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					                                                                                                       9 ’05

                         Web Sites that work

Overview of Sites:               15 pages of sites by title & description, links to
                                       content area resources                 Search by “Teacher links” &/or “educational links” SLP site – Links to categories of language arts
                                       teaching tools

Resource Sites:                                K-12, directory of 4,000 free lesson
                                                   plans, resources for all grades &
                                                   subjects. Search or browse                            K-12, lesson plans by subject or
                                                   theme                       A complete guide to online lesson
                                                   plans for K-12 teachers                                K-12, search by subject or
                                                   alphabetical listing – checkout
                                                   “references-sign language dictionary”                                      K-12, 4,000 free goals & objectives
                                                   by subject, standards, severity level.
                                                   Lists of classroom modifications to
                                                   accommodate special needs students.                            K-12, behavior management how-to’s,
                                                   ideas & strategies                              K-12 free weekly newsletter,
                                                   materials, lessons, etc.           Categorized list of sites useful for
                                                   enhancing curriculum and professional
                                                   growth Locates useful web links to organize
                                                   into a “track” for a topic.             Collection of web sites for student’s
                                                   use for studying / research                               Search for literature, including peer-reviewed
                                                        papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and
                                                        technical reports from all broad areas of research

                               Compiled by Donna Lacon                                                       1
Resource Sites about Special Ed. Technology:          Publications / resource directory as guide to hardware,
                               software, publishers & organizations                   Software programs, universal design info. & articles               Alliance for Technology Access, network of resource
                               centers, developers, technology vendors            Assistive technology information and tools         Sample universal design units & planning pyramid,
d.html                         instructional unit template             Bring technology into your classroom. Ways to easily
                               include technology into daily lesson plans, free newsletter        Gifted & Talented resource Home Page

  * * * Alphabetical Order for the categories below: * * *

Adaptations for Special Learners: Linda Hodgon’s site: author of visual strategies book.
                                 Lots of examples of visual supports & classroom
                                 strategies.                 K-12, student organizational tools, picture cards, games,
                                 basic skill learning materials, graphics.               Downloadable weekly visual newspaper, membership
                                 required. Free example available on site.              Articles, reviews, links, downloadable Mac. Software                 Resources for teachers, parents, & elementary students               Questions & answers, articles & teaching strategy ideas               Source for visual icons, games & downloadable software                 Theme related printables, tips & tricks, lots of links.

                              Compiled by Donna Lacon                                        2         Also for young children: activities, printables, games,
                              picture recipes, icons & lots of links      Special ed. resources, K-8, teacher resources, lesson
                              plans, thematic units, book activities, freebies, songs,
                              printables & links          K-12, Downloadable software of activities by subject
                              area. Free players to run the activities.            David Davis’s site: downloadable software, resources &
                              links by subject area, accommodations, ideas & utilities            Active learning curriculum for students with visual /
                              cognitive disabilities.            Information & products for special needs children,
                              ADHD                Information for students with visual and academic
                              difficulties        A parent’s guide to helping kids with learning difficulties.           Information for teachers, coaches, therapists ,on using
                              balance therapies to improve intelligence and
                              performance          Resources for people who learn differently, or have
                              learning difficulties or learning disabilities              Designed for young adults with L.D. Games, activities,
                              resources to positively build self-esteem             Written answers to specific typed questions               Answers not links to your search queries. Teacher toolkit

Augmentative Communication / Technology:          Software ideas, products for low tech classroom use            Monthly tips, tutorials, AAC ideas                Vendor software / products, tips, ideas              Boardmaker tips/tutorials, vendor software /
                                   products, demo disks, Boardmaker idea book                    Vendor products, tips, ideas

                            Compiled by Donna Lacon                                      3             Suggestions, ideas, graphics, downloads                    Lots of links, suggestions, cheat sheets                 Vendor products, assistive tech photo ideas Downloadable freebies Tutorials to print or view online about software: e.g.
                                     Microsoft word, PowerPoint, email, excel, rubrics,
fdevelopment/techtutorials.html web quests & inspiration                         Assistive Tech. materials: manuals, examples,
                                     assessment forms / tools, and links                         Simple books to purchase for emergent readers.
                                     Provides icons for AAC devices using unity software.                 Video clips of American sign language (basic vocab.)       Archive of resources developed for specific
/res_arc.html                        products: Intellikeys, ClarisWorks, speaking
                                     dynamically pro

Autism:                      Lots of links, information / articles                      Information for teachers, parents, games                  A searchable nationwide listing of services                      N. Carolina’s structured teaching program            Books & intervention strategies                   Teaches play with structured visual steps              Great articles                Structured “work sessions” using manipulatives /
                                    graphics                   “Hands on Tasks’ & ideas … Online catalog for ready
                                    to use tasks for structured teaching                     Asperger’s syndrome resources & information

                              Compiled by Donna Lacon                                     4              Social story information, products, Jenison Journal –
                                   an autism newsletter
www.futurehorizons-                Lots of links, products
www.isnnet/~jypsy/index.html   “Ooops Wrong Planet Syndrome” – articles & info. By
                               people with autism    Links to resources and is a comprehensive source of
                               information on autism. LOTS OF GRAPHIC LINKS Social skills: what to teach & how
/socialsk.htm              Educational strategies for students with social
                                    thinking/social communicative deficits

Early Childhood (Preschool) Special Needs:             Teacher resources, theme ideas, downloadable files:
                                  boardmaker, intellitools & picture overlays      Nice folder games    Visual-conceptual method, picture cues for teaching
                            ABC’s & 220 high frequency sight words. Teacher resources, freeware downloads, links,
                            articles & printables          PC & Mac shareware & freeware programs, demos,
                            graphics, crafts & holiday activities           Free tracing & coloring fonts for Mac & PC                  Coloring pages, graphics to match book illustrations,
                                  activity ideas               Lesson plans, activities, printable crafts, printable
                                  activities, calendar of events, and other resources                 Find the lyrics to many songs for children or search
                                  for a song to fit with a theme        Free newsletter with activities and links to theme
                                  related materials        Cute activities to learn ABCs, word walls, calendar /
                                  time, online games and links                    Pre – grade 2 , theme units, printables, lesson plans

                             Compiled by Donna Lacon                                      5                       Teaching through music                 Materials by content areas. Lots of literacy materials! Free flannel board materials site. Lots of classics!

Graphics                              Go to toys/games/books, etc for graphic                       Copyright friendly images for education                    Images by categories                              Select images - search engine for lots of

                                            photos                Education and school related clip art               Teacher, Student & Family FREE clipart,
                                            coloring pages, backgrounds, banners, fonts,
                                            icons, etc.                           Clipart & photos, all offensive material is
                                            filtered out                           Select images – search engine for photos                         Select pictures – search engine for photos, can
                                          choose preferences for picture size, etc. Graphics for emotions, hygiene, scheduling &
                                          housekeeping            New York Public library free searchable
                                          database of 275,000 photos & manuscripts

Materials & Ideas:              K-3, Theme based activities, materials, lesson plans,
                                       links, great picture dictionary            Elementary: lots of graphic links, classroom
                                       materials                       Elementary: printables, links, activity ideas by

                                Compiled by Donna Lacon                                    6
                                    theme                         Internet Public Library: download non-copyrighted
                                    books / text.                    K-5, free worksheets, online games by grade level,
                                    ezreader books     K-12, Downloadable PowerPoint lessons by subject
                                    area / grade         K-12, PowerPoint presentations to download
la.html           PowerPoint in the classroom: tutorials and lessons            Teacher resources and tools, lesson plans,
                                    puzzlemaker, quizmaker, worksheet maker                  K-5, Vocabulary / reading materials                K-8, teacher resources / materials, newsletter, free
                                    membership required                    K-12, Free lesson plans, webquests, worksheets &
                                    teacher tools                  5-12, vocabulary building activities, thematic
                                    content                    K-8, activities/games for students, parent section,
                                    teacher resources: by standards, class centers,
                                    lesson plans: printables, themes, check out hangman!                  Online and downloadable games …               Lesson plans, classroom management, materials by
                                    subject area           6-12, lesson plans by subject, “on this day in
                                    history”, teacher resources                   Subject area materials, links, free worksheets:
                                    English, math, reading             K-12, teacher resources, lessons by grade / subject
                                    / theme, printables & teacher tips                  Downloadable materials to teach guided reading,
                                    phonics& alphabet. See a sampling of 30 books with
                                    lesson plans and worksheets. Membership required.                  Talking books - adapted from Reading A-Z Guided
/razkids/index.html                 Readers      K-12 Reading & lang. arts lessons, materials, and

                             Compiled by Donna Lacon                                      7                  Free online storybooks for young children, older
                                        children & young adults                        Reading acquisition materials designed for the
                                        emergent reader. Purchase the inexpensive books &
                                        workbooks or download free                      Printable books & materials for emergent readers                        A complete Early Reading (pre-K thru 2nd grade)
                                        computer-based program                 Affordable teacher products, tools & lessons                Rubric maker           Rubric maker   Rubric maker by categories/themes                    FREE: 19,000 lesson plans, 5,600 printable
                                        worksheets, 200,000 reviewed web sites, 50+
                                        teaching articles, 60 teaching themes, rubrics,
                                        educational games, tips, etc.                    Professional cartoons by artists & teacher guide   Resources and materials in the area of
                                        language arts                All content areas thousands of pages for you
                                        to peruse -- many with lyrics, sound clips, and
                                        teaching suggestions.                  Lesson ideas, weekly news story for kids, Fact

Math:                                           Includes games, flashcards, and
                                                            worksheets, either custom or
                                                            automatically generated.
                                                            Practice problems by solving
                                                            worksheets or flashcards online
                                                            and A+ Math will determine how
                                                            many they got correct.                                                Teacher & parent resources,
                                                            activities & materials                                 K-12 create custom graphs,
                                                            math teasers, probability
                                                            problems, activities

                                 Compiled by Donna Lacon                                    8                                              K- 6th grade math activities,
                                                              games, teacher & family
                                                              resources & links Web-Based Resources for
                                                               Mathematics: Tools and
                                                               Activities for Teaching and

Social Studies: Featured articles /exhibits by topic                       Biography dictionary of 27,000 people. Search by
                                           name, birth/death year, profession, achievement,
                                           or keyword.                   Activities & resources on U.S. Government –
                                           tiered by grades K-12                        (Formerly known as
                                           Unbeatable reference materials, fun facts and
                                           features, and individualized homework help

Study Guides / Reading text alternatives:                   PDF aloud is free downloadable software that
                                   “reads” PDF documents Browse aloud is free downloadable software
                                   that “reads” web sites                  TextAloud converts text into spoken audio.
                                   Listen on your PC or create MP3 or WMA files
                                   for use on portable devices            Visual mapping of vocabulary words,
                                    Teacher guide can be downloaded                 Free online books & study guides by subject                          Comprehensive guide to free book summaries,
                                               literature notes, and study guides (like "cliff
                                               notes") for over 250 books                              Downloadable books – Provides accessibility of
                                               books for people with visual or other print
                                  Compiled by Donna Lacon                                        9
                                             disabilities. Membership required.                           Reads any text you see on your screen - all
                                             purpose text-to-speech software

Writing:              PC font archive by themes /subject.
fontindex.html                                        Motivational tool       Writing an essay, LOTS of LINKS on
                                                      writing & grammar                      Create custom writing pages              Practice handwriting strokes &
/programs/hwrkshts.htm                                letters                 “Writer’s workshop” -
                                                      basic elements about writing: format,
                                                      time frame, evaluation & rubrics

Web Sites of Software Publishers:
www.broderbund &                              Publishers of living Books series, print shop,
                                              Carmen Sandiego series, The Oregon Trail &                            Reader Rabbit                           Literacy software (Write:Outloud,
                                              Co:Writer, Start-to-Finish Books & A.T.                             Reading program, & early learning software,
                                              software / articles / demos                    Jumpstart Learning System software,
                                              Hyperstudio, Math Blaster/Reading Blaster

                                Compiled by Donna Lacon                                     10