D.F                                       01 030          Mexico        han@universoeducativo.com                   Han Steen                                     1
Endavant S.C                                                   Estudia                                            Canarias 419                                        Col. Portales                                       Del. Benito Juarez                     Mexico City                               3300            Mexico        a.cobacho@estudia.com.mx                    Antonio Cobacho                               1
Programas Interculturales de Mexico S.C                        EduLynks                                           Ave. Vallarta #3075-1                               Col. Vallarta pte                                   Guadalajara                            Jalisco                                   44110           Mexico        gerardo@edulynks.com                        Gerardo Carranza                              1
Excel International Education & Consulting                     IM EXCEL Consulting SRL                            Pushkin 45 Street                                                                                                                              Chisinau                                 MD2005          Moldova        office@excel.md                             Peter Daskalyesku                             1
JM Century Global Ltd                                                                                             Floor 3, Business Plaza, 15th Khoroo                13th Khoroolol                                      Bayanzurkh Dist                        Ulannbaatar                                              Mongolia       info@jmcenturyglobal.com.hk                 Joe Cheung                                    1
Advanced Technologies & Solutions Co Ltd                       AT&S                                               Building 5, Room 4, Myanmar Info-Tech (MICT Park)   Hlaing Universities Campus                          Hlaing Township                        Yangon                                  11502 MM         Myanmar        mayzaye@gmail.com                           May Zin Aye                                   1
Best Services Co Ltd                                           YIUS (Yangon Institute for University Studies)     Room 4, Building 7                                  Myanmar Info Tech                                   Hlaing University Campus               Yangon                                                   Myanmar        yiusinfo@gmail.com                          Hsan Yee                                      1
Regent Consultancy Services Co Ltd                                                                                No. B-42, Shwe Keinayee Estate                      Narnattaw Street                                    Kamaryut Township                      Yangon                                                   Myanmar        kevin@yangon.net.mm                         Kevin Wang                                    1
Smartrack International Co Ltd                                 STI Education                                      Room 7, Block 4, Myanmaar Info-Tech                 Hlaing Township                                                                            Yangon                                    11052          Myanmar        josu@stieducation.net                       Dr Myo Myo Naing                              1
Dolphin Education Consultancy Centre Pty Ltd                                                                      BJ Bhawan - 4th Floor, Exhibition Road                                                                                                         Kathmandu                                                 Nepal         prem@dolphineducation.com.np                Prem Pandey                                   1
Dynamic Universe Education Plus Immigration Services Pvt Ltd                                                      GPO Box 8975                                        EPC5337                                                                                    Kathmandu                                                 Nepal         dynamicuni@wlink.com.np                     Raj Kumar Bartaula                            1
Education Planet Pvt Ltd                                       E-Planet                                           Bagbazar 31                                         House No. 248                                                                              Kathmandu                 Bagmati          977            Nepal         info@eplanet.edu.np                         Moha Lal Lamichhane                           1
Nepalese Encounters Education Consultancy P Ltd                                                                   Lakeside-6, Hallan Choek                                                                                                                       Pokhara                    Kaski                          Nepal         nepalese@encounters.wlink.com.np            Narayan Pahari                                1
Professional Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd                                                                      Marpha House                                        Anamnagar                                                                                  Kathmandu                 Bagmati         44601           Nepal         info@professional.edu.np                    Raju Singh                                    1
Universal Language & Computer Institute                                                                           415/419 Dillibazar Height Marg                                                                                                                 Kathmandu                                 44600           Nepal         u.pant@ulci.com.np                          Uttam Prasad Pant                             1
Videsh International Consultants Pvt Ltd                       VIC Nepal                                          265 Narayan Gopal Road                              Opposite Hana Restaurant, Lazimpat 2                                                       Kathmandu                                                 Nepal         pratik@infoclub.com.np                      Pratik Pradhan                                1
DW Group Limited                                               DW Group                                           Level 6, 300 Queen Street                                                                                                                      Auckland                                               New Zealand      abc@51anz.com                               Mr David Wang                                 1
Edulink International Ltd                                                                                         Level 2, 220 Queen Street                           PO Box 7355 Wellesley St                                                                   Auckland                                               New Zealand      howard-edulink@hotmail.com                  Howard Kim                                    1
IAC (International Academic Consulting Ltd)                    IAC                                                1A, 187 Queen Street                                Auckland Central                                                                           Auckland                                  1141         New Zealand      help@iackorea.com                           Jeff Shin                                     1
New Star Consultants Ltd                                                                                          Office 3, Level 3                                   220 Queen Street                                                                           Auckland                                  1010         New Zealand      newstar_nz@yahoo.co.nz                      Jenny Cao                                     1
NZ Uhak Net                                                                                                       Level 1, # 99 Queen St                                                                                                                         Auckland                                               New Zealand      nz@nzuhak.net                               John Paek                                     1
Plus Consulting Ltd                                            Plus Education Service Centre                      242 High Street City Centre                                                                                                                    Christchurch             Canterbury       8011         New Zealand      plusnz@gmail.com                            Terry Ahn                                     1
AEO Pakistan                                                                                                      191-A, Street 10, E-7                                                                                                                          Islamabad                                 44000          Pakistan       ice@comsats.net.pk                          Mr Saad Mahmood                               1
AusPak International                                                                                              13-A, Block D                                       New Muslim Town                                     (Near New Campus Bridge)               Lahore                                    54600          Pakistan       sohail.rizvi@auspak.edu.pk                  Syed Suhail Haider Rizvi                      1
HR Consultants                                                                                                    35, 1 Floor Beverley Centre,                        Near Nafdec Cinema, Blue Area                                                              Islamabad                                                Pakistan       hrcon@apollo.net.pk; hrauf@hrpakistan.com   Shahid Rauf                                   7
New Era Consultants                                                                                               #167 Street #15 E7                                                                                                                             Islamabad                                 44000          Pakistan       info@neweramigration.com                    Parvin Najmi                                  1
One World Ltd - Pakistan                                                                                          House 314, 1st Floor, Gulrez Phase 3                Chaklala                                                                                   Rawalpindi                                46000          Pakistan       kashif.ijaz@uecoms.com                      Kashif Ijaz                                   1
RMT Enterprise                                                                                                    46, Badri Building                                  I. I. Chundrigar Road                                                                      Karachi                                   74000          Pakistan       hoodbhoy@khi.comsats.net.pk                 Ms Rubeena N. I. Hoodbhoy                     3
Surfers Paradise                                                                                                  ul.Dobra 56/66 (Level 1)                                                                                                                       Warsaw                                    00-312          Poland        monika.szmigielska@surfersparadise.pl       Monika Szmigielska                            1
Australia Services                                                                                                3 Rue Des Bons Enfants                              St Pierre                                                                                  Reunion Island                            97410       Reunion Island    sophie@australia-services.com               Sophie Rambaud                                1
Direct Talk                                                                                                       15 Chayanova Str, Korp 5                            Office 64                                                                                  Moscow                                   125047           Russia        info@directtalk.ru                          Alexey Surin                                  1
Global Dialog                                                                                                     Zemlyanoy Val 64                                    Building 2, Office 518                                                                     Moscow                                   109004           Russia        lychagin@globaldialog.ru                    Viacheslav Lychagin                           1
Global-Link LLC                                                Global-Class                                       35 Arbat Str, Level 5, Office 531                                                                                                              Moscow                                   119002           Russia        evkina@global-class.org                     Mrs Tatiana Evkina                            1

Agent Registered Business/Legal Entity Name                               Trading Name (if different from Registered Name)              Address 1                                          Address 2                               Address 3                      City                State/Province     Postcode   Country of Agent   Email Address                                        Contact Person/Principal Agent            Offices
IQ Consultancy                                                                                                                          ul. Zhukovskogo, 10/2                                                                                                     St Petersburg                           191014         Russia        marina@iqconsultancy.ru                              Marina Yeletskaya                               1
Students International                                                                                                                  Office 305-305 8/1 Bolshoi Levshinskiy per                                                                                Moscow                                  119034         Russia        info@studinter.ru                                    Dmitri Ivanov                                   3
Allen Education Services-KSA (AES-KSA)                                                                                                  Riyadh Main Office #11A                            3645 Northern Ring Road (Near Exit 5)   PO Box 85591                   Al Muroj District       Riyadh          12284       Saudi Arabia     heathermallen2@gmail.com                             Ms Heather Allen                                1
ToGraduate - KSA                                                                                                                        Office No. 38                                      3rd floor Alryadh Plaza Building        Tahliya Street                 Jeddah                                              Saudi Arabia     apply@tograduate.com                                 Shady Fakhreddine                               1
UK United                                                                 Ukuni                                                         Office 216, Second Flr, Al-Babtain Centre          Olaya Road P O Box 19312                                               Riyadh                                  11435       Saudi Arabia     Ibrahim@Ukuni.org                                    Ibrahim Al-Najjar                               1
UniAdmission Saudi Arabia                                                                                                               Building No 76, Third floor                        Takhasosi Road                          Al-Mohammadiah                 Riyadh                                              Saudi Arabia     adebasi@gmail.com                                    Abdulaziz Aldebasi                              1
Adroit Foreign Education Link                                                                                                           111 North Bridge Road                              #08-28 Peninsula Plaza                                                                                         179098       Singapore       adroitsg@singnet.com.sg                              Linda Ho                                        1
AS EduCentre Pte Ltd                                                      AS EduCentre (Overseas Education Specialist)                  Blk 809 French Road                                #03-182                                 Kitchener Complex                                                      200809       Singapore       info@ASEdu.net                                       Ann Soon Kuah                                   1
AusConnection Pte Ltd                                                                                                                   7B Keppel Road #18-07                              Tanjong Pagar Complex                                                                                          597571       Singapore       info@ausconnection.com; szeyong@ausconnection.com    Lee Sze Yong                                    1
CMS (Pte) Ltd                                                                                                                           15 Enggor Street                                   #07-01 Realty Centre                                                                                           79716        Singapore       david.teo@cmsedu.com; cmsedu@singnet.com.sg          David Teo                                       1
GLZINC Pte Ltd                                                            StudyAbroad.sg                                                #07-18 Orchard Plaza                               150 Orchard Rd                                                                                                 238841       Singapore       biz@glzinc.com                                       Kevin Xiaoguang Li                              1
Hui & Kuah Pte. Ltd.                                                                                                                    11 Keng Cheow Street                               #11-01 The Riverside Piazza                                                                                    59608        Singapore       philip@hnksg.com                                     Philip Kuah                                     1
LX Global Education Investments Pte Ltd                                                                                                 BLK 80A Toa Payoh Lorong4 #05-460                                                                                                                                 311080       Singapore       edu.investments@gmail.com                            Nan Wei                                         1
Overseas Academic Link Pte Ltd                                            OAL                                                           101 Cecil Street                                   #18-02 Tong Eng Building                                                                                                    Singapore       academic@pacific.net.sg                              Serene Yong                                     1
RV Centre International Pte Ltd                                                                                                         20 Maxwell Road                                    #06-09G Maxwell House                                                                                          69113        Singapore       christina@rvcentre.com.sg                            Christina Chang                                 1
Wise Group Pte Ltd                                                                                                                      10 Anson Rd                                        #20-03A International Plaza                                                                                    79903        Singapore       dennis.luan@tickstudy.com                            Dennis Luan                                     1
World Creative Education Co Ltd                                           World Square                                                  9 Penang Road                                      #10-18 Park Mall                                                                                               238459       Singapore       uchida@world-edu.com.sg                              Toshio Goto                                     1
Boomerang Education and Training Consultants                                                                                            1 Hill Road, 29 Humewood                           Three Anchor Bay                                                       Cape Town                                8005       South Africa     boomerangetc@gmail.com                               Lisa Haldane                                    1
Dovec Overseas Education Consultants                                                                                                    13 Fraser Building, 4th Floor                      Cnr Pritchard & Fraser Streets                                         Johannesburg                             2000       South Africa     dovec.edu@gmail.com                                  Dududu Phahlane Magano                          1
Antonio Education Centre Pty Ltd                                                                                                        1624 Ho, Hyundai World Tower                       Mok 5 Dong                              Yangchon Gu                    Seoul                                  158-735      South Korea      antonioedu@naver.com                                 Jae-Seung Lee                                   1
Chongro Overseas Educational Institute                                                                                                  201 Samhwa Bldg                                    14-10 Kwanchul-dong                     Chongro-gu                     Seoul                                  110-111      South Korea      coein12@chongroyuhak.com                             Chris Cho                                       1
CJ Education Centre                                                                                                                     #901ho Haecheon Bldg                               831 Yeoksam-dong                        Gangnam-gu                     Seoul                                  135-936      South Korea      info@cjuhak.com                                      Gu Sik Yun                                      1
Embassy Overseas Study Centre                                                                                                           1102 Time BD                                       1316-29 Seocho-Dong                     Seocho-Gu                      Seoul                                  137-856      South Korea      being_happy@naver.com                                Minjeong Cheon                                  1
GMT Global                                                                                                                              5F, Yoojin B/D                                     491 Suyoungro, Daeyeon-dong             Nam-gu                         Busan                                   608 805     South Korea      gilbert.kim927@gmail.com                             Dr Gilbert Gyuyoung Kim                         1
I World Education Centre                                                                                                                Suite 1011, Doosan Bearstel 1319-11                Seocho-dong                             Seochu-GU                      Seoul                                               South Korea      tommy@iworldstudy.com; thomas@iworldstudy.com        Thomas Kim                                      1
ISEP Korea Co Ltd                                                                                                                       Suite 1703 Kyobo Building                          Jongro-Ika                              Jongro-ku                      Seoul                                  110-714      South Korea      mkkim@isep.co.kr                                     Mi Kyung Kim                                    1
JJ Education Centre                                                                                                                     #712 Hyundai-Venturevill                           Nogosan Dong                            Mapo Gu                        Seoul                                               South Korea      j.kim@jj-edu.com                                     Jack Kim                                        1
K2J Overseas Education Centre                                                                                                           #1240, 21 Century City O/T                         55-1 DaeYeon 3 Dong                     NamGu                          Busan                                               South Korea      vicky@uhak-k2j.com                                   Ms Vicky J.S Oh                                 1
KOKOS International                                                                                                                     Level 4, Building B, Kyobo Tower Building          1303-22 Seocho-Dong                     Seochu-Gu                      Seoul                                               South Korea      kokos@ikokos.com                                     SJ Han                                          3
Lets Uhak                                                                                                                               F5 Sinyoung Building                               818-11 Yeoksam Dong                     Gangnam-gu                     Seoul                                  135-932      South Korea      info@letsuhak.co.kr                                  Giljun Yang                                     1
Luck-Key Education                                                                                                                      1st floor, Seoul Building                          294 Dangsandong-6ga                     Yeongdeungpo-gu                Seoul                                   150809      South Korea      wastras@yahoo.co.kr                                  Jong Hoon Lee                                   1
SOSSA (Strathfield Overseas Student Services of Australia)                                                                              Suite 401, Level 4 Handeok Building                Yeok Sam Dong, 649-4 Kangam Gu                                         Seoul                                   135 080     South Korea      info@hojoo.com                                       James Hwang                                     1
Time Study                                                                                                                              Suite 302, 3F Jeil B/D                             #98 Insa-dong                           Jongno-gu                      Seoul                                  110-290      South Korea      seoul@timestudy.co.kr                                Tommy Han                                       1
U.H International                                                                                                                       2F Yuyang BD #823-11                               Yeoksam-dong                            Gangnam-gu                     Seoul                                  135-070      South Korea      seoul@yuhakinet.com                                  Maria Jang                                      1
Uhak Academy                                                                                                                            #401 (4F) Gyeoung-Il Bld                           1307-20 Seocho-dong                     Seocho-Gu                      Seoul                                   137070      South Korea      alex@uhakacademy.com                                 Alex Lee                                        1
Uhak.com                                                                                                                                14F Janggyo Bldg                                   Janggyo-dong                            Jung-gu                        Seoul                                  100-760      South Korea      biz@uhak.com                                         Yongwoo Kim                                     1
Uhakro.com International                                                                                                                5Fl Koryeo B/D                                     84-6 Jongno 2-ga                        Jongno-gu                      Seoul                                  110-122      South Korea      uhakro@uhakro.com                                    Hana Seong                                      1
YBM Overseas Education Services                                                                                                         YBM Education B/D 1 F                              56-12 Chongno 2-Ga                      Chongno-Gu                     Seoul                                  110-122      South Korea      bryankang@ybmsisa.co.kr                              Bryan Kang                                      1
3W Global Resourcing Pvt Ltd                                              3WGE                                                          16/7 B, De Fonseka Place                           Colombo 05                                                             Colombo                                               Sri Lanka      Stefan@3rdwaveconsulting.com                         Maljinee Liyanage                               1
Aspirations Education (Pvt) Ltd                                           Aspirations Education                                         267/20 Samagi Mawatha                              Nawala Road                                                            Nawala                                                Sri Lanka      mrdj@sltnet.lk                                       Don Ajithkuma Dias Jayaweera Abeysejera         1
Australian Education Consultant                                                                                                         131/4 Horana Road                                                                                                         Panadura                                12500         Sri Lanka      mdhausnz@sltnet.lk                                   Mr M D H Fernando                               1
Bright Way Education Consultants                                                                                                        105/C Ja-Ela Road                                                                                                         Gampaha                                 11000         Sri Lanka      info@brightwayeducation.com                          Channa Nissanka                                 1
Edlocate (Pvt) Ltd                                                                                                                      79/5, Horton Place                                                                                                        Colombo                                               Sri Lanka      marketinge@edlocate.lk                               Palitha Wijesuriya                              1
Interstate Education Consultants (Pvt) Ltd                                                                                              No.1069, Maradana Road,                            Borella                                                                Colombo                                  9400         Sri Lanka      interstate@sltnet.lk                                 Ananda Kasturiaratchi                           1
Jeewa Australian Educational Centre                                                                                                     474 Arthur V.Dias Mawatha                                                                                                 Panadura                                12500         Sri Lanka      jaec@sltnet.lk                                       Ms Sujeewa Fernando                             1
Vision International Education Consultants Pvt Ltd                                                                                      No 39/4E                                           D.S. Senanayaka Mawatha                                                Colombo             Western Province     800          Sri Lanka      visioniec@sltnet.lk                                  Indika Abayawandana                             1
GA International Study                                                                                                                  Via delle vigne 29                                                                                                        Minusio                  Ticino          6648        Switzerland     grant@gainternational.com                            Grant Hutton                                    1
Academic Excellence International                                         AEI                                                           7F-6, No 38                                        Fu-Hsing North Road                                                    Taipei                                  10488          Taiwan        aei.tw@msa.hinet.net                                 Jasmine Szu                                     1
AMET Education                                                                                                                          15F-1, No 50 Zhong Xiao West Road                  Section 1                                                              Taipei                                   100           Taiwan        yini.reptis@amet.com.au                              Yini Reptis                                     1
APEC Group International                                                                                                                6F No.148 Chung-Hsiao E.Road                       Section 4                                                              Taipei                                   106           Taiwan        service@apec.org.tw                                  Lawrence Yang                                   1
AusAsia International Institute                                                                                                         5F-3, No. 501, Guang-Fu South Road                                                                                        Taipei                                   110           Taiwan        norman@goausasia.com                                 Norman Lim                                      1
Evergreen International Education Consultant Co Ltd                                                                                     2F, No. 260 Keelung Rd                             Sec 2                                                                  Taipei                                  10675          Taiwan        everjane@ms38.hinet.net                              Jane Lee                                        1
Frontier Planning International                                                                                                         11F, No 177-1                                      Section 1 Hoping East Road                                             Taipei                                   106           Taiwan        info@fpiedu.com                                      Frank Yao                                       1
Hui Huang Overseas Education Development Pty Ltd                                                                                        2F -2, No. 86                                      Fu-Hsing South Road                     Section 2                      Taipei                                                 Taiwan        hhe@seed.net.tw                                      Julia Lin                                       1
JASON International Education Services                                                                                                  8F-1, No 79 Roosevelt Road, Sec 2                                                                                         Taipei                                   106           Taiwan        mark@jasonedu.com.tw                                 Mr Ruey-Chi (Mark) Wang                         1
JRIS International Consulting Ltd                                                                                                       5F-4, No. 341, Sec. 4, Jhongsiao East Road         Daan District                                                          Taipei                                   106           Taiwan        abc@JRIS.com                                         Yu-Chen (Jris) Hsieh                            1
Kiwicon Co Ltd                                                            Kiwicon Education Center                                      9F No.162 Chung-Hsiao E. Road                      Section 3                                                              Taipei                                   106           Taiwan        kiwicon@seed.net.tw                                  Robert Yang                                     1
OH! Study Education Consulting Center                                                                                                   6F, 228 Tun-Hua South Road                         Sec 1                                                                  Taipei                                  10688          Taiwan        ohstudy@ohstudy.net                                  Brian Hockertz                                  1
OMECA International Education Centre                                                                                                    7F, No 13, Sec 1, Chongqing S Rd                                                                                          Taipei                                   100           Taiwan        theomeca@gmail.com                                   Loling Chin                                     1
Southern Hemisphere Overseas Study Centre                                                                                               3F, 476 Wen-Lin Road                               Shih-Lin                                                               Taipei                                   111           Taiwan        ronshosc@ms29.hinet.net                              Ron Tseng                                       1
Taida International Education Services                                                                                                  17F-3, No. 211 Chung-Cheng 4th Road                                                                                       Kaohsiung                                801           Taiwan        info@edu-fair.com                                    Ms DaDa Chen                                    1
The Vine International Consultancy Pty Ltd                                TVIC                                                          10/55, Alley 612,                                  Sec. 2, Zhong-zheng Road                                               Chang Hua City                           500           Taiwan        studyinfo07@yahoo.com.tw                             Mrs Gloria Lai-Harrington                       1
Victory International Consulting Group                                                                                                  8F-1 No.142 Section 1                              Hua Mei West Street                                                    Taichung City                           40353          Taiwan        victorytaichung@yahoo.com.tw                         Liao Fa-Chuan                                   1
Abroad Education Services Co Ltd                                          AES                                                           1465 Soi Ladprao 94 (Town in Town Soi 3)           Sriwara Road                            Wang Thong Lang                Bangkok                                 10310         Thailand       info@wegoabroad.com                                  Orapan Sailam                                   1
Acadex Corporation Limited                                                                                                              12A Floor, The Church of Christ in Thailand Bldg   328 Phayatai Rd                         Ratchathevi                    Bangkok                                 10400         Thailand       worren@gmail.com                                     Worren Tuvanimitgul                             1
Access Abroad Co Ltd                                                                                                                    123/8 Nonsi Road                                   Chong Nonsi, Yannawa                                                   Bangkok                                 10120         Thailand       info@accessabroad.net                                Ying Srisuppak                                  1
Anglo Phone Education Group Co Ltd                                        Anglo Phone Education Group                                   Unit F, Level 11 Paso Tower                        88 Silom Road                                                          Bangkok                                 10500         Thailand       pete@anglophonegroup.com                             Nawee (Pete) Ittisanyakorn                      1
Arthur Plus Co Ltd                                                                                                                      141/11 Diamond Square                              Soi Lat Pharo 53 (Chokchai 4)           Wangthonglang                  Bangkok                                 10310         Thailand       info@pluseducation.com                               Ms Suwicha Kitpaisarn                           1
AU Study (Thailand) Co. Ltd                                                                                                             Grand Parkview, Asoke Plaza,                       189/1 Sukhumvit 21 Road                 Khlong Toei Nuea, Vadhana,     Bangkok                                 10110         Thailand       joel@austudythailand.com                             Joel Haerewa                                    1
Connex International Education Worldwide                                                                                                5/107 Soi Borromratchachonnanee 13                 Borromratchachonnanee Road                                             Bangkok                                 10700         Thailand       connex@csloxinfo.com                                 Kitiwan Buabarn                                 1
CP & Co International Pty Ltd                                             CP Education and Migration Service & CP Education Australia   Shop 217, Level 2 Plaza, United Center Building    323 Silom Road                          Bangrak                        Bangkok                                 10500         Thailand       education@cpinter.co.th                              Mrs Pip Panasbodi                               1
Education for Life Co., Ltd                                                                                                             54 Huamark Road                                    (Soi Ramkhamhaeng 24)                   Huamark, Bangkapi              Bangkok                                 10240         Thailand       paiboon@eduforlife.net                               Paiboon & Patcharaporn Boonkerd                 1
EXIT Education Co Ltd                                                                                                                   128/9 Ramkhanhaeng 24 Road                         Huamark                                 Bangkapi                       Bangkok                                 10240         Thailand       info@exiteducation.com; chongdee@exiteducation.com   Mr Thongsook Sunantakarnkij                     1
Four Seas Tours & Marketing                                                                                                             2nd Floor, Suite 24                                Diamond Tower                           427 Silom Soi 7                Bangkok                                 10500         Thailand       pichai4c@truemail.co.th                              Mr Pichai Patrakulpiched                        1
Hamilton International Co Ltd                                                                                                           7th Floor, 518/5 Maneeya Building Centre,          Ploenchit Road                          Lumpinee, Pathumwan            Bangkok                                 10330         Thailand       hamilton@inet.co.th                                  Mr Paul Caunter                                 1
Ideal Education Co Ltd                                                                                                                  309 Soi Naradhiwas 24 Rd. (Sathupradit 19)         Chongnonsee, Yannawa,                                                  Bangkok                                 10120         Thailand       info@idealeducation.net                              Ms Suvalee Charoendkanakit                      1
Infolearning Company Limited                                              Infolearning                                                  51/3 Vibhavadi Tower                               Fl 19, Suite 6, Ngamwongwan Road        Ladyao Chatuchak               Bangkok                                 10900         Thailand       contactus@infolearning.co.th                         Assoc Prof Sasivimol Meeampol DBA               1
Insight Education Consulting                                                                                                            56 Yada Building 6th Floor                         Silom Road                              Bangrak                        Bangkok                                 10500         Thailand       montakan@insight.in.th                               Montakan O'Neill                                1
Knowledge Plus Education Services Co Ltd                                  Knowledge Plus                                                3rd flr Silom Shanghai Building                    807 Silom 17 Road                                                      Bangkok                                 10500         Thailand       siriporn@knowledgeplus.ac.th                         Mrs Siriporn Mahatharadol                       1
Mentor ISC (Education & Training Consultants) Ltd                                                                                       16th Floor Regent House Building                   183 Rajdamri Road                       Lumpini, Pathumwan             Bangkok                                 10330         Thailand       ianpb@mentor.ac                                      Ian Bushell                                     1
New Cambridge Institute (Thailand)                                                                                                      Vanissa Building, 16th Floor, 29 Soi Chidlom       Ploenchit Road                          Lumpini, Pathumwan             Bangkok                                 10330         Thailand       hank@newcambridge.net                                Hank Phongsakara Eiam-Ong                       1
OEC - Global Education Co Ltd                                                                                                           White House Place                                  1 Ramkamhang 24 Rd                      At Soi 34-1 Huamark            Bangkok                                 10240         Thailand       tran@oecglobal.com                                   Paweena Panaworn                                1
Overseas Ed Co Ltd                                                                                                                      RASA Tower (Basement Level)                        555 Phanhoiyotin Road                   Jatujak                        Bangkok                                 10900         Thailand       studyabroad@overseasedu.com                          Sasaisupa Trongkamoltum                         1
Planit Consultants Ltd                                                                                                                  Alma Link Building, 10th Floor                     25 Soi Chidlom, Ploenchit Rd            Lumpini, Patumwan              Bangkok                                 10330         Thailand       bussara@planit.co.th                                 Mr Hugh O'Connell                               1
Professional InterEducation Co Ltd                                                                                                      Unit A2, 7th Floor, Siam Tower                     989 Rama 1 Road                         Pathumwan                      Bangkok                                 10330         Thailand       info@prointered.com                                  Ms Sulaksana Kanchana                           1
Uniadvice Co Ltd                                                                                                                        126/17-18 Soi Vipawadee 2 (UTCC)                   Vipawadee Road                          Dindang                        Bangkok                                 10400         Thailand       sarinya@uniadvice.co.th                              Sutta Punyataweroj                              1
Academix Study Abroad                                                                                                                   Mete Caddesi. No: 10/7 Taksim                                                                                             Istanbul                                34437          Turkey        sedat@academix.com.tr                                Sedat Eren                                      1
Alternatif Education Counseling Services Ltd                                                                                            Siraselviler Cad.                                  Taner Palas Apt                         No: 25/7 K.3 Taksim, Beyoglu   Istanbul                                34437          Turkey        ali@alternatifecs.com                                Mr Ali Isil                                     1
Atlas Private Educational Services                                                                                                      Tunalı hilmi caddesi No:70 K:5 D:28                Kavaklidere                                                            Ankara                                   6700          Turkey        atlas.ankara@atlasedu.com                            R. Mesud Yilmaz                                 1
Bogazici - Bosphorus Education Counselling Service Ltd                                                                                  Sinanpasa Mah. Hasfirin Cad.                       Vidin Han No.65 D:40                    Besiktas                       Istanbul                                               Turkey        ybaslargil@bogaziciedu.com                           Ms Yeseren Okutkan                              1
Global Vizyon Yurtdisi Egitim Danismanligi                                                                                              Mesrutiyet Cad                                     Asli Han Kat 2                          Galatasaray                    Istanbul                                34335          Turkey        gokceny@globalvizyon.com                             Guler Taylan                                    1
HIT International Education, Publishing & Trade Co                                                                                      1379 sk.Efes Ishani                                B Blok Zemin Kat                        Alsancak                       Izmir                                                  Turkey        hitizmir@hit.com.tr                                  Lale Guney                                      1
IES - Intervega Education Services                                                                                                      Ataturk Caddesi Erol Ap 104                                                                                               Mersin                                  33010          Turkey        sevil@ies-intervega.com                              Sevil Kassem                                    1
Kalyoncu Egitim Danismanlik Hizmetleri Tic Ltd Sti                        egitimAL Education Counseling Services                        Bagdat caddes no 425/6 Suadiye Kadikoy                                                                                    Istanbul                                34740          Turkey        cankatkalyoncu@egitimal.com                          Mr Cankat Kalyoncu                              1
M.E.C Education Consultants                                               MEC Yurtdisi Egitim Danismanligi                              8 Cadde Camlica Bulvar Sitesi                      C Blok No:19 Umitkoy                                                   Ankara                                   6800          Turkey        eduinfo@mec.com.tr                                   Ms Zeynep Kivanc                                1
Network Educational Services                                                                                                            Cumhuriyet Cad. Istiklal Apt                       No: 15 Kat: 1 Taksim                                                   Istanbul                                34437          Turkey        ahmet@networkegitim.com                              Ahmet Fuat Koral                                1
POGES Education Consultancy                                                                                                             Cemalpasa Mah 3 sok                                No.15 Rona Apt.                         Kat 1 Daire 8, Seyhan          Adnan                                    1120          Turkey        ilkerc@poges.com                                     Ilker Cingillioglu                              1
Yakin Bati Educational Counseling                                         Yakin Bati                                                    Valikonagi Ad.No99 Polat APT D.16                  Nisantasi                                                              Istanbul                                34363          Turkey        eren@yakinbati.com.tr                                Eren Goker                                      1
YDS Abroad                                                                                                                              YDS Academy                                        Altieylul MH Vasif Cinar CD             No 15                          Balkesir                                10100          Turkey        serdar.susler@ydsabroad.com                          Serdar Susler                                   1
Education Zone                                                            Education Zone fz llc                                         Knowledge Village                                  Block 2B, Office 30                                                    Dubai                                   214592          UAE          info@ezone.ae                                        Suad Al Halwachi                                1
Inner Universe                                                                                                                          # 701 Alwalid Building                             Rolla Street, Burdubai                                                 Dubai                                                   UAE          pon@inneruniverse.com                                Dr. Elango Ponnuswamy                           1
International Placewell Consultants FZ LLC                                                                                              Block-13, Office No: F-18                          Knowledge Village                       PO Bov 25320                   Dubai                                                   UAE          dubai@educationoverseas.com                          Pujan Mittal                                    1
Qadri International Educational Consultancy                                                                                             208-B Al Nakheel Building                          Zabeel Road                             Karama                         Dubai                                   31657           UAE          drqadri@eim.ae                                       Dr Muhammad Yousuf Qadri                        1
UniAdmission FZ LLC                                                       UniAdmission                                                  F28 Block 2B Knowledge Village                                                                                            Dubai                                   502256          UAE          apply@uniadmission.com                               Mr Majdi Mohra                                  1
Varsity Connections                                                                                                                     SH Zayed Road                                                                                                             Dubai                                   118140          UAE          kalpana@varsityconnections.com                       Kalpana Deepak                                  1
Apollonia College Ltd                                                                                                                   60 Tottenham Court Road                                                                                                   London                                 W1T 2EW           UK          m.barani@ap-college.com                              Mr Madjid Barani                                1
British Canadian International Education                                  BCIE                                                          Unit 9c Stephenson Court                           Fraser Road                                                            Bedford                                MK44 3WH          UK          naz@bcie.co.uk                                       Nazmina Panju Dedynski                          1
British China International Consulting Ltd                                                                                              52 Charlbury Road                                                                                                         Oxford                                 OX2 6UX           UK          marie.li@o2.co.uk                                    Marie Li                                        1
Educational Excellence E2 Ltd                                                                                                           7 Southgate Park                                   Spittal                                                                Haverfordwest                          SA62 5QQ          UK          e2ukoffice@aol.com                                   Adila Khan                                      1
Employment Overseas Ltd                                                   Study Overseas UK                                             159 Praed Street                                   Paddington                                                             London                                  W2 1RL           UK          info@StudyOverseasGlobal.co.uk                       Ruchika Castelino                               1
Peter Casey Consultancy Services Ltd                                                                                                    34 West Hill                                                                                                              Hitchin              Hertfordshire     SG5 2HZ           UK          petercasey05@yahoo.co.uk                             Peter Casey                                     1
Study Options Limited                                                     Study Options                                                 159-161 Temple Chambers                            3-7 Temple Avenue                                                      London                                 EC4Y 0DA          UK          stefan@studyoptions.com                              Stefan Watts                                    1
Yinuo (UK) Ltd                                                                                                                          1/F Cameo House                                    11 Bear Street                                                         London                                 WC2H 7AS          UK          yinuo@btinternet.com                                 Annie Tung                                      1
Academic Service Cooperation International Co Ltd (ASCI)                                                                                93 Giang Van Minh                                  Ba Dinh District                                                       Hanoi                                                 Vietnam        asci@asci.edu.vn                                     Dang Hien Nguyen                                1
ADC International Co Ltd                                                                                                                56/283 Tran Khat Chan Road                                                                 Hai Ba Trung District          Hanoi                                     84          Vietnam        adcvietnam2004@yahoo.co.uk                           Pham Anh Tuan                                   1
Advanced Technology and Education Consul (ATEC)                                                                                         152 Dao Duy Anh Street                             Phu Nhuan District,                                                    Ho Chi Minh City                                      Vietnam        atec@hcm.fpt.vn                                      Tran Thu Huong                                  1
AE & T Co Ltd (Advertising Education Tourism)                                                                                           121/15 Le Thi Rieng St                             Ben Thanh Ward                          District 1                     Ho Chi Minh City                                      Vietnam        ngtthong@hcm.vnn.vn                                  Thi Tuyet Hong Nguyen                           1
Anphat Investment & Consultancy Joint Stock Company                       AIC                                                           53 Luong Khanh Thien                               Ngo Quyen                                                              HaiPhong                                              Vietnam        aic.haiphong@gmail.com                               Lai Van Trung                                   1
Apollo Education & Training Organisation Vietnam                                                                                        26 Phung Khac Khoan Street                         District 1                                                             Ho Chi Minh City                                      Vietnam        hcmc@apolloedutrain.com                              Ms Thi Lan Hoang                                1
Asia Europe Co Ltd                                                                                                                      52 Tran Huy Lieu Street                            Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District                                            Ho Chi Minh City                                      Vietnam        recruitment@aauco.com.vn                             Mr Van, Khac Thong                              1
Asia Pacific Education & HR                                                                                                             34-36 Dinh Tien Hoang Street                       District 1                                                             Ho Chi Minh City                                      Vietnam        info@asiapacific.edu.vn                              Hung Quoc Nguyen                                1
Asia Pacific Education & Human Resource Development Joint Stock Company   Asia Pacific College                                          33 C-D-E Nguyen Binh Khiem Street                  District 1                                                             Ho Chi Minh City                                      Vietnam        phuong.luong@apc.edu.vn                              Nguyen Thi Ngo                                  1
Atlantic International Education & Training Company Limited                                                                             33 Lac Trung Street                                                                                                       Hanoi                                     80          Vietnam        duhoc@atlantic.edu.vn                                Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan                             1

Agent Registered Business/Legal Entity Name                                                Trading Name (if different from Registered Name)        Address 1                               Address 2                         Address 3               City               State/Province   Postcode   Country of Agent   Email Address                                         Contact Person/Principal Agent    Offices
Blue Ocean Development Investment & Trading Company Ltd                                                                                            No. 17 Trung Yen 12 Street              Yen Hoa Ward                      Cau Giay District       Hanoi                                              Vietnam        dinhngocanh@fpt.vn                                    Ngoc Anh Dinh                           1
Cattuong International Consultancy Co                                                      CIC                                                     66 Ngo Thi Nham Street                  Hai Ba Trung District                                     Hanoi                                              Vietnam        cattuong@fpt.vn                                       Quynh Hoang                             1
Centre for Support to Education & Training (CESET)                                         Trung Tam Ho Tro Giao Duc Va Dao Tao CESET              93 Bui Thi Xuan Street                  Hai Ba Trun District                                      Hanoi                                              Vietnam        ceset@vnn.vn                                          Thi To Lan Dang                         1
CEPECE - Centre for International Professional and Technological Co-operation & Exchange                                                           14 Le Thanh Tong                                                                                  Hanoi                                 844          Vietnam        cepece@hn.vnn.vn                                      Ms Hong Giang Trinh                     1
Chao Viet Co Ltd                                                                           Chao Viet Travel Co Ltd                                 84 Le Thi Hong Gam St                   Nguyen Thai Binh District         District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        edu@chaoviet.com.vn                                   Tran Thi Ngoc Bich                      1
Company for Developing Economy, Services, Education and Training                           HAVETCO                                                 277 Doi Can Street                      Ba Dinh District                                          Hanoi                                 0084         Vietnam        dh.havetco@netnam.vn                                  Nguyen Duc Hien                         1
Consultation Education and Training Consultant Company Ltd                                 ETC                                                     66 Vo Thi Sau St                        Thanh Nhan Ward                   Hai Ba Trung District   Hanoi                                              Vietnam        etcgroup@fpt.vn                                       Thu Thuy Do                             1
Consulting Marketing International                                                                                                                 25 Ly Chinh Thang Street                District 3                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        phongdang@cmivietnamedu.com                           Phong Dang                              1
Daidangquang Overseas Study Company DOSCO                                                                                                          185-187 Hoang Van Thu St                Ward 8                            Phu Nhuan District      Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        dosco@bach-khoa.com.vn                                Dao Nguyen                              1
DHT Service Co Ltd                                                                                                                                 58/6 Pham Ngoc Thach Street             Ward 6                            District 3              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        dhtca@hcm.vnn.vn                                      Ms Dang Hien                            1
Duc Anh Advisory & Translation Co Ltd                                                                                                              96 Lo Duc St                                                                                      Hanoi                                              Vietnam        lucy@ducanh.edu.vn                                    Lu, Thi Hong Nham                       1
EnglishUEF - University of Economics & Finance                                                                                                     216 Pasteur                             Ward 6, District 3                                        Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        longntb@uef.edu.vn                                    Long Nguyen                             1
First Alliances                                                                                                                                    Suite 609, Saigon Trade Center          37 Ton Duc Thang Street           District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        bruce@firstalliances.net                              Mr Patrick Downey                       1
G'Day Vietnam Education Consultancy JSC                                                                                                            511-C1- Thanh Xuan Bac Quarter          Thanh Xuan District                                       Hanoi                                              Vietnam        hong@gday.edu.vn                                      Mai Thi Anh Hong                        1
Global Education Consulting & Training Company Ltd (GET Co Ltd)                            Global Education & Training                             24 Dai Co Viet street                                                                             Hanoi                                              Vietnam        thuynguyen@languagelink.edu.vn                        Nguyen Van Minh                         1
Hanoi Training and Oversea Study Consultation Company Limited                              HANOITC                                                 4th floor, Building 29 Le Dai Hanh      Hai Ba Trung District                                     Hanoi                                              Vietnam        doanminhtrong@hanoitcedu.com                          Minh Trong Doan                         1
HAT Co Ltd                                                                                                                                         98 De Tham Street                       Cau Ong Lanh Ward                 District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        tien-hat@vietnamhat.com.vn                            Tran Quang Cu                           1
Hoang Kim Phat Service Co Ltd                                                              HKPS EDU                                                305 Lanh Binh Thang,                    W.8, D.11                                                 Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        hkpscompany@vnn.vn; hkpscompany@gmail.com             Khanh Kim Thi Tan                       1
ILA Vietnam Ltd Co                                                                                                                                 51 Nguyen Cu Trinh                      Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward              District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        hongtruong@ilavietnam.com                             Tran Xuan Dzu                           1
IMEC                                                                                                                                               660 Nguyen Trai St,                     District 5                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        le.van@tuvanquocte.com                                Le Van                                  1
Imperial Investment Commerce Co Ltd                                                        The Time Education Center                               33 Nam Ngu Street                       Hoan Kiem district                                        Hanoi                                              Vietnam        duc.nguyen@time.edu.vn                                Duc Nguyen Phu                          1
INEC                                                                                       International Network Education Consultants             138 Tran Nhan Ton Street                Ward 2, District 10                                       Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        huong@inec.vn; info@inec.vn                           Ngoc Huong Kieu                         1
INNED                                                                                                                                              No. 294 Tran Khat Chan Street           Hai Ba Trung district                                     Hanoi                                              Vietnam        info@innedvn.com                                      Le Thi Kim Anh                          1
International Connection Centre Co Ltd                                                     INCC Education                                          39 Le Loi St                            Ben Nghe Ward,                    District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        p.nguyen@studyinaustralia.com.vn                      Nguyen Huu Phuc                         1
Khai Minh Overseas Study Corp                                                              Khai Minh                                               29 Ngo Quyen St.,                       Ward 6, Dist 10                                           Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        tuanh@khaiminh.edu.vn                                 Dang Ngoc Vien                          1
Labour Development and Investment Company                                                  LADECO                                                  Level 7, LADECO Building, 266 Doi Can   Ba Dinh District                                          Hanoi                                              Vietnam        dbichngoc@ladeco.com.vn                               Bich Ngoc Duong                         1
Lien Chau Co Ltd                                                                           Intercontinental                                        103 Vuon Chuoi Street                   Ward 4 District 3                                         Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        lqt123@hcm.fpt.vn                                     Lien Nguyen                             1
MD Solution Co Ltd                                                                         MDS                                                     G3 Mai Thi Lun Street                   Dakao Ward                        District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        ngovanduc@duhoc.edu.vn                                Van Duc Ngo                             1
N & U - International Education Consultants                                                                                                        16/6 Phan Ngu Street                    Da Kao Ward                       District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        ntu@hcm.vnn.vn                                        Nguyen Thi To Uyen                      1
Nam Hung Icos Co Ltd                                                                                                                               55B Tran Quoc Toan St                                                                             Hanoi                                              Vietnam        namhung-icos@fpt.vn                                   Nam Hung Le                             1
New Generation Consultancy & Training Co Ltd                                               New Generation Vietnam                                  57G Tu Xuong Street                     Ward 7, District 3                                        Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        long@newgenerationvn.com                              Pham Thi Thang Long                     1
Nhat Anh Education and Training Consultancy Company Ltd                                    Nhat Anh Company                                        No. 182 Phuong Liet st                  Thanh Xuan District                                       Hanoi                                              Vietnam        nhatanhedu@fpt.vn                                     Thi Thuy Duong Nguyen                   1
Nhat Vinh ETS Co Ltd                                                                                                                               91C Hang Ma Street                                                                                Hanoi                                              Vietnam        etsmarketing@etsvn.com                                Nguyen The Ghi                          1
NY Training Joint Stock Company                                                                                                                    136 Nguyen Duy Duong St                 Ward 09, District 05                                      Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        nguyenhongnhung@newyorkcentersvn.com                  Hong Nhung Nguyen                       1
PanViet Trade and Travel Joint Stock Company                                               PanViet Study Overseas                                  No. 21 / 192 Le Trong Tan Street        Thanh Xuan District                                       Hanoi                                              Vietnam        duhocpanviet@gmail.com                                Lam Le                                  1
Quoc Anh IEC                                                                               Quoc Anh International Educational Consultancy          Villa B2, Nguyen Thi Thap               Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh                                      Hanoi                                              Vietnam        iec1@fpt.vn; iec1@viettel.vn; iec1@vnn.vn             Dao Thi Lien Huong                      1
Quoc Anh IEC - Ho Chi Minh City                                                                                                                    86 Suong Nguyet Anh St                  District 1                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        iec-hcm@hcm.fpt.vn                                    Thanh Binh Nguyen                       1
Royal Education                                                                                                                                    A101, Block A, Building M3-M4           No 91A Nguyen Chi Thanh Rd                                Hanoi                                              Vietnam        royal.edu@viettel.vn                                  Thi Huong Hoang                         1
Saigon Tourist Travel Service Company                                                      Saigon Tourist                                          49-55 Le Thanh Ton Street               District 1                                                Ho Chi Minh City                       84          Vietnam                                                              Thong Nguyen                            1
SEN TO SA Trading Service Company Ltd                                                      SEN TO SA Education Consultants                         43 D2 Street, Ward 25                   Binh Thanh District                                       Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        candie_nguyen@yahoo.com.sg                            Thi Hien (Candie) Nguyen                1
Services for Education Consultancy and Training                                                                                                    115 Dang Dung Street                    Tan Dinh Ward                     District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        binh.tran@set-edu.com                                 Ms Binh Tran                            2
Starlight Service & Technology Development Company Limited                                                                                         R 203, 2nd Floor, D8 Trung TU,          Trung Tu Precinct                 Dong Da Dist.           Hanoi                                              Vietnam        giang@sstg.vn                                         Mai Trinh                               1
Studylink International                                                                                                                            219 Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Kai St          District 1                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        ha.nguyen@studylink.org                               Ms Nguyen Hong Ha                       2
Sunrise Vietnam Co Ltd                                                                                                                             93 Doi Can                              Ba Dinh                                                   Hanoi                                              Vietnam        info@sunrisevietnam.com                               Nguyen Phoung Uyes                      1
Tan Dai Duong Trading & Consulting Company Ltd                                             Tan Dai Duong Co Ltd                                    148/1 Tran Quang Khai Street            Tan Dinh Ward                     District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        tandaiduongsg@hcm.fpt.vn                              Xuan Vu                                 1
Tan Dang Quang Tourist Overseas Study Corporation                                                                                                  293 Huynh Van Banh Street               Ward 11                           Phu Nhuan District      Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        nhphi@tandangquang.com                                Duong Thi Thuc Quyen                    1
The Education Company                                                                                                                              32 Linh Lang, Ba Dinh                                                                             Hanoi                                10000         Vietnam        jdyer@tec.edu.vn                                      Dr Thi Nhu Nguyen                       1
The International School                                                                   Truong Tieu Hoc, Thcs va Thpt Quoc Te                   305 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street           Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District                               Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        overseasis@intlschool.edu.vn                          Thuy Nguyen                             1
Thien Hung Joint Stock Company (Hanoi Branch)                                                                                                      Building 3/2C, Diplomatic Compound      Van Phuc, Van Bao Str             Ba Dinh District        Hanoi                                10000         Vietnam        hang.vu@cleverlearnvietnam.vn                         Vu Thi Hang                             1
Thien Hung Jsc                                                                                                                                     Cleverlearn Building                    No 186 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Str   District 3              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        thuy@cleverlearn.edu.vn                               Hung Chadston                           1
TNC Education Consultant Co Ltd                                                                                                                    Room 110, 7 Nam Quoc Cang St            District 1                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        cucnguyen-tnc@hcm.vnn.vn                              Thu Cuc Nguyen                          1
Toan Thang Trading & International Cooperation Company Ltd                                                                                         No. 2 Tay San Street                    Quang Trung Ward                  Dong Da Dist.           Hanoi                                              Vietnam        duhoc@vnn.vn; toanthanghn2@gmail.com                  Dan Le                                  1
United Education Training Consultancy Company Limited                                                                                              459B Nguyen Van Thu Street              Da Kao Ward District 1                                    Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        thoinx@unitededu.com.vn                               Thoi Nguyen                             1
Viet Education Consultancy (VEC)                                                                                                                   367 Tran Phu                            Ward 8, Dist 5                                            Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        vietedu@vnn.vn; kienphamedu@gmail.com                 Kien Pham                               1
Viet Overseas Study Consultant Center (VOSC)                                                                                                       190 Pasteur, Ward 6,                    District 3                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        tranvanthanh@vietravel-vn.com                         Tran Thanh                              1
Viet Star Link International Study Abroad Company Limited                                  VSTAR Link                                              87 Nguyen Cong Tryu                     Ward Nguyen Thai Binh             District 1              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        chuongthy@hcm.fpt.vn                                  Chi Bui Thi Lien                        1
VietDuong International Education Development Co                                                                                                   65 Van Bao Str                          Ba Dinh                                                   Hanoi                                              Vietnam        vietduongied@hn.vnn.vn                                LE Hai Yen                              1
Vietnam Centre Point Ltd                                                                                                                           02 Luong Huu Khanh                      District 1                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        recruitment_vncp@hcm.vnn.vn; centrepoint@hcm.vnn.vn   Mr Phuc Tien TRAN HUU                   1
Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations                                                  The UNESCO Center for International Cultural Exchange   168 A Vo Thi Sau, Phuong 8, Quan 3                                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        khoi.huynh@unesco-cep.org.vn                          Minh Khoi Huynh                         1
Vietnam Intellectual Services Company (VISCO)                                                                                                      230 Kim Ma Street                       Ba Dinh District                                          Hanoi                                              Vietnam        viscohanoi@visco.edu.vn                               Thang Tran Khoa                         4
Vietnam Professional Consultancy (VNPC)                                                                                                            No 38 Thai Thinh, Nga Tu So ward                                          Dong Da District        Ha Noi                                             Vietnam        vnpchn@vnn.vn                                         Dr Pham Anh Tuan                        1
Western Education Consulting                                                                                                                       160 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia                   District 3                                                Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        thanhtam@westernedu.org                               Tam Nguyen                              1
Worldlink Education Company Ltd                                                                                                                    61 Dinh Tien Hoang Street               Da Kao Ward, District 1                                   Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        worldlink@worldlink.edu.vn                            Lan Trinh                               1
Worldwide Education                                                                                                                                25 Tran Thien Chanh Street , Ward 12    District 10,                                              Ho Chi Minh City                                   Vietnam        info@worldwide-edu.vn                                 Nguyen Thi To Nga                       1
Punzila Consultancy                                                                                                                                25 Joseph Mwilwa Road                   Rhodes Park                                               Lusaka                               01010         Zambia         punzila@gmail.com                                     Julie Clayton & Sonya Van Blerk         1
Ashgrove (Proprietary) Ltd                                                                 Careers Abroad                                          4 Butler Rd                             Khumalo                                                   Bulawayo                                          Zimbabwe        caro@cybersatafrica.com                               Caro Van der Merwe                      1
Koala Education Services                                                                                                                           6 Renfrew Road                          Eastlea                                                   Harare                                            Zimbabwe        sue@koalazim.com                                      Sue Sanders                             1
Megham Consultancy                                                                                                                                 40 Seke Road                                                                                      Harare                                            Zimbabwe        meghamconsult@yahoo.com                               Enita Zimuto                            1


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