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					Lesson Plans: Human Anatomy
Kathey Roberts

August 19—Nov. 20, 2009

      DATE                   LESSON ACTIVITY                   ALE
Wednesday, Aug 19    Welcome to Anatomy! ppt
                     Information cards/hand out books
Thursday, Aug 20     Lab Safety Presentation
Friday, Aug 21       Lecture: Ch 1 Body Orientation ppt

Monday, Aug 24       LAB: Body Orientation
Tuesday, Aug 25      LAB: Complete; Review: Ch 1
Wednesday, Aug 26    Exam 1 Body Orientation
Thursday, Aug 27     Chapter 2 Basic Chemistry

Friday, Aug 28       Acids and Bases—pH lab

Monday, Aug 31       Complete lab questions

Tuesday, Sept 1      Chapter 2 Organic Chemistry

Wednesday, Sept 2    Lab: Organic Molecules

                     Study Guide: Ex 2 Organ Systems
Thursday, Sept 3     Complete Lab on Organic Molecules
                     Review Chapter 2 Chemistry
                     Continue study guide
Friday, Sept 4       Exam Chapter 2 Chemistry
                     Computer Lab: systems activity ppt

Monday, Sept 7       LABOR DAY HOLIDAY
Tuesday, Sept 8      Introduce organ systems activity
                     Computer Lab: systems activity--ppt
Wednesday, Sept 9    Students work in groups of 2 on systems
Thursday, Sept 10    Students continue working on systems
Friday, Sept 11      Students continue working on systems

Monday, Sept 14      Begin student presentations
Tuesday, Sept 15     Continue student presentations
Wednesday, Sept 16   Continue student presentations
Thursday, Sept 17    Continue student presentations
Friday, Sept 18      Complete student presentations

Monday, Sept 21      Lecture: Chapter 3 Cells and Tissues
                     Part 1
Tuesday, Sept 22     Study Guide: The Cell
Wednesday, Sept 23   Technology: Flu Awareness
Thursday, Sept 24    Technology: Flu Awareness
Friday, Sept 25      Study Guide: The Cell
Monday, Sept 28      Lecture: Chapter 3 Cells and Tissues
                     Part 2
Tuesday, Sept 29     Lecture: Chapter 3 Cells and Tissues
                     Part 3
Wednesday, Sept 30   LAB: Histology
Thursday, Oct 1      LAB: Histology continued
Friday, Oct 2        Review Chapter 3 Cells

Monday, Oct 5        Complete review for chapter 3
Tuesday Oct 6        Exam: Chapter 3
Wednesday, Oct 7     Review: Histology slides ppt
Thursday, Oct 8      Exam: Lab practical histology
Friday, Oct 9        Exam: Retake Chapter 3 exam

Monday, Oct 12       Tech: Histology Slides
Tuesday, Oct 13      Tech: Histology Slides
Wednesday, Oct 14    Exam: Histology lab practical
Thursday, Oct 15     LAB: Forensics—hair and fibers
Friday, Oct 16       LAB: continued

Monday, Oct 19       Lecture: Chapter 4 Integumentary
Tuesday, Oct 20      Complete lecture on Chapter 4
Wednesday, Oct 21    Study Guide--Integument
Thursday, Oct 22     Lab 6: The Skin
Friday, Oct 23       Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, Oct 26       Complete lab analysis
Tuesday, Oct 27      LAB: Skin--thermoregulation
Wednesday, Oct 28    LAB: Complete lab
Thursday, Oct 29     Study Guide—Integument--complete
Friday, Oct 30       EXAM: Chapter 4 Integument

Monday, Nov 2        DVD: The Human Skeleton
Tuesday, Nov 3       Lecture: Chapter 5 The Skeletal System
Wednesday, Nov 4     Complete lecture on Chapter 5
Thursday, Nov 5      Study guide: Skeletal System
Friday, Nov 6        Complete Study Guides

Monday, Nov 9        LAB: Forensics—Anthropology of bones
Tuesday, Nov 10      LAB: continue forensics lab
Wednesday, Nov 11    Complete lab and all study guides
Thursday, Nov 12     LAB: Exercise 7, 8
Friday, Nov 13       LAB: Exercise 9, 10

Monday, Nov 16       LAB: Bone identification
Tuesday, Nov 17      Review for Skeletal Exam (lecture test)
Wednesday, Nov 18    EXAM: The Skeletal System
Thursday, Nov 19     LAB: Continue bone identification
Friday, Nov 20       Bones, Bones, Bones!
Monday, Nov 23          Bones, Bones, Bones!
Tuesday, Nov 24         LAB EXAM: Bone identification test
Wednesday, Nov 25                  HAPPY
Thursday, Nov 26               THANKSGIVING
Friday, Nov 27                   VACATION!

Monday. Nov 30          Introduction to the Muscular System
Tuesday, Dec 1          SG: Muscle Anatomy
Wednesday, Dec 2        LAB: Pig Orientation
Thursday. Dec 3         LAB: Pig Muscle Dissection
Friday. Dec 4           LAB: Pig Muscle Dissection

Monday. Dec 7           REVIEW: Muscle Anatomy
Tuesday, Dec 8          EXAM: Muscle Anatomy
Wednesday. Dec 9        LAB: Complete Muscle Dissection
Thursday. Dec 10        REVIEW: Muscle Identification
Friday, Dec 11          EXAM: Muscle Identification

Monday. Dec 14          Review for final exam
Tuesday, Dec 15         Review for final exam
Wednesday, Dec 16       Exam Schedule: 1, 3, 5
Thursday, Dec 17        Anatomy Final 8—9:20
Friday. Dec 18          Make up exams

Monday, Dec 21                   Winter Break!!
Tues, January 5, 2010               Enjoy!

January 4—May, 2010
    DATE                      LESSON ACTIVITY                 SLE
Monday, Jan 4         TEACHER INSERVICE DAY
Tuesday, Jan 5        LECTURE: The Nervous System
Wednesday, Jan 6      SG: Label parts of the brain and give
Thursday, Jan 7       LAB: Dissection of the sheep brain
Friday, Jan 8         LAB: complete dissection

Monday, Jan 11        DVD: The Human Nervous System
Tuesday, Jan 12       LECTURE: spinal Nerves
Wednesday, Jan 13     SG: autonomic and perpherial
                      nervous systems
Thursday, Jan 14      REVIEW: for exam
Friday, Jan 15        EXAM: The Nervous System

Monday, Jan 18        HOLIDAY: Staff Development

Tuesday, Jan 19       REVIEW: Parts of the Brain
                      LECTURE: Special Senses
Wednesday, Jan 20     LAB: The Senses
Thursday, Jan 21      LAB: Continue
Friday, Jan 22        SG: Special Senses

Monday, Jan 25        Label diagrams of eye; go over
Tuesday, Jan 26       Label diagrams of ear: go over
Wednesday, Jan 27       LAB: Dissect sheep eye

Thursday, Jan 28      LAB: complete all analysis, hand in
                      lab questions.
Friday, Jan 29        SENIOR EXAM

Monday, Feb 1         REVIEW: Senses exam
Tuesday, Feb 2        NPCC Exams
Wednesday, Feb 3      NPCC Exams
Thursday, Feb 4       Diagrams constructions due
Friday, Feb 5         EXAM: Special Senses

Monday, Feb 8         SNOW
Tuesday, Feb 9        SNOW
Wednesday, Feb 10     Bereavement
Thursday, Feb 11      DVD: The Amazing Human Body--
Friday, Feb 12        NO SCHOOL/Staff Development

Monday, Feb 15        NO SCHOOL/Staff Development
Tuesday, Feb 16       LECTURE: The Endocrine System
Wednesday, Feb17      LAB: diagrams, discuss structures
Thursday, Feb 18      REVIEW: Endocrine System
Friday, Feb 19        EXAM: Endocrine System

Monday, Feb 22        LECTURE: Blood and Blood
Tuesday, Feb 23       LAB: Blood typing (artificial blood)
Wednesday, Feb 24     SG: The blood
Thursday, Feb 25      LAB: Identifying blood cells
Friday, Feb 26        Complete lab and diagrams

Monday, March 1       LAB: pedigree of blood types
Tuesday, March 2      Review: Blood components
Wednesday, March 3    Technology: Blood disorders
Thursday, March 4     Technology: continued
Friday, March 5       EXAM: The blood and its components

Monday, March 8       Lecture: The anatomy of the Heart
Tuesday, March 9      Jr Literacy Exam
Wednesday, March 10   Jr Literacy Exam
Thursday, March 11    SG: Diagrams of the heart
Friday, March 12      LAB: Heart Dissection

Monday, March 15      LAB: complete heart dissection lab
                      and hand in
Tuesday, March 16     SG: complete study guide of heart
Wednesday, March 17   REVIEW: The heart
Thursday, March 18    EXAM: the heart and its functions
Friday, March 19      DVD: Heart disease

Monday, March 22-26   SPRING BREAK

Monday, March 29      LECTURE: Vessels and Routes
Tuesday, March 30     SG: Label diagrams of veins and
Wednesday, March 31   PRE LAB: Dissection of veins and
Thursday, April 1     LAB: Dissection of veins and arteries
Friday, April 2       LAB: Complete dissection lab

Monday, April 5       LAB: Pulse Rate and Respiration
Tuesday, April 6      LAB: Complete lab analysis
Wednesday, April 7    LECTURE: Respiratory System
Thursday, April 8     Label Diagrams of System
Friday, April 9       SG: Respiratory System

Monday, April 12      REVIEW: Exam on Respiration
Tuesday, April 13     EXAM: Respiratory System