OPUS 40-D is the latest version of the pop by nvw54192


									OPUS 40-D is the latest version of the popular          •   WPS “Water Protection System”:
Gas Analyzer OPUS 40 that has been produced                 Protecting the optical bench from getting
in over 5000 units since 1994.                              defect by water.
                                                        •   EOBD-interface: Enables connection of
The OPUS 40 has; easily read large 1 inch LED               the OPUS OBD Controller to the analyzer.
displays. Professional design – robust very                 EOBD test and emission test on one
easy to use with many automatic functions,                  printout.
such as auto zeroing, automatic gas                     •   Build-in Hi-Speed Thermal Printer: Gas
calibration, leak test and HC residual test.                values and EOBD-status. Hi-Lo test
                                                            program and printout according to
OPUS 40 is made in Sweden, based on best                    96/96/EEC
available components of industrial quality for          •   Optical bench: Solid state detector, OIML
testing cars, motorcycles and mopeds in                     class 0 (highest class) with the latest
Vehicle Inspections and Professional                        technology and highest accuracy.
Workshops.                                              •   Reliability: 12 months calibration interval

 More than 600 units of OPUS 40 Gas Analyzer                                          OPUS 40 is OIML Class
 are in use since 1997 at the Swedish Motor                                           1 certified. (The optical
 Vehicle Inspection Co (Svensk Bilprovning)                                           bench is OIML class 0)

 The OPUS 40 has a flexible design and is
 available as 3-, 4- or 5-gas analyzer with NOx.

 A built-in real time clock calendar with printout of
 time and date is standard. User manual is
                                                                            A single button radio or cable
                        With the OPUS 100                                   remote control is optional. Press
                        smoke option the                                    the button once and the analyzer
                        OPUS 40 becomes a                                   will perform a zero calibration. By
                        combination unit for                                2:nd it will enter “High idle” test
                        measuring petrol, LPG                               and 3:rd “Low idle” test”. 4:th
                        cars and diesel vehicles.                           press will start the printer.

                        For technical
                        specifications see the
                                                     Technical data:
                        OPUS 40/50 Combi
                        leaflet.                                    Range               Resolution       Accuracy*
                                                     CO             0 - 10 vol. %       0,01 vol. %      0,02 vol. %
                                                     HC             0 - 20 000 vol. ppm 1 vol. ppm       4 vol. ppm
                                                     CO2            0 - 20 vol. %       0,1 vol. %       0,3 vol %
                                                     O2             0 - 25 vol. %       0,01 vol. %      0,1 vol %
                                                     Lambda         0,6 - 1,7           0,001
                                                     AFR            0-35                                 0,01
                                                     NOx            0 - 5000 vol. ppm 1 vol. ppm         25 vol. ppm
                                                     Rpm            0 - 9999 r/m        1 1/m
                                                     (2/4 stroke)
                                                                            o             o
                                                     OilTemp        0 - 160 C           1 C
                                                     Deviation      Maximum 0,6 % of full-scale deflection the first
                                                                    operating hour. Maximum 0,4 % per hour
                        A hand held                                 * Or lowest 3 % of reading
                        alphanumeric remote
                        LCD terminal is                                               o
                                                     Warm-up time: < 5 minutes at 20 C.
                        available as option.         Response time: < 5 sec. to 95 % of meas. value.
                                                     Pump capacity: 5 liters / minute, minimum.
                        This terminal is needed                     7 liters / minute, nominal.
                        to operate the diesel
                        smoke option, but can        Max exhaust gas temp: 400 C
                        also be used to enter        Hose and Probe: 7 m gas sampling hose with stainless steel probe
                        vehicle information and      Optical bench: Non-dispersive infrared principle (NDIR)
                        guide the user through a                    Solid state detector
                        specific test program        MPU:           16 bit micro processor
                                                     Printer:       Thermal Printer

                                                     Externals:     RS 232 (OPUS EES/DSS PC management SW
                                                                    2x Accessories connectors
                                                                    RPM pick up with 5 m cable
                                                                    Oiltemp. probe with 5 m cable
                        Different RPM options        Sound level:   42 dBA at 1 meter’s distance and the
                        can be selected, such                       pump turned off
                        as Inductive clamp (for                     45 dBA at 1 meter's distance and the
                        cars, motorcycles and                       pump turned on
                        mopeds) or Voltage type      Power supply: 220-240 VAC. 50-60 Hz. 0,3 A
                        connected to the car                        (12 VDC with optional Inverter)
                        battery or cigarette         Size (WxHxD): 420 x 190 x 350 mm.
                        lighter (for cars without    Weight:        Approx 12.5 Kg
                                                     Operating cond:Temperature: +5 to + 48 C
                        ignition cables).                           Rel. air humidity: up to 90 %
                        The RPM option also                         Atmosph. Ambient pressure:
                        includes the oil                            750 mbar – 1100 mbar
                        temperature                                 Power variation:
                                                                    230 VAC -15% to +10%
                        measurement.                                50 Hz +/- 2%
                                                     12 Months warranty

OPUS Prodox AB, Datavägen 12 B    Tel:    +46-31-748 34 00          e-mail:           sales@opus.se
SE-436 32 Askim, SWEDEN           Fax:    +46-31-28 86 55           web page:         www.opus.se

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