Honors Chemistry Lab Report by nvw54192


									                              Pre-AP Chemistry Lab Report
General Information
      Write only on the front of the paper
      Blue or black ink
      Complete sentences (not for charts or graphs)
      Grammatically correct
      Spelling correct
      Do not title or label paragraph

Title Page
        Your name
        Title of lab report

Procedure (paragraph)
      Enough directions for you to follow (this is all you will have to perform the lab)
      Labeled drawings if new equipment is used
      MSDS information presented – toxicity and first aid - may be in chart form

Data Chart(s)
      Columns labeled
      Units reported

       1. Chart(s)
           Each chart must have title
           Each column must be labeled
           Units are identified
           Any information used in the calculation is in the chart
           The last column of the chart is the answer to the calculation
           Example of each calculation follows the chart

        2. Graph(s) - if necessary
           On graph paper (8.5” x 11”)
           Graph as large as possible – choose scale to make this happen
           Independent variable on x-axis, dependent variable on y-axis
           Darken each axis - label each axis with name of variable and unit
           Title reflects purpose of the graph and each axis
           Not all graphs go through the origin
           Best possible curve or line – line goes through as many points as possible -
           approximately same number of points above the line as below

            (See back)
Conclusions (paragraph) – Use these if no questions are asked.
      1. What is the answer to the problem?
      2. If the (manipulated variable) (action – increases or decreases), then the
          (responding variable) (action increases or decreases). Explain why this
      3. Summarize some of the data
      4. Report and explanation of statistical analysis (% error or % difference)
      5. Discuss possible source(s) of error and possible correction
      6. Real world application

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