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									                             Time Management Tips for Professionals

There is no easy route in perfecting time management. Although the idea of managing time may
sound easy, many people are still finding it difficult to follow.

If you are one of those people who find it hard to follow time management, then here are some
time management tips that you can follow.

   1. See the BIGGER Picture

Time is a constant and abundant resource that people can’t purchase or sell. It is a resource that
can be shared with or can be shared from someone else.

And one effective way of managing it is by visualizing a bigger and clearer picture of your goal.
Prioritize more the activities that would put you closer to your objective, and prioritize less those
that won’t. Carefully assess the tasks that need prioritization in order to accomplish activities that
are closely related to your goal.

Many successful people today practice different time management forms and techniques, but if
there’s one thing these business minded people share in common. It’s the vision of how they
want to spend their business time.

   2. AUDITING Time Management (For Professionals)

Ideally speaking, everything that a person should list and follow should be actively valuable
towards their desired goal.

To make your auditing faster, the following are sub-breakdowns that many professionals spend
their time on. Personal goals may differ, but the general idea of breaking goals down remains the

      People and Managing. Managing people can be sub-categorized in to three different areas

       1. Managing time across
       2. Managing time up
       3. Managing time down

If you’re currently working as a leader or as a manager in a company, understand that the best
way to spend most of your time is by directly supervising your team or co-workers below you.

This is also an effective strategy of teaching your employees while working your personal
professional goal at the same time. Cultivating time-leverage upward not only benefits the team
and the company, but it can also benefit you by moving closer to your goal.
   3. CHARTS for Time Management

Presently, there are lots of time management tips that are scattered all over the internet. The
approach may vary sometimes, but believe that the basic idea is still there.

One common tip most time management tips share is in building a chart. Building charts are
effective in reminding important plans ahead. Creating charts are also helpful in simplifying time
management audits, as well as in pitching the whole picture of your goal.

Building Time Management Chart:

           a. Start building your chart by writing down the days and weeks in a month. Across
              its columns on top, write down your major tasks and goals that needs
           b. After you complete this activity, record the amount of time you spent under each
              category. This way you can easily monitor your progress and accomplishments in
              one day.
           c. Try to stick to the plan as much as possible.
           d. Avoid over doing it by stuffing to much work in one day.

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