Current Legal Issues in Criminal Justice by nvw54192


									Spring 2007            JUS 111: Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography
Due Date:

Based on course readings from your textbook and class discussion, you are to investigate a topic
of your choice. The topic should be a problem or issue that has a history and is still discussed by
experts today. I may help you to define an appropriate topic. 12pt font, double spaced.

Your paper should include the following sections in this order:

1. Introduction – Approx. half a page; 350 words
    • This should clearly describe your topic.
    • Provide an explanation as to why you selected your topic.

2. History – Approx. 1 pg.; 600 words
    • Provide a clear definition of your topic from a book source. You may either cite a
        passage directly or paraphrase indicating the book source using footnotes. In either case,
        you must tell me where you obtained your definition.
    • In describing the history of your topic, you should attempt to describe where, when,
        and/or why your topic emerged.

3. Current Information – Approx. 1 pg.; 600 words
    • This is where you will write a transition from your topic’s history to the new directions in
       which it is headed today.
    • Use Pearsall Library’s Article Research Databases to find articles that discuss your topic.
    • Find at least two articles and describe what they discuss in your paper. If you quote from
       either of these articles, you must cite them.
    • You will need to know when and where you found these articles for your Annotated
       Bibliography. Keep track of when and where you found these articles!

4. Conclusion – Approx. half a page; 350 words
    • This is where you will look back at where your topic has been (history), what’s being
       talked about today (current information), and write what you think may happen in the
       future. Do any of your articles predict future problems or solutions in this area of
       Criminal Justice?

Annotated Bibliography – You must cite all sources in APA style.
You will also turn in an Annotated Bibliography. This should be easy since you will already be
looking for sources to use in your paper. I want an annotated bibliography containing at least 6
sources. Your annotations should describe why the information in the book, article, or webpage
is relevant/important to your topic in 2-6 complete sentences. *See Handout.

   •   At least 2 books from Pearsall Library
   •   At least 3 articles from Pearsall Library’s Article Research Databases.
   •   At least 1 web/internet source that has to do with your general topic. This must come
       from a reliable internet source. I won’t accept just anything off of the WWW.
   •   For assistance, consult your Scott Foresman Handbook for Writers, contact a Librarian at
       Pearsall Library, or consult the Writing Lab.

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