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morgan freeman accident


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									Morgan Freeman in serious condition after car accident

MEMPHIS – The man many prominent publications once dubbed “America’s greatest
actor” is in serious but stable condition following a near-fatal car accident about 100
miles south of Memphis.

The Associated Press reported that the Academy Award-winner and star of such seminal
films as Shawshank Redemption, Glory, Driving Miss Daisy, Kiss the Girls, Seven and
Unforgiven was lucid and was even joking with emergency rescue workers who freed
him from the car that crashed in Tallahatchie County, Miss. Freeman, 71, was taken to
the Memphis Regional Medical Center. Milla Borden, the spokesperson for the hospital,
confirmed that Freeman is a patient there.

“They had to use the Jaws of Life to extract [Freeman] from the vehicle,” says Clay
McFerrin, the editor of the Sun Sentinel in Charleston, Miss. “He was lucid when the
rescue team found the car.” He reported that bystanders were gawking at the scene, trying
to capture a glimpse of the legendary thespian.

Freeman is a native of Mississippi, and has many documented philanthropic acts in the
economically-challenged state, included contributing to the recovery efforts following the
disaster of Hurricane Katrina. Freeman captured the Oscar in 2005 for his supporting role
in Million Dollar Baby opposite Clint Eastwood. – terry shropshire

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