Infinity Soccer Academy Outline by maclaren1


									              “Building for the long term development of soccer in our community”

                            Infinity Soccer Academy Outline
                              Infinity Soccer Academy (U5/6 - U11/12)

         Traditionally U.S. Soccer has provided an atmosphere for children to develop their skills,
abilities and passion for the game of soccer. But as the players mature they find themselves with
limited opportunities to have quality coaching and proper guidance. The structure of ISA is designed
to develop the player, the adult learner (coach and referee) and a community that better understands
the demands and elements of the game.

        The advantages of being part of ISA include: player development, coaching development,
referee development, administrative development and adult/fan development. The families that have
players participating in ISA will find themselves able to assist their child’s development as well as
become more soccer savvy themselves. ISA hopes to engage the soccer community with a
challenging and more rewarding soccer atmosphere than the current traditional recreational
programs that are being provided.

        Everyone is encouraged to participate if they want to be challenged and held to a higher
standard during training and games, however ISA may not be for everyone. The number of
participants are limited due to field space and time. With success we hope to expand throughout
Utah Youth Soccer Association’s District 7 so we can serve the interests of the entire District.

        The structure of Infinity Soccer is designed to resolve the long term needs of our community.
Many states, including Utah, are embracing the academy philosophy and are currently implementing
strategies to make them more common in our country. We hope you will join us in our efforts to
establish a soccer program that will benefit our community for years to come.

By participating in ISA:

       -Each player will receive:
              -A numbered academy t-shirt
              -8 weeks (August - October, 2008) of age appropriate training and games.
                     -U5/6 & U7/8
                              -8 training sessions
                              -4 games
                     -U9/10 & U11/12
                              -16 training sessions
                              -8 games

-Each family with a player participating will have:
              -The opportunity to be involved with their child’s development as a soccer player by:
                      -receiving assisted coaching development
                          -receiving assisted refereeing development
                          -receiving assisted administration development

EMAIL coach Ginn for a registration form.

                                                   Our Goal

        Infinity Soccer Academy is structured to prepare players and adults for future challenges in
soccer and in life.
        In a fun and challenging environment, players will develop skills (technical) that will allow
them to become better decision makers (tactical). Adults will mentor the players’, teaching technical
skills and tactical awareness. As mentors, they will learn how to assist in the players’ development
and gain the confidence and ability to coach.

                                     Developmental Philosophy
        Technique will be taught in a progressive manner throughout a player’s involvement in the
Infinity Soccer Programs; every technique coached at one age must be reinforced at the next age.
Techniques taught at U6 must be reinforced at U8, U10, U12 and U14. During the childhood years
of soccer the general progression of the child’s experience with the ball is for the U6 age group ~
manipulating the ball, for the U8 age group ~ propelling the ball and for the U10 age group ~
mastering the ball.

U6— dribbling; shooting; balance; running; jumping; movement education

U8— ball lifting & juggling; block tackle; receiving ground balls with the inside & sole of the foot;
shoot with inside of the foot; toe pass & shot; introduce the push pass; throw-in; agility; eye-foot &
eye-hand coordination; movement education

U10— range of motion flexibility; running with the ball; passing; instep drive; receiving ground
balls with the instep & outside of foot; receiving bouncing balls with the instep (cushion) and sole or
inside or outside of foot (wedge); fakes in dribbling; introduce heading & crossing.

U12— feints with the ball; receiving bouncing & air balls with the thigh, chest & head; heading to
score goals & for clearances while standing or jumping; outside of foot pass; bending shots; crossing
to the near post space & the penalty spot space; heel pass; introduce chipping to pass; introduce half
volley & volley shooting; introduce slide tackle.

                           Infinity Soccer Academy: How it Works
                                                The ISA Player
-Each player will be recognized by a number during the eight weeks of Infinity Soccer Academy.

-Each Player will use the training matrix (see below) to know what group to be with each week.

-Upon arrival the player will need:
        -Soccer cleats on
        -Shin guards on, covered by long soccer socks
        -Soccer Shorts on
        -Academy Shirt on
            * Each player is responsible to arrive with an inflated soccer ball and a full water bottle.

            -Upon arrival the player will need to:
                    1st - Check in at the registration table, they will receive guidance according to the training matrix
                    2nd - Locate and go to their first training station according to the training matrix.

            During the training session the player will be responsible to stay with their group as they move from each training station
            throughout the day (please view the coaches section to see rotation details).

            -The games will be 3v3 or 4v4 depending on the number of players from each group. No goal keepers will be used.

            -There are no set teams:
                     Using the training matrix each week, a group of nine players will be assigned to a specific grid, coach and
                     referee. From there they will be divided into two teams by the coach and subbed in and out according to the
                     needs of each team. Players may alternate teams during a single match. The coaches’ challenge will be to
                     handle substitutions and maintain a competitive game. Small sided games develop the all around player, not the
                     positioned player. The focus is to showcase the player’s skills and not the results of the games (wins or losses).
                     The game is viewed as an opportunity to perform the things he/she has been rehearsing. Very similar to when a
                     child is in a play, the game showcases the skills learned through training.

            -Duration of games:
                    -U6 - 26 minutes (two 12 minute halves with a 2 minute half time)
                    -U8 - 30 minutes (two 14 minute halves with a 2 minute half time)
                    -U10 - 34 minutes (two 16 minute halves with a 2 minute half time)
                    -U12 - 42 minutes (two 20 minute halves with a 2 minute half time)

            TRAINING MATRIX (first three weeks displayed)
WEEK                                                WEEK                                                 WEEK
 1                                                   2                                                    3
 1     10     19    28   37    46    55   64          1      10    19   28    37    46   55    64           1       10   19    28   37    46    55    64
 2     11     20    29   38    47    56   65          2      11    20   29    38    47   56    65           2       11   20    29   38    47    56    65
 3     12     21    30   39    48    57   66          3      12    21   30    39    48   57    66           3       12   21    30   39    48    57    66
 4     13     22    31   40    49    58   67          4      13    22   31    40    49   58    67           4       13   22    31   40    49    58    67
 5     14     23    32   41    50    59   68          5      14    23   32    41    50   59    68           5       14   23    32   41    50    59    68
 6     15     24    33   42    51    60   69          6      15    24   33    42    51   60    69           6       15   24    33   42    51    60    69
 7     16     25    34   43    52    61   70          7      16    25   34    43    52   61    70           7       16   25    34   43    52    61    70
 8     17     26    35   44    53    62   71          8      17    26   35    44    53   62    71           8       17   26    35   44    53    62    71

 9     18     27    36   45    54    63   72          9      18    27   36    45    54   63    72           9       18   27    36   45    54    63    72

            Please note: This is a soccer development academy. The focus of the academy is to develop a lifelong passion for soccer in our community.
            Players are expected to be eagerly engaged in the activities. If a player is constantly disruptive and /or unwilling to perform, the parent will
            be notified. If the behavior continues, the player will be removed from the program and be reimbursed $2 per planned activity that has not
            expired. It is the parents’ job to determine that their child is ready physically and emotionally to participate prior to registration. Please be
            assured that the activities are age appropriate and designed to be fun and challenging. We do not want to discourage any player from
            participating, but we insist on being able to focus on the players’ development and not simply provide a daycare service.

                                                                  The Adults/Parents
            -The five roles of the adults/parents:
                     -To be a role model:
                               -Demonstrate punctuality, genuine interest and positive reinforcement at all times.
                     -To provide timely transportation to and from soccer activities:
                               -Because of the large volume of players and adults that will be arriving at the same time, adults are
                               asked to have the player(s) at the field ready to train fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
                               There will likely be other groups before and after each session, so punctuality and carpooling are
                               highly encouraged.
                     -To be a fan and supporter:
                               - The adults are the support system; they cheer on the players as they perform confidently in a game.
                               The emphasis is player development; skill, confidence, intelligence, strength and not winning. The
                               adults are to show enthusiasm and excitement when children take risks and attempt to perform skills
                               learned in training regardless if they are successful or not.
         -To be a student of the game:
                   -Learn the rules of the game
                   -Watch more soccer with and without the players (television or in person)
         -To fulfill the role of a community member. See “The Community” section

                                               The Community

-The community structure is the lifeline of the ISA program and dictates the success level of the program and each player

-Every player and family member of each player is part of the Infinity Soccer community and will play a role in the
player’s development.

-“The Community” is set up to fulfill the vision and mission statement of Infinity Soccer, focusing on the long term
development of the player, coach, referee, adult learner and the fan.

                               Infinity Soccer Academy: The Fees
                                               Mentoring Program
Within the ISA program there is a “mentor” portion that allows each family member of each player to contribute in some
way. Without the mentor structure, ISA would not be able to exist.

-Our primary goals are to make developmental soccer effective and affordable. We aim to develop a soccer culture in
our community that is knowledgeable of the game. Our mentor philosophy is what sets our program apart, as it provides
opportunities to get everyone involved in a comfortable yet challenging setting.
        -How it works:
                  -When the player is registered, the parent/adult will have the option to provide “mentor hours” in one
                  of three ways, or, to pay for every mentor hour they choose to decline.
                           -Three ways to provide mentor hours:
                                    -Registrar - see registrar
                                    -Coach - see coach
                                    -Referee - see referee
                           -Each age group has its own required amount of mentor hours:
                                    -U6 - 3 Hours
                                    -U8 - 3 Hours
                                    -U10 - 4 Hours
                                    -U12 - 4 Hours
                           -The cost to buy out of each mentor hour is $10 addition to the $51 registration fee.

                                    -Payment Examples:

                           U6 & U8
                                 *UYSA               Academy           Mentor        Total
                                Recreation      +      Cost        +   Hours     =   Cost
                              Fees/Insurance                           Served
                                   $11          +       $40        +      3      =    $51
                                   $11          +       $40        +      2      =    $61
                                   $11          +       $40        +      1      =    $71
                                   $11          +       $40        +      0      =    $81

                           U10 & U12
                                *UYSA                Academy           Mentor        Total
                               Recreation       +      Cost        +   Hours     =   Cost
                             Fees/Insurance                            Served
                                   $11          +        $40        +      4        =    $51
                                   $11          +        $40        +      3        =    $61
                                   $11          +        $40        +      2        =    $71
                                   $11          +        $40        +      1        =    $81
                                   $11          +        $40        +      0        =    $91

* The $11 will cover your involvement in any UYSA District 7 Recreational activity for a full year. Therefore, the
player will not be charged the $11 during spring recreational play with District 7.

                                                 Mentoring Roles
        REGISTRAR (mentor role)
        -When players arrive at training and games, three registrars will be near the drop off area. The players check in
        with the registrars, and then proceed to the training area.
                 -The registrar roles are:
                           -To arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time of the scheduled activity
                           -To record attendance upon player(s) arrival
                           -To act as a ‘neighborhood watch’ by keeping an eye on anyone not participating
                                    People not participating:
                                              -Family members of players
                                              -Injured or emotional players
                                              -Recognizing strangers and alert ISA staff

        COACH (mentor role)
        -The coach will be in charge of setting up a training area and running a skill drill or a small sided game. The
        materials needed to run the assigned skill drill or small sided game will be provided.
                 -The coach is to arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time of the scheduled activity.
                 -The coach will have received an email with a video and/or diagram of the assigned skill drill or small
                  sided game.
                 - The skill drill or small sided game sent via email will last 13 minutes (U6 & U8) or 20 Minutes (U10
                 & U12) and will have the responsibility to coach four different groups during that day’s session (see
                 table below). The objective is to develop the players properly while developing the confidence of the
                 adult learner/coach.
                 -The coach is asked to wear athletic clothing. Soccer specific clothing is preferred.

         Age Group       Group      Station   Break     Station    Break       Station   Break    Station    Total
                        Rotation       A                   B                      C                 D       Minutes
             U6                     13 min     2 min    13 min     3 min       13 min    3 min    13 min       60
             U8                     13 min     2 min    13 min     3 min       13 min    3 min    13 min       60
             U10                    20 min     3 min    20 min     4 min       20 min    3 min    20 min       90
             U12                    20 min     3 min    20 min     4 min       20 min    3 min    20 min       90

        REFEREE (mentor role)
        -The referee will be in charge of assuring the safety of the players and calling fouls.
        -The referee is to arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time of the scheduled activity.

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