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					                             W-2 Form Online “Terms of Use”
                                  Boise State University

Boise State University is required by the IRS to furnish all employees with a W-2 Form
for each calendar year to be used in completing the employee’s annual tax returns. The
W-2 Form details the employee’s compensation and tax withholding amounts for the year.
Internal Revenue Code permits W-2 Forms to be distributed to employees in an
electronic format if Boise State University meets certain requirements (Treas. Reg.
31.6051-1). When these requirements are met, the University is considered to have
provided employees W-2 Form in a timely manner. In the past, employees have received
paper copies of their W-2 Form. Beginning this year (2007), Boise State employees may
choose to receive their W-2 statements online through BroncoWeb in lieu of paper format.


I.        IRS Regulations require that employees consent to the electronic W-2 distribution
          and the manner of consent must prove the employee has access to receive the W-2
          electronically. The University has met this requirement by providing a link
          within BroncoWeb where employees can provide this consent.

      •   An employee who chooses to receive his/her W-2 Form online can change his/her
          mind and withdraw consent to online delivery at any time. For tax year 2007 and
          future years, a consent withdrawal deadline for that year will be given to assure
          employee receipt of a paper copy of the W-2 form.

      •   Once consent is withdrawn, the U.S. mail will deliver the paper W-2 Form. To
          receive future electronic W-2 Forms, an electronic consent must be resubmitted.

II.       If Boise State changes the W-2 Form process in such a significant way that new
          or hardware or software is needed to electronically access a W-2 Form, Boise
          State will notify you through the e-mail address previously provided to
          electronically receive a W-2 Form. If such a change occurs, employees will need
          to install the new hardware / software and again provide electronic consent.

Required Disclosures

I.        If an employee does not consent, he/she will continue to receive a paper copy or
          the W-2 sent through the U.S. Mail postmarked on or before January 31.

II.       Employees who have previously consented to receive electronic W-2 Forms do
          not need to do anything to receive their future W-2 forms unless consent is
          withdrawn or Boise State has made significant processing changes.
III.   Consent may be withdrawn at anytime by selecting “WITHDRAW CONSENT”
       on the online W-2 Form and following the corresponding instructions. Consent
       may be withdrawn by sending an e-mail or other written notice to the following:

              Boise State University
              Attention: W-2 Request
              1910 University Drive
              Boise, Idaho 83725-1265

       If he/she chooses to withdraw consent through the U.S. Postal Service, allow 15
       days from the date of postmark for consent withdrawal to become effective.

       Note: Consent can not be withdrawn by fax, or telephone. If employees have
       questions regarding consent withdrawal, contact Boise State University, Human
       Resource Services / Payroll at (208) 426-3435.

IV.    Although consent has been given to receive electronic W-2 Forms, paper W-2
       Forms can be requested by completing the “Boise State University Duplicate W-2
       Request” Form located at,
       clicking on “Payroll”, scrolling to “W2s on BroncoWeb”, and then clicking on
       “Duplicate W-2 Request”. Free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to download
       this form. Allow 15 days from the postmark date for processing. A $5 fee is
       charged for paper W-2 Form copies. Mail the form and a check for $5 payable to
       Boise State University to:
               Boise State University
               Attention: W-2 Request
               1910 University Drive
               Boise, Idaho 83725-1265

V.     Notification that W-2s for the prior tax year are available online at BroncoWeb
       will be sent to the specified employee email address no later than midnight,
       January 31. W-2 statements will remain at BroncoWeb for at least 6 years unless
       an employee:

          (1) Withdraws consent; or
          (2) An employee receives notification that Boise State determines it is in the
              best of the employee or University to terminate electronic access to a W-2

          W-2 statements older than 6 years can be accessed by completing the “Boise
          State University Duplicate W-2 Request” Form located at

VI     If an employee terminates employment from Boise State University, and has
       previously consented to receive electronic W-2 statements, he/she will be able to
       access his/her W-2 Form until October 31 of the year following the year of
       termination. He/she will need to select “Withdraw Consent” and complete the
       “Boise State University Duplicate W-2 Request” Form located at to receive a paper copy
       through U.S. Mail.

VII.   It is the responsibility of the employee to notify Human Resource Services of any
       name or address changes. Changes can be made by contacting Human Resource
       Services or through the Employee Self-Service on BRONCOWEB. If the IRS
       issues a penalty to Boise State for a mismatch due to the failure of an employee to
       update name or mailing address changes, the penalty may be passed on to the

VIII. Electronic W-2 Forms look exactly as the paper W-2 Form sent through U.S. Mail.
      All employees should be aware that the W-2 Form, even when provided
      electronically, must be attached to their annual tax return. The only hardware
      needed to access W-2 Forms online is a PC with internet connections and a printer.
      Copies can be printed for State, Federal returns and personal records. Once W-2
      statement copies have been saved / printed for personal use, remember to delete
      the email notification.

IX.    If corrections need to be made an electronic W-2 statement after it has been issued,
        the University will issue a Corrected W-2 Form (W-2c) that will be sent to you
        through U.S. Mail no later than 15 days after the problem was reported to Human
        Resource Services / Payroll.