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Enjoy this expertly developed sample online sales resume with complimentary cover letter strategies included. Unlike most resume samples you will find, this one is a completely editable Word document, which means you can revise this resume as needed to suit your needs while keeping the stylish format in tact.

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									                                                  JESSE KENDALL
                     123 Elm Street ▪ Hattiesburg, MS 39407 ▪ 601.555.5555 ▪

    ONLINE SALES & ACCOUNT MANAGER: Reputation for rapidly growing business, providing innovative
    selling solutions, and listening actively to client needs. Adept at researching online/offline prospects and advertisers to
    actively pursue sales opportunities. Proven ability to quickly establish rapport, clearly explain product/service offering,
    and overcoming objections. Polished presenter and astute negotiator. Fluent in Spanish.

                                                 AREAS OF EXPERTISE
        Increasing Sales                Sustaining Key Accounts                 Presenting Compelling Value
        Strategic Planning              Forecasting Opportunities               Establishing Relationships
        Forging Partnerships            Managing Sales Life Cycle               Exceeding Customer Goals

                                               ONLINE SALES RESULTS

ABC ENTERPRISES – Hattiesburg, MS | Online Sales Consultant, 20xx-20xx
Pioneered position; sold e-commerce solutions, banner ads, market link software, and Internet portals. Generated leads through
creative prospecting, and worked with over 200 customers per week. Sold long-distance services, data services, and Internet
access to small to mid-sized businesses. Promoted from Account Representative in just eight months.
 Introduced “new media” to major advertisers within the automotive, home building, travel, sports, and entertainment
  industries; achieved profitability.
 Trained print staff on the similarities and significant advantages of web advertising, preparing employees to better address
  changing needs of advertisers and answer new demand.
 Played key role in team honored for “Media Innovation” by the Newspaper Association of America.

BCD TIMES – Hattiesburg, MS | Online Sales Manager, 20xx-20xx
Directed local and national advertising sales in Los Angeles, managing the largest US auto market for Partnered with
senior management within the Automotive Classified and National Automotive Departments to meet and exceed objectives.
Interfaced with print classified teams and managed two Online Sales Executives.
 Sold advertising contracts to over 100 dealerships within six months for the first locally launched site, achieving
  target before any other Classified Ventures LLC Affiliate.
 Achieved $1 million in annual sales in new media for 20xx, a record for the franchise.
 Oversaw concept, promotion, organization, and staffing for 20xx and 20xx LA Auto Shows.

CDE LIQUIDATORS – Hattiesburg, MS | Sales and Operations Manager, 20xx-20xx
Identified and built business opportunities to support sales of excess inventories and capital equipment, including laptops,
workstations, networking devices and telephone systems. Scheduled and oversaw performance of Computer Technicians and
coordinated all inventory control and customer service functions.
 Established eBay account to further diversify sales channels.
 Developed all online operating procedures and policies.
 Reached eBay Power Seller status within one year by auctioning over 400 items per month, an exceptional accomplishment
  reached by only 4% of the 29 million eBay sellers at that time.

                                                  TECHNICAL SKILLS
                Media Planning Tools: @Plan, ComScore, AdRelevance; Microsoft Word; Internet Explorer;
              Third Party Ad Servers; Call Center Technologies; adaptive to new technologies and applications.

                      Bachelor of Arts – Communication, Minor: Organizational Communication
                                     XYZ State University, Hattiesburg, MS ▪ 20xx
Creating a Compelling Cover Letter
A powerfully written cover letter is necessary to land most interviews and ensure job search success. When an advertised
position creates a pile of 100+ resumes, it becomes the responsibility of the hiring personnel to shortlist the applications.
Resumes without cover letters are usually the first to go, followed by the ones with poorly written cover letters. Avoid this
fate by following these effective strategies:

Address your cover letter appropriately:
Be sure that you get the name of the hiring manager before sending your resume, and address the letter to that individual.
The proper greeting will be either “Dear Mr. (Smith),” or “Dear Ms. (Smith).” Avoid using Miss or Mrs., and do not address
your letter to “Dear Sirs,” as it is considered inappropriate. If you are unsure of your contact’s gender, address them by
their first and last name, as in “Dear Pat Smith,” to avoid an embarrassing mistake. If you don’t know the name of the
hiring manager, simply use the greeting “Dear Hiring Manager,”– it’s clear, to the point, and gender neutral.

Get to the point in your opening paragraph:
One of the most common interviewing questions employers ask is “Why should I hire you among other candidates?”
Provide an answer to that question right off the bat in your opening paragraph. This is a very important section because it
is the first thing the employer will read. It must be powerful and make an immediate impact. Be sure sell yourself and your
unique abilities. Do not use a generic opening paragraph that can apply to any Tom, Dick or Harry.
Every line should sell you, so use aggressive language here and throughout the rest of your cover letter. For example,
instead of writing “My background is in finance management, making me well-suited for your advertised Corporate
Finance Director position.” you can write “A background in finance management and a proven record of developing
effective strategies that drive revenue, growth and shareholder value make me a strong candidate for your advertised
Corporate Finance Director position.”

Show your interest and sell your accomplishments in the body of the letter:
In this section, you need to show your interest in the job and the company. Research is a key ingredient to a successful
job search. The more you are able to demonstrate your interest and knowledge about a company, the better your chances
are to secure an interview. Get to know the company’s mission and new corporate initiatives, and tell them how you can
help them meet their objectives or resolve their problems. Praise the company for public recognitions or recent
accomplishments. The employer will surely take notice of your active interest.
Use “I” and “my” sparingly. Try not to use these words more than six times in your cover letter. You need to focus on what
you will bring to the company and how you will help them improve their profitability. Too much use of the word “I” will also
make your letter look elementary and poorly written.
For executive-level candidates and professionals with substantial achievements, a bullet point format is often the most
effective and efficient way to highlight accomplishments. If you fall into this category, be sure to keep the bullet point
statements unique and fresh. Do not copy and paste the exact same phrases from the resume as it will make you look
lazy. All sentences and achievements transferred from the resume should be rephrased.

Close your letter with a strong paragraph:
In the closing paragraph, you need to address several issues. At the very least, you need to ask for the interview and
provide contact information. This is also the ideal place to mention your salary requirements (if the employer insists on it),
or your desire to relocate.
To demonstrate your drive and interest, mention that you will call within a week to follow up. This is a great way to ensure
the resume was successfully received, and it creates an opportunity to establish a dialog. However, do not mention this in
your cover letter if you do not intend to follow up.

In summation, an aggressive and dynamic cover letter will help you stand out among the competition. Remember that the
goal is to market yourself – not to compose a dull biography.

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