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									            Montgomery County Flyrodders Newsletter
                                                March 2003

Monthly Meeting
NOTICE: Our March 6 and April 3 meetings will be held at the First United Methodist Church in Conroe. It is located
1.5 miles west from Loop 336 on Hwy 105 West.

                   Seeking Redfish…?
                   This month we have Captain Chris Phillips as our speaker. Chris will present his new slide show on
                   fishing for reds in Galveston Bay. Chris is a local guide specializing in fly fishing that has been
                   supportive of our club for several years. If you have read a recent article on Texas offshore fishing in
                   the Gulf of Mexico then you will see the recommendation for his guide services.

February Meeting
The past month’s meeting was truly a mix of everything the club offers. The
evening’s events started off with shopping through the fly tying materials the
club has for sale to the membership. Following the buying freenzy exhibited
by several of the members things settled down a bit so Dan Houchin could
discuss the subject of knot tying. Dan, with assistance of Bob Sigsby,
proceeded to show all interested some of the basic knots. Thanks goes out
to Mike Hurst for bringing the short sections of rope to help out in the leaning

Mentioning learning, we want to thank all the visitors that attended the
meeting. Visitors are always welcomed and encouraged to attend our

For the few that were overwhelmed by the knot tying sessions, Mike Hurst
went over maps of the lower Galveston Bay access points. So, as always, if
you missed the nights events, tough luck! See ya at the next meeting!

Quarterly Raffle
We will draw a winner for the $250 gift certificate to Cut Rate Tackle at the March 6 meeting. If you have not
bought a raffle ticket and can’t make the meeting, email or call Dan Houchin to get one; or

Seminar March 22
Mr. Jay “Fishy” Fullum is coming March 22 for a full day seminar. He is an editor for fly Tying Magazine and has
written a book on fly tying. The cost of the seminar is $15.00 and it will be at the First United Methodist Church
in Conroe. Mr. Fullum will be here for a few extra days and we have committed to take him fishing. If you are
interested in taking him on a quality fishing trip, please contact Dan Houchin.

Things for Sale
Part of the merchandise we bought from Westbank Anglers is two pairs of
Patagonia Marl Walker wading boots in size 9 and 10. These boots are premium
quality and are priced at half of retail which is $57.50. Also we have a 5000 yard
spool of backing that we are selling for $.02 per yard. We still have lots of fly tying
supplies to sell as well. Contact Mike Hurst if interested in any of these items.

Montgomery County Fair
We need numerous volunteers to tie flies at the fair in Conroe March 29 and 30. This is a good opportunity to
learn from a more experienced fly tyer. The club will furnish all the materials and a vise if needed. Please
contact Dan Houchin if interested.

Shallow Water Fishing Show
The Shallow Water show is also March 29 and 30. This is a great show to try out lines and rods as well as learn
from the pros at seminars. Many manufacturers will be there with all their new and old products.

Goin Fishing ?
Freshwater Forecast
The next 6 weeks will probably be the best freshwater fishing of the year. The bass crappie, channel cats and white bass
will be spawning and will be in shallow water where they are easier to catch on a fly. I have heard several good reports
between floods in the last two weeks. Some recommended flies are Dahlburg divers and rabbit strip leaches for the bass
and clouser minnows and wooley buggers for the crappie catfish and white bass. Fish after sundown for better a chance
of catching crappie and cats. Warm cloudy days are also good.

Mark your calendar for the following events!

March 6th Monthly Meeting

March 11, 2003 – TPWD Meeting
             Port Arthur Civic Center, 3401 Cultural Center Drive, Port Arthur, TX
             JP Courtroom, #1 Criminal Justice Blvd, Conroe, TX

March 13th – Fly Tying

March 15-18th – Southwest PaddleSports St. Patrick’s Day Sale
Anything GREEN (or Blue) 10-30% off! Includes boats!

March 22nd – MCFR Winter 2003 Special Events
A day with Jay “Fishy” Fulum from 9 AM – 3 PM. Program will be held at the First Methodist Church in Conroe on Hwy
105 West. Contact Mike Hurst for more details on this event. Cost is $10 per person.

March 29-30 Shallow Water Fishing Show

April 3rd – Monthly Meeting (In Conroe this month)
April 10th – Fly Tying Evening
April 12th – Earth Day Celebration at Sterling Ridge Shopping Center
April 19th – Houston Paddlefest – Place TBA
Fly Fish Texas
The Athens show this year has a new name but basically the same format. It is scheduled for Sat. March 15. They have
fly tying, fly casting lessons, fly fishing for rainbow trout and seminars. This show is aimed at the general public rather
than experienced fly fishermen but has something for everyone. It is located at the Freshwater Fisheries Center in

                             Sow Bug Roundup
                             The North Arkansas Fly Fishers of Mountain Home AR are holding their annual roundup
                             March 28 & 29, 2003 in Mountain Home. The cost to get in is $5.00 per adult. They have the
                             usual fly tying demos (over 100 fly tyers), casting lessons, seminars and vender booths.
                             Fishing is expected to be unusually good this year since the water in the North Fork river
                             was high all last year and there was little fishing pressure.Check out
                    for more details or call 870-425-1755.

                             Volunteers Needed
                            The Woodlands Community Association has once again asked us to man a booth at the
                            annual Earth Day celebration on Sat. April 5 from 9 AM till 2 PM. If anyone is interested,
                            please let Dan Houchin know. For the last two years we tied flies and promoted catch and
release and use of circle hooks.

In future newsletters…
Needing more help in picking that right fly for the job? Then we can help you out as we look at starting to get you help
from the pros. Pros? Yep, we are going to start trying to present a feature in each newsletter of the patterns you should
be planning to use in the next couple of months ahead. Right now I can tell you that Captain. Chuck Scates has a
couple of patterns that he suggests in March and April for the Texas coast.

Want something special in your newsletter? Then bring all the suggestions to Kirby Thomson or send email to him at . Want to submit an article? Then send them in too!

                  Conversation Corner
                           Robert ‘Bob’ Sigsby
                   Bob is out this month but expect to have his article in our next issue! ;-{ krt

                  Loose Ends
                  Woodland Residents
                  If you see someone keeping fish from one of the Park Ponds that is marked “Please Release All Fish”,
you can call 936-273-4990 and menu option 9 to report them. The superintendent on duty will talk to them and if they are
caught a second time they will be fined $250.00. It helps to get license plate numbers when you report them.

Club Loaner Equipment
The club has numerous rods and reels with lines to loan to club members. We also have 8 fly tying vises and various
tools. These are very inexpensive vises but will work for a beginner trying to see if he likes fly tying. Also Bob Sigsby and
Dan Houchin each have a Hobie Cat kick boat that club members can borrow.

Web Page
Any member who is interested in getting a photo on our web page can send a hard copy or an electronic version to Dan
Houchin. Anyone who wants an article put in the newsletter can send it to Kirby Thomson in electronic form please.

Casting Instruction
Don’t forget Dan Houchin is a FFF Certified Basic Casting Instructor. Dan will give a one hour private casting lesson to a
club member for a $10.00 donation to the club. If this cost is too high, give him a call and he will work something out.
936-321-3373 or

Fly Tying Patterns
This month we are going over some of the flies you can start using the next couple of months. I checked with Captain
Chuck Scates during the last fly tying festival and got his recommendations for saltwater patterns. Chuck suggest that
you start with a basic shrimp pattern in the months of March and April. Captain Scates has a simple pattern that he ties
and recommends as a simple but effective pattern. I found this link to the pattern and try this link for the discussion or
tying instructions or read below.

Hook: Mustad 34007, Sizes 2 to 4
Thread: Size 3.0, color to match body
Antennae: Black Marabou over White Bucktail
Body: White Chenille (or other colors)
Eyes: Bead chain eyes, plastic
Legs: Pearl Krystal Flash with Black Hackle

                                                          Texan. Featured in several
    Like Lone star beer and the Alamo, the Scates Shrimp is uniquely
    national fly-fishing magazines and produced commercially by several fly
    merchants, the pattern is a staple for many fly-fishermen along the coast.

    Captain Chuck Scates literally wrote the book on fly-fishing the Texas coast.
    Teaming with nationally-known writer Phil Shook and world-class photographer
    David Sams, the trio produced Fly Fishing the Texas Coast: Backcountry Flats to Blue Water. The
    text is a must-read for any serious coastal fly-fisherman.

    Scates began tying flies about the same time he started guiding fly-fishermen in
    1989. "I wanted a shrimp pattern that was more realistic int he water, and also
    something that was easy to tie," he said. "Back then, all the shrimp patterns were
    either very involved to tie,or had epoxy bodies."

    Scates noted the pink, white and brown shrimp all migrate to the Gulf to spawn.
    The immature shrimp start showing up in the bays during the spring, pushed by
    high spring tides and strong winds from the south. Therefore, Scates does not
    use the pattern as much during the winter, waiting until shrimp are more
    abundant in the bays.

    Scates explained that grass shrimp, a completely different species thatn the
    penacid shrimp mentioned above, live their whole lives in the bays. "For some
    reason, trout tend to regurgitate more in the winter time than during the summer,"
    he said. "Some days trout will spit out lots of grass shrimp, giving us a clue when
    to fish the pattern during the winter.

    The Scates Shrimp is a good choice for sight-casting. For sight-casting to
    staionary trout and redfish in skinny water, Scates likes to throw an unweighted
fly. The palmered hackle allows a quiet presentation.

When fish are holding in two-foot depths, he prefers a fly with bead chain eyes to
get it down to the strike zone quickly.

                                    TYING INSTRUCTIONS
       E                                    Tie in bucktail down shank to build up
       P                                    body. Bucktail extends 2 hook lengths
                                            past bend. Add marabou stems at bend.

       T                                    Tie in 15-20 2- to 3-inch strands Krystal
       E                                    Flash along flank.


       T                                    Tie in chenille near eye, lay on shank,
       E                                    wind thread back over it. Tie in eyes.


       T                                    Figure-8 wrap chenille up and around
       E                                    eyes. Tie hacklw ahead of chenille.
       P                                    Wrap chenille to eye, tie off. Do not cut
            T                                      Wind hackle around body to eye, tie off.
            E                                      Do not cut thread. Clip standing hackle
            P                                      off back

            T                                      Stretch flash over clipped hackle, hold
            E                                      bundle in place with several tight wraps
            P                                      near eye. Pull loose flash down on either
                                                   side of eye, secure with additional
            6                                      wraps. Trim flash even with hackle legs.


   The Scates' Shrimp can be tied in numerous color combinations including white, pink,
   black, brown and green. Choose a contrasting color forthe hackle body.

   One or two pairs of metal bead chain eyes can be added for fishing in deeper water.
   Captain Scates suggested adding a weedguard if using metal eyes

   Article courtesy of Texas Fish’nGame Website via “cut and paste” technology.

Next month’s fly will be from Captain Chris Phillips for our saltwater pattern.

Questions or Suggestion write to:

Montgomery County Flyrodders
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