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					   Chemistry                                                                       Name:
   Chemistry Lab Report Rubric                                                                            Labs Section
   Date Given:

                                         Chemistry Lab Report Rubric
  Levels:        Beginning          Foundation            Developed         Accomplished          Exemplary          Score

                      0                    1                  2                      3                   4
               Missing or        Title is vague        Good Title          Title is developed.   Title is well
               very lacking                                                                      developed and
               title.            Purpose and           Hypothesis OR       Hypothesis is         clean.
                                 hypothesis are not    purpose is not      given as well as a    Hypothesis
               No purpose        developed             developed           defined purpose       and purpose is
    Title      given                                                                             given and
Introduction                                                                                     makes
 Hypothesis                                                                                      connections to
                                                                                                 class and
                                                                                                 outside world.
                                                                                                 Contains all
                                                                                                 key terms and
                      0                  1                       2                  3                    4
               Section not       Summary of            Presents easy to    Steps are in clear    Paragraph
               present           procedures too        follow steps        paragraph form.       form is used
                                 brief.                which are logical                         and procedure
                                 Most of the steps     and adequately                            is well
                                 are                   detailed.                                 developed.
 Materials                       understandable;       Summary of
 Procedure                       some lack detail      procedures
                                 or are confusing.     touches upon all
                                                       techniques and
                                                       new procedures.

                      0                   1                     2                  3                    4
               Section not       Data table and        Data table and      Data table and        Data table
               present.          graph incomplete,     graph complete,     graph (if             and graph (if
                                 minor                 some illegible      applicable)           applicable)
                                 inaccuracies          characters.         neatly completed      neatly
Observations                     and/or illegible      Many                and totally           completed
 Data Table                      characters. Some      observations        accurate              and totally
                                 observations          made, may not                             accurate
                                 made, but             be well
                                 lacking in            organized.                                Observations
                                 significant detail.   Missing sample                            clearly visible
                                                       calculations if                           and full of
                                                       needed in lab                             detail.

                                                                                       ChemLabReportRubric.doc, 8/28/2004
  Chemistry                                                                     Name:
  Chemistry Lab Report Rubric                                                                            Labs Section
  Date Given:

              0                 1                    2                   3                     4
              Missing many      Missing 3+           Missing 2-3         Missing 1-2           Answers all
              or all            questions. None      questions.          questions.            questions to
              questions.        of the questions     Remainder of        Remainder of          best of abilities
              One word          are answered with    questions may not   questions             and in
              responses         complete             be written          answered to best      complete
 Analysis     given for         sentences. Many      complete            of abilities and in   sentences.
 Questions    nearly all        answers are          sentences. Some     complete              Correct
    (in       questions.        incorrect, and       answers may be      sentences. Some       answers are
conclusion)   Very little       some are             very short or       answers may not       given and are
              attempt to        irrelevant to the    incomplete.         be relevant to        full of detail.
              answer            question type.                           question, or does
              question          Answers written                          not match
              correctly.        with short or one                        question type.
                                word responses.
              0                 1                    2                   3                     4
              Missing or        Presents an          Presents an         Presents a logical    Presents a
              incomplete        illogical            illogical           explanation for       logical
              explanation.      explanation for      explanation for     findings and          explanation for
              May just be       findings and does    findings and        addresses some of     findings.
Conclusion    one sentence      not address any of   addresses few       the questions.        Describes any
              containing        the questions        questions. Does     Does not address      errors found in
              very basic        suggested in the     not make any        errors in the         the
              information       introduction.        connections to      experiment.           experiment.
              and/or a          Contains some        what is being       Makes little          Discusses
              general           explanation of       studied in class.   mention of ties       what was
              explanation of    why lab was                              between lab and       learned in the
              what was          performed, but                           what is being         experiment
              accomplished      does not make                            studied in class.     and makes
              during the        connections to                                                 connections to
              lab.              what is being                                                  the topics
                                studied in class.                                              being studied
                                                                                               in class.


                                                                                     ChemLabReportRubric.doc, 8/28/2004