PLASMA / LCD DISPLAY
                                        MODELS: AG94/2-S, AG94/2-B,
                                                AG68/2-S & AG68/2-B
                                        ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS

                   BEFORE STARTING THIS
                ASSEMBLY PLEASE TAKE TIME                                                             PLEASE NOTE OTHER TOOLS REQUIRED:
                  WITH THE COMPONENTS                                                                                 A 6MM OR SMALL ADJUSTABLE SPANNER
                 LISTED ON THE BACK PAGE
Please Note:
                                                                                                                                   PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER
When stand is loaded with equipment lift only by the upright tubes and rear upright.
This support must be assembled in accordance with these assembly instructions.
Maximum load for each glass shelf is 60kg.
Maximum load on the bracket is 40Kg.
Alphason Designs Ltd. accepts no liability for any damage caused through incorrect or inappropriate use of this audio visual support.
Alphason Designs Limited
Alphason House, Bolton Road, Atherton, Greater Manchester M46 9AW UK
Tel: +44 (0)1942 885600
Fax: +44 (0)1942 876955                                                                                                                     issue 05 11/06 181725
                                                                                                STAGE 1
 1.                                                 i                            i       • Place base panel   A   on a clean, flat surface to avoid
          i                                    h                            h              scratching.

  i                                                             i                        • Assemble plastic glides h to the underside of base
                                                                                           panel A using screws i .
          h                                     h

      h                    i
                  x5                  x5

   STAGE 2                                                                  2.                                                E
• Position the threaded end of extruded                                          E
  supports D into rebates on top surface of base
  panel A .
• Secure in position using screws     I    .                                     D
• Finally push-fit plastic end caps   E        to
  the tops of supports D .


                                                                                                    STAGE 3
                                                                                             • Locate the bottom end of rear upright     C   into
                                                                                               the large rebate in base panel A .
                                                                                                          • Secure rear upright C in position
                                                                                         m                  using screws m ,
                                                                                                            washers k and dome nuts j .
                                                                                                            Take care when tightening these
                                                                                                            screws with flat spanner s
                                                                                         k                  and allen key u as space is a
                                                                            F                               little restricted.
                                                                    n                             x8
              F                                                         F                                 • Secure shelf support brackets F
                  n                                                                      j                  to extruded supports D using
              F                                     j                                             x4        screws n . Do not tighten these
                                                                                                            fully until the end of Stage 5 on
               n                                            k                                               the page opposite.
                                                        k                                         x4
                                 m                                                                                       issue 05 11/06 181725
  4.                                                                                STAGE 4
                                                                       • Carefully insert first glass shelf B as shown. As shelf is
                                                                         inserted, locate stepped washer q into rear fixing hole, as
                                                                         shown in fig. 4a.

                                                                       • Using screw p , second stepped washer q , nylon
                                                                         washer r and dome nut o , secure glass in position -
                                                                         see fig. 4b. Repeat with second glass shelf.

                                                              4a.                                       4b.              p
                                                                  1.                                                      q

                                                                  q                                                       r
                                                                                        SIDE                                        BACK
                                                                       2.                                                 o
                                                                                        VIEW                                        VIEW

   STAGE 5, 5a & 5b                                           5.
• Secure the two glass shelves to shelf support
  brackets by first inserting stepped washer q as
  shown in fig. 5a. Lift glass shelf slightly to insert the                                                     q
  washer.                                                                                                                      VIEW

• Secure the glass shelves in position using stepped
  washer q , screw p , nylon washer r and                                                               5b.
  dome nut o .
• Now the glass shelves have been assembled,                                                                    q
  tighten screws securing shelf support
                                                                                                                r              SIDE
  brackets F as referred to in Stage 3.
                                                                                                                     o         VIEW

                                                                                    STAGE 6
  6.                                                                                                            y                  gg
                                                                        • Attach screen mounting plate               using bolts        ,
       y                                                       ee           washers     ff   and nuts   ee . Fully tighten at the required
                                                                            height for your screen.

                                                                        • If your screen requires more space from the back column use
                                                                            plastic spacers    x   and bolts   w    between screen mounting
                                                                            plate   y   and rear upright      C .

  gg               ff             C                                     • To reduce unwanted resonance, cut damping sheets G
                                                                          to size with a pair of scissors, remove protective backing,
                                                                          and stick them to the internal surfaces of rear
                                                                          upright C as shown in the illustration.


                                                                                                                     issue 05 11/06 181725
     STAGE 7                                               7.
• Attach vertical screen mounting brackets z at
  desired height to rear of television using suitable
  screws & washers from fixing pack oo .

• It may be necessary to use plastic spacers (supplied)
  between screen mounting bracket and rear of
  television (as shown to the right).                          Plastic spacers

8.                         STAGE 8
                   • Assemble vertical adjustment screw bb into vertical adjustment bracket aa . Ensure adjustment screw
         aa          is screwed into bracket all the way.

                              STAGE 9
                          • Insert vertical adjustment brackets      9.
                            into vertical screen mounting
                            brackets at desired height. Secure
                            using M6 screws ii , and dome
              bb            nuts jj . Use washers kk if                                            jj
                            desired.                                                  ii

                          • Fully tighten top screws & nuts,
                            however leave bottom screws &
                            nuts finger tight.

                              jj                   ii

                                       x4                      x4

10.                                                                     STAGE 10
                                                                • With brackets attached to rear of television, carefully hook it
                                                                  centrally onto screen mounting plate y .

                                                                • For added security, we advise that you secure the brackets to
                                                                  screen mounting plate using M6 screws hh & washers kk
                                         y                        through slots in mounting plate y (see fig 10a) and into
                                                                  vertical adjustment bracket aa .

                                                                • If, after installation, an   10a.
                                                                  adjustment is required                               kk
                                                                  to align the screen
                                                                  vertically, turning
                                                                  vertical adjustment
                                                                  screw bb (arrowed)
                                                                  with a flat-head                                           bb
                                                                  screwdriver (or similar)
                                                                  will acheive this.
                                                                                                         issue 05 11/06 181725
C O M P O N ENT                   DESCRIPTION                                         QTY    PACKED BY
                                                                 AG94/2-S - 292504
                                                                 AG94/2-B - 292505
                       A        BASE PANEL                       AG68/2-S - 292512
                                                                 AG68/2-B - 292513

                                                                 AG94/2 - 141110
                       B       GLASS SHELF                       AG68/2 - 141125        2

                                                           AG94/2 & 68/2-S - 140273
                       C       REAR UPRIGHT                AG94/2 & 68/2-B - 140276     1

                       D EXTRUDED SUPPORT                  AG94/2 & 68/2-S - 400400
                                                           AG94/2 & 68/2-B - 401400     2

                       E     PLASTIC END CAP               AG94/2 & 68/2-S - 202240
                                                           AG94/2 & 68/2-B - 202250

                       F    SHELF SUPPORT BRACKET          AG94/2 & 68/2-S - 202234
                                                           AG94/2 & 68/2-B - 202248    1

                       G          DAMPING SHEET
                                     (TO BE CUT TO SIZE)

                       h            PLASTIC GLIDE                                       5

                        i          GLIDE SCREWS

                       j            M6 DOME NUT                                         4
                       k             M6 WASHER                                          8
                       l           M6 x 40 SCREW                                        8
                       m           M6 x 35 SCREW

                       n           M6 x 12 SCREW                                        4
                       o           M6 DOME NUT                                         6
                       p           M6 x 20 SCREW                                       6
                       q          STEPPED WASHER                                       12
                                                                 AG94/2-S - 202237
                       r           NYLON WASHER                  AG94/2-B - 202249     6

                                                                                      issue 05 11/06 181725
C O M P O NENT                                     DESCRIPTION                                         QTY   PACKED BY
                                     s              M8 / M6 SPANNER                                     1
                                     t              M8 BOX SPANNER                                      1
                                     u              LARGE ALLEN KEY                                     1
                                     v              SMALL ALLEN KEY                       202206        1

                                     w                 M8 x 50 BOLT                                     4

                                     x           30mm PLASTIC SPACER                                    4

                                     y          SCREEN MOUNTING PLATE                                   1

                                                     VERTICAL SCREEN
                                     z                                                                  2
                                                    MOUNTING BRACKET

                                    aa            VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT

                                    bb            VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT                                   2
                                    cc              M8 SCREW SPACER                                     4
                                    dd              M6 SCREW SPACER                                     4

                                    ee                    M8 NUT                                        4
                                    ff                  M8 WASHER                                       8
                                    gg                 M8 x 20 BOLT                                     4
                                    hh                M6 x 32 SCREW                                     2
                                     ii               M6 x 38 SCREW                                     4
                                     jj                M6 DOME NUT                                      4
                                    kk                  M6 WASHER                                       10
                                   mm                     ALLEN KEY                                     1
                                    nn                     SPANNER                                      1

                                                  SET OF FIXING SCREWS
                                    oo                AND WASHERS                                       1
                                                (FOR FLATSCREEN FIXING)

          This document is your guarantee that the product has reached you in the highest of quality
          standards. Should you have any cause for complaint please return this document with your
                    correspondence to the address given at the bottom of the front page.               issue 05 11/06 181725

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