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"My teacher is so old,...

     " they've already nailed the coffin shut". Michelle S., from Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
     "she gets a seniors discount at the nursing home!" Ashley, from Knoxville, Tennessee
     "her wrinkles weigh more than she does!" Elizabeth
     "she showed us a yearbook from 1500 B.C.!" Grant K.
     "she considers Shakespeare to be 'new-fangled modern art'!" Cara K.
     "she personally knew Shakespeare!" Ashley Brosseau
     "she remembers the tragedy when the dinosaurs died!" Alex
     "she has wrinkles on her palms." Beth Atkins
     "she's mentioned in the Old Testament." Kaysie O'Brien
     "she can't even remember her own name!" Ashley Morris
     "she taught cave men to start a fire." Aaron H.
     "she edited the bible for mistakes!" Ashley Nichols
     "she claims that she invented the question mark!" Jacob Smith
     "we looked up the word 'ancient', and there was full definition with her name and a big
      picture of her smiling..." Mallory, from Dexter, Missouri
     "she knows how to speak cave-man language!" Meg, Shepaug Valley School, Roxbury

"My dog is so ugly,...

     "We had to pay the fleas to live on him!" Demi & Cynthia, from Larose Middle School, in
      Larose, Louisiana, USA
     "he has to sneak up on his dish to eat". Ivan, from Buffalo, NY, USA
     "we have to pay people to pet it" Bobby W.
     "I have to tie a $100 bill on it so people will pet it!" Grant K.
     "the fire hydrants disguise themselves!" Cara K.
     "you can't tell if she's coming or going" Ashley Brosseau
     "he saw himself in a mirror and ran away!" Josh W.
     "you could shave its butt and it would look like it was walking backwards." Beth Atkins
     "you have to put a bag over him to pet him!" Aaron Hale
     "fleas won't even live on him!" Benny H.
     "I have to tie a pork chop around his neck to get other dogs to play with him!" Ashley
     " we have to wait 'till midnight to take him on walks." Ashley, from Dexter, Missouri
     "he only has cat friends!" Justin, from Dexter, Missouri [Grand Prize Winner]

"My aunt is so fat,...

     "when she lies down she's as tall as she is standing up" Margaret, from Barrington Middle
      School, Barrington, USA
     "you have to take 2 trains and a bus to get on her good side." Alex, from Rapid Run
      School, Cincinnati, USA
     "when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house!" Thomas, from Gray-New
      Gloucester H.S., Maine, USA
     "every time she turns around it's her birthday." Don, from Larose Middle School, in
      Larose, Louisiana, USA
     "that elephants throw peanuts at her" Rob Coke, from Bishop Pinkham Jr High, Calgary
      "her belly button has an echo" Jenny, from Weslaco, USA
      "her blood type is 'Rocky Road'" Evan, from Independence, Ohio
      "when she steps into an elevator, it only goes down." Courtney, from Greendale,
      "when she walks by the TV, I miss 3 shows!" Aaron H.
      "she has to iron her pants in the driveway!" Benny H.
      "you can sit a tea cup on her stomach and it won't fall off!!" Kelsie, from Dexter, Missouri
      "when she walks, other people start yelling 'earthquake'". Amanda, from Dexter, Missouri
      " I could slap her thigh and ride the wave!" Paul, from Dexter, Missouri
      "She has more layers than the earth's surface!" Evan, from Independence, Ohio

Adapted from the Worsleys School Website

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