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									                                     LAB REPORT TEMPLATE
Name:                       Your name                                   Date: Date of Exp.              Period:    Class
Lab Partner(s):             Name of Partner(s), if none then write 0 or No Partners
Lab Experiment Name:        Title of experiment given by instructor or on pre-lab sheets

Introduce the problem in the form of a question about the problem that is not a “yes” or “no” type question or has multiple
choices. It should be more like a “how” question – how will [change in independent variable] affect [change in the
dependent variable]

Predict the outcome of the experiment, must be in an “if…then…because” format. You’re explaining a possible cause
and effect relationship with a rationale. Example: “If I (do this to the independent variable] then (it will affect the
dependent variable in this manner) because…” You should be able to test it and it should also have a chance to fail.

(What equipment and materials did you need for this lab assignment? Describe how any equipment was connected. Also
mention any special hardware or connections. List the name and amount of each item used.)
 - # / size item               - # / size item
 - # / size item               - # / size item
 - # / size item               - # / size item
 etc.                          etc.
Procedures: What steps did you take to accomplish this lab assignment? How did you design your experiment? What
are your independent, dependent, and controlled variables? How are you testing your independent variable? Write the
procedure as a list of numbered steps.
     1- …
     2- …
     3- …
Data / Observations:
Record the data that is required at each step of the lab. A data table is always required. Making graphs and equations
depend on the lab. Qualitative observations are required (using your senses). Quantitative data is required for

What did you learn? Explain your data / number in words. Discuss what happened in the lab. What relationship(s) did
you see with the variables? Give details on anything that went wrong. Discussion questions arisen from pre-lab
discussion also make for good analysis. What improvements or changes can be made to this experiment?)

Conclusion: What conclusions can you draw form the results of this lab assignment – did it support your hypothesis or
support a different one? Was it inconclusive – didn’t support on or another? Compare the results of the experiment with
your hypothesis.)

Final Note:
Lab reports are often 2 to 5 pages; sometimes more. The more detail you can put into your procedures, data, and analyses,
the better your grade will be (in general).
Lab Report Owner_____________________________
                           Lab Report Grading Criteria                                                Score
            a.    ___Wrong order.
            b.    ___Missing Parts
            c.    ___Scribbles / doodles.                                                            ______ / 5
            d.    ___Inappropriate pen or pencil color or more than one color used.
            e.    ___ Crumpled or torn paper or inappropriate colored paper.
             a.   ___Incorrect format / missing information.                                         ______ / 5
             b.   ___Wrong place.
             a.   ___Not in question format (how or what).                                           ______ / 5
             b.   ___Confusing / too generalized / no possible hypothesis.
             a.   ___Does not logically answer the question / problem.
             b.   ___Vague or too generalized.
             c.   ___Can’t be tested.                                                                ______ / 5
             d.   ___Doesn’t have a chance to fail.
             e.   ___Not an if…then…because statement
             a.   ___Missing needed materials.
             b.   ___Missing amounts or quantity.
             c.   ___Not organized or list format.                                                   ______ / 10
             d.   ___Measurements or quantities are not in metrics.
             e.   ___Unnecessary materials.
             a.   ___Steps are not listed and / or numbered.
             b.   ___Steps are unclear or confusing.
             c.   ___No variables are stated.                                                        ______ / 20
             d.   ___Materials and their uses are not given.
             e.   ___Measuring procedures are not given in metrics.
             f.   ___Missing procedure for testing or measuring.
Data / Observations
            a. ___Missing necessary data table.
            b. ___Data is not given in metrics.
            c. ___Insufficient quantitative data / missing graph / missing calculations.             ______ / 20
            d. ___Insufficient qualitative data / observations.
            e. ___Contains analysis items.
             a.   ___Does not interpret data collected.
             b.   ___Does not explain what was learned.                                              ______ / 20
             c.   ___Does not identify problems encountered.
             d.   ___Does not suggest improvements or alternative methods.
             a.   ___Does not explain how data supports the hypothesis or a different one.           ______ / 10
             b.   ___Contains analysis items / topics in the conclusion.

                                                                                             TOTAL   _____ / 100

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