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									                                                       Coach: Mr FISHER
                                                       Team: Chris Massey
                                                              Jack Peters
                                                              Ben Newell
                                                              Joshua Stanier
                                                              Matt Blaney
                                                              Dan Mezen
                                                              Tom Turner

The day began with the team
knowing what to expect, a usual
loss for year 9 boys football. So
everyone tried to make the most
of the TCAT dome experience.

There was a long three hour wait,
before the year 9s tournament
looked hopeful to begin.
Meanwhile the year 7s were busy
trying to win their way into the
year 7 FUTSAL tournament
final. Even though they didn’t
get past the group stages, they
put in a good all round effort.

After a nervous wait our game soon kicked off. It was 2:50 and after a quick briefing of the rules our
game was underway. The match was IDSALL vs. HLC, Hadley learning community, we started
strong and after a few minutes we got our first goal of the tournament, a clean finish from a peno
scored by tom t. As soon as we went 1-0 up they equalised after the ref made a terrible decision on
an obvious slide tackle on me, with an unexpected goal to follow. With our hopes fading away a fast
ball down the line, met Matt and a smooth finish put us back in to the lead. After that things got
better with a fluky megs on the keeper by me after the ball was stumbled around in the box, another
goal to add to the tally! The final score 3-1 to Idsall.

The second game for us was against Lacon Childe. A good start, with a few clean tackles and passes
got the match going. Once again tom t rose to the challenge and score his second of the tournament,
closely followed by a Matt Blaney goal. Unfortunately we lost concentration and the striker for
Lacon Childe scored to put pressure on the team. At half time a quick substitution, saw the fresh legs
of Ben Newell to add to the team. A long throw from the keeper Chris, made a volley from the fresh
legs of Newell, to score and keep us in the running. After that we were dominating the childe. Idsall
had a corner, and matt stepped up to take it, josh called but matt put it in the air. A backpost run had
Tommy T in a prime position and with a powerful header he had scored once again. We knew we
had won this game and we passed the ball around until matt cheekily put his second in the net. 5-1
final score.

Our next game was going to be our hardest yet but in true spirit we kept our heads, and confidence to
kick off against the favourites to win, Thomas Telford. The game kicked off and with a couple of
clearances from our back four the game was equal. A major scare saw a fast-kicked ball to my head
from matt to then a Thomas Telford winger to put one passed Chris. Our confidence got better
because we knew we had to score to get into the finals, this game was a win or loose game and the
winners could have a chance to get the FUTSAL cup.

After our downfall a through-ball, saw an astonishing run from tom turner in a decent position to
score. He tapped it over the keeper, that plays for Shrewsbury, and scored his 4th of the competition.
Josh Stanier was the holding man in the middle after Dan Mezen had an injury to his leg that got him
subbed for the rest of the game. 1-1 was the score at half time. Again the Idsall got on the pitch and
started the game, a tactical speech from Coach Fisher got our minds going. Once again we had a
scare at the back, but a superb save from Chris denied them from scoring. After 5 minutes of the
second half, we were starting to get tired, but somehow not Tommy T. The lactic acid in his legs was
at its peak but a fine ball from Josh had tom in a scoring opportunity, and due to tom’s previous
performance we knew what was going to happen, yes another goal! We were amazed that we had
actually scored against Thomas Telford. All we had to now was keep ourselves together and keep
position. We did and in the few seconds of the group stages left the ref looked at his watch and blew
for full time! What a game lads. We were now in the final after coming first in group A.

The final was approaching. A short but what seemed like a long wait put us in the position for the
FUTSAL cup. All that was standing in our way was Phoenix School, winners of group B.

The match had begun, we were as nervous as we were against Thomas Telford but we got going. Our
tactics were to keep position and get the ball passed around. We did that and with a few clearances
the position percentage was in our favour. Our legs were sore but mentally we were thinking that we
were the champions. All we had to do now was score some goals. A few minutes into the first half
had the goal machine Tommy T was ready to add to the goals he had. The ball was in their half. Matt
got hold of it and played it through. Tom had spotted the ball and managed to get his foot behind it.
A swipe from tom saw the back of the net and loud cheers from the idsall players and bench. We had
got the first goal in the final. We couldn’t believe it. After our goal, we had a short drinks break for
half time. We came back on the pitch with hope in our minds that maybe we could actually win.
Another pass saw tom turner with a beauty of a goal. Again we cheered and we were in the safe in
case they got another back, unfortunately they did. But we got back into things with another goal
from Tom Turner - he couldn’t stop scoring.

We knew now that surely we could hold it together, in the dying moments of the game. Our passes
were good and another few clearances brought the time down, but in another throw from Chris had
the goal machine Tommy T in his final scoring opportunity and somehow he managed to get it past
the keeper to get his amazing 10th of the tournament. We started to get the feeling that Idsall would
be crowned the FUTSAL winners and the referee looked down at his watch. With the whistle at his
lips, Dan Mezen knew he wanted a goal. The ref looked down again, Dan pulled his leg back, he hit
the ball with a strong and accurate shot, the ref blew and the ball was on the line. We all jumped up
in amazement that we had won, in the final of the tournament. At this stage Dan’s goal didn’t really
matter because the final score was 5-1 (including his goal)! The boys were more than happy with the
result and in the end we came home with a trophy that was well deserved by all of the players.

Well-done boys and keep the team going Coach Fisher!

                        By Jack Peters, Year 9

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