THE PARISH COUNCIL OF ST MARGARETS-AT-CLIFFE

Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of the above Parish Council held on Monday 10th September 2007 in St
Margarets Hall, Reach Road at 7.00 p.m.

Present : B Paul, S Liggins, M Philpott, S Ford, J Harris, I Ward-Dutton. Apologies received from A Fielding,
D Hart, J Rayner.

1. Confirmation of Minutes of Parish Council Council Meeting held on 9h July 2007,
   together with minutes of Planning Meeting held 3rd September 2007.
   The minutes, having been circulated to all members, were confirmed as a correct record and
   signed as such by the Chairman, following small amendment made on page of minutes

2. Declarations of Interest – None declared on agenda items.

3. Don Covus, Area Supervisor, attended meeting on behalf of Aaron Kluibenshadl who is
   currently working in St Margarets as part of the Community Warden Response Team. Mr
   Covus advised that recruitment for new Warden is likely to take place in January next year,
   with new Warden to possibly commence in May. Hopefully the new Warden will continue to
   use the Village Hall as a base but it may be that he/she will revert to using Fire Station for
   privacy purposes. Reported several local issues which Aaron had dealt with since
   commencing in St Margarets. Advised that Wardens and Police Community Support Officers
   can only work with the support of both the Police and the community.

   Councillor Ford advised that she had received good feedback on Aaron since he has been
   working in the village, with people reporting they are glad to see such a “visible presence”.

4. Pam McIntyre, from Langdon PC reported on the situation re the proposed Wind Farm at
   Langdon. Although an planning application has yet to be submitted to Langdon PC, it is
   understood that Dover District Council were in communication with Ecotricity in November
   of last year. In the scoping report which was undertaken, the Parish Council was not named
   as a stakeholder. This application will be the first land-based planning application in East
   Kent. A map was provided showing the location of the wind turbines. The following points
   were made as regards awareness of this proposal as follows -
             The Langdon Action Group is operating an “awareness campaign”:-
             The turbines would be 400 feet high.
             Low frequency noise may be heard within 1,000 metres of turbines,
             Visibility could be an issue for St Margarets.
             A258 – may cause drivers to be distracted.
             Langdon PC considers this a “commercial” rather than “ecological” proposal.
             It is believed that alternative sites are available (including coastal sites).

5. Clerk’s Report

       “Parking area” at Alexander Field now completed by Cllr Fielding and Mr Miller –
       invoice to be received from Claringboulds re moving of topsoil. Clerk had received
       reports of cars driving from gate to pavilion across pitch.
      “Clean Kent Campaign” have confirmed they can put work in place to clear area where
       PROW have started work to complete new “connecting” footpath from The Avenue.

      National Trust confirmed extra opening hours re gate at Langdon during August this year
       – letter in Correspondence.
      £150 returned to Mr Ballinger re burial plot.
      Problem with English Landscapes – despite two approaches and confirmation that this
       would be done, no contact re Glebe Field. Also for second month running, burial ground
       not cut as per contract – Clerk to investigate another contractor (possibly local) re cutting   Clerk to deal
       of Glebe Field.
      Cllr Watkins had advised Clerk there was little point in officer from DDC attending PC
       meeting at this stage re proposed housing in Local Development Framework.
      Cost of waders – Clerk agreed that on this occasion she would order and pay for two pairs
                                                                                                       Clerk to deal
       via her own credit card. Idea of business card to be investigated.
      £25 cheque paid to Mr R Godleman.
      Railings in Chapel Lane painted by Mr Barton – Clerk was asked to write “thank you”             Clerk to deal
      Padlocks (x 5) received from Cllr Hart – invoice yet to be provided.                            Cllr Hart to deal
      Cllr Hart spoken to resident re safety mirror – wants to see type – Clerk provided              and Clerk to place
       brochure and it was agreed to place purchase at £130 plus VAT on next month’s agenda.           on agenda
      Clerk queried responsibility for cutting back hedgerow at far end of Kingsdown Road –
       Rights of Way claim not responsible and Clerk to approach Kent Highways.                        Clerk to deal
      Cllr Paul agreed that she would obtain a large bag of spring bulbs in order for Mr Miller
       to distribute throughout the village.                                                           Cllr Paul to deal

6. Planning

TC/07/00082           Repollard two stems of multi-stemmed Sycamore –
                      Ravenscroft, Hotel Road                      No objections/refer to
                                                                    Mr Delaney

DOV/07/01019           Erection of 2no. detached dwellings and construction of vehicular access
                      (existing dwelling to be demolished) –
                       Franconia, The Droveway
                                              We believe our response to application 07/00766
                                              still applies, viz “We consider this to be over-
                                              development of the site, giving little visual space
                                              between the dwellings, resulting in development
                                              appearing cramped in what is a spacious setting
                                              within the Special Landscape Area, detrimental to
                                              the wider appearance of the Special Landscape Area

DOV/07/00965          Erection of front porch and two storey side extension
                      (existing garage to be demolished) –
                       21 Royston Gardens                                No comment

Clerk was delegated to deal with the following application:-

DOV/07/00980           Erection of rear conservatory extension –
                       The White House, St Margarets Road                 No comment

Re refusal of application for Youth Facility - it was agreed to try and set up a meeting with Mike Clerk to liaise to
Dawson, DDC Planning. Cllr Watkins agreed to attend and lend his strong support to the             arrange meeting
7. Finance and Accounts

   Chairman proposed donation of £50 to Whitfield Action Group – this was
    unanimously refused.

   The following payments made since the July meeting were duly ratified:-

£25.00         -      Mr R Godleman
£150.00        -      Mr G Ballinger re Burial Plot refund
£681.50        -      Lotinga Industrial Doors re KGV shutters
£186.50        -      B Claringbould re KGV roof repair
£895.00        -      Mr I Miller – July payment re labour etc
£30.66         -      Dick Dunkley – Ian Miller petrol
£502.90        -      St Margarets Bowls Club – new fencing/gate as agreed
£481.35        -      Mrs J Cook – July salary
£10.71         -      H M Revenue & Customs – re PAYE/NIC
£148.59        -      Dover District Council – election expenses
£1,139.75      -      Mark Jones Tree Surgery –works in Kingsdown
                         Road and at KGV

   Clerk advised that claim form had been submitted to Allianz Cornhill
    following theft of line-marker from Alexander Pavilion. Details of claim
    to be awarded awaited.

   It was resolved that henceforth, when considering Section 137 Grants at the
    end of the year, and if agreed, the Football Club would receive payment of
    the grant to be awarded by cheque, to bring the Club into line with other
    recipients of such grants.

The following cheques were passed for payment:- (Cllrs M Philpott/S Ford):

Playsafety – ROSPA report
Folkestone & Dover Water Services – water rates                                   £77.55
Eden Park (STMS) Ltd – S.137 grant – Football Club                                £95.82
Vurley Fencing – Reach Road Pond fencing                                          £69.91
English Landscapes Maintenance Ltd – grasscutting                                 £1,527.50
Mrs J Cook – August salary                                                        £231.59
Mrs J Cook – expenses re July/August                                              £452.95
H M Revenue & Customs only – Clerk PAYE/NIC/Parish Council NIC                    £39.87
Lynne Hopwood – re KGV cleaning                                                   £32.81
St Margarets Village Hall – office rent Oct-Dec 07                                £198.00
Mr I Miller – labour/Burial Ground/extra hours/Registrar fees/expenses            £130.00
Dick Dunkley – Ian Miller petrol account                                          £953.66
Receipts                                                                          £3,871.31
Credit interest                £160.87
Bowls Club rent (arrears)      £250.00
Burial Ground fees             £783.00
8. Correspondence

      National Trust – advise that external gate will be left open during August. Clerk was
       asked to write to ask, as this had proved so popular, if this could be extended to cover    Clerk to write
       June, July and August in 2008.
      DDC Democratic Services – seeking representative for DDC’s Standards Committee –
       agreed no representatives to be nominated.
      DDC re signage for Well Lane/Vicarage Lane – new signs will appear beneath both Well
       Lane (leading to Vicarage Lane) and Vicarage Lane (leading to Well Lane).
      Kent Highway Services – reply to our letter re traffic safety issues, St Margarets CP
       School – Clerk was asked to reply enquiring what is meant by “other ways to reduce the      Clerk to write
       traffic speed are being considered by Kent Highway Services”.
      Mr D Raynes – re overgrowth in Sea View Road – agreed that Mr Raynes could
                                                                                                   Clerk to advise
       undertake light cutting back of the hedgerow.
      Mr B Simmons – re overgrown hedges in Chapel Lane – no further action.
      Mr S Willis Davis – re hedges/trees at Moonrakers – cutting back undertaken.
      DDC Planning and Building Control – re house numbers for Foreland Road/Goodwin
       Road/Sea View Road, St Margarets Road and The Front – it was confirmed that PC              Clerk to advise
       would have no objection to this initiative.
      DDC Property and Procurement – re cessation of weekend bulk collection service. Clerk       Clerk to write
       was asked to reply to DDC urging that this service be retained.
      Mr C Sumner – re footpath adjacent to The Nooket, The Avenue. Cllr Paul had spoken to
       homeowner of The Nooket who had laid the pea shingle (now completed). Clerk was
       asked to investigate if barbed wire remaining could be removed and also to ask PROW if      Clerk to deal
       clear footpath sign can please be erected from the Avenue.
      Mr H Edgington, NT Media Liaison Office – reply to ours re photographic shoot in the
      S Jackson – re photo shoot in the Valley.
      DDC re Tenant Election 2007 – poster displayed.
      Eastern and Coastal NHS – re Expert Patients Programme – poster displayed.
      KCC – reference Countryside Access Improvement Plan – PC already completed.
      Kent Wildlife Trust – Updated Kent Local Wildlife schedule.
      Kent Downs AONB – Consultation on Management Plan.
      Government Office for the South East – South Eat Plan – publication of Panel Report.
      Rural News No 94 Jul 07
      KAPC – Dover Area Committee – minutes 31/5/07.
      Emails:-
                    Malcolm Shepherd – re noticeboards/safety mirror/ponds (x 2)
                    Gary Wainwright re lighting/street signs – no action to be taken.
      DDC Property Services – re Beach Huts. Proposal is to make planning application for
       more huts, given long waiting list. Miss Murray suggests use of the garden by the kiosk
                                                                                                   Clerk to write
       may be available but this is denied by a later email from District Councillor Ian Ward.
       Clerk was asked to reply stating that the PC would not welcome further huts, but believes
       that St Margarets’ residents should be given priority on the current waiting list as
       currently on 14% of people waiting come from St Margarets with 52% out of Dover

      Email from Mr Hart, resident who lives near the Calyx at Pines Gardens. Problems
       experienced with late night noise from weddings etc. Aware that resident has been
       provided with relevant diary papers from DDC Environment Dept in order to monitor
       problem on an ongoing basis – no further action.
      Mr and Mrs R G Barton – request to place Government Reform Treaty on Parish Council
       agenda – this not felt to be appropriate as is a political issue.                         Clerk to reply
      Letter from residents of four properties in Glebe Close concerning road surface which is
       deteriorating. Clerk was asked to approach Moons of Selling re quotation for resurfacing.
                                                                                                 Clerk to deal
9. Reports from Councillors/Advisers

      Bowls Club – Clerk had provided Councillors with copy of letter received from Bradleys
       Solicitors; Cllr Paul had prepared a précis of meeting with Bowls Club members held lat    Clerk to arrange
       week, where Councillors Paul and Hart had attended on behalf of PC. Cllr Philpott posed    meeting, check hall
       the question whether the Club could fund the move to the Glebe Field via grant funding     and send copy of
       and fund-raising, without the involvement of the Parish Council. It was resolved to        letter
       arrange meeting, hopefully 1st October commencing at 5.30 p.m.. Invitations to be
       extended to Mr Gould of the Bay Trust and Peter Sherred of Bradleys, together with
       Bowls Club representatives. Clerk also to provide copy of Bradleys letter to the Club.

      Affordable Housing – it was resolved that the Parish Council is prepared to support the
       process in investigating a second phase of Affordable Housing in St Margarets. Clerk       Clerk to deal
       was asked to send a letter confirming this to Jane Davis at the Rural Housing Trust.

      Football Clubs – Cllr Fielding together with Mr Miller had recently met with members of
       the Clubs and Mr Fielding provided a brief synopsis of that meeting. Most pressing of the Clerk to liaise with
       issues is the fact that the Alexander Pavilion currently has no fire escape, smoke alarms of local Fire Brigade
       fire extinguishers. There also appears to be a problem with a damp patch which should be re assessment

   10. Village Maintenance/Matters affecting the Parish

      Clerk advised that ROSPA report had been received – copy provided to Mr Miller. Only
       one “high” risk item to be reported concerning junior swings at KGV where the frame is
       loose. Mr Miller will investigate.
                                                                                                  Clerk to deal and
      The following points came out of Playground Inspection:                                    liaise with Mr
      Alexander Pavilion – lighting poles still laying on ground. PROW sign still laying on      Miller
       ground. Broken downpipe/gutter (Clerk to approach Claringboulds). Gate to field needs
       lifting or welding at the side – Clerk to investigate.
      KGV Playing Field/Pavilion – Swings may need replacing as they look weary. Edges of
       slide need attention as the metal risers are standing proud. Clerk asked to investigate
       situation re a sign concerning parental responsibility at the KGV Play Area.. Bench at
       Well Lane entrance is rusty.

      It was resolved to investigate idea of new waste bins for the bus shelter near Townsend    Clerk to investigate
       Farm Road and at the “car parking” end of Alexander Field.                                 and place on

      South Foreland Valley – Natural England site visit. Clerk reported that a site inspection
       has recently been undertaken by Natural England which demonstrated ongoing need for         Clerk to deal
       works in the Valley, including scrub clearance etc. Richard Haines of White Cliffs
       Countryside Project is keen for the Parish Council to enter into the Higher Level
       Countryside Stewardship Scheme in order for greater grant funding to be received, and
       thus more work enabled. Clerk to liaise with Richard to set up meeting with 3
       Councillors Ward-Dutton, Hart and Philpott.
                                                                                                   Clerk to deal
      Agreed that Clerk could purchase new printer for PC up to a maximum of £100.
      Problem reported by Mr Miller of water erosion on Long Steps – Clerk asked to check         Clerk to deal
       with PROW.
      It was agreed that Clerk could place idea of extra hours on agenda for next month.          Clerk to deal
      Cllr Harris asked Clerk to check position re cessation of original Football Club several
                                                                                                   Clerk to deal
       years ago, to determine reason behind this.
      Abandoned/untaxed cars reported by Cllr Philpott in Lighthouse Road – Clerk was asked
                                                                                                   Clerk to deal
       to check with Community Warden.
                                                                                                   Clerk to report to
      In Sea Street, School sign obliterated by tree.                                             Highways
      Clerk was asked to investigate cost of dispensers for biodegradable dog poo bags recently Clerk to investigate
       purchased by PC.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.20 p.m.

Confirmed:                           Chairman               8th October 2007
                             Correspondence received prior to meeting
                                        8th October 2007

   Kent Highway Services, East Kent Division – reply to our letter re traffic safety issues.
   St Margarets Cricket Club – re King George V perimeter wall.
   The National Trust – reply to our letter re locking of external gates at Langdon site.
   DDC – Neighbourhood Forums – Grant Allocation Process.
   DDC re Annual Liaison Meeting with Town and Parish Councils.
   Natural England – advice of new contact details re claims etc.
   DDC Democratic Services – Code of Conduct 2007 forms.
   DEFRA – “Ways to tackle climate change”.
   Action with Communities in Rural Kent – re Annual Conference.
   DDC Democratic Services – Local Government Ombudsman Annual Letter 2006-07.

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