Symptoms Of Child Anxiety

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					The Symptoms Of Child Anxiety
Anxiety In Children
 Children just like adults can suffer from anxiety
 How can you really tell that your child is suffering from
  anxiety disorder?
Anxiety In Children
This can be a difficult task because :

 children’s symptoms are not the same as those shown
  by adults
 children of different ages may show different signs of
Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children
 Bed Wetting

 Nightmares

 Avoid activities where they have to be in contact with
 other kids for example school or social events
Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children
 become over sensitive or get clingy

 have difficulty making new friends or are just too shy

 have a low self confidence or a low self esteem
Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children
 have frequent feelings of anxiety or fear or panic

 have constant stomach aches or headaches that do not
  seem to be caused by any physical reason

 have fear of being embarrassed or failing or not being
  good enough
Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children
 worry about upcoming events

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Description: Learn the symptoms of anxiety attack in children, if you suspect that your child is suffering from anxiety.