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                                                                              Letters to Santa

Part 1
Can you read this message to Santa? Draw lines like this
to separate the words:

                                                                                                                      Dear Santa,
       DearFatherChristmas,Howareyou?Ihop                                                                                 For Christmas can I
                                                                                                                          have a cat and some
       eyouarewell.ForChristmasthisyearIwoul                                                                              sweets, please?
       dlikeanewcoatandascarfbecauseit’svery                                                                              I promise I’ll be
                                                                                                                          good all year!
       cold.I’dalsolikeabigcarrotandsomechocol                                                                            Thanks!

Part 2
Can you complete this letter to Santa?

Dear                         _________________,

I’ m writing to tell you what a good                                       /                     _________________ I am.

I always clean my                           _______________ and make my                                                        _______________.

I often help my family with the                                     ________________ and I walk the

________________ every morning.

At school I’m a perfect                                  ________________ and I’m very nice to my

________________. I always do my                                                     ________________ and I never get into any


For Christmas may I have a                                     ________________ and a                                               ______________?

Thank you very much and Happy Christmas! Say “Hello!” to                                                        ________________ from me.

Best wishes, Robin.

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